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We give you the flexibility to decide on how much assistance you require from us. If you just need help booking the travel portion of your destination wedding, we are of course happy to provide that. However, if you don’t want to take on the task of planning the complete wedding ceremony and reception, we are glad to help take on that duty as well.


What value does offer for myself and my guests?

  • First and foremost, employs experienced travel consultants who will coordinate your entire destination wedding. Whether you are having an intimate 2 person ceremony or have 500 people departing from every gateway in Canada and globally, the professionals can make your dream wedding come true.

    We truely are Destination Wedding Experts! Our specialists have been to hundreds of resorts through Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond. At we know that there is no better way to sell an experience than to acutally experience it yourself. We rocognize the value in that and send our specialists on travel industry familiarization trips specifically catering to destination weddings. Our experts have experienced destination weddings from initial set-up to full tear down and everything in between. We have also built close relationships with the people and suppliers involved in your wedding, both here in Canada and in destination. This ensures your dreams are not only met, but exceeded. is your resource to the people who are in charge of making your plans come to fruition.

What kind of wedding ceremonies is familiar with?

  • Our wedding specialists at are familiar with, and have experienced weddings of every culture, denomination and style. We have even witnessed an Avatar wedding! Seriously, ask us!

How far in advance should I book my destination wedding?

  • It depends on the resort, destination and seasonality of travel, but a realistic time frame is to begin planning 1 year in advance. Some resorts are now booking 1.5 years in advance. If you are looking for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon/early evening wedding ceremony you need to book 1+ years in advance. Most often, what is left available for the ceremony itself, once we are within a year of departure, are weekday and morning wedding times.

Are weddings at the resorts actually "Free" as advertised?

  • The short answer is yes, but everything does have a cost. Most often to qualify for a free wedding, the resorts have certain restrictions and rules you must meet in order to qualify for a complimentary ceremony. Resorts will often have stipulations that your group must book a room that are a few categories higher in price than the lowest room type. For example, everyone must book into an Ocean View Room, rather than the Garden View Room. Sometimes the bride and groom must upgrade and pay for a Honeymoon or Ocean Front Suite to qualify. Furthermore, any free reception advertised generally is for a maximum of 10 to 20 people and you will be paying for additional guests to dine at your wedding reception or during cocktail hour. More elaborate designs, décor and legal ceremonies are an additional cost and can be added to your free wedding or included when purchasing a wedding package.

    Researching all the different wedding options can get tricky. We can gladly help you determine which route to take to make sure you receive the best value for yourself and your guests. Please inquire with us for exact wedding information relating to the resort you are interested in.

Why are group rates for weddings often priced higher than the lowest package price I see online?

  • Basically it comes down to supply and demand and resorts have a limited amount of weddings they do each day, usually 1 or 2 per day. Destination weddings are in very high demand, so the resort and package suppliers charge higher rates for groups booked 6-12 months in advance. The lower rates that people find online are generally attached to a couple of seats only. You can certainly try to wait until closer to departure to try for lower rates, but the problem is that the wedding dates will all be booked at the resort and/or there will not be enough availability for you and your guests at the hotel or on the aircraft.. In a nutshell, you are paying for the security of having your travel dates and wedding day all arranged in advance.

Why do airlines often have a higher price per person for groups over 30 people? Shouldn’t we receive more of a discount if we bring more people?

  • It gets a little complicated, but basically when a group reaches over 30 people, the airlines will often give less of a discount to the group. This is because a group prevents the carrier from being able to sell those seats at a higher profit to the general public. This is why we ask for a very realistic guest count at time of inquiry.

How much should my guests expect to pay?

  • There are many factors involved, but mainly it all depends on the type of resort you choose and the time of year you travel. See our Wedding Resorts page for a general break down of costs per person.

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