Cheap Flights to Europe

Flight InfoDepartReturnOperatorPrice
Calgary to GlasgowTue, Oct 13Wed, Oct 21Transat$881$280 +Tax $601
Calgary to ManchesterSun, Oct 11Sun, Oct 18Transat$867$260 +Tax $607
Calgary to LondonSat, Oct 17Sat, Oct 24Transat$921$320 +Tax $601
Montreal to Porto / Pedras RubrasSun, Nov 15Mon, Nov 23Transat$885$400 +Tax $485
Montreal to LondonMon, Oct 19Tue, Oct 27Transat$799$200 +Tax $599
Toronto to DublinFri, Oct 23Sat, Oct 31Transat$693$300 +Tax $393
Toronto to RomeSat, Oct 17Sun, Oct 25Transat$836$250 +Tax $586
Toronto to Lisboa / PortelaSat, Oct 17Sun, Oct 25Transat$930$450 +Tax $480
Vancouver to AmsterdamFri, Oct 09Sat, Oct 17Transat$883$320 +Tax $563
Vancouver to GlasgowTue, Oct 13Wed, Oct 21Transat$911$320 +Tax $591
Vancouver to LondonFri, Oct 16Fri, Oct 23Transat$951$360 +Tax $591

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