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Two-thirds of the territory of Austria is covered by the Alps. Lower Austria, which surrounds the city and region of Vienna, is home to some striking Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural jewels, especially in the splendid Danube and Wachau valleys. The wooded areas on the outskirts of Vienna are another paradise for hikers and strollers, with their charming villages and vineyards. Its priceless architectural, natural and cultural riches have made it a favoured destination with music lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Austria has also nurtured such remarkable artists as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss, Gustav Mahler and Gustav Klimt. 

Majestic Vienna is certainly the capital of Austria, but the case could be made that it is also the world capital of music and the arts. Long the seat of the Habsburg Monarchy, today's Vienna boasts a unique collection of architectural and artistic splendours. Both art aficionados and laypeople will delight in the city's museums, where classic and contemporary art are both well represented. Vienna is also famous for its green spaces, complete with grassy expanses, wooded areas, lakes and ponds. Come nighttime, Vienna reveals its romantic splendours as its streets light up and its revellers come out to play.

Things to know about Vienna, Austria Vacations

Dining & Nightlife
The Museums Quartier is popular, with its pleasant mix of art and restaurants. A few streets further on, a charming blend of restaurants, shops and crafts businesses has evolved in Spittelberg. If you walk from Spittelberg towards the Gürtel, you will find dozens of small, trendy bars beneath the arches of the Stadtbahn railway. In the Bermuda Triangle in the old city, you will find one bar after another. In the evening, things get very lively and sometimes quite boisterous. The area around Bäckerstrasse and Sonnenfelsgasse is quieter and caters to more sophisticated tastes. Vienna is also famous for its coffee culture; be sure to experience a traditional Viennese coffeehouse.
Vienna's most trendy shopping mile is the Mariahilfer Strasse between the center of the city and Westbahnhof. Here, hundreds of shops offer fashions, jewelry and accessories. In the center of the city, around Kärntner Strasse, Graben and Kohlmarkt, many elegant jewelry stores and boutiques can be found.
Flying time from:
Toronto: Approximately 7 hours
Montreal: Approximately 7 hours
Calgary: Approximately 9 hours
Vancouver: Approximately 10 hours
Language: Austrian German is spoken, however English is widely understood in the tourist areas.
Currency: Euros
Climate: Generally moderate and mild and reliably follows the four distinct seasons. Average summer temperatures range from 20°C to 30°C, the average winter temperatures are around 0°C.
Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz; round two-pin plugs are standard.
Documents: Canadian citizens need a valid passport. For other countries and additional information please check the Austrian Tourism website.
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