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Dreams Las Mareas

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Enjoy all the inclusions of an Unlimited-Luxury� escape in a privileged location at Dreams Las Mareas on beautiful El Jobo beach. Located on sugar-white sand and surrounded by lush green mountains and jungles in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, this family-friendly resort boasts 447 luxurious suites with spectacular views. Guests of all ages can enjoy an action-packed vacation featuring watersports, land activities, and swimming pools while sunbathing or laying under a thatched palapa.

Location: El Jobo beach in Guanacaste

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • hey995 : Columbia, South Carolina

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica was the most exciting vacation my husband and I went on in a long time. It was our 5th year Anniversary and they whole staff treated us like Kings and Queens. I want to thank Briana Quintin from Executive Services from Global bureau. She guided us through the entire process and she was awesome. She answered every question and concern that we had.

  • 830rexn :
Magnificent resort

Unlimited resorts lives up to it's name.this is a spectacular facility and everything works! We rented a car at the Liberia airport and navigated the 50 mile drive. Quite the adventure! Missed the turn at La Cruz and wound up at Nicaragua. This resort is very remote but is a beautiful jungle drive. We did our own excursions and was well worth it. Costa Rica is a very friendly country and we felt completely at ease everywhere we went.Resort was outstanding but not many activities and not that much to do. Beach is not great but don't miss the sunsets! Pools are great as are the drinks and the food. Great time!

  • Rpulatie1 : Katy, Texas
"Fit for kings"

Very easy to say "My pleasure!"Everything you ask for, Their response, "My pleasure!"If somebody needs more attention than that, well let's just say. They must be very special.What truly wonderful expierence. This was a couples anniversary week.Four couples, 20years22years 25years30yearsAll of us needed the get away, and we're very happy to see how they tried to make every person feel liked and happy.Food all across the place,4 starsLodging, very uptodate. Grounds keeping, exceptional. We live in Houston, we traded our normal weather, the exact same weather.Do it again tomorrow.Go there or be square.

  • June L : Colleyville, Texas
Very relaxing and secluded

This was our first time to vacation in Costa Rica. We chose Dreams in Guanacaste because it is secluded from other resorts. It's about a 1.5 hour drive from Liberia airport but that's a BONUS! The entire drive is very scenic and if you get a super awesome driver, then he will periodically stop to point out monkeys in the trees, crocodiles basking in the sun, black iguanas, and beautiful picturesque views of the ocean or mountain side. Also, the roads are very bumpy. So don't expect a smooth ride. As for the hotel, very plush and tropical. There are several pools to hang out in, we liked the pool closest to the ocean. That's where all the fun is anyway like paddle board tug of war, volleyball, and dance contests. The drinks are fun, but mediocre in potency. There are several restaurants to chose from for diner. Our favorite was the Japanese restaurant. We did not enjoy dinner patio dining though. First, expect the mosquitos to be out in full force. Knowing this, there aren't any fans or misters on the patios. They don't even offer any insect repellent while dining. Another turn off, the Italian restaurant does not allow kids to dine inside but we could sit outside with the bugs and rain. That was a big NOPE for us. I think they should allow families to dine inside as long as the child is aged 10-12 and over. Overall, the food is good and palatable. As for the rooms, very nice, clean, and spacious rooms. The decor is very modern. We had a room with double beds. But the beds were not queen sized, they were full sized. It was kinda tight for my husband and I, but it wasn't on the top of our priority list. The worst pillows I have ever slept on too. Flat and no bigger than a wash cloth. Weird. Be sure to bring your own conditioner too because they are stingy with leaving you any in your room. We had complimentary shampoo, soap, and shower gel, lotion, but no conditioner. The spa was wonderful. I had a great massage and it was well worth the money. As for the beach, it was pretty. But not crystal blue water or white sand. But still, very picturesque and serene. Overall, we would stay here again because the customer service was truly on point.

  • Axcen28 : Northern Illinois
Absolutely gorgeous property, but jellyfish-infested beach, + some service refusals mar the otherwise excellent service.

This resort is perfect for someone who likes to relax around a beautiful pool, float, eat and drink, hike and take part in some daily activities such as dance lessons, beach yoga, and soccer on the beach in a gorgeous setting. This time of year, it would also help to really like humidity.Let me start with the positives of this resort, which are many. The staff in the preferred club who checked us in were incredibly gracious and helpful. It set a good tone for the week and was a welcome relief after our long, hot, not always comfortable journey from Chicago. The check-in area was air-conditioned, as was the bathroom. They also provided frozen washcloths, both sweet and savory snacks and fruit, as well as drinks, which were so appreciated. Road work caused some delays between the airport and the resort, but I got the feeling it could have been a lot worse. Expect it to be between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. Once out of Liberia, our bus driver stopped at a little store along the way so we could purchase drinks and snacks, and it was nice to get to experience the culture right away. Look up the exchange rate between dollars and colones before you go just so you know what to expect. We paid in dollars and were given a rate of $1 = 500 colones, not really bad since they are doing the exchange right there at the cash register, it was a small purchase and it is convenient.As the bellman delivered us and our luggage to our room in a golf cart, the first thing I noticed was how absolutely beautiful this resort is. Whoever did the landscaping and does the maintenance is to be strongly commended. I'm not sure what it looks like during the dry season, but last week, well into the wet, it was bursting with color and life. Lush green is punctuated by so many flowers, purple, white, yellow, orange and pink. As a bonus, butterflies of all colors flutter about and there are also hummingbirds. The pool areas are populated by many birds, including kingfishers and some huge black birds. Don't leave your nachos unattended! Seriously. The quaint, brick walkways are not super-direct, but they are attractive and functional to wind you through the lovely property, while also breaking up sightlines, which provides a feeling of a much smaller, more intimate resort. Little lizards can be seen scurrying about the walkways and some of the iguanas were actually quite huge! I had a tear in my knee and had worried about getting around the resort, but it was manageable with the help of my walking sticks. The walking distances should not be a factor for anyone who is healthy. People with mobility issues will need to plan ahead, but it is still doable. There is an elevator in the main building if all those steps to get to the buffet, Rendezvous bar, disco, gift shop and coffee shop are too much. The view of the whole resort, ocean and surroundings from up there is worth it! If you love a great view, or are concerned about walking, consider getting a room in the tower where the scenery is great and services are very close by.And the pools! They're just a bit too warm for me, but they are also absolutely gorgeous, clean, with complicated shapes that allow you to be surrounded by the lovely plants and palm trees and put some space between you and other bathers even when the pool is busy. The many levels and infinity edges allow you to have a good line of sight even when up to your neck in the pool. The only drawback is that there are not really a lot of chairs around the pool. The resort was only at 50% when we were there so finding chairs was usually possible. The pool service (Ronald!) was quite good. They collect empties and used plates promptly, lest they be attacked by birds, and will even bring you drinks if you ask. The many bushes around the pools were in bloom and the gorgeous palms swaying in the breeze were heavy with big, yellow coconuts. Often the pool would have purple flowers floating on the water surface. The service at the swim-up bar was OK, a little slow, but the real star of service was the Barefoot Grill and Barracuda Bar closest to the beach. The quesadillas, fries and nachos were served up promptly and drinks were easy to get. It was a relief to be able to get water on a self-serve basis. Many locations have ice water dispensers, with water flavored by different fruits and/or cucumber. Unlike many resorts, pool towels were easy to get and simple to return into festively-painted carts for used towels. It is probably the nicest pool, pool bars and snack bar combo of any resort I've visited.The Room:We had a swim-out suite and it was fantastic. Building 8B is the perfect combination of being near the beach, the pool, the restaurants and even having a tiny wedge of ocean view. The upper floor, with balcony jacuzzis, has a great view of the resort, hillside and ocean. Every day you could look out your sliding glass doors and across the pool at a stand of bushes that were a hive of butterfly and hummingbird activity. The swim-out pool itself was much nicer and larger than I had expected. You could actually swim in it. It was about 4 feet deep and kept quite clean. The patio between the room and the pool has a wonderfully comfortable couch as well as a table and a ceiling fan so you can enjoy relaxing, room service or a nice nap. Don't leave anything on the patio that you don't want dirtied or nabbed by raccoons, who are quite bold. They will snatch food right off your plate if you don't pay attention.The room itself was large, light and roomy. I liked the open concept but may have had a different opinion if my traveling companion was not my spouse. I loved the big, sliding-glass doors, which let in a lot of light. They had 2 sets of curtains so you could be fully open, sheer see-through or complete blackout. The shower was a highlight, made from gorgeous beige stone and roomy enough for at least two people. There was a combo detachable wall sprayer and overhead rain shower. Unfortunately, our rain shower would not completely turn off, but it wasn't really a big deal, the shower being so attractive, roomy and refreshing. Once I opened it to find a little lizard about halfway up the wall. I stared at him until he went back into the drain and was always a little disappointed not to find him in there upon subsequent visits. Many amenities (shampoo, toothbrush, shaver, shower gel, lotion, etc.) are provided at the large, double sink area and there is a blow dryer and adjustable make-up mirror. The slippers were much appreciated on the slippery-when-moist tile floor. I was very impressed with the speed and timing of maid service, which often happened while we were at breakfast. Turn down service was good and happened every night, instead of the spotty service you get at some other all-inclusives. The newsletter, which is delivered at turn-down, lets you see if there are activities you want to attend the next day. The bed was comfortable, with a cushy mattress topper and crisp white sheets. If you want a sheet change, you have to put the little sign on the bed that you will find near the sinks. The bamboo sprout on the vanity was a very nice touch to break up the beigeness. The air-conditioning worked surprisingly well even for a person who runs hot such as myself.The Restaurants:The Seaside Grill – Great service, really delicious food. Although the host refused to put some tables together for our larger group despite there being almost no one else there, we really enjoyed this one. The steaks, the salmon and the ayote soup were stand-outs. Outside, so no A/C.Portofino – A large and delicious menu, but the timing of the service left something to be desired. The appetizer, soup/salad and entree all came at once and the table that sat down after us got their order taken and their food before we did. Still, the menu was interesting and the food was mostly great, so I definitely recommend this restaurant. Air conditioned, with outdoor tables also available.Oceana – A small menu, poorly executed, plus mosquitoes. No thanks. The clam chowder was truly awful, watery and not fishy in a good way, and the corn and crab chowder would have been good if there had been more than a teaspoon of crab set right in the center of the soup. My fish was masterfully posed. The pear salad was surprisingly good, the best part of the meal. Hey, at least the service was good, the restaurant is attractive, and you could hear the pounding surf in the background. Outside, beachside, so not air-conditioned.El Patio – Oddly, this restaurant was the most accommodating and friendly to our large group, setting us up at two nearby tables after initially saying they couldn't. The food was good, but the meal service was fantastically bad. At one point, I had three plates of food in front of me (soup, salad and appetizer) while my mother and father in law, seated directly across from me, sat with no food for over 10 more minutes. My sister-in-law was never given any water or anything to drink. Spouse received the wrong soup, so it was taken away and never replaced with the correct soup. People got things they didn't order and others didn't get things they did order. My meal was good, but other family members left hungry and disgruntled an hour and a half later. Maybe service would be better at a table for two. Nice decor and air-conditioned.Himitsu – Far and away the best service, only one minor drawback. We arrived on time for the teppanyaki (reservations needed), but were not seated immediately, then had to wait for our chef. It would have been fine, the delays were short, but it left them rushing us to get out in order to make room for the next group just when we were just starting to eat our gorgeously-crafted desserts. As in Portofino, the grill/table next to us that was seated after us, got started before us. The food was expertly sliced and diced by the quirky head chef, Walter from Mexico City. I enjoyed his rice heart and flaming pepper!We also dined at Himitsu on the final night of our trip, at a regular table instead of the show grill. The sushi was artfully arranged, with beautiful colors. The fried rice was even better than the first time. The entrees were only OK, my chicken satay and spouse's beef satay having been cooked until dry. Dessert was arranged special by Daniel for a 55th anniversary and included flaming fruits cooked tableside and laid onto a plate of chocolate drizzles and ice cream. It added a fun show aspect to dessert. World Cafe Buffet – I only went to the buffet for breakfast, but it was very, very well-appointed. Every day there were at least 8 cut-up fresh fruits and several fruit juices. The amount and variety of pastries was decadent and there were also fresh breads to toast, 4 flavors of yogurt with granola, nuts and dried cranberries to add, a waffle bar, a cold cut sandwich bar, sausages, bacon, potatoes and a fresh egg/omelet station. A fresh omelet with my choice of ingredients and a splash of green salsa made my mornings. Spouse went for 2 eggs, over hard. You give your room number at the door and get seated. Water and coffee is provided at your table by waitstaff. Brother-in-law went there for lunch on barbeque day and really enjoyed the ribs.Coco Cafe – One place I always enjoyed visiting was the Coco Cafe. You can get tea, coffee, espresso, cool bottled water and sweet snacks, and always get service with a smile. Practice your Spanish in there, then step outside to take in one of the best views overlooking the resort.Rendezvous Bar – Pleasant space with couches, a bar and a piano. Strangely, closed at 10:55 pm.Preferred Club – There is a bar, comfortable seating, connectivity, check-in, appetizers, fruit, coffee and tea.Room service – We got great service and it was very timely. Our eggs were still warm when breakfast arrived and the tea water was hot. The fruit plate, fajitas, tacos and steak were all quite good. Make sure you have a space cleared for them to set up your meal service.The wifi worked perfectly for us the whole time, everywhere on the property and even at the bus stop out front. It was so convenient to be able to stay in touch with our group using Whatsapp. Texting people back home worked too. I don't have an international plan, so the phone was in airplane mode the whole time.Sunsets on the beach are beautiful!Rinse-off showers are provided between the beach and the resort.Brown and white golf umbrellas are available. Look in your wardrobe or pick one up from the boxes around the property.There are people on the beach who will book you a tour and a few sales people selling their wares. Ronald “Reagan” has some colorful bags, purses, pouches, backpacks, some wooden pieces and some other items. Bring a friend along and get a better deal by buying more than one thing and bargaining a little. His prices are 4-5 times what you'd pay in a Nicaraguan market, but Ronald saves you the long drive, the bureaucratic border guards and his colorful stuff says, “Costa Rica” and/or “Pura Vida.”As one would expect things were not perfect. The worst problem is either the beach, filled with tiny, invisible stinging jellyfish, or the resort's claim to have kayaks available for guests to use. It's just so annoying when properties claim to have boats, then never allow them out. There were several “reasons” given including that it rained the night before, that they didn't trust my brother-in-law to stay in the bay and that it would be OK if the flag was yellow instead of red. Of course as soon as it turned yellow, there was another excuse resulting in no guests taking out a kayak for the entire week we were there, even though the bay was flat and docile and the winds were moderate. A source on the beach confirmed that the kayaks never leave the hut for guests, only for the workers when they have a girl they want to impress. Annoying.The Beach It's too bad, because the bay is lovely but seeing it via mask and snorkel can be quite painful. The water was refreshingly cool, but brackish while we were there. The rain resulted in fresh water mixing in and causing reduced visibility, while at the same time being a great habitat for many pufferfish, tons of small and few very large stingrays, pipefish, urchins, sergeant majors, tangs, grunts, eels and more. The first time we snorkeled, we went straight out toward the personal watercraft. Watch your step! We saw many beautiful 8-10 inch stingrays and a lot of small puffers. Eventually the jelly stings drove us out of the water. The current was very light. The next time we ventured out, we turned left out of the resort and walked down to the rocks on the far end. There were some good tide pools with lots of little creatures in them. My brother-in-law and his kids walked along them at low tide all the way down to the point. Be careful, as a fall results in many scrapes. My niece used 42 band-aids. There is a public access road where people get dropped off to enjoy El Jobo Beach and a small swamp at the end of the beach. The water was cool and we were equipped with jellyfish shirts, long pants and even socks. We still got stung, but it was bearable. A swim along the rocks revealed many urchins, puffers, some schools of reef fish and one spotted eel moseying along the bottom and which I, at first, mistook for a sea snake. Our last venture into the water was pretty much just horrifying. We turned to the right out of the resort and entered the water where the rocks start. At first we saw many, many underwater creatures among the rocks, but, eventually, despite our extensive protective clothing, the little buggers got inside our clothes and the stings reached a fever pitch across our heads and arms, stinging the living kelly clarkson out of our stomachs and other tender flesh. On our fast paddle back to shore, we saw two absolutely huge stingrays, bigger than stop signs but couldn't stop to enjoy them. The stings continued even after we got out of the water until we could get someplace and remove our clothing. A couple other issues arose from refusals of service. The Rendezvous Bar was listed in the daily newsletters as being open until 1am. On Sat. night at 10:30 pm they turned the air conditioning off and at 10:55 pm they closed it down, refusing to even give another beer to people who were at the bar, waiting for drinks. Complaints lodged were given the runaround. Brother-in-law was told a manager would contact him the next day. That never happened, and the daily newsletter continued to list the closing time as 1 am, even though they had been alerted to the “typo.” The next most egregious refusal of service was in the Preferred Club, which lists their closing time as 10pm. At 9:45 two members of our group were refused a couple cans of beer at the bar. I can see not wanting to dirty your blender but if you refuse to hand over two cans of beer to some travelers who just returned from a trying, 14-hour day in Nicaragua, something is wrong. They only relented after sister-in-law began complaining rather loudly. It really detracts from the vacation experience when the employees try to make you feel like a jerk simply for asking for something that is supposed to be included.The gift shop. As others have noted, very pricey, as is anything you will buy on or near the property. $12US for a key chain, $8 for a magnet, $100 for a polo style shirt, $6 for a postcard, lots of tchotchkes. Remember to bring your own sunscreen. Rental cars were listed as $167US. We got a quote for SCUBA of $120/pp for a one-tank dive, no extra charge for stinging jellyfish, plus it's a 3+ hour round trip. They take dollars, even Ronald on the beach. Any tours are undertakings requiring long travel, an early departure and a travel size container of Gold Bond. The Nicaragua tour was fun and interesting, but also a long drive and a little dicey at the Nicaraguan border, where they held our family group up for well over an hour despite our passports being in order and in their hands. By the time we arrived back at the resort, it had been a 14.5 hour day. Bring water and snacks. Nicaragua, the border, the bubbling lava of Volcano Masaya, Lake Nicaragua and the charming town of Grenada were all something to see. I recommend Ulf, a knowledgeable and amicable English-speaking tour guide who also took family members on a mega-combo tour which they really enjoyed. He takes care of all the details, is very helpful, resourceful, is in touch with the locals, and is happy to personalize your tour to your specific needs.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • 3 Meals daily, plus snacks
  • All drinks (domestic beer and cocktails, select international brands, house wine with meals)
  • 24hr Room service
  • 24 hour restaurant option
  • Complimentary wi-fi and international calling with Unlimited Connectivity
  • Explorer's Kids Club (3-12yrs)
  • Core Zone Teens Club (13-17yrs)
  • Daily activities
  • Non-motorized water sports
  • Evening entertainment 
Preferred Club Inclusions:
  • Upgrade to the Preferred Club room categories and receive the following:
  • Personalized check-in and checkout with concierge service
  • Private Preferred Club Lounge and private beach area
  • Preferred status and amenities
  • Plush bathrobes, slippers and pillow menu
  • Daily continental breakfast service in the lounge
  • Afternoon hot and cold hors d'oeuvres; exquisite desserts & fine liquors in the lounge
  • Complimentary newspaper in room every day
  • Complimentary internet access in suite and computer access in Preferred Club Lounge
  • Upgraded mini-bar service
  • Upgraded bath amenities
  • 447 rooms
  • 6 Restaurants
  • 3 Bars
  • 2 Pools
  • Water Slide
  • Fitness Centre
  • Medical Services (fee)
  • Spa (fee)
  • Conference facilities (fee) 
  • Shops
  • Business Centre
  • Wi-Fi 
  • ATM
  • Casino
  • Laundry service (fee)
  • Beauty Salon (fee)
  • Water Sports (fee)
Junior Suite includes:
  • 1 King or 2 Double Beds
  • Air-conditioned
  • Hair dryer
  • Direct dial telephone
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Balcony or Terrace
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • Jacuzzi
  • Concierge Service
  • Cable TV
  • Mini-bar (restocked daily)
  • Alarm clock with MP3 docking station
  • 24-hour room service
  • Electronic safety deposit box
  • Twice a day maid service
  • Maximum Occupancy 4
For the Kids - Playground and Explorer's Kids Club for ages 3-12. Core Zone for teenagers Ages 13-17 with daytime activities and nightly social events. Babysitting available on request ($).
Honeymoon & Anniversary - Special package is available. Please request newlywed or anniversary package at time of booking. Couple will be required to present a copy of wedding invitation or marriage certificate at time of check-in. Package is subject to change without notice and is only applicable to couples staying within three months of their wedding or over their anniversary date.
Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica
Playa El Jobo, El Jobo Costa Rica

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