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Travel Tips Travel Tips

Passport pouch
Keep Your Documents & Money Safe
A money belt and passport pouch can save your holiday! They're great ways to keep important documents on you. They are light & inexpensive and a great idea when travelling. It is also a great idea to have copies of your travel documents. Leave one with a family member and one with yourself, should the unfortunate event of a lost/stolen travel document happens.
Dress locally
Dress like the Locals
For those venturing out of the resort and into local communities, it's safer to blend in than to stick out. Besides, who would want to look like a tacky tourist anyway?!
Luggage scale
Pack Light
Sure, you want to be prepared for everything during your trip. Hauling of those bags can get a bit taxing though. Try to limit yourself to one pack. Be sensible of what you'll bring. Take plenty of items that you can mix and match. Leave any unnecessary accessories at home. When you're traveling, less is more.
Piggy bank on the beach
Keep the Cash
When possible, avoid changing money at the airport. You get a much better rate at a bank, or your hotel!
Need to be connected
Need to Be Connected?
If bringing your cell, get a prepaid plan for the country you're visiting. Roaming rates can be very high.
Also if you need internet access, you can purchase prepaid global wifi - no roaming fees, big savings, no hidden costs.
Travel insurance
Better Safe Than Sorry
Travel Insurance seems like another added expense but when travelling you can't predict what will happen to you. Hopefully you will never need to use it but it is great to know that you have it if you ever need it.
Canadian Regiatration Abroad
Need Assistance Aboard
Sign up for the "Registration of Canadians Abroad" so the government can assist you in case of an emergency.
Registration of Canadians Abroad
Book mid-week
Book Midweek
Depending on where you book, some airlines slash prices for their midweek departures. If you are flexible with your departure date, you can possibly get away with a better deal by flying mid-week.
Airline coffee
Avoid Coffee In-Flight
Coffee is great when we need to jet-start our mornings. However, it can be a big buzz kill if you're trying to sleep through your flight. It also dehydrates you. In an airplane cabin that already boasts desert-worthy humidity, coffee would not be a wise choice of beverage.
Credit card operator
Call your Credit Company
There is nothing worse than having your financial resources cut because your credit card company finds your foreign purchases 'suspicious.' Let them know in advance of your departure to avoid this mess from happening.
Look Beyond the Concierge
Look Beyond the Concierge Front desk personnel might know the ins and outs of the city. However, you might get a partial opinion on the best places to visit (there might be a chance that they make commission on specific venue bookings as well, thus their raving review of it).
Day bag
Carry a Modest Day Bag
Wandering around the city as a tourist can attract unwanted attention from thieves and pick-pockets. Carry all of your valuables (and a sparing amount of it) in an unassumingly modest tote or bag.
Think locally, act globally
Think Locally, Act Globally
Souvenirs make great mementos. Visit local markets to get your hands on the real deal. Not only will it be cheaper, but it's doing the community some good!
Don't Let It Weigh on Your Mind
Airlines can charge high fees for overweight luggage. Weight your luggage before you leave but pack one with you. Don't get caught, travel scales are small, light, and inexpensive and can save you a bundle.
Electronic Kindle reader
Know the Voltage of Your Electronics
Adapter or no adapter, it wouldn't matter if your adapter does not convert your device to the proper voltage of that country.


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