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Utterly breathtaking! This magnificent all-inclusive combines all the ingredients necessary for a perfect vacation - great location on Cable Beach minutes from the casino, stunning accommodation, and dining of the finest calibre. Wake up to continental breakfast served in your room, visit the authentic pub brought over from England, play croquet and lawn chess, or scuba dive to your heart's content - all-included. For true romance, sail to Sandals Cay, the resort's very own private offshore island.

Location: On Cable Beach, 15 minutes from the airport and a 20 minute drive to town.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Clara R : New Orleans, Louisiana
great location, not so great establishment

We stayed at this resort for 4 nights.The transportation from the airport was timely. When we arrive to the hotel everyone was friend and helpful. Things changed when we arrived to our room. We stayed in room 1611. When we first arrived it appeared that the room hadn't been inspected to be occupied. We didn't have shower curtain, lights wouldn't come on some of the lamps, we were missing coffee and toiletries. I tried calling the concierge desk, which is what we paid for and no one would ever answer. I was finally able to get through to house keeping and they sent a maintenance person to change the lights and he had to go find us a shower curtain. It was very frustrating just to get what we needed. I spoke with a manger later that evening, which did nothing, I was so frustrated that I wanted to leave and no one ever got back with me. EVER!! Later on during our stay, we just couldn't get the service that we paid for and expected. We only had one coffee mug, one wine glass and our fridge wouldn't get restocked, wouldn't get enough towels. It was just frustrating for things not to run smoothly and every time we needed something, no one ever answer the phone, we had to go down to the desk only to find it empty. We had to go outside to try to flag someone passing by.We paid for a concierge that was never available. We only stayed because we had already paid our trip and it was a beautiful location, but the service is just not there. It was a beautiful place to visit, but I would most definitely stay somewhere else. It appears that there is no communication within the staff and no leadership. The staff was very friend, but not helpful.

  • Olyanovikovaya : Moscow, Russia
Huge dissappointment

In the beginning I was not going to write here these my impressions but....we tried to receive feedback from customer service - they are ignoring us. I'm a lawyer and I see here many facts of violation my rights and public offers.So, people, my full comments here:I was here in November 2016, 11-20.First time we visited this hotel four years ago, we had fallen in love in Sandals here and after this resort we decided to visit other Sandals (now, it was our 7th visit of Sandals).And now impressions about this last rest in SRB:I'm very-very-very disappointed in these hotels. I loved SRB because I always had felt self like VIP here, but now at my opinion this is usual hotel, not more than 3stars.We had come to SRB on 11th of November at 6-6:30 p.m. after a long trip.When I had come to the hotel my room was not ready and I waited half an hour it (in spite of the fact that we came in a 1,5 hour later than we confirmed in SRB (we had online check in) and we prepaid this our room from 3pm - 'check in'-time). I was very hungry because I had eaten only one small untasty pie in the airport TAC during the day.New surprise was on my dinner. Sandals cancelled reservation in the restaurants (earlier it was possible for club guests to choose the restaurant/date/time and to sign when you want for any days of visit). But now every day everyone should walk to the restaurant and wait in waiting-queue (and now you never don't know what time you are really will come in to the restaurant. Only if you'll be here at 6pm - you will eat without waiting but: I'm not hungry at 6pm. For me acceptable time for dinner 7:30-8, but here it is not real!!!!!)If I was only for 3 days in the hotel it could be normal/tolerable to wait my foods, but I was here for 9 days and every evening for me was like competition with unpredictable final.In some of the restaurants queue begin to wait at 5:30pm (they are mostly open from 6pm). So, after we came to our room and changed our clothes at 7pm I had visited all of them and the time of waiting was from 30 minutes to 1,5 hours. I had stoped on CristallRoom because the hostess had said shortest time - 30 minutes. 30 minutes later only 1 couple from 8 (who was before our time) had gone inside. I went to concierge to ask the help with visiting restaurant and she answered: 'order food into the room'. IF I'D LIKE TO EAT MY DINNER IN THE ROOM (sandwiches and wraps, that I don't like) I DID NOT FLY SO FAR FROM MY HOME!!!!! After some difficult discussion she had signed me to Baccarat (it was my favorite in my first visit), so I had come in to the restaurant in next 30 minutes. I ordered escargot, scallops - both dishes were too much salted! I felt the salt on my teeth. Main dish was 'the duck'. I always order duck in the restaurants and now I was again shocked when I could not cut my duck - it was (like hostess said) 'medium done'. Tell me, who cook poultry with blood????? They apologized and some minutes later returned my duck like 'black coal'.When I had come in to my room in first day after my arriving, there were not the bottles of water (only alcohol and very sweet acid drinks). So I had called concierge and had asked to bring the water. They didn't. Next day I again called them (because I need to drink water with my pills), one hour later I again called and again concierge said that 'water is coming' 30 minutes later my husband had gone to concierge, asked them why they had not brought the water yet. With concierge he visited the bar and took the water. In the evening (2nd day) I had taken a shower and had put on the bathrobe and met on them spots of lipstick of the previous guest. It was at 7pm when I began to search hairdryer in my room. But it was absent In 5stars hotel!!!!! I called by phone to concierge (5 times), to housekeeping (3 times), they did not believe me, and told that 'stuff is coming to assist'. They had come only at 7:50 p.m. (i.e. 50 minutes after my call). So, when I received the hairdryer, my long hair were already dry in natural wa. We were very angry and had asked to concierge to organize meeting of manager with us. Gary (manager club sandals) had gone in to our room to speak with us and we described our problems. He apologized for everything and promised to discuss this information with Housekeeping manager and General manager on next 2 days. And he said that he'll find us for feedback. But...didn't it. This dirty bathrobe was changed only 3 days later, when we gave to housekeeping into her hands (and it means that they don't change bathrobe between visitors, so we are wearing clothes that another people had put on before! I'm worrying about towels after this).I should say that Gary helped us for that evening (it was at 8:30pm). He had gone with us to CristallRoom and said to the restaurant manager to be care of us. Dinner was wonderful before we received the desserts. On my plate was a half of strawberry and I love strawberry that's why I firstly had eaten it but from the back side it was rotten. So they had put it and didn't think about quality.Before CristallRoom we visited Casanova where he presented us to manager of this restaurant and next day she helped to go in to the restaurant.Some other points had had a place during our visit:- when we only had come to the hotel and had waited of our room, we had gone to the piano bar for drinks and stuff laughed into my face because of my English (I know that it may be not big case but for me it was one more time disrespect from stuff to me).- Sandals always write everywhere that tips are forbidden here but we saw in every bar!!!!!!!! how bar men had been taking them!!!!!! - Housekeeping came to prepare the room for sleeping at 9:40 pm. I'm already sleeping in this time. Why they can't come earlier? We are regularly absent from 7pm till 9:30pm!!!! - Only one waiter in the evening time in The Cricketers pub. He couldn't physically serve all 15 tables and had forgotten about drinks (we ordered one but he brought different).- People tooooooo much time waited their dishes on the dinner. The waiters hadn't been bringing a bread (we received only 2 times from 9).- On the third day our keys were blocked! Both!!! - We didn't have any information list of the day, so we didn't know time and day when restaurants are working or what time and what kind of entertainments will be in the resort.- The waiters in the restaurant on the lunch had taken our dirty plates very rarely and they didn't do that sometimes even when we had been telling them about it. Sometimes we ourselves brought our plates to their counter.- Sometimes we saw tourists with butlers who was in the restaurant on the dinner in slipers and shorts (men) in CristallRoom. Are the rules for tourists with butler different???Sometimes I had a phone with me, so I can show you some funny photos from my rest:1) Difficult working day of housekeeping in Sandals. She was sitting near my room and even had not moved when I had been going.2) Shepherd pie. My dinner in The Cricketers pub. Cook has burned it.You can tell me that most of these aspects are not important and they don't cost attention but their quantity was too big! We saw them every day and everywhere. We paid such big money for their absence and if we knew about them we'd prefer other hotel and in another country (for example Excellence or Royalton in Mexico could be much cheaper with an excellent service and food; we could pay only half of price that we payed for THIS resort!!!)Some months ago I prepaid the rooms in another two Sandals but now I don't want to visit them with their new politics.Every time when I had been calling to consierge and she had been answering that she or he don't have free man for visiting us and helping, she or he should come self to help us!!! It should be the first aim of any customer-oriented company!!!! It's normal! I'm Development Director and everywhere for me main target: HELPING TO CLIENTS! Company can have different problems but it is not customer's fault!!!!!! I really love Sandals! I am very disturbed by such changing. And I'd like if they returned their quality! I prepaid 2 more weeks in Sandals in January 2017, and I can't change this now, I can't return my tickets and money which I prepaid for resort that's why I'm so nervous. I'm afraid now if the same level of quality will be on Jamaica too. I had talked with other tourists now in Sandals (for most of them it was the first visit to Sandals and they are not going to write about low service, but all of them decided that they are not going to visit Sandals any more!).I travel 3-5 times per year, I visited 45 countries and I always compared every hotel with SRB and this resort was the BEST, but now I understood that I had been mistaking! I visited many other resorts that are cheaper and better in service and food (like Secrets, Excellence....)People with money and higher-education, with high social status will not visit such hotels. And in this trip I saw that many people here now are different, and have a bad behavior. For example, one more shock was in the restaurant during our lunch when we saw people in the bathrobes. It is disrespect to other guests (this is a new casual dress style?!). There were manymany toooo much drinking people!!!!!We had been liking to feel ourselves like VIP in the LUXURY resort (like Sandals had promised) but in this trip we have felt only the disappoint.In the middle of our rest here we had received the letter from Director of guest relation services (Ashanti) because she had seen my first comments on Tripadvisor and had wanted to talk with us. So we had come to her and talked with her and with Duty Manager. They had asked what they can do for improving our rest in the hotel. We had said that only to correct all these mistakes in the future. They had asked us to give them our plan of visiting the restaurants for next days with time. We had thought that they are going to reserve them for us like bonus, we had asked twice about it and Sherif (Duty manager) answered that 'yes'.But an hour later, when we had gone to the restaurant from this schedule, nobody reserved it for us (we had asked about it Sherif but he had said that he did not going to do that, and they (he and Ashanti) had said that they (quote:) 'requested our dinner time in effort to ensure that the Chef could come out and speak with us in relations to our preferred dining variety' and that we had misunderstood them about the reservation. Ok. We could mistake but it means that if they will not warn the Chefs they'll cook as usual -'SO-SO'. Ashanti and Sherif (like Gary) had promised to meet us later and to discuss again our new impressions about our next days. But....they didn't it. And Ashanti had written to me the letter (by e-mail) about meeting but she had done it on the 21th of November. But our last day was 20th!!!!! We had had 'check out' at 11am of the 20th but she didn't know it (she is in 100 meters from the registration desk). So, all stuff and management too showed to us their disrespect always. And the management had been answering after every our comment only:1. 'We apologize. We had employed 90% of new people'.2. 'Sorry for bad organization'.We heard it from everybody. It was like the pattern of Sandals' answer. But.They didn't understand - This IS NOT MY PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!We had tried to distract ourselves from the negative sides during our stay but....even in 'check out' day we had been resolving one more problem: they had forgotten about our transfer! We hadn't received the information in the afternoon before; so after the breakfast when we had gone to reception they hadn't found us in their lists. We had spent one more hour when they decided this question but when we had come to Bellboy he didn't have an information about our transfer too. And we had been deciding with him ourselves about out transfer to the airport.And because of absent any other choice of transfer they had taken us to the airport too early thats why we didn't receive our lunch!!As a resume: our vacation was damaged from first to last day. And if in the beginning we only wanted to pay attention of the hotel management on the mistakes, later we changed our decision and now we are waiting the official answer from you and compensation of our spoiled rest/vacations. We had been refusing in many things and entertainments in Moscow when were collecting money for Sandals and every day in Sandals we had understood and had nerves because we saw that Sandals don't cost this price! Service doesn't deserve 5 stars and LUXURY title!!!We had paid too high price for too low quality.

  • Alex T : London, United Kingdom
It really is better in the Bahamas

We have just spent 10 days at he Royal Bahamian and would like to share our perspective of the resort:- Resort. It is beautiful. Due to the recent hurricane the whole resort has been replanted (Sandals got skills!) and looks it, but it certainly is beautiful. We loved walking around the Royal Village area. A well kept secret as most people like to be closer to the bars.- Pools. The two main ones are cold. Too cold for me. I could speculate why but do believe they both need some hot Bahamian sun on them as I believe they were recently drained before our arrival. It was a shame as they are beautiful but we never once went anywhere near them. That should fix the issue, however if you like warm pools I would recommend going Aril/May/June when the temps begin to soar. The exception to this is the largest pool at the Royal Village, but do remember you will not be near a bar if that bothers you.- Dining. We dined everywhere bar Stewfish (lack of space!). I loved being able to mix and match pizzas at Bella Napoli by using the slice oven. Good trick if you just want a quick bite. We loved to do this with a beer looking at the ocean as we ate. Baccarat was another highlight for us. Yes, it is not terribly fast but we did a three course meal there in 90 mins, which I thing is perfectly fine – I rush for no one. If you like meat, go for the steak, lamb or duck. They cook it to order. For fish lovers the crab starter or scallops are wonderful. Spices we hit for breakfast before diving and it had more choice than I could shake a stick at. For dinner it is wonderful too. If you can handle the heat go for the fabulous Jerk Chicken and if you like shellfish I found the lobster to be wonderful. If one lobster tail is not enough then you can always order two! Kimonos is good for a bit of fun and sushi lovers can get their fix with the 6pc sushi starter if they need it. Casanova we both loved. The antipasti selection seemed to go on forever and I could have made a full meal filling up my plate with that alone! The beef lasagne we found fabulous and I could not tear myself away from the seafood linguine. Crystal room was also very good. You must go if you are a chocolate lover….best chocolate dessert on resort if felt! The one place we did not find spectacular was Gordon’s. The location was fabulous and we enjoyed looking at the fish whilst eating but the food simply did not wow us. It is all subjective though, so do go as you may love it! - Room. We stayed in the Windsor Swim Up crystal lagoon zen butler suite (ZSS) and loved having this oasis to come back to after our morning activities. While there is no ocean view the gardens and fountains we found very tastefully done and soothing. It sent me to sleep more than once! There is plenty of space in the room, lots of storage and a walk-in shower that is big enough for two! The pool is lovely and warm as this one is definitely heated as we felt the returns and they were coming out hot. Lovely for a dip. The only weakness of this room is that we saw numerous guests that were not staying in these rooms use the gates either end to use the pool and then leave! Now, this would be OK but when you have paid serious money for a private oasis designed for you and only 11 other rooms then it can be a little galling to see it. Now I believe one gate enters from the staff area and the other may well lead to the back of the aqua centre so can I recommend Sandals use signage to keep it as private as it is supposed to be? Just a thought.- Diving. One word? Epic. We did 8 dives and saw so much. Lobster, turtles, reef sharks, a hammerhead (small!), moray eels, Bubba the barracuda (he is at the Willlaurie wreck dive) a ton of tropical fish and so much more that I would need my log book to hand to check through everything. The team is brilliant. They are so professional and safe but manage to mix that with having a laugh with you at the same time. We did encounter a couple of thermoclines so if you are sensitive to the cold, bring your own wetsuit or you can rent them by the day from the dive shop. If you are a diver you should be happy and if you fancy taking the plunge and giving it a go then I would recommend doing it with these guys – they really made our trip! I will mention names later in the review.- Island. Stunning place and never seems busy. If you are keen on snorkelling there is a great reef on the back of the island complete with resident turtles. Take your own gear though as they will not lend you any from the aqua centre, presumably because it tends to grow legs and disappear. We loved sitting at the back of the island. There are plenty of chairs and it never seemed busy. Looking out at just beautiful turquoise ocean simply did not get old. There is also a restaurant, small pool with swim-up bar, spa and gardens on the island. Nice little touches are the water hammocks and swings on the front side of the island. Great fun!- Bars. We did not stay out late but there are numerous bars and there always seemed to be something going on in the Royal theatre. The one night we did not turn into pumpkins we saw a great reggae band in the theatre, so if you like reggae look out for that. Be watchful of the never-ending glass! Staff are brilliant at seeing you run empty and getting you another without you even noticing! If you can handle it try the bartender’s specials. I loved each I tried but only ever managed one if I did not want to become at one with the floor!- Butlers. WE had three butlers, Shonovia, Shekera, and Deron (Heavy D). All were lovely and had great personalities but Shonovia and Shekera sometimes showed their inexperience, which I am sure will fade in them given time as they had great potential to be very good. Shonovia did bing me sushi one day and the towel art by all three reflected our diving, which we thought was lovely. Deron is a natural and I can see why he got the post! This man really went the extra mile for us and is an asset to the resort. Do remember that all the butlers are new, which did seem odd to me. It is quite a skill to learn and I was surprised that Sandals had let all the previous butlers go. I am not sure what went on there but I feel that could have been an error as experienced staff can really help newer ones come on and help them develop. Again, just a thought. I am sure that in a few months the butlers will be a confident dream team. I do hope so as all we met seemed to truly love what they did.- Staff. Everyone, simply everyone was very friendly and we got to chat to so many. Again, some of the new ones showed some inexperience but were friendly and willing to help. Again, this will fade other the next weeks/months. Our stand-outs are: Ricky Riccardo for picking us up in the navy Rolls Royce ghost. What a ride and such a great guy! Trevor, Fluffy, Javon and Shantia in the Piano bar. Tasha in Casanova. Hughvon in Baccarat. Albert in the Cricketers pub. And last but not least our fantastic dive team of Nelson, Damian, Ramon, Samuel, Wenzel, Brian and Soney. Shout-out to all!- Conclusions and random thoughts. The resort has recently reopened and there are small things that showed but nothing that impacted our stay. Ze man actually surprised me by requesting the Rolls on pick up. We had the navy one out and the white one back. Both were so smooth and the drivers very friendly. While Sandals cannot guarantee anything they made that happen for us, so thank you Sandals! I have never been in a Rolls before and I will never forget it. Did I love the Royal Bahamian? YES! Would we come back? Yes, yes we would. If you have booked, go enjoy and just relax. It is better in the Bahamas.

  • JosieTri : St. Catharines, Canada
Fantastic resort

First time to a Sandels resort, we were celebrating my husbands 50 th birthday. It was one of our best trips. Service and food was fantastic. The staff was genuinely friendly, helpful, and so happy. Staff had a great sense of humor and alway smiling. Our server Huevon, in the French resteraunt, gave us the best service we've ever had at any restaurant. Truly glad to have met him. Also, event staff was also great, a big hug to Ann Marie, Alexandra, & Jason!!! Awesome people. Loved seeing you guys everyday. White sand beaches, beautiful property, clean rooms, great food & drinks. We will definitely be going back, sooner than later!!!

  • dotledge : Toronto, Canada
Beautiful property and great staff

Just returned from Sandals Royal Bahamian a week ago after an extended long weekend. We had an awesome time. Everyone there was absolutely lovely and the service was great. Heck even the night security guy, Shannon was lovely and remembered our names.The property is beautiful. You would never know that it was recently hit by a hurricane.Check in was super fast. We were escorted to the Club Sandals lounge and then given a little orientation. They gave us an ipad to fill out our info and then we were ready to check in. Our flight was an early one so our room wasn’t ready so they asked us if we wanted to go have lunch or get changed and use the hotel facilities. We chose to have lunch and were guided there by the very sweet Shendara. She told us all about the property and made us feel immediately at home. Everytime we bumped into her during our stay she was super nice. Beach – is small but was never crowded. There were always lounge chairs available here and at the pools. The sand is soft and the beach/water entry was sandy not rocky. Also remarkably seaweed free!Room – we had a Windsor Honeymoon Club Level Oversized Junior Suite. It was nice, if a bit outdated. The room was big and there were two great seating areas to lounge around in. The bed is huge and that was lovely and the bathroom was beautiful with a lovely walk in shower with a rain showerhead. Very nice after a long day of snorkeling or scuba. We also had a lovely little balcony where we had breakfast from room service. Snorkeling – we went to the private island and snorkeled off the far side. It was amazing. We swam with at least 8 sea turtles and lots of fish. The water was gorgeous and clear. We brought our own equipment. I’m not sure if they allow guests to bring Sandals equipment to the island. There’s no place to rent it over there either so check with the aqua centre before you go. Scuba – ok the guys at the aqua centre are the best! I took my “resort” scuba lesson with Samuel. He was very professional and really made this beginner feel comfortable and confident. He was also very funny and made the whole experience fun. When I went for my first open water dive he was there and it was amazing to have that continuity. The other instructors on the dive with us Nelson, David and Ramon were great too. Everybody was really encouraging and knowledgeable. Restaurants – We had breakfast at Spices most days or from room service both were really good. Spices has a really well-stocked breakfast buffet. They have everything!! For lunch we tried Bella Napoli. The pizza was really good and the selection was decent. We also tried Stewfish on the island for lunch and it was great. I had the catch of the day which was fresh and amazing. For dinner we tried the pub which was ok. I did enjoy the mac and cheese balls. We also tried Spices and Casanova and both were really good. The boyfriend preferred Casanova (more non-seafood options) and I liked Spices. The fish was AMAZING! We really wanted to try Kimonos but waited too long to book a reservation – it’s the only restaurant you need one for. Book when you arrive if you want to try it.Piano Bar – The piano bar was a hoot! A bar around the piano and tons of seating in the room. The piano player gave out songbooks that had the words and then took requests for what to play. Frankie the piano man was the bomb. Great player and really knows how to engage a crowd. We went on our last night and were kicking ourselves for not going sooner.Accessibility - I have hip issues and found the property really easy to navigate. Not a lot of stairs and the property is laid out so it’s easy to get around. If you’re thinking of going to the Island or on a scuba/snorkel trip just be aware that you will have to get from the dock into a boat. There is some stepping up and down. The folks on the boat are fantastic and super helpful so don’t stress it. Just do what they say and they’ll get you in and out of the boat in a snap!Overall we had a great time and I would highly recommend this property.A big shout out to Locksley, Precious, Shendara, Toni, Jada and Frankie who went above and beyond to make our time there amazing!!

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • All meals including buffet & a la carte gourmet dining
  • Drinks including premium brands and wine
  • Motorized & non-motorized water sports
  • Snorkeling & scuba
  • Introduction to scuba diving in pool
  • Tennis
  • Daily activities
  • Nightly entertainment
  • WiFi
  • Disco (drinks included)
  • 403 Rooms & suites
  • 9 Gourmet specialty restaurants 
  • Snack bar 
  • 8 bars 
  • 3 swim-up pool bar 
  • Shuttle service (by boat to Sandals Cay) 
  • Room service (24 hours in suite) 
  • Nightclub 
  • Beauty salon 
  • Concierge 
  • 5 pools 
  • 2 tennis courts 
  • Sauna 
  • 6 jacuzzis 
  • Water sports center 
  • Scuba and snorkeling 
  • Red Lane Signature Spa (fee) 
  • Fitness center 
  • Complimentary property-wide WiFi
  • Indoor games room
  • Conference centre

Deluxe, Luxury, Honeymoon and Concierge rooms with:

  • A/C
  • Four poster king bed
  • Marble bathroom with bath & shower
  • Amenity kit
  • Hair dryer
  • Cable TV
  • CD/clock radio
  • Phone
  • In-room safe
  • WiFi Internet access
  • Coffee maker
  • Iron & board
  • Mini-fridge
Private Island - Guests can visit the beautiful offshore island, Sandals Cay (weather permitting). Features on the island include fresh water pool, swim up pool bar, whirlpool, Cafe Goombay and our most famous Zen Garden (Red Lane Spa). Ferry runs every hour on the hour, beginning at 10:00 a.m. Ferry returns from the island at a quarter to the hour (i.e. 11:45 a.m.), with the last ferry returning at 4:45 p.m.

Suite Inclusions - Butler Service, 24-Hour Room Service, and Rolls Royce or Mercedes Transfers for select Suite Categories.
Free Weddings - available, please inquire for details.

Honeymoon Special - Receive a china or stemware set. Minimum 6 night stay. Marriage certificate dated within the last 3 months is required upon check-in.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island
West Bay Street, Cable Beach, Nassau 13005 New Providence Island

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

Photo identification and/or credit card or cash deposit may be required at check-in for incidental charges.

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy. Rollaway beds and cribs (infant beds) may be available and should be requested at the time of booking; fees may apply.

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