Feb 22, 2017

Alternative Destinations perfect for your Wedding


The best part of having a destination wedding is having the ability to host it on a stunning sun destination. We send many of our wedding couples to beautiful places like Cancun, Riviera Maya and Puerto Vallarta. However, the beauty of having a destination wedding is that you can have it virtually anywhere both of your hearts desire!

Here are a few alternative destinations that possess breathtaking views, luxurious accommodations and an abundance of romance (perfect for any destination wedding!).

The beautiful and lush landscapes of Huatulco, Mexico.

Huatulco, Mexico - Located along the Pacific Coast, the city of Huatulco offers equally breathtaking views as many other sun destinations. Its Ambiance is a lot more laid back than other all-inclusive destinations in Mexico in virtually every way. Whether you are looking for adventure or something completely relaxing, you can find it virtually anywhere around the city. Another great thing about this destination is that unlike many popular places around Mexico, Huatulco’s laid-back vibe also means less crowds and more resort options for your destination wedding. Aside from the beautiful landscapes and ambiance, Huatulco’s desert climate also means infinite days of sun. Without a doubt this place is perfect for any beach bride who wants a guaranteed sunny day for her wedding.

Resorts perfect for Destination Weddings: Secrets Huatulco, Dreams Huatulco, Barcelo Huatulco 


The beautiful Tulum Ruins.

Tulum, Mexico - They say “good things come for those who wait.” While Tulum  is a bit further from the popular Cancun strip, the trek is definitely worthwhile! In contrast to the bustling and and sometimes raucous party scene that is sometimes associated with Cancun, Tulum offers a bit of solace and tranquil escape. This destination offers no shortage of activities for your wedding guests. It is rich in history, possessing the wonders of the Tulum Ruins and is also home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Aside from its natural wonders, Tulum is home to a plethora of kitschy bars and restaurants and embrace a bohemian-type ambiance within their community. With white-sand beaches and turquoise-laden waters, Tulum is the perfect destination for those looking for a romantic ambiance and photogenic landscapes for their big day.

Resorts perfect for Destination Weddings: Dreams Tulum


Vast scenery of St. Lucia.

St. Lucia- For the perfect balance of lush, luxury and romance, look no further than the beautiful destination of St. Lucia! This stunning destination is known for its natural beauty, all while possessing a colorful landscapes around the city. Aside from their breathtaking surroundings, St. Lucia is also home to some of the most opulent and romantic luxury resorts along the Carribbean. We could go on and on about how perfect this destination is for a destination wedding, but with their ultra romantic vibe, do we really need to say more?!

Resorts perfect for Destination Weddings: Jade Mountain, Ladera Resort


Breathtaking mountains of Kauai, Hawaii.

Hawaii - With lush tropical landscapes, beautiful beaches and multitude of islands to choose from, Hawaii is an easy choice for those looking for a multitude of choices with their destination wedding. In addition to their wide range of options, this is a destination that is particularly great for those who are inviting guests from abroad in Asia.


The pristine beaches of Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba.

Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba - Cuba is a destination that is sometimes overlooked as a prime choice for destination weddings. However, this is a fantastic choice for couples looking for a location that truly possesses the perfect beach. Aside from Varadero, the city of Cayo Santa Maria also possesses equally stunning beaches that serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony. In addition to its breathtaking seascapes, Cayo Santa Maria also has a wide variety of family-friendly properties, making it the perfect destination for wedding groups with many families.

Resorts perfect for Destination Weddings: Royalton Cayo Santa Maria, Melia Buenavista, Melia Cayo Santa Maria

Regardless of whatever destination you choose, each holds something unique, special and unforgettable for your big day. Speak to one of our experienced Destination Wedding Specialists at 1-886-685-6008 or email us at

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