Mar 17, 2017

Spring Break Travelling Hacks

The anticipation of travelling to far warmer and sunnier landscapes is exciting. However, making your way to the actual destination can be a little stressful, especially when unforeseen circumstances happen.

If you’re travelling during Spring Break, check out these great travel hacks to help you get to your sun destination stress-free!

Here are some tips to make your Spring Break travel plans a breeze!

Locked your Door? There’s nothing more unsettling than sitting on a plane and wondering if you locked your door. Memory experts recommend that pairing a task with an unusual action will encourage your mind to remember that performed task (eg. tossing your keys in the air THREE times and then lock the door will help you remember that you actually locked it).

Park N’ Fly - We are already getting reports that Park N Fly is experiencing periods where lots are full. While most airports have alternate locations where they can transfer your vehicle, you can still run the risk of having 100 cars come in all at once, which can be tough to manage. Arrive early to ensure that you have plenty of time to drop your vehicle or make alternate arrangements.

Arrive a few hours early to avoid long check-in line ups.

Airport Check-in - Check-in counters open three hours prior to departure. BUT most charter airlines will have multiple flights departing the same day. The average Boeing 737 charter airplane seats 180 people. If you’re travelling on Sunwing and they have flights departing that morning, you’re likely to experience 540 passengers all trying to check in at the same time. Arrive extra early to avoid travel stress.

In-flight Comfort - When flying south in the morning, the left side of the plane (eg. Seats A, B and C), will be the hottest and will be extremely bright if you open your window screen. Seats on the other side of the plane are much cooler and allow you to enjoy the view without needing sunglasses. Most major airlines allow for online check-ins where you can pre-select your seats. Make sure to take advantage of this, if you’re given this option.

Some areas around the plane promise more comfort than others.

In-flight Entertainment - Most airlines are cutting costs by eliminating seat-back video screens. This keeps the plan cooler and reduces the weight of the plane significantly. Download your favourite movies with the Netflix app on your phone so you can enjoy them during the flight. Some airlines also have their own app that allows you to watch their selection of TV shows and movies. If you’re flying with WestJet, Air Canada or any US-based airline, be sure to check their website to see how to download their app for in-flight entertainment.

One of these bags is not Like the Other - All bags look alike, especially if your suitcase is black. Apply a sticker to your bag or add colorful duct tape around the handle to make your bag stand out. Ribbons can get caught on baggage carousels and airport belts, so be sure to affix your bag so it won’t impede its way through the airport and onto the plane!

Now you're all set!

Our team has many other tips and tricks to make your vacation a breeze. This includes finding the right destination and resort for your getaway! If you’re looking to escape these grey spring showers, make sure to give Christine a call at 1-888-685-6888 Ext. 517 or email her at   

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Last modified on : Mar 22, 2017
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