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Westin Golf Resort & Spa Playa Conchal

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This luxurious bungalow-style hotel offers a choice of standard all-inclusive or an all-inclusive with golf option. Tantalizing meals, excellent service and an array of activities and shows await you at Westin Golf Resort & Spa Playa Conchal. For golfers, there's The Lion's Paw, a wonderful Robert Trent Jones par 72 championship golf course. In the evening, try your luck in the casino, or dance till the wee hours in the disco bar. Without a doubt, this is the best 5-star hotel in Costa Rica.

Location: On 2.5 kms. of sandy white Conchal Beach, one hour from the Liberia airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • moodystew : Las Vegas, Nevada
Really wonderful stay

I am historically tough on the places we stay, but I would be hard pressed to find fault with this wonderful Westin resort. For starters, the staff and service could not be beat. I don't think "no" is in anyone's vocabulary The number and diversity of restaurants made every evening's dining a pleasure and something to look forward to. The food ranged from good to excellent, but was always enjoyable. Twenty four hour included room service was an extra treat. Extra bonus...this resort is overrun with wildlife, monkeys, coati's, iguana's, all kinds of birds and waterfowl. They were never a problem, but what a treat to be walking to breakfast and suddenly see waves of monkeys coming over a rooftop and jumping from tree to tree. What fun! The pool is huge and relaxing. My only "disappointment" was that while the beach has a beautiful view, it is not really a good swimming beach, however my friend Eric on the beach was able to direct me to gorgeous Flamingo Beach only 10-15 minutes away which was the most perfect and beautiful swimming beach you can imagine. Look for Eric for local advice and transportation, a good guy, knowledgeable and no pressure. Make sure you sign up for a couple of excursions, one to a rain forest is a must. We would definitely come back here again, one of the most fun and relaxing vacations we have ever had.

  • Ragski49 : Las Vegas, Nevada
Underwhelmed.Very under.whelmed.

Normally being cruise and land tour folks, we decided to try an All Inclusive with another couple who had glowing reviews about their experiences in Jamaica. They chose the location of Costa Rica because they had always wanted to visit here, and we agreed. Having only been once, on a cruise, we remember the port of Puntarenas being beautiful and really liked the southern Pacific coast area. Note- we found the Northern Pacific coast different.For comparison, we are four adults, all retired from public service in the 50-60 age range.The four of us arrived after a very long flight from Las Vegas, via 6 hr layover in Miami to Liberia. Our Travel Agent booked a r/t shuttle for us, as the Westin does NOT provide one...however, it was thru Swiss Travel which is the primary tour company onsite at the resort.This all was a very smooth process. You MUST book a transfer if you do not rent a car as we were told (by the Westin) that taxis are not regulated and NOT allowed on their property! It is an approximate one hour drive from the Liberia Airport to the Westin Playa Conchal. We arrived to a beautiful but not air conditioned lobby area and given non-alcoholic punch. My husband and I were called to one check in clerk while our friends went to another. We were greeted with the news that we were welcome for our 2-night stay......ummm, No..we are here for 7! This snafu only took a couple of minutes to fix, thank goodness, and the Westin admitted fault. Whew. We were given a King room as we requested in Building 5, which was pointed out as being our clerk's favorite building because it is directly across from the Imperial (Abalone) Bar and a close walk to the restaurants, pool and shops. ALL TRUE! Except--we were LITERALLY right across from the Bar which hosted live bands or DJ's every single night until 11 pm. This may not be a problem for some folks, but, we were on a relaxing vacation. The walls of the room were thin and we were downstairs and could sit in our room and hear every.word and drunken shout easily. The first night was especially frustrating because it was a Private Party so we could not even join in the festivities! Meanwhile, back at check-in, our friends were given a King room (as requested) but in Building 17--literally right next to the lobby and about a 20 minute walk to our building and most of the resort amenities! We asked for them to be closer, and were told there were no more King rooms available near Building 5, and they were offered a 2 Double bed room on the backside of Building 5. Wanting to be closer to us, they agreed, but were very disappointed. Our booking papers said we were guaranteed either a King or 2 Queen beds--yet the Westin advised that they do not even have Queen beds? We contacted our Travel Agent in Las Vegas and he contacted the Resort, but to no avail. The four of us would have been more resolved to this situation had our friends not received a phone call a bit later from an unidentified female employee who spoke rather rudely to my friend, basically saying "take what we give you". She was not conciliatory or apologetic in any way, which is surprising from a business such as the Westin. The female said you WERE offered a King room and chose not to take it. She flippantly said they would notify our friends should a King room become available during our stay that was close to us. That never happened, of course, and our friends made do with two double beds. Below I will list our Likes And Disappointments, but one more thing that happened on our initial arrival to the Resort involved food....It was approx. 3 pm in the afternoon when we were in our rooms and unpacked. By this time we were all starving and in need of a snack before deciding which of the restaurants to have our first dinner in later. We wandered around the property (thankfully close to our Building 5!) and found every single restaurant and eating area closed! We were too late for lunch time and dinners do not start until 6 pm! Our choice was Room Service---with a 45 minute wait!! Given that this was billed as an All Inclusive, we were hugely disappointed. Perhaps they could have at least a walk-up window by the pool open?? Really ridiculous. We ended up ravenous at the Buffet at 6 pm. It was mediocre but at least it was food. Disappointments: Not very many Bar options-- even though we were literally steps from the Imperial bar, it, too, was closed until 6 pm--and then of course, open until Midnight---the ONLY bar open until Midnight unless you wanted to take the trek or one of the many shuttles (this was a Plus!) up to the Lobby area or the small Mitra Bar right outside the Buffet/ by the performance stage. However- the Mitra Bar's ceiling fans were not functioning and the heat and stuffiness in this area was unbearable, even in the evenings--when, of course, the mosquitos came out. We lasted all of 10 minutes there before fleeing to our rooms, since the Pool Bar (yes, singular--ONE Pool Bar!) was closed at 6 pm and the Imperial Bar was closed for a Private Party (3 of our 7 nights there!)Now, don't think we were THAT disappointed by the Bars inavailability because the drinks SUCKED. Having chosen to NOT pay the extra $110 a night (yes, you read that right) to go Premium alcohol, (this meant Jack Daniels! Really, JD is a Premium?), we stuck to regular cocktails and the oh so popular Imperial Beer. (The Light version is in a really pretty aluminum can!) Around Day 5, as we were sitting at the Pool Bar in the hottest heat of the day, wondering why the previous 4 cocktails had even failed one slight buzz, we started chatting with the nice bartenders. My hubby asked to see the bottle of rum they were using in our drinks as part of our NOT-Premium package. It was a white rum (water?) called Plata from Nicaragua and right there on the label, it stated 35% alcohol!?!?! Really?? I think an O'Doul's may have more than that! Now, at the risk of sounding like we are alcoholics--we are not-- having paid a rather handsome price for this vacation that sounded so nice being ALL-INCLUSIVE, we expected to have a slightly higher quality drink! Oh, don't be mistaken, you don't have to do the $110/nt upgrade---our friend ordered a shot of Maker's Mark one night as a night cap---$9 bucks...for one.shot. And it took the bartender at the Mitra Bar over 10 minutes to find someone to write him a check so he could pay, while we were all being eaten alive by the mosquitos!! It would have been cheaper and better to bring our own liquor. To a Resort. That was ALL Inclusive. Oh--and NO spirits provided in our rooms! The tiny frig was stocked every day with only 4 Imperial beers, 4 bottles of water and a couple of sodas (Pepsi--no Coke products!) Rooms: Our water pressure in the shower sucked. Very low and very hot in the bathroom areas as there are apparently no a/c vents in there. Speaking of which, we had our A/C set to the lowest degree (65) and our room never cooled completely need for covers at night, but we attributed it to the heat and humidity outside.....Until, we went to our friends' room and found their a/c blasting and chilly!! We realized 6 days into the vacation that our a/c was not functioning correctly. Our bad. Dinner Reservations: Terrible and the Westin needs to reevaluate this system. We were told on check-in to make our dinner reservations asap to ensure we get the restaurants we want. Ok, we did this as a foursome and I called x3333 the first morning of our stay (Thursday---we were there Wed-to-Wed) and attempted to make our reservations for the week. Well--our first choices were all taken. It seems they only make reservations for 6, 6:30, 8 and 8:30 pm. (What happened to the 7 o'clock hour, i do not know.) I ended up just asking the employee when CAN we eat?? We were able to get reservations for Thursday night at Cauri, the French restaurant in the Lobby area. This actually turned out to be our favorite restaurant--the food is Five Star! (More on this below.) On Friday, we were able to get reservations in Manglar, the Mediterranean restaurant. The food was also very good, but we all four did not necessarily consider it "Mediterranean" as in Greek--think more Southern Spain--but excellent, as well. On Saturday, they had an opening for us in Las Candelas, featuring Latin American fare. It was okay..nothing we wanted to repeat.Now, this is where things got very frustrating, dining-wise. We were still in the middle of our vacation week, but they had NO.RESERVATIONS.AVAILABLE for our Sunday meal?!? They stated very bluntly that we could go to one of the restaurants and be placed on a waiting list (??) or 'enjoy' the Buffet!?! OK--have I again missed the ALL-inclusiveness of this place?? We chose to do the waiting game, which actually was only for about 20 minutes, because....drum roll.....approx. half of their 6 pm reservations didn't show up!!!! Unbelievable. In fact, each time we were in the restaurants, half of the tables were empty?! I don't know what the problem is, but they need to fix it. So- I continue my conversation on this Thursday morning, x3333, making our whole week of dining reservations as instructed, and after hearing the news about no availabilty on Sunday, I was told I would have to call back on Sunday afternoon because THEIR week was Mon-to-Mon and they "couldn't make reservations for that next week yet"??? I expressed my frustration to no avail, and went and had a watered down drink.So--on Sunday afternoon, I call to make our dining reservations for our last 2 nights at the resort (Monday and Tuesday evenings)---and, guess what---the restaurants and times we desired were....FULL!?!? This is approximately the time I became hostile and rude on the phone, which resulted in my obtaining a reservation for Tuesday at our favorite, Caudi, but back in the waiting game for Monday night! It was just ridiculous and left a very negative taste in our mouths (no pun intended). Now--when you are actually able to get into the restaurants, as I stated above, the food is FANTASTIC!! Unlike the Buffet, which is the only option for breakfast, the restaurants are beautiful, and the food was delicious and fresh, the presentation was very high quality as was the service. No complaints on the restaurants we were able to try---seeing as we were never able to get reservations for the Rodizio Steakhouse (Which we were told was THE BEST) nor the Asian Fusion place (which apparently we did not miss much, based on other folks we met while lazing around the pool during the days.) Lunches were available at the Buffet (meh.) or the Cafe by the pool which offered burgers, quesadillas, salads---all tasty but so hot in midday, even in the shade and NO a/c. Our favorite lunches were in the La Spezia Pizza and Pasta restaurant next to the Asian restaurant--only open short hours midday, but their personal pizzas and pasta dishes, and especially their La Spezia salad were DELICIOUS! Location: If you are not a golfer, this is probably not a great resort for you. We are not golfers. The beach (public) is underwhelming, hot and crowded with vendors. The pool is nice, if you don't mind sharing with large (3' plus!) iguanas and crowds of rowdy drunks at the ONE--yes, 1, Pool Bar. Oh, and, if you want a chair and especially an umbrella, someone in your party needs to be up there at about 6 am. Not kidding.There is a Family Area (more $$$ per night---wonder if the kids get the premium alcohol??) but you cannot use their chairs, just gaze across at their terry-clothed comfort. This resort makes you definitely feel the Class differences! Be prepared to stay at the resort or pay a hefty shuttle fee to get to the nearest town, Tamarindo. Like I mentioned above, there are apparently no taxis in CR, and if there are, they are not allowed on the resort property. I am ashamed to admit that we paid $50 a person, roundtrip to go to the little one street town 45 minutes away....for all of about 2 hours, It is nothing to see, simply souvenir shops and bars. Remember--you already paid for this at your ALL-Inclusive! We chose to not partake in any of the pricey tours offered by Swiss Travel at the Resort- although there were quite a few, for those interested. I would definitely plan out that itinerary before getting to the resort, as the Concierge desk was unmanned most of the time. The food is what gave this Westin my 3-star rating. Some of the best I have ever had, Anywhere. The room cleanliness also factored into the rating. If I based my Review simply on the drinks, and overall resort, I would have to drop my rating to a 1- or 2-Star, unfortunately. I will not be recommending this resort to my friends, nor will we be trying another Westin, sadly. Too many negatives for us...they need to change to stay in this competative market.

  • Kerri B :
Great Resort

My mom & I stayed at this resort early March. This was our first visit to Costa Rica & my first time at an all inclusive. I chose this particular hotel due to the Westin name & my preferred hotel. The staff was awesome. Would like to give a shout out to Priscilla in guest relations. Priscilla was great!!Checking in our room wasn't ready right aways. To be fair they had offered an upgraded room which was ready to us. We would have taken but didn't feel like paying the extra $$ would be value added as we had activities planned for each day of our stay. Also, they three companies which were coming in when we arrived. They did work quickly to get our room ready. There was a communication problem when our tour company tried to pick us up on our second day. The hotel would prefer you to use their tour people. Unfortunately, that particular company took their time to respond to my email. I had booked all my tours with a local company in the meantime . During our excursion we did see the hotel tour people & the impression / vibe I received from them was it was another tour. We were glad we went with our tour company who were fun!Big tip: alert the gate if you are using a tour company besides yours & if you use an outside taxi. This way they can be let in & wont hold your tour up. Prior to arriving I had written to the hotel requesting dinner reservations at Bamboo & Las Candelas. They said they couldn't do it at that particular writing. At check in they confirmed we had dinner reservations at those two restaurants. This is why I stay at the Westin.Since we had excursions planned everyday we really didn't spend much time at the hotel. So I cannot comment on other areas of the hotel. I will definitely stay at this hotel again.

  • Mends : Los Angeles, California
You can do better

Great pool overpriced hotel!The resort is nice but not amazing, the restaurants have amazing food aside for the Asian fusion place that had terrible sushi... the pasta place has a seafood pasta dish that we combined with their shrimp dish (hold the mashed potatoes) it was out of this world! Read on to get the full picture of this place! The bungalows were nice but it's all stone and not kid friendly for kids that are crawling or prone to falling. The room service food is terrible and totally bland not at all like the restaurant food.The family rooms mini bars are not replenished daily as per their promise. The pool is the hotels best feature but there simply is not enough staff to service the guests and you will feel neglected even in the family area where you are supposed to have a "personal concierge" just 1 amazing helpful friendly person who happens to be personally serving servicing about 50 families... They stop cleaning the pools around 2pm so by 330 there is all sorts of plant debris and muck collecting by the waters edge contributing to a dangerous slippery environment for little kids playing in the shallow areas. The beach! Ahh the beach being that Costa Rica doesn't allow resorts or any private entity to own beachfront land, the beach is littered with crackheads and paddlers hocking everything from tee shirts to crack, coke, and weed, and or begging for water. If you are Luckey to get a beach front bungalow be prepared to take part in late night bass thumping music coming from the locals who park their cars on the beach in front of your bungalow between you and the majestic ocean blasting deep bass beats late into the night. Now if this was a $100 a night hotel that would all be ok but at $800 a night you can do much better!

  • ronny_sanchez : Heredia, Costa Rica
Weekend visit

Spent a couple of nights with my wife, we enjoyed the surroundings and ammenities, but especially the restaurants, the asian fusion one was the best. Rooms are nice and very comfortable, and the property is beautiful with a great location right in front of the Conchal Beach. The service we received was awesome, staff members are very friendly and try hard to make you feel good. The only reason for my average rating is that the Imperial bar is located right on top of some type of lagoon that stinks really bad, to the point that my wife and I were unable to spend a couple of minutes there, especially at the outside deck. Not sure what the issue is with this, but for a hotel claiming to be a 5-stars resort, it is unacceptable to have this type of issue and still operate business as usual. This part was extremely dissapointing for us.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

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  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Snacks daily
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  • Domestic and international drinks
  • Use of bicycles
  • Daytime tennis
  • Horseback riding 
  • Non-motorized water sports including snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and boogie boards
  • Use of gym, sauna and whirlpool
  • Exercise classes 
  • Daily activities for children and adults
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 420 rooms in 39 two-storey buildings
  • 3 pools with large, freeform pool
  • 6 bars including, Swim-up bar and pool bar
  • 7 Restaurants, 5 a la carte: Asian, Italian, Caribbean, International 
  • Tennis courts
  • 18-hole championship golf course and pro shop
  • Golf academy
  • Kid's mini-club
  • Gym
  • Jacuzzi
  • Spa (fee) 
  • Water sports and scuba diving
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Souvenir shop
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  • Disco
  • Shuttle throughout property
  • Internet access in Club Lounge

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  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Wet bar
  • In-room safe
  • WiFi (fee)
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Max occupancy 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 children

For the Kids  - Kids Club for ages 5-12 and Baby Club for ages 0-4. Babysitting available for a fee.

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  • Westin Golf Resort & Spa Playa Conchal
    Liberia,Costa Rica

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The Westin Golf Resort & Spa, Playa Conchal
Playa Conchal, Bahia Brasilito, Playa Conchal 232-5150 Costa Rica

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