Cheap Flights from Montreal

Cheap flight deals from Montreal are a great way to start any travel plans. At we have put together some of the more popular ones here but rest assured we constantly update these great deals and discount airfares so if you don't find it this time have a search using our popular flight search facility or check back again to get the latest updated discount and cheap ticket.

Flight InfoDepartReturnOperatorPrice
Montreal to ParisThu, Oct 13Wed, Nov 02Transat$643$50 +Tax $593
Montreal to ParisMon, Nov 07Mon, Nov 14Transat$659$70 +Tax $589
Montreal to OrlandoThu, Oct 20Thu, Oct 27Transat$353$108 +Tax $245
Montreal to LondonSat, Oct 15Tue, Nov 01Transat$684$140 +Tax $544
Montreal to BarcelonaThu, Sep 29Fri, Oct 07Transat$652$200 +Tax $452
Montreal to RomeThu, Sep 29Fri, Oct 07Transat$850$280 +Tax $570

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