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Our Opinion
If you like beaches and are a non-smoker this resort will probably be perfect for you. The Hawksbill has four secluded beach to choose from with one of them being clothing optional. The resort is also non-smoking in most of the main areas. Service is hit and miss and the rooms are nicely maintained. A good choice for couples but not a lot of activities for children.

Hawksbill is a unique and special Caribbean hideaway that you won't want to leave. Set in 37 acres of landscaped tropical gardens, the resort offers its guests a choice of four secluded beaches, including Antigua's only 'clothing optional' beach. So if you love the beach, Hawksbill by Rex Resorts is the perfect place for you.

Location: Located on four secluded beaches, 15 minute drive from St. Johns and the airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • shadow052 : Ontario
Another great stay

We have been home for 3 weeks and still feeling very relaxed. We usually stay in Beachfront Bungalows and wanted to try Honeymoon Cove for a change and we were upgraded when we arrived. We loved the privacy and felt like we were all alone. This is always a very healthy vacation for us due to all the walking and swimming on the property, and the food is just right for us. If you have mobility problems you might want to try somewhere else. There has been some upgrades but they have still managed to keep this place with a feel of going back in time. No distractions. The only thing I would like is not having to go up to the restaurant for breakfast, it would be nice if they had coffee and rolls at the beach bar restaurant and we could help ourself ( this is not a complaint just not big breakfast eaters). Had a great time, probably be back in the spring, Thanks so much.

  • dee6jay : Buckinghamshire
A 'unique 'place to stay

So...Hawsbill Resort.You will already have read the mixed selection of reviews. The most recent gives a fair idea I think.From our point of view, we loved it, but we had no illusions about what to expect having friends who have stayed there many times. Don't have high expectations and you won't be disappointed.If you want hermetically sealed all-singing all-dancing luxury and service with gourmet food...then don't stay here!!! There re plenty of other places like that on the island.You can stay at Galley Bay resort next door, which costs as much per night as for a week at Hawksbill....see what I mean?Hawksbill is very much a work in progress and my suspicion is that it always has been and probably always will be!!! We found the staff charming and very accommodating. If there is a problem with your room (and there probably will be!) Don't grumble, just go and ask it to be fixed and they will try their best.The garden rooms are currently out of action, so if you book one you will be upgraded to a beachfront bungalow on Royal Palm beach, which we were. It was clean and comfortable, although a little tired. When we were there there was plenty of hot water. These bungalows have louvres with insect mesh. There are ceiling fans but also aircon. They are in the process of sealing up the windows I guess to make the aircon more efficient. It's a pity because opening the shutters is lovely to hear the sea and our aircon worked fine.Mosquitos are a problem esp at dusk so take plenty of repellant. I would sya, putting a can of knock-down spray in the rooms would be an improvement they could make, although they do sell it in the shop/boutique.If you haven't got a fridge in your room then do go and ask for one. There is only powdered milk for tea/coffee, but if you ask they will give you fresh every day. The nearest supermarket is in St Johns!I can't comment on the other rooms. There a recently upgraded units on Honeymoon Beach and newer units at the south end of Royal Palm and bordering on Eden Beach where there are nudist (although you don't have to be one to go there....there's plenty of room!) There are also some units in 2 blocks set back from the beach, a honeymoon suite and a family sized villa.Incidentally Eden beach is looking a little tired and could do with a tidy-up. They had an incident where vandals had slashed all the sunbeds, which was sad, but it would be nicer if these were removed before they can be replaced...it doesn't give a good look!I understand there is some problem with the local goat farmer!The watersports are limited to kyaks and one hoby cat but you can snorkel from the beach. Didn't see where the spa was supposed to be! There is a library/tv room. Be warned that despite clever photography, the swimming pool is miniscule! It's really only a plunge pool or for children. However with the sea just yards away, who needs it!Outside trips can be arranged.The food: This is often commented on by other visitors. Everyone here is on all inclusive and if you do eat outside, you will find Antigua very expensive. Bear in mind also that a lot of food has to be imported onto the island.We found the food to be variable, but there was generally something worth eating. The cooking is plain and local in style. Chicken, beef, fish, local vegetables and some salads (tomatoes seem to be missing!) Desserts weren't really worth it, but I don't eat these anyway. Breakfast was generally good with fresh fruit and a selection of hot food. Lunch was always bbq and salad. People have commented about repetition over the week, but hey I had the same sandwiches for lunch every day for years!!! How much variety do you get at home?I suspect that chefs come and go here, so the menu will be variableOf course there is the plus of unlimited alcohol and soft drinks!You have to buy bottled water, but this is not unusual in all-inclusive resorts.Overall, we thought that for the money it was delightful. To have 3 private beaches available right on the doorstep, with beautiful warm sea, shady trees, drinks on tap...what more could you ask? OK there's work to done, but it's quirky and affordable

  • gmcc57 : London, United Kingdom
The enigma of Hawksbill Resort

The varied reviews are surprisingly accurate,but the conclusions reached must be based on expectation. Expect too much and you WILL be disappointed. Rather than repeat my opinions I have scored individual aspects that I felt were important. Note - we went for a quiet relaxed break...Bungalow 131.Location - 10. Set around 4 sandy bays, incl nudist beach. IdyllicRoom comfort - 7 (Bed 8 / bathroom 6) Comfy large bed. Bathroom functional but tired.Food - 6 All inclusive. Everything buffet. Tasty in the main but un-inspiring.Service - 7 Everyone so friendly, but can take effort to make things happen at times.Entertainment - 3 Virtually nil. The odd musician making the odd appearance once or twice during the week.Pool - 5 There is one, well maintained, but just 3ft deep and really just a childrens pool.Beach facilities - 6 Beach towels aplenty. Many loungers have been vandalised, so currently in short supply.A Hobie and couple of canoes available. Wi-fi only available in restaurant really.So if looking for high-end luxury accommodation, waiter service, top quality food and entertainment, look elsewhere......If looking for an escape from hustle and bustle, can cope with a few cracked tiles, average accommodation and uninspiring food,then try here. This is not 5*, its 3*, needs some investment and tlc to some of the fabric, but people go back time after time and you can see why, even with the issues raised. Great value for money and I would return.Tip 1: Take disposable ear plugs - the nocturnally active tree frogs are very noisy.Tip 2: All rooms are Sea View - no more than 20yds from shore.

  • TitaniumMonkey : Hampshire, United Kingdom
Hawksbill Beaches (including the Nude Beach)

Hawksbill has some of the best beaches in Antigua and the following is a summary of my impressions over the past year having stayed at the hotel, been a day pass visitor and just visited the beaches on several occasions over the past year (and will visit the beaches again in December).If you are considering staying at Hawksbill DON'T be put off by nudist beach if that isn't your thing, you have to make an effort to go there as it is at the Southern (far) end of the property through a gate. No one is walking around the report naked. On the other hand, if you like to wear very little, go topless or naked or even considering any of these then this is definitely a resort you should consider.Please note that the following are my observations after 6 visits and NOT hotel policy/rules, they are intended merely as a guide/suggestions to help you choose the resort to either stay or just visit for the day. Royal Palm Beach:Northern section has best access to sea and limited parking, it is popular with the locals. Have seen topless/g-string tourists here (non Hawksbill residents) but this beach is not clothing optional. There are no sun loungers or facilities.Southern section of this beach by hotel accommodation is very quiet except for guests outside their bungalows so occasional g-string/topless. Access to the water is not as easy at this end.Sea Grapes Beach:This beach is used by most of the non nudists due to being closest to majority of accommodation, pool, restaurant, bar, waterspouts. There is a good safe swimming area and easy access to the water with good snorkelling at the edges. Occasional g string/minimal bikinis, on Southern end of beach. Honeymoon CoveSmall, very quiet generally only used by guests of adjacent headland accommodation.Frequent topless &/or g-string, probably as hardly anyone goes here and any passers by are going to Eden Beach so if they are OK with full nudity there they aren’t going to mind minimal coverage/topless on Honeymoon Cove. This is the least picturesque beach- Eden Beach - also known as "4th Beach" or Nudist BeachFull nudity but not compulsory. Majority completely naked but occasionally one member may remain dressed or just topless. Sometimes very quiet, at other times most guests spend all or part of their day here plus day visitors but it is such a large beach with lots of sunbeams it never feels busy. Long beach, security, limited shade (which needs repairing). Don't be put off by the nudists, this is a lovely long beach and the nicest beach for a walk due to minimal slope.So in summary - Hawksbill has stunning beaches, one of which is nudist but this will not effect your stay. If you have never tried public nudity or are unsure then give it a try on Eden beach, the following may help you to overcome any apprehension:Rule of 3’s for 1st time nudist:1. 3 hours. Your going to have to re-educate your brain to overcome the psychological opposition to being naked in public which takes time so stick it out for at least 3 hours (everyone else will be naked anyway).2. 3 things – Try 3 things while naked e.g. Sunbathe (or just lay out in the shade) walk the length of the beach, swim. You’ll start to realise how uncomfortable clothes/swimsuits are compared to au natural.3. 3 times. Try all of the above 3 times, you still may need to overcome the psychological opposition but each time it will feel easier/more natural.Stick to the above and most people will soon wonder why they don’t do this more often but be warned, many will start actively seeking out opportunities to go naked/virtually naked elsewhere in the world. Enjoy :-)

  • Jupiterb500 : Oxford, United Kingdom
Sort it out Rex.

When you read this review, bear in mind we went just out of season,arriving Sept 11.We paid almost £3000 for flights (Gatwick to Barbados,then purgatory, then eventually Barbados to Antigua. Don't do it, unless you're looking for a reason to get divorced). We arrived late, after an horrendous journey, to be greeted by Antigua's answer to The Stig , i.e. A driver who goes too fast and does not speak. The promotional video turned up to 11 didn't do much to ease the transfer to the hotel. Luckily, Our room was great, 139 I think, on the Honeymoon Cove side.The only downside regarding the room was when,one night, we accidentally locked ourselves out onto the veranda, there was nobody on reception to help us out or give us a spare key. This was around 11.20 pm. My husband had to walk out of the complex to the security post before he saw anyone from the staff. They couldn't help, so we were locked out for the night. Except I was not about to spend a night on the balcony, and after a couple of strong tugs, the locked bedroom door sprang open, fortunately doing no damage to the floor locks as there weren't any. Anybody could have got in if they'd wanted. Anyway, that aside, the biggest problem is the food. Again, we were there in September, but even then when a menu says 'fresh caught fish' you assume that is what you will be given. Not the frozen, boneless processed fillets that had been too long in the deep freeze. Likewise with the chicken, pre-cooked,mass produced, merely cheerfully reheated on the lunch BBQ and drowned in sauce. There were NO fresh vegetables, save unripe tomatoes; all the salads were tinned chickpea & palm hearts. Dinners were dreadful; always soup from leftover frozen ('steamed') veg from day before, some kind of meat cooked to the consistency of shoe leather or deep-fried in old oil. Vegetarians would merely fade away from malnutrition.No choice to speak of, nothing was fresh, and lots of the food was pre catered and brought in, rather surreptitiously, through the bar area in the mornings.We were on our Honeymoon ,and, being a food-lovers and a former-chef myself,this very nearly ruined our stay. Twice we spoke to the managers, to be fobbed off each time, promised Lobster (which never materialised) and then finally they 'confided' that the reason there is no fresh fish or seafood was that 'English people are fussy and don't like bones in their fish'. Once I picked up my jaw, I asked if there was a chef capable of filleting fish, and was told 'No'. This was a blatant lie, as in desperation my husband, a keen angler, went out the next morning and caught an Albacore right on the rocks by the beach,and presented it to the lunchtime chef, who then obligingly filleted it for us and put it on the bbq. That was the best meal we ate in the resort in the whole 10 days. My weight dropped a stone whilst there. In the end we went off-campus twice, once to Trappers and once to Miracle, ate lobster, fresh salads and Goat curry, proving it CAN be done. The problem is with the management and the owners, Rex. Once you are there, you've paid your money, and although they will profess to listen sincerely, they have no intention of doing anything about it, and keep stringing you along until, oh look, it's the end of your stay! Other points; the beaches are beautiful, but only one is suitable for swimming really, and that is Seagrapes, so everyone goes there. It is not a long beach, and with all 30 of the guests on it in Sept, was just at comfortable capacity. However,the loungers on this beach are bad; old, covered in bird crap and non-adjustable. Beware if it rains: I broke my rib by slipping on our smooth-tiled veranda onto a steel chair arm. Also, the Horse spiders, a type of Tarantula, live in holes in the ground. When it rains they get flooded out and come and join the party. One ran over my foot as i walked on the (long and unkempt) lawn and another joined me in the ladies loos. There are members of the team that are exemplary, and they carry the others, including, unfortunately, the management. Demographic-wise,we are in our mid-forties, and we were among the youngest people there. We made some good friends, which is honestly what saved the holiday. I can see how this is so popular with the British Blue Rinsers, but it's worth remembering that they also just voted us out of Europe. Also, just remembered, one tip given to us by a regularly returning UK couple, always book the garden view rooms. They are the cheapest, and are being used for storage, so you will automatically be upgraded to another room. Bit cheeky.In short, Nature is to thank for all the redeeming features of this resort. Nature and a few very hard-working staff members. I have worked in the hotel and hospitality trade for over 25 years,and in my opinion,the management are the ones coasting most of the time.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
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  • Items of a personal nature

  • Full English breakfast and lunch daily
  • 7 dinners of which 3 are buffet and 4 table d'hotel
  • House brand drinks, wine, cocktails
  • House wine by the glass
  • Cocktails
  • Manager's cocktail party
  • Non-motorized watersports including: sunfish sailing, kayaks, windsurfing, paddle boats
  • Entertainment 3 times a week
Not included: wine and champagne by the bottle, bottled water, mini-bar, water-skiing, speedboat trips. 
  • 2 Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Pool
  • Tennis courts
  • Shuffleboard
  • Volleyball
  • Beach Cricket
Garden Room includes:
  • Located in the main building or 2nd row cottages on Sea Grapes Beach
  • 2 twin or 1 king bed
  • Mini fridge
  • Ceiling fans only
  • Shower only
  • Hair dryer
  • Pay-safe
  • Garden or limited sea view
  • Max. occ. 3 adults or 2 adults & 1 child
Superior Sea View Room - Same as above but with sea view. 

Beach Club Room:
  • Adult only section on between Seagrapes beach and Honeymoon Cove
  • 1 king bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Fridge
  • Max. occ. 2 adults
Kids Deal - Kids 2-11 stay free when sharing with 2 adults. Max 2 kids.
Honeymoon Bonus - Fresh local flowers in room daily, bottle of champagne, complimentary 1 room category upgrade (subject to availability). Reserve at time of booking. Marriage certificate required upon check-in.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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  • Hawksbill Beach by Rex Resorts
    Antigua,Antigua And Barbuda

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Hawksbill by Rex Resorts
Five Islands, St. John's Antigua

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