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Escapes.ca cares about the future of our planet

10 trees are planted for every vacation package sold & $1 from every online booking is donated to the WWF

People travel for many different reasons, but we believe one of the major reasons people travel, especially our customers, is to explore the many different and amazing areas of this planet. A big part of what makes up these different areas of the globe is the unique flora and fauna that occupy them. Helping preserve and protect them is why we gladly donate $1 from every online booking to the World Wildlife Fund and plant 10 trees for every vacation package booked. We believe these causes are a great way to conserve endangered nature and wildlife throughout the world.

10 Trees for Every Vacation

A new cause we have taken up recently is planting 10 trees for every vacation package booked. Not only does this cause help to reduce global warming and regenerate ecosystems, it also give much needed jobs to locals in poverty stricken areas.

70 % of the Earth's land animals and plants reside in forests, however, due to radical deforestation their lives and the environment is at a huge risk. Deforestation may cause devastating effects globally as trees are natural consumers of carbon dioxide and buildup of this in the atmosphere contributes to global warming. It also is a huge cause of extreme poverty as much of the world's rainforests are found in the poorest countries and people who live in these areas rely heavily on the forests for survival. Here at Escapes.ca we are proud to donate 10 trees from every online booking to The Eden Projects. Every 100 trees planted also provides employment for a worker in the impoverished area where the trees are planted.

As a travel company we feel this is a great cause which helps us enjoy the planet as well as protecting it. And while we would like to say this is a great idea we came up with, its actually a concept that was inspired by another Canadian company, Ten Tree, that plants 10 trees for every article of their clothing that is sold. Thanks Ten Tree for inspiring us!

$1 to the World Wildlife Fund

Being in the travel industry, we feel that the World Wildlife Fund is a great fit for our company as they are helping to preserve the natural beauty and wildlife of this planet. For every online booking, we donate $1 to WWF Canada. Traveling is about exploring this great planet and the WWF is a leading in fighting to maintain it in all its natural glory.

These are small but meaningful ways that we try to help ensure that future generations get to travel and explore all the beautiful areas of this great planet.

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