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A Triple Bottom Line

We believe business is about more than just profits. It's also about giving back when having the means and about sharing company successes with the people who helped achieve it. At we operate with a triple bottom line, which means our primary goal is not only to be profitable, but also to give back to the planet and share profits with our employees. Business, just like life in general, is more than just money and success, it's also about caring and sharing. At we take that to heart in the operation of our business.

We believe one of the main reasons people travel is to explore the many different and amazing areas of this planet. A big part of what makes up these different areas of the globe is the unique flora and fauna that occupy them. Helping to preserve and protect that is why we gladly donate $1 from every booking to our non-profit organization,, and plant 10 trees for every online vacation package booked. We believe these causes are a great way to conserve endangered nature and wildlife throughout the world.

$1 to

For every booking we donate $1 to our non-profit organization, As a part of our triple bottom line, giving back to the planet is primary goal in the success of Because of this we have created, a not for profit organization that will provide grants to smaller scale environmental initiatives around the globe.

There are many large, established charitable organizations, but we feel being able to work with smaller organizations and individuals will better ensure that the money we donate gets directly to the causes that we are passionate about. It’s a new challenge for us and we look forward to working with the many great organizations and individuals who tirelessly work to sustain our planet. Find out more about


10 Trees for Every Vacations

We plant 10 trees for every online vacation package booked. Not only does this cause help to reduce global warming and regenerate ecosystems, it also give much needed jobs to locals in poverty stricken areas.

70% of the Earth's land animals and plants reside in forests, however, due to radical deforestation their lives and the environment are at a huge risk. Deforestation may cause devastating effects globally as trees are natural consumers of carbon dioxide and buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere greatly contributes to global warming. It also is a huge cause of extreme poverty as much of the world's rainforests are found in the poorest countries and people who live in these areas rely heavily on the forests for survival. At we are proud to plant 10 trees for every vacation package booking though a great organization called Eden Projects.

As a travel company we feel this is a great cause which helps us enjoy the planet as well as protecting it. To find out more about The Eden Projects, please visit their website,