Our Team

Escapes.ca is comprised of diverse individuals with industry experience, expertise, and knowledge. All of our Vacation and Destination Wedding Specialists have fantastic insight on a variety of destinations from the Caribbean to Europe. A lot of this comes from years of traveling to these destinations and experiencing first-hand what they have got to offer! Our personal vacation specialists are here to help you with every step of your vacation planning. Whether you book online and have some follow up questions or need a specialist to help you every step of the way, our vacation consultants are here and happy to assist you.

Travel Specialists

  • Rocio
  • Rocio Ramirez

    Air Ticket Specialist & Online Reservations

Travel Ambassadors

The Travel Ambassador Program is a new venture introduced by Escapes.ca to bring fresh, distinct, and unique content to our clients! Our Travel Ambassadors are comprised of vloggers and travel influencers passionate about travel. Their content is geared towards the vacation experience and giving their most candid and honest reviews of properties to you, our clients. We hope that by presenting honest, yet engaging content will give you a clearer glimpse into what exactly to expect when you're on destination!

Asia Travel Specialists(Skyland Travel)

  • Ayako
  • Ayako Okajima

    Asia Travel Specialist
  • Mihoko
  • Mihoko Suzuka

    Asia Travel Specialist
  • Momo
  • Momo Sawada

    Asia Travel Specialist
  • Yoshin
  • Yoshin Tamaki

    Asia Travel Specialist

Marketing / Business / Operations / Web

  • Joanne
  • Joanne Ha

  • Kelly
  • Kelly Kyle

    Website & Operations Assistant
  • Stan
  • Stan Wong

    Website & Graphic Designer


  • Tomoko Shimada
  • Tomoko Shimada

    Founder / Chairperson
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