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Tamarijn Aruba Beach Resort

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A low-rise beachfront playground on Druif Beach where all rooms are oceanfront, each with a great view. You won't go hungry either - as there's several dining options, bars and lounges. Guests also enjoy exchange privileges at the adjacent Divi Aruba which offers a a nine-hole golf course, spa and beauty salon as well as additional restaurant opportunities.
Location: On the beach, 10 mins from the airport, 5 mins to Oranjestad.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Kapricca : New York
Great place to stay

The resort is beautiful. If you stay on the first floor your room has a patio that opens directly ONTO the beach. It's luxury that not a lot of resorts offer. It was a calm environment and good food. The quality of food and drinks was better than most all-inclusive's. Staff was wonderful and resort grounds are luxurious. The rooms are a little small and in need of some enhancements to the decor. Good location and easy to get around with cabs. Only $9 to downtown or high rise hotel areas. There's not a lot of nightlife.

  • stone595 : West Des Moines, Iowa
Amazing in Aruba

This place is fabulous! The beach is deep and goes on forever! The property is wonderful, with two-story buildings right on the beach. Great drinks! Food at the buffet was good, not great. Ala Carte restaurants were also good. Most of the staff went out of their way to make sure we were having fun.We'll be back next year and stay longer!

  • Bubbaleen : Commack, New York
Could be great BUT!!!!

I am not going to go into the small stuff. I am going to highlight the things that need to change to make this a 5 star. I know everyone has opinions and what may be a 5 star to you is not the same to me . I am sitting on the beach 15 feet from my room that is 5 star at its best but that is called location location location that does not make it a five star. Let's start with airport they get you right through quick but then I waited 20-30 minutes for aCab I know it's not that long. It after the 4 hour flight and your vacation. Starting I would have a car waiting for me next time so you can pick up and go. Check in was smooth and they ran through where and when things are open which you forget right away. I got first floor like I requested did not care where or bed type just first floor Wife likes first floor I prefer second more privacy and view guess I lost that battle I will win one one day. We went to our room nice,small but who cares I shower and sleep there. We went and had a drink I asked Julio to make me a his best rum drink anything he whipped up a. NIce drink. We went and had a pizza and I asked alex the same thing and he said well I don't know what you like I said your best rum drink he said maybe you won't like it. What was that about. That is the same question I ask at every resort I go to and that was the first time I had trouble getting a drink from that question Had a nice pizza saw the concierge so decided to get on line to make 2 reservations. I was 4th on line. It took 40 minutes to get to the counter not sure what happened but 1 person working was just not enough . Had the buffet for dinner very good nice flavor in all the food. Service was also very good Went to bed early woke up at about 6 and there was 1 parasol left. I took that one no problem there were 2 parasol that no one showed until 2 pm. Why why I ask. Had a great day but sand ashtrays are not cleaned there are plates and cups all over the place that cannot be a 5 star resort and I am on 4th day the ashtray on the floor is still not cleaned. Then I noticed that people don't even move their towels from the chairs ever they leave them over night and have the same place everyday. Is that really the way to do things? Also people from across the street who have time shares come at 11 pm to put out chairs and towels I don't think that is right I don't think they should even be allowed to get a parasol Went to the red parrot food and service was ok food was cold. Went to ginger food and service was excellent Any room is good does not matter where you are quiet area is 19-25 there is no 20. Main bar and pool bar are very close to each other only other bar is between 18-19 so that can add up to a lot of walking if you are a drinker and not close to pool bar or 18/19 As far as the chairs and parasols go they should have them assigned when you get your towels, they give you a card for each person to get a towel once you turn in the card you can keep the towel on your chair all night and the next day bring the old towel and swap it out for a new one what is the card for just to get your first towel they also can put more of them the way it's done is a joke we teach our kids do the right thing even if no one is watching and that makes you the person you will become and people put towels on chairS for 4 days straight this needs to be monitored if not there will be a fight one day. I sit at my parasol from 6am until 4 pm everyday I need the shade. This was the first place I went to that I had to play the game of waking up early to get a spot and it is the tackiest thing One day I went out at 5 got the chair and went out at 615 and my stuff was moved the lady that was laying there said I did not move your stuff really I was on vacation and not going to argue about it but who moved it HMMMM. The most annoying thing about that was they left at 1 for lunch and never returned but left all their stuff there so no one else had a chance to use that one Once again this need to be looked at. Security comes every. Night and makes sure doors are locked have them swoop all the towels every night. Or better solution Have enough parasols for each room number them. Install more or even charge daily for them with last day free as a throw in number them and book with concierge but remember that 40 minute wait to book restaurant staffing issue To be a 5 star they need to have beach service at this place that will be the easiest thing to do. Breakfast is excellent. The pizza bar is always a mess dirty just not enough staff one day there was one bartender making drinks taking food orders serving food stocking new ice the day pizza cooks were trying to help but just not enough staff. Then I saw the worst thing I have ever seen and I was in the bar business for 20 years the lady cooking pizza saw us sit in the only spot that was left so she tried and help came over with a rag that was laying by the alcohol bottles wiped down the bar took the ashtray dumped the butts then cleaned inside the ashtray with the same bar rag and put the bar rag back where it was so the next person that grabs it and cleans the bar with it That is gross. I walked away could not sit there after seeing that Entertainment is ok nothing great nothing bad the people all give it everything they got they all worked hard. Divi is definitely nicer looking but the beachfront at tam is what I went for not the room size the decor I always go all inclusive anywhere I go and have been to about 7 places this one is very good just needs some more employees especially in the cleaning dept for the beach and bars during the day I heard some people complaining about the flies in the buffet I saw a few but nothing to complain about I got a few mosquito bites but I get them at home rather get them on the beach in Aruba. The one thing I did not see in any feedback was the temperature of the water. We felt it was so cold here it looked like everyone walked in very slow to get used to the water or just ran in to get under the water it took a good three minutes for my body to get warm under the water. And I take showers on the colder side. Somebody should send me 40 bucks for the water shoes we bought from the reports I know they worked on the beach but it is perfect. And I mean perfect. They were never used my water shoes as for the pool it is not really an easy pool to get in it is small and their are so many chairs around the pool that it is just tight we went there for 10 minutes and never returned. The shower was always hot and strong pressure but how they have the door and handle and shower head is strange just wait and see make sure you learn where a good temp is. As for the construction they need to keep updating and I never heard a hammer once so don't worry they really should put a handful of waters in the fridge they don't want to replace them that's fine but a few water bottles are needed The place is very good I think they are understaffed and some management issues but if they get the towel/chair/parasol issue under control with either a system or fee that would work. Drink service on the beach and just more cleaning people during the day. A bar back at each bar this would be one of the best places to go to. I am sitting on my porch area it is 6 am and every parasol is take. But there is not one person on the beach so people wake up at 5 am on vacation to get a spot. 630 am 2 cruise ships just passed but not one person on the beach it is 7 am the sun is peeking through I can move to my chair and read now since there is some light. I would return but they really should make some changes.

  • lagerbeer : Kitchener Ontario
Long awaited 2nd visit

Travelled to the Tamarijn after almost 20 yrs since the 1st visit. Some things remainder similar and some changed. We thought customs was a bit easier and quicker than other islands we have visited given the fact it was just after lunch on a Sunday. Also every passenger received a free tote bag from both the Divi resorts and Little Switzerland. Check in was simple and easy and a very nice info brochure was given upon check in as well as another tote bag.. Very nice and answered a lot of future questions. Wrist bands are used ( ugh ) but that is their policy.Room was nice and updated from what I remember but a bit small. Had everything you needed ( we had upper floor with balcony ) but bathrooms are small. Liked the fact bathrooms had prefilled dispensers of shampoo, body wash and hand soap - reduce waste and refilled when needed.Keep in mind that the sun is very hot and if not careful and apply regular sun screen, this could ruin you holiday. Bars don't open till 11am which I thought was odd - not able to get anything to drink other than coffee before that time. Once opened they did have some name brand drinks like Capt Morgan, Barcardi, Obsolute, Jim Bean. Other than Bunker Bar, they try to use washable plastic cups and have many " Eco Cup " drop off points throughout the resort so as not to leave laying around. They also had ice machines every other building if you needed which was very convenient.We found the food relatively good throughout out stay. Ate at all restaurants except Palm Grill. We actually loved the Asian ( Ginger ) and the Mexican ( Pure Lime ) and the Red Parrot ( Caribbean ) with the Italian ( Paparazzi ) just being OK. Buffet was good but even the evening selection was always the same - maybe a few theme nights. Went to the Divi to try their buffet and was the same only smaller so don't waste your time. Dinner does start booking quite early ate 5:30 and last sitting is 9:30pm. Dress is casual for all restaurants so shorts and tee shirt ok for men - just no beach wear. Milk was not available for coffee as they use evaporated milk and not milk or cream. Did not ask for either but was not readily available. They also seemed to take a long time to clean things up - buffet just cleaned before breakfast ( why not begin after last guest at night ? ) and empty drink glasses still around the lobby at 6amAlthough the beach was not the best that Aruba offers, we found it still quite nice. Being at the beginning of the resort zone, we didn't have to contend with any highrise buildings ( we detest these and so impersonal ) or noise of jet ski's although motorized water sports are offered at a cost between the Tamarijn and Divi. Did not encounter any stray dogs or cats which was nice or any sand flee bits. It is always windy so maybe that keeps the bugs away but on a few days we did get sand blasted at the beach - 1 draw back in our opinion although it does keep you cooler. Good supply of palapa's on the beach for shade but need to get up to reserve if you want that special spot. We were in the 2300 block and loungers are locked up each night and not unlocked till about 7am so a real scramble. Maybe get a ground floor next time to avoid this. All rooms are ocean front and steps between the rooms and beach has a nice boardwalk for ease of walking or even the avid exerciser. Also provided between the Divi / Tamarijn resorts is a gold cart service which can in handy a few times due to some mobility issues by myself. Lastly as others have mentioned, water quality is second to none. Wish I could run a line back to Canada into my house.Although we really enjoyed our stay, not sure we would be back for a while. Staff was wonderful and friendly but just didn't feel an island vibe that was much different than some places in the USA - looked very modern like a Miami scene without all the night clubs. Although we don't like Mexico, when you go, their is a definite difference in customs you are accustomed to back home ( same for Jamaica for example )

  • LynnfromNewEngland : Narragansett, Rhode Island
Recommended. Will return.

They have been busy remodeling the Tamarijn since we were here 27 years ago. They are always trying to improve and it shows. So upon arrival we were greeted by construction at the entrance. I think they want the entrance to look like the Divi entrance which is more elegant.SUGGESTION: need to move the landscaping to widen it to let the shuttles and taxis through if the buses are picking up/dropping off under the structure. STAFF: The front desk staff is professional and accommodating, but they never smile and come across as impersonal...(different style of management or harsh supervisor?) It must be hard to compete with the big (but impersonal) hotels down the street, but because the Tamarijn and Divi are smaller and more intimate they need to be more personal and friendlier. People who don't like the city-like atmosphere at the big hotels will come to the friendly, laid back Tamarijn.ROOMS: Small, cramped, devoid of amenities which is the price you pay for the best location to the beach of any hotel on Aruba. Pros: 1st floor OCEAN VIEW with patio and only 4 steps and I was walking on sand! Mini-split A/C worked great, computerized in-room safe was a huge plus. Beds were a little too soft (for me), but comfortable. Working mini-fridge, lots of closet space. Cons: Bathrooms need work...showers hard to regulate force or temperature and sink had a large crack in it. SUGGESTION: Although the maid service was great, we still tracked tons of sand into the room and ultimately into the bed. I am not one of those people who dislikes sand. I live a couple of minutes from an oceanside beach and I chose Tamarijn for the close proximity to sand/ocean. Perhaps supply rooms (at least on first floor) with inexpensive brooms so we can keep the path to the bed sand free? RESTAURANTS: All-Inclusive so all food and drinks are included. I either loved or hated the restaurants as follows:BEST: My husband had THE BEST steak at Red Parrot at Divi. It was MUCH BETTER than L.G. Smith Steak & Chop House which was very good, but Red Parrot was better. The pizza at the Pizza per Tutti Bar & Grill was FANTASTIC...went there 3 times just for the pizza! The drinks were good there too. And the Cucunu Terrace Buffet was great and better than the all-inclusive restaurants (that required reservations before 10am). At Cucunu there was a huge variety of food, some prepared to order while you watched. They are responsive to these reviews because the next day after a reviewer posted that there was no access to water, the next day (when I was there), we were constantly offered cold water which they poured from pitchers every few minutes. They are always improving and they listen. The staff there was VERY HELPFUL. Even offered to prepare a buffet fish dish for me w/o the tomato sauce. Unbelievable. My family liked the Paparazzi. We all liked Pure Lime.NOT AS GOOD: Although my family liked Paparazzi, I thought it was just OK. Same with Red Parrot...I can make better coconut shrimp (but my husband's steak was A+) None of us were thrilled with Palm Grill (Hey, I'm on vacation...and you're making me cook?), so we never even bothered getting a reservation at Ginger and instead went into town to eat.SUGGESTION for Aruba: You already desalinate your tap water, now go the next step and use wastewater to irrigate and you can grow your own food rather than having to import so much food. Homegrown food will taste better, be more nutritious, and make Aruba less dependent. Also, flies were pesky, so you need more lizards. THE BEACH: Gorgeous aqua clear warm heaven and much preferred to shoveling snow! I recommend walking down to the 1100 block or even further closer to The Divi All-Inclusive or even further for the easiest walk into and out of the ocean. The higher number hotel block at the Tamarijn, the rougher the waves and steeper the drop-off. We entered the water around the 1500 block and there was a steep drop-off and we were walking on coral/shells making it scary getting in and very hard to get out. When we were there they were trying to add sand back near the rocks where they lost it during Hurricane Matthew. Where I live our ocean town beach is almost disappearing especially since Hurricane Irene and Sandy. We added huge truckloads of sand...not sure if it is helping. A local restaurant that gets destroyed every hurricane rebuilt after Sandy by adding huge flat boulders that the water cannot move. ENTERTAINMENT/NIGHTLIFE: Gather around the pool at night with your pina colada and take in the live entertainment. Something different every night. My favorite was the "Salsa man" who had a great voice and sang salsa, reggae, and American pop songs. Although we were in Aruba a couple of weeks before Carnival, we were treated to costumed (WOW) dancers in a never ending parade around the pool. Another night was Mexican night??? The dancers and Mariachi band was great, but if I wanted Mexican I would go to Cancun. More Salsa and Reggae please? I am an American but would have loved a Latino music night as would tourists from South America.SUGGESTION: I can remember people dancing to the "feeling Hot, Hot, Hot" song when I was there 27 years ago. This year when they performed the song, people sat and stared at the performer like they were watching TV or wondering who is on Facebook. Perhaps adding a dance platform with lantern lighting on the sand near the pool for people so they know it is "OK" to dance. Pay a couple of dancers to get it started. Maybe people were afraid they would fall in the pool??? Maybe offer Salsa lessons to get people to experience Aruba? How about a standup comedian night? Open up the pool at night on the weekends?

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  • All meals & snacks (buffet or a la carte) 
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  • Snorkeling and lesson in pool 
  • Beginner's windsurfing clinic 
  • Floats 
  • Canoes 
  • Bicycles 
  • Fitness area 
  • Beach volleyball 
  • Funbook with coupon for nearby Alhambra Casino 
  • Supervised children's activities 10am-3pm (ages 5-12)
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  • Full bathroom with hairdryer 
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  • Mini fridge
  • Balcony or patio 
  • Oceanfront
  • Max. occupancy 4
For the Kids - Kids Club for ages 5-12.
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Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive
J.E. Irausquin Blvd #41 Druif Beach, Oranjestad Aruba

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