Travel Information

Before you Book

Baggage Fees - Many airlines are now charging for check baggage. Before you book your flight we recommend that you check our Baggage Fees page to see if the airline you are booking charges for checked baggage. If you are booking a charter vacation package, most charter airlines included checked baggage with your package, usually up to 20kg per person. However strict excess baggage fees do apply if you go over the limit.

Travel Documentation and Tourist Cards - It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the proper travel documentation (ie. passport, birth certificate, visas, etc.) for entry into the country you are planning on traveling to. is not responsible for customers who are denied entry into a country because of invalid travel documentation. Many destinations also require tourist cards for entry into the country. Tourist cards are included with some vacation packages, please inquire with one of our vacation specialists. Note: Tourist cards may not be a valid form of visa entry for all nationalities. If you have any questions regarding travel documentation, please contact one of our vacation specialist before making your reservation.

Select your destination for country specific document information:

If your destination country is not listed above, please refer to the countries government website for accurate documentation requirements.

Minors Traveling - Minors under 18 years of age traveling alone or with a single parent must have a notarized letter of consent from non traveling parents to enter the US.

Travel Insurance - All packages and flights are under strict cancellation penalties once booked and often times are 100% non-refundable and non-changeable. If for some unfortunate reason you are not able to travel on your package or flight and you do not have insurance, you will NOT receive a refund for the cost of your trip. In many cases this can equal out to thousands of dollars and therefore we strongly recommend that you protect yourself by purchasing travel insurance. uses RBC Travel Insurance, a long standing and very trustworthy insurance company. An insurance option is made available online or contact one of our vacation specialists for more details.

Travel Immunizations - The Public Health Agency of Canada strongly recommends that your travel plans include contacting a travel medicine clinic or physician six to eight weeks before departure. Based on your individual risk assessment, a health care professional can determine your need for immunizations and/or preventive medication and advise you on precautions to avoid disease. Travelers are reminded to ensure that their routine (childhood) immunizations (e.g. tetanus, diphtheria, polio, and measles) are up to date. Prescription medications should be kept in the original container and packed in carry-on luggage.

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Before you Depart

Confirmation Number - Upon completion of your reservation, you will receive a confirmation/booking number. If booking online this number is located near the top of your automatic confirmation email that is sent after the booking is made. Please have this confirmation number available if contacting one of our vacation specialists.

Flight Tickets and Hotel Vouchers - If booking a package or flight online, it is likely that your travel tickets will be in the form of edocuments or etickets. These are electronic tickets that will be emailed to the email address used when making the reservation. These edocuments should be printed off and taken with you when you depart on your trip. Edocuments are generally email out 2-3 weeks before departure. If booking a last minute package or flight, edocuments will be emailed out as soon as possible after the booking is made. If edocuments are not available with your reservation, then your tickets will be Xpresspost couriered to you at a cost of $10-15 depending on your location or set up as airport pick-up at the supplier desk at the airport. One of our vacation specialist will inform you if your tickets are not available as edocuments.

Seat Selection - Depending on the vacation package or flight you have booked, advanced flight seat selection may be available. Seat selection can be made either via the airlines website or through our vacation specialists. Please use the contact information below to select seats. Note: Fees may apply for seat selection (approx. $10-15 per person, each way) and not all suppliers may provide seat selection.

Air Canadaaircanada.com1-888-247-2262
Sunwing Airlinesflysunwing.ca1-877-978-6946
WestJet Airlineswestjet.com1-877-737-7001

Luggage Allowance - Charter Flights - Most charter flights allow a maximum of 2 bags not exceeding 20 kilos total per person for checked luggage and 1 bag not exceeding 5 kilos for carry-on luggage. Strict fees apply for any over weight luggage. Please see our Baggage Fees for more details on luggage allowance.

Luggage Allowance - Scheduled Flights - Many scheduled airlines now charge for baggage and/or excess baggage. Please see our Baggage Fees page for complete details.

Airport Check-in - Check counters at the airport will open up 4 hours prior and close 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. It is our recommendation that you be at the airport and checked into your fight at a MINIMUM of 2 hours prior to your departure. Board will be denied if you arrive too late to check-in and no refund will be given for your reservation.

During your Trip

Arriving in Destination - If you booked a vacation package, upon your arrival in destination you will be greeted by your tour operator destination representative. This representative will assist you with your transportation to the hotel and will be available to you should you need any assistance while in destination. (see below)

Destination Representative - Your destination representative will hold an optional orientation meeting with you at your hotel. This meeting is to inform you of any information you may need to know as well as go over sightseeing tours and answer any questions you may have. These destination reps are there to help you and should be contacted if you run into any problems or have any questions while in destination. At your orientation meeting they will also provide you with a telephone number at which they can be reached should you need there assistance.

Departure Fees - Certain destinations require that you pay a departure fee upon exit from the country. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds to pay these fees at the airport when you depart on your return flight. The below departure fees are subject to change without notice. Please confirm fees prior to departure.

Costa Rica$29USD
CubaIncluded in taxes
Dominican RepublicIncluded in taxes, except with Sunwing and Signature Vacations, fee is $30USD
JamaicaIncluded in taxes
MexicoIncluded in taxes
United StatesNo departure fee

Tipping - Many all inclusive resorts promote themselves as "tips included" which is certainly acceptable. However, many travelers find that a dollar here and there makes a big different in the service you receive and it is very much appreciated by the hotel employees. Many of the hotel workers receive low wages and a small tip is greatly appreciated and in turn can make your trip more enjoyable.

After your Trip

Customer Service - While we certainly hope that all of our customers have an excellent trip, unfortunately  the law of averages reminds us that that is not always the case. If for some unfortunate reason something on your vacation did not go according to play, please let us know and our customer service department will work with you to rectify any issues.

Travel Reviews - Your feed back is important to us and very helpful to future travelers. Upon return from your trip you will receive a follow up email from us asking for feed back from your trip. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Useful Information and Tips

Valuables in Luggage - We highly recommend that you do not leave valuables in your luggage. Remember, in many cases you are traveling to a country far poorer than what we are accustomed to. Unfortunately some baggage handlers try to take advantage of this by stealing valuables from luggage. This problem can be simply avoided by leaving all valuables (cameras, jewelry, etc.) in your carry on luggage.

Lost Luggage - The number of lost or mishandled baggage has doubled in the past five years, according to the US Department of Transportation. Of the 2 billion passengers who move through airports world wide each year, 30 million pieces of luggage are mishandled or lost. Here are a few tips to help lessen your chances of lost luggage.

  1. Arrive at the airport early. If you check-in late, you may make the flight but your bags might not.
  2. Make sure you receive a claim check for every bag that you check. Also verify that the agent checking your bags attaches a destination tag to each bag.
  3. Use colourful tags, labels or straps for easy spotting.
  4. Label your baggage with your name and contact information, including cell phone number. For security reasons, it's a good idea to use your business address instead of your home address. Also place a label on the inside in case the outside one gets removed.
  5. Pack important items such as medication, keys, eye glasses, jewelery, laptops and other valuables in carry on luggage.

Finally, since most airlines offer limited coverage for lost baggage, it is a good idea to purchase travel insurance that includes baggage and personal effects coverage. uses Manulife Insurance which can cover you for up to $1000 for lost and/or delayed luggage.

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