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What We Do

Here at Journeys by Escapes, our job is to turn your dreams into a reality. Our expertise rests on years of relationships forged with premiere travel partners located throughout the globe. To us, travel is about more than sightseeing and souvenirs; it's a life changing opportunity to forge unbreakable bonds and unforgettable memories. The world is waiting for you; we are here to ensure you don't miss it.


Custom Itineraries

Each itinerary is carefully created to cater to every detail, every vision and every need. Wherever you envision your travels, the boundaries are nearly limitless. We meticulously plan a journey according to your tastes and interests, ensuring that it is tailor-made. Aside from the "where" and "when of your travels, your journey should possess extraordinary travel experiences that explore the heart and soul of a destination. Uncover some of the most picturesque landscapes from around the globe and satisfy your sense of wanderlust.


Guided Tours

Experience your destination through the eyes of a local. Let an expert guide you through the vast markets of Marrakech, the trails of Machu Picchu or along the winding banks of the Danube River. Guided tours are about new friendships forged of shared experiences. Journeys by Escapes offers you a carefully curated list of only the finest guided tours in a destination of your choosing and centered around flexibility, while catering to your needs.


River Cruises

Experience the vibrant cultural hubs and seemingly uncharted places around the globe through an opulent river cruise. Whether you wish to explore the colorful landscapes of Europe, uncover the mysterious atmosphere of the amazon, or revel in the wilderness in Africa, you will experience a one-of-a-kind cruising adventure while indulging in luxurious accommodations.



There is no better way to capture the essence of a country than to go off-the-beaten-path. Our adventure travel options can help you explore the frontiers of an untouched world. Unravel the authentic soul of a destination through the exploration of untouched and remote landscapes. Discover indigenous cultures and traditions in a way that is awe-inspiring and humbling.


Luxury Travel

Our travel experts work diligently to hand-pick the finest luxury resorts and destinations to suit all tastes. Whether you dream of safaris on private nature reserves, chartered planes touching down in the Maldives or serene overwater bungalows in Bora Bora, we ensure that your experience is unforgettable.

Why Choose Us


We Work for You

Our goal to make you happy! That means ensuring our travel consultants have the best product knowledge and excellent customer service. A positive customer experience is our #1 goal!


A Triple Bottom Line

Our business isn't just about profit. It's about our people and our planet as well. At Escapes we operate with a triple bottom line... people, planet and profit. Find out more.


100% Canadian eh!

We are 100% Canadian owned and operated and a equal opportunity employer. Much like Canada itself, our office is comprised of a multitude of great nationalities.

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