Apr 6, 2017

Travel Tip: How to take the Perfect Travel Photo


Looking for ways to up your photo game? Here are some of our tips!

Nowadays, photography and travel go hand-in-hand with each other. While carrying around fancy DSLRs or GoPros have become the travel norm for tourists, smartphones have also become a handy photography gadget for those who choose to travel light.

Aside from immortalizing your travels through awe-inspiring portraits, smartphones make it very easy to instantly share these moments with friends, family and social media followers. It’s hard to believe that stunning photos can be created and shared with a simple press of a button!

Here are some useful smartphone photo tips, if you’re looking for that perfect Instagram shot worthy of infinite likes:


The rule of thirds implies that the subject of interest is just a tad off-centre.

Rule of Thirds
This is applied by aligning a focal point or subject using two (invisible) horizontal and vertical lines on an image. The idea suggests that images where the subject of interest is slightly off-centre is more pleasing to the eye, than when it’s placed right in the middle of the frame. Practicing this rule on your smartphone is easy! Most smartphones have the a “grid” option in their camera apps that can easily be turned on through their control settings.

Under exposing your shot means more room to edit!

Underexpose your Shot

This tip may initially work against your photo’s desired result. However, if you’re into heavy photo editing or using many filters, under exposing your photos will give you more freedom in tweaking your shots without “overdoing” your edits (especially when you’re shooting in broad daylight). To underexpose, simply select the brightest part of the shot.

Creating a closer depth of focus creates a unique and unconventional photo.

Focus on Focus

Playing around with the depth of focus on your shot is a great way to create unique and unconventional perspectives on what would’ve been your average travel photo. Creating a closer depth of field is fantastic for showcasing little details while still maintaining interest in the background.

Self-portraits over selfies add art and interest to a portrait.

Self Portraits over Selfies

Though it may come in handy, it might be best to part ways with that selfie-stick! Self-portraits give you more artistic freedom with your shots. The result? A photo that includes different subjects, focal points and a shot that is far more flattering than your average “selfie.” Self portraits can be easily created using your phone’s self-timer and a handy compact and foldable stand like this one.

Lastly, make sure to take a break from your smartphone and just enjoy the moment!

Live in the moment!

Although taking the perfect shot is great for immortalizing the moment, it’s also good to set your phone aside and take in the beautiful landscapes through your own eyes! Nothing can quite replicate the experience of travel, and sometimes it’s best to experience it in real life.

Looking to travel to a faraway destination for the perfect shot? Our Vacation Specialists have the expertise to help you get there! Speak to one of our team members at 1-888-685-6888 or email us at Make sure to also check out our travel photos on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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Last modified on : May 1, 2017
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