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All-inclusive vacations and unbeatable cheap flights are just a click away with Transat Holidays and Transat offers popular destinations in Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean all at affordable prices. Compare our travel prices and service!

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Fares above are based on double occupancy and are based on availability at time of updating. Fares are subject to change without notice.

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About Transat Holidays

Transat Holidays is the leading Canadian-owned tour operator. It offers customers across the country a complete range of quality vacation travel products at attractive prices through both Transat Holidays and is sister operator, Nolitours.

Transat Holiday acts as a master craftsman in assembling different components of leisure travel: air transportation, passenger transfers from airport to hotel, accommodation, recreational and cultural activities, meals, cruises, and much more.

Transat has implemented rigorous selection criteria and quality control procedures for all components of its products. Transat Holidays' expertise continues to further establish the reputation it has held for almost 20 years as Canada's leading leisure travel company.

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