Mar 15, 2017

Destination Weddings: What to Know Before You Go


We’ve all seen pictures before of that gorgeous destination wedding--the bride and groom standing in the surf at sunset gazing into each other's eyes, azure water lapping at beaches of smooth white sand, and palm trees swaying tranquilly in the breeze.

Destination weddings can be one of the most beautiful and memorable ways for a couple to embark on their new life together. However, there are a few important things to think about before choosing to have a destination wedding. Read on for our most important tips when considering a destination wedding, that will ensure you have the wedding of your dreams.

Thinking of a destination wedding? Here are a few things to know before you go!

Make a budget
It is important to come up with a budget early on in the planning process and stick to it. Destination weddings may be cheaper than weddings at home, but there are other expenses to consider as well. A smaller guest list means saving on costs in that regard, but be sure to do your research and understand the other associated costs such as the cost of the hotel package, transportation options and costs that might be associated with taking your own vendors. You can also check out our extensive list of affordable destination wedding venues in a variety of locations.

Creating a budget is a fantastic way to keep tabs on expenses.

Decide on what type of wedding you want.
This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when planning your destination wedding. Your wedding day should epitomize your style and personality. Do you want a luxurious wedding, or do you want a casual beach setting that is less formal and more intimate? Do you want your destination wedding to be focused on the ceremony and reception, or do you want to use your budget to indulge in nearby activities the resort or city has to offer? Once you answer these questions, you can then decide where you want your destination wedding to be. (Psst! Right now if you book your wedding at Karisma Hotel and Resorts, receive wedding credit to use towards your ceremony, as well as luxury credits for amenities like the spa.)

Doing plenty of research regarding your destination of choice will help you and guests prepare.

Know your destination.
Once you have a destination in mind, do your research. Your venue may only be suitable at certain times of the year because of the weather. No one wants to risk an outdoor wedding during hurricane season! Certain areas may also be more or less busy and more or less expensive at certain times of year. It is also crucial that you understand the laws and legal requirements for marriage at your destination. Different countries require different documents, and have different requirements for recognizing the legality of the marriage.


Do plenty of research with vendors both in and outside of the resort.

Get to know your vendors.
One of the nice things about a destination wedding is that a lot of resorts offer wedding packages that include everything from hair and makeup, to flowers, to catering. You’ll need to decide whether you prefer this option, which is usually less expensive than outsourcing vendors, but may be less flexible in terms of what you get. If you do decide to choose your own vendors, make sure you do your research and get to know the vendor. Request sample pictures of the vendor’s previous work to make sure they are aligned with your style and produce the calibre of work you expect.

Perhaps the best way of researching a destination, is experiencing it beforehand!

Take a test visit.
If at all possible, try and make a visit out to your desired location at least once before your actual wedding. You’ll want to see the area in person, potentially talk to vendors and other staff, and get a feel for what your big day might look like. It’s a lot easier to plan for your dream day when you’ve been to the location and seen it in real life.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to begin planning! Our Destination Wedding Specialists can help with getting you the best wedding package, tailored to fit the wedding you’ve always wanted. For more information and help planning the destination wedding of your dreams, speak to one of our Destination Wedding Specialists at 1-866-685-6008 or email us at

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