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Flight InfoDepartReturnOperatorPrice
Calgary to Los CabosSat, Sep 12Sat, Sep 19Sunwing Vacations$590$195 +Tax $395
Calgary to GlasgowTue, Sep 29Wed, Oct 07Transat Holidays$976$370 +Tax $606
Calgary to AmsterdamMon, Sep 21Tue, Sep 29Transat Holidays$1023$450 +Tax $573
Calgary to Santa ClaraThu, Oct 01Thu, Oct 08Sunwing Vacations$636$275 +Tax $361
Calgary to Puerto VallartaFri, Sep 11Fri, Sep 18Sunwing Vacations$590$195 +Tax $395
Calgary to ManchesterSun, Sep 06Sun, Sep 20Transat Holidays$872$260 +Tax $612
Calgary to VaraderoTue, Oct 13Tue, Oct 20Sunwing Vacations$856$495 +Tax $361
Edmonton to Puerto VallartaFri, Oct 02Fri, Oct 09Sunwing Vacations$680$295 +Tax $385
Edmonton to VaraderoThu, Sep 10Thu, Sep 17Sunwing Vacations$501$145 +Tax $356
Edmonton to Puerto VallartaFri, Sep 11Fri, Sep 18Sunwing Vacations$580$195 +Tax $385
Edmonton to Los CabosSat, Sep 19Sat, Sep 26Sunwing Vacations$580$195 +Tax $385
Edmonton to Santa ClaraTue, Nov 03Tue, Nov 10Sunwing Vacations$801$415 +Tax $386
Halifax to VaraderoThu, Jan 14Fri, Jan 22Sunwing Vacations$664$275 +Tax $389
Halifax to CancunSat, Sep 19Sun, Sep 27Air Canada Vacations$665$268 +Tax $397
Halifax to CancunSun, Jan 17Sun, Jan 24Sunwing Vacations$777$365 +Tax $412
Montreal to OrlandoThu, Sep 10Thu, Sep 17Transat Holidays$380$38 +Tax $342
Montreal to Budapest / FerihegyWed, Sep 23Thu, Oct 01Transat Holidays$1040$450 +Tax $590
Montreal to VaraderoThu, Sep 17Thu, Sep 24Sunwing Vacations$535$195 +Tax $340
Montreal to Praha / RuzyneMon, Sep 28Tue, Oct 06Transat Holidays$1164$600 +Tax $564
Montreal to CancunSat, Sep 19Sat, Sep 26Nolitours$516$128 +Tax $388
Montreal to ParisSun, Sep 06Sun, Sep 13Transat Holidays$732$120 +Tax $612
Montreal to OrlandoThu, Oct 01Thu, Oct 08Transat Holidays$380$38 +Tax $342
Toronto to ParisMon, Sep 21Tue, Sep 29Transat Holidays$741$130 +Tax $611
Toronto to Los CabosSun, Sep 13Mon, Sep 21Sunwing Vacations$587$195 +Tax $392
Toronto to DublinMon, Sep 14Tue, Sep 22Transat Holidays$763$370 +Tax $393
Toronto to Praha / RuzyneMon, Sep 14Tue, Sep 22Transat Holidays$1243$680 +Tax $563
Toronto to CancunTue, Sep 08Tue, Sep 15Sunwing Vacations$587$195 +Tax $392
Toronto to LondonTue, Sep 08Thu, Sep 17Transat Holidays$872$270 +Tax $602
Toronto to Punta CanaWed, Sep 16Wed, Sep 23Sunwing Vacations$720$295 +Tax $425
Vancouver to CancunSat, Sep 26Sun, Oct 04Sunwing Vacations$670$295 +Tax $375
Vancouver to ManchesterThu, Sep 03Mon, Sep 14Transat Holidays$1212$610 +Tax $602
Vancouver to LondonTue, Sep 15Wed, Sep 23Transat Holidays$1085$490 +Tax $595
Vancouver to GlasgowTue, Sep 22Wed, Sep 30Transat Holidays$1056$460 +Tax $596
Vancouver to Puerto VallartaFri, Sep 11Fri, Sep 18Sunwing Vacations$570$195 +Tax $375
Vancouver to Los CabosMon, Sep 14Mon, Sep 21Sunwing Vacations$570$195 +Tax $375
Vancouver to AmsterdamFri, Sep 11Sat, Sep 19Transat Holidays$1033$470 +Tax $563
Vancouver to ParisThu, Sep 17Fri, Sep 25Transat Holidays$974$370 +Tax $604
Vancouver to VaraderoTue, Sep 08Tue, Sep 15Sunwing Vacations$911$555 +Tax $356

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