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Flight InfoDepartReturnOperatorPrice
Calgary to AmsterdamMon, Jun 13Tue, Jun 21Transat$853$300 +Tax $553
Calgary to LondonSat, Jun 04Tue, Jun 21Transat$847$290 +Tax $557
Calgary to ManchesterSun, Jun 12Sun, Jun 19Transat$739$180 +Tax $559
Calgary to GlasgowMon, Jun 20Tue, Jun 28Transat$1152$590 +Tax $562
Calgary to DublinMon, May 30Tue, Jun 07Transat$887$480 +Tax $407
Calgary to CancunSat, Jun 11Sat, Jun 18Sunwing Vacations$600$165 +Tax $435
Calgary to ParisSun, Jun 12Mon, Jun 20Transat$911$320 +Tax $591
Calgary to Lisboa / PortelaMon, Jun 20Tue, Jun 28Transat$1092$600 +Tax $492
Calgary to Montego BayFri, Jun 03Fri, Jun 10Sunwing Vacations$620$145 +Tax $475
Edmonton to CancunSun, Jun 19Sun, Jun 26Transat$577$188 +Tax $389
Edmonton to Puerto VallartaWed, Jun 15Wed, Jun 22Sunwing Vacations$560$135 +Tax $425
Edmonton to Montego BayFri, Jun 03Sat, Jun 11Sunwing Vacations$630$155 +Tax $475
Edmonton to VaraderoThu, Jun 09Thu, Jun 16Sunwing Vacations$541$155 +Tax $386
Montreal to Tue, Jun 21Wed, Jun 29Transat$867$330 +Tax $537
Montreal to Praha / RuzyneMon, Jun 13Tue, Jun 21Transat$868$385 +Tax $483
Montreal to NiceSun, Jun 05Mon, Jun 13Transat$701$140 +Tax $561
Montreal to OrlandoSat, Jun 11Sat, Jun 18Transat$298$58 +Tax $240
Montreal to GlasgowSun, Jun 05Mon, Jun 13Transat$631$80 +Tax $551
Montreal to Montego BaySat, Jun 04Sun, Jun 12Transat$546$98 +Tax $448
Montreal to AthensSun, Jun 12Mon, Jun 20Transat$854$340 +Tax $514
Montreal to CancunThu, Jun 16Fri, Jun 24Transat$484$98 +Tax $386
Montreal to ParisTue, Jun 14Thu, Jun 23Transat$729$140 +Tax $589
Montreal to RomeThu, Jun 16Fri, Jun 24Transat$724$150 +Tax $574
Toronto to AmsterdamSat, Jul 02Sat, Jul 09Sunwing Vacations$699$209 +Tax $490
Toronto to CancunFri, Jun 17Fri, Jun 24Transat$863$478 +Tax $385
Toronto to OrlandoSun, May 29Sun, Jun 05Transat$329$88 +Tax $241
Toronto to ParisThu, Jun 02Fri, Jun 10Transat$636$48 +Tax $588
Toronto to Praha / RuzyneMon, Jun 06Tue, Jun 14Transat$687$205 +Tax $482
Toronto to Los CabosSun, May 29Mon, Jun 06Sunwing Vacations$567$135 +Tax $432
Toronto to Lisboa / PortelaSat, Jun 11Sun, Jun 19Transat$880$400 +Tax $480
Toronto to Budapest / FerihegyWed, Jun 01Thu, Jun 09Transat$858$350 +Tax $508
Toronto to AthensSun, Jun 12Mon, Jun 20Transat$803$290 +Tax $513
Toronto to VeniceFri, Jun 17Sun, Jun 26Transat$690$140 +Tax $550
Toronto to GlasgowFri, Jun 03Thu, Jun 16Transat$830$280 +Tax $550
Toronto to LondonSat, Jun 18Sun, Jun 26Transat$744$195 +Tax $549
Toronto to DublinWed, Jun 15Thu, Jun 23Transat$904$510 +Tax $394
Vancouver to Budapest / FerihegyWed, Jun 15Thu, Jun 23Transat$1309$800 +Tax $509
Vancouver to Los CabosMon, May 30Mon, Jun 06Sunwing Vacations$550$135 +Tax $415
Vancouver to AmsterdamMon, Jun 06Tue, Jun 14Transat$873$335 +Tax $538
Vancouver to LondonSat, Jun 11Sun, Jun 19Transat$882$340 +Tax $542
Vancouver to ManchesterTue, Jun 14Mon, Jun 27Transat$909$360 +Tax $549
Vancouver to CancunSun, Jun 19Sun, Jun 26Sunwing Vacations$810$395 +Tax $415
Vancouver to RomeFri, Jun 17Sat, Jul 02Transat$866$300 +Tax $566
Vancouver to ParisSun, Jun 12Sat, Jun 25Transat$1294$650 +Tax $644
Vancouver to Puerto VallartaSat, Jun 04Sat, Jun 11Transat$577$188 +Tax $389
Vancouver to Praha / RuzyneWed, Aug 03Thu, Aug 11Transat$1083$600 +Tax $483
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