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Enjoy an unspoiled beach, amazing ambiance, a wide variety of sports activities and a lively nightclub! Located a kilometre away from the world's second longest coral reef.
Location: Beachfront, 20 minutes from the Jardines del Rey International airport, 50 minutes to town of Moron.

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  • Lise P : Ottawa, Canada
From NOV 28th to DEC 5th 2017 in Bloc 20, Room 2007 (Superior Lakeview Terrace)

IN A NUTSHELLThis review is based on our own experience and opinion which is subjective. We stayed at the Memories Caribe from November 28th to December 5th, 2017. We have been all over Cuba more than 30 times, in Cayo Coco alone, 3 times.This resort is for you if you are seeking endless beaches with fine white sand on a quiet, peaceful, simple, uncomplicated, adults only resort of 324 rooms for some R & R.From the airport to the resort it took only 15 minutes – I timed the ride, but could take 20-25 minutes or more depending on the driver. Aesthetically, this resort is beautiful and clean…still under repair and some construction being done as well as bushes and trees being replanted because of Irma, so at the time of our stay the resort was not fully operational- i.e.: the Ranchon was still under repairs and so were a lot of bungalows on the West side of the resort, but we had everything we needed, we lacked of nothing!Our room was facing the lake. We were on the main floor of building 20 in room 2007. We were waking up every morning with the most beautiful sunrise.This resort is ideal for the 3 'S' - sand, sea and sun. If you want to find yourself alone on a virgin wild state beaches …simple, quiet, peaceful, never crowded...breathtaking beauty, just perfect as intended by nature, then take a long walk toward the West side toward Campismo Popular passed the creek and passed the big rusted metal box on Playa Uva Caleta.Cayo Coco still provided us with peaceful surroundings, the beauty of the wild and of the untouched.SAND FLEAS This is the first time we experience sand fleas. It looked at if we had chickenpox. We solved the problem by using Muskoil…didn’t get bitten after we started applying it, so problem solved – no problema!ROOMRoom 2007 is a lake facing room on the main level on the East side of the resort. The overall décor is simple but most importantly for us the room was clean and we were comfortable. The AC was quiet and was functioning well. There was no ceiling fan, but air circulation was good and not needed. We had a king size bed with long body pillows type. The bathroom is with a large shower space with a handheld showerhead, toilet with full of half flush and no bidet (in case you wonder). At the sink you will find a large mirror and you can use the hair blower that is provided. The sink lighting is the best for make- up application and that is the first time I have experienced good lighting like this in Cuba. Shampoo, body wash, mini bar of soap and a tiny body scrub are provided but no body lotion. There is a free (no charge) safe operated with your own set code found inside the closet. We recommend that you bring your own facial tissue as there was none provided. In the closet, you could find an iron and board as well as 2 umbrellas. There is a TV, bar fridge, a small table with 2 chairs and on the balcony 2 chairs and a small table. Towels and beach towels were provided but no facecloth (just in case you use them). There is a phone but no clock.In our room we had no problem at all with hot water and water pressure. There was a flat screen TV, a coffee maker with 2 cups– but no coffee or tea provided. We had a daily replenishing of water (1500 ml bottle) but no pop or beer. Beach towels were provided in our room and you could exchange them for clean ones at the Club House. What has impressed me and my husband is that guests are asked to refrain from smoking in their rooms. To make sure we would not be bothered by bugs, we brought a can of Raid that we sprayed around the door and patio doors.We both slept well, no complaints!WATER (quality and availability)The tap water is potable so is safe to brush our teeth but it is better to drink the bottled water to be on the safe side. On the resort, food, drinks, water served at the restaurants and ice is safe to drink.FOODI am a ovo-lacto vegetarian (I do not eat any meat, fish/seafood, or poultry or any foods that are made from these food- i.e.: broth, but my diet includes fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, dairy and egg products) and my husband eats of everything. Being vegetarian I managed and had to problems to eat my daily proteins with eggs, almonds, dairy products, beans, legumes and rice and the main and only grain/cereal. There were plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.No, it will not be cooked and taste like home because you are not at home! If you have to bring your Heinz ketchup, your Nutella or you peanut butter because you can’t live without it for 1 week …seriously!... then stay home!There was more than plenty of food. What we both had was good food. At every meal you have everything you need to reflect the Canadian Food Guide and more. We didn’t lack of nutrition.We didn’t try the à la carte restaurants because we didn’t want to be on a schedule but while we were there the Mediterranean, Oriental and the Pizza restaurants were operating but the Arenas Blancas Cuban Restaurant/ Ranchon was under repairs.A hidden little gem on the resort is the Beans Café – a creamery (oh, that coconut ice cream) and the best place for coffee, in our opinion.RESORT - 324 rooms, adults onlyWe wanted peace and quiet because we needed some R & R…well, we were not disappointed with this resort and Playa La Jaula,Everything is easily accessible on this 324 rooms resort. Ramps are present for those with mobility challenges. I spoke to someone in a wheelchair at the beach and he informed me that there are rooms for wheelchair bound individuals but because of Irma they are under construction at the moment. He has been put in a room that somewhat meets his needs and of his caregiver’s but said that even if not ideal, they are managing. Both, the client and caregiver were grateful that the resort did their best accommodating them during this recovery period, post Irma. .Services provided at the buffet and at our room was good, efficient and always given with respect and politeness. Overall, I found the staff very friendly. Damaris at the Beans Café was always smiling and knew what we wanted without us asking…again, that coconut ice cream was worth it.If you are not afraid of heights, go to the top of the Mirador, you will be amazed by the breathtaking view.We spoke to people that are repeated guests and from our personal experience, we can see why people go back.ENTERTAINMENT:There are plenty scheduled activities. Just go at the board on the wall in front of the piano/lobby bar for the evening shows and the daily activities board is on the wall beside the lobby/piano bar.Evening shows: do not miss the Michael Jackson show and the aquatic ballet show.At the lobby bar/piano bar - in the evening you can enjoy live piano, violin, classic guitar while having your coffee, tea or a drink.BEACHES – ‘pièce de résistance’ and there are 10 of them (4 of them are virgin beaches)O…M...G!!!! The resort is on Playa La Jaula. At low tide, we would get into the ocean at 500 feet from the beach to hop from sand bars to sand bars on the ocean floor bed to walk up to the point where Playa Flamenco starts (toward the East). To the West, we would pass Cayo Coco resort, end up walking on Playa Uva Caleta up to Campismo Popular which is a +/- 5.3 km one way from Memories Caribe. It is best to walk at near or at low tide because we passed a creek (where the big rusted metal box is) and the current of the creek can be strong at high tide. If you see 5 conch shells and a sand dollar the size of a hand on that big rusted metal box, we put it there…our Carribbean inukshuks! Along the way we saw in shallow waters: blue crabs, shrimps, lobsters, starfish, fish, shells and pelicans and seagulls diving for their meals. You do not feel the heat because there is always a breeze but beware, use sunscreen and hydrate!Memories Caribe (MC) is on Playa La Jaula. To the right/East you will have Playa Flamenco, the closest to the resort, then Playa Prohibida, Playa Dorada – virgin beach, Playa Las Conchas and the furthest, Playa Las Colorados. To the left/West, closest to MC is Playa Uva Caleta, Playa La Petrolera – virgin beach, Playa Los Esteros – virgin beach and Playa Los Perros – virgin beach.NB – By the way, did you know you should never wear jewelry when swimming or snorkeling, shiny objects can be mistaken for a small fish and attract the attention of barracudas. We were still amazed to see how many people, men and women, went swimming with their jewels (chains, rings, bracelets and earrings)!AIRPORTThe airport is very clean. Women washroom – toilets have no toilet seats but with toilet paper, sink with soap, warm water and hand blower. Bottled water – 500 ml = 1.50 CUC and in case you wonder, 1 can of Crystal beer is 2.00 CUC. With the exchange of the Canadian $ to CUC, in my opinion, everything becomes expensive, so beside water, while at the resort, we packed some sandwiches, fruits and nuts in Ziplock bags…without forgetting a few chocolate truffles and cream puffs, oh well! Hasta Luego, until we meet again!

  • Connie S : Ajax, Canada
Overall the resort is good, but there are things that are not so good.

The beach and the ocean are awesome. You can walk out quite far without it getting deep. Staff are friendly and helpful. I really didn't find any advantages to paying the extra money for the Diamond Club, except for the special seating area at the beach. Everyone gets bar service on the beach, not just the Diamond Club. The Diamond Club special dinner was terrible and the food was inedible. The fact that there is no door on the bathroom (open concept I guess) is ridiculous. I heard a lot of people complaining about this and for this reason they wouldn't go back. I tried to get band aids from the nurse at the clinic as they didn't have any at the store. She couldn't give me any or even a bandage for the blisters on my feet. Bad service! There was no air conditioning in my room for the whole week and nobody seemed able to fix it. It was very difficult to sleep in the humidity. There are a lot of bugs, especially on the beach, so make sure you bring bug spray. If you sit outside in the evening, there are a lot of mosquitoes. Breakfast was the best meal of the day. The buffet didn't have a lot of choices but you won't starve. One of the things I really liked about Cuba was their amazing bread. This time the bread was not good. It all tasted like sourdough bread. The entertainment was very good and we really enjoyed it. We wouldn't go back to this resort.

  • Ldoole : Mississauga, Canada
A week in paradise

What a truly spectacular place to spend a relaxing vacation. The staff at this resort are truly incredible: from the housekeepers and grounds keepers to the bartenders and guest services. We have been to this resort twice now. December 28, 2016 we arrived to celebrate New Years. I love the airport because it is so small and efficient. A short bus ride and we arrived at The Memories. Our check in was quick and we were off to our rooms. Yanelis in guest services goes above and beyond to make your stay just perfect. The beach is absolutely breath taking and we spent most of our days there. Wendy and Dwayne at the beach bar get to know you and what you drink - they always greet you with a smile. In the afternoon we would head up to the pool - which is very clean and we would say hello to our favourite bartenders Adrian and Ricardo. Armando and David serve you in the snack bar and they are just fantastic! We had the pleasure of meeting the director Ernesto - what a sweet sweet man. Our New Years celebration was so wonderful we are returning again this year. We are all booked to arrive on December 30, 2017. We cannot wait to see all of our friends. We are trying to bring some goodies for the staff as they have been through hurricaine Irma and are recovering. Can't wait to see our Cuban Family xoxox

  • Curtis E : Barrie, Canada
A great getaway!

My partner and I went to Memories Caribe December 2016. It is a very nice resort, the staff are always cheerful and do things to make your stay even more enjoyable. The Manager was very friendly and approachable he made sure to come and introduce himself and we booked a couple of the a la carte restaurants (Mediterranean and Cuban). I would talk with the groundskeeper if he was in our area as I came/went to the room, very nice man.Some of the highlights from our stay was the very nice garden view terrace we had which was a very short walk to the main area of the resort but off enough that it was quiet and nice to sit on the patio ourselves and just enjoy the atmosphere. The housekeeping staff always had our room done and the sculptures/settings done with the towels and flowers was always exciting to see something new every day.Tony Tony was great, he helped arrange our excursions and everything was exactly as he described, we did the swimming with the dolphins, the cave party and a romantic horseback ride on the beach to a great little restaurant on the waterfront.The entertainment was great, the effort they put into every show is evident and there was always some good interaction and humor (Our favourite was the dirty dancing re-enactment).We were only there for a short stay last time and we missed some of the weekend entertainment and events. It was such a great experience we just booked to return there in just over a week for our 2017 winter trip.

  • lotto111 : Mississauga, Canada
Another excellent trip!

We arrived Nov 15th. Not sure what to expect after Irma but the resort was in very good shape!! Not too many travellers when we arrived. Maybe 20 people but we were there for two weeks so the crowd did get bigger. Still not a lot for the size of the resort. Still had an amazing time! They are working very hard to get the whole resort up and running. This was our first time at the resort so will do my best to describe all I can. THE BEACH ...... from what others had told me, quite a few of the palm trees are gone down at the beach. But that is to be expected. The beach was quite big and beautiful. Beach bar was open and the have built quite a few new shade things. ( not sure the name) lol. Pizza at the beach is open now as well. I’m not a beach person but people were raving about the beach. 😊BRING BUG SPRAY. . THE GROUNDS......they are in the process of cleaning up the grounds and planting new shrubs and palms. The grounds are still wet in some places so they will have to wait til it dries up a bit for clean up in some areas. ROOMS. The rooms are getting renovated. They also have brand new furniture and beds! The bed was very comfortable. The renovated rooms do not have doors in the bathroom area. It’s all open. They should have a door there as there is no privacy for doing your business. But the room was excellent other than that. STAFF. The staff were amazing. Always smiling. Always ready to help with any of your needs. Entertainment was awesome! I especially liked the Retro night and the Aqua ballet. POOL. The pool was in pristine condition. They should put a railing on the stairs tho. Swim up bar was awesome. FOOD. well it’s Cuba. We never went hungry. Breakfast always very good. New toasters and they worked well. Buffet was small when we arrived as there were only a few of us but the selection got bigger as the time went on. One complaint is the food was never hot unless you got something cooked in front of you If you need to know more just ask. Overall I say this resort was 7/10. Will always go back to Cuba. I love it there!

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Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
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  • Items of a personal nature
  • 3 Meals daily plus snacks
  • All drinks (domestic beer & cocktails and house wine with dinner)
  • Daily activities
  • Evening entertainment
  • Hobie cats
  • Catamarans
  • Windsurfing
  • Pedal boat
  • 328 rooms, including 48 Junior Suites located in 2 storey bungalows
  • 2 Buffet & 3 a la carte restaurants
  • Snack bar
  • 3 Bars (includes aqua bar)
  • Disco
  • Pool (including kids section)
  • Games room 
  • Fitness facilities
  • Tennis courts
  • Beauty salon (fee)
  • Shops (fee)
  • Medical (fee)
  • Laundry (fee)
Hotel Room includes:
  • 1 king-size or 2 twin beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Full bathroom
  • Hair dryer
  • TV
  • CD player/radio
  • Mini-fridge
  • In-room safe
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Maximum occupancy 3 adults (or 2 adults and 2 children)
Junior suites:
  • Ground floor
  • Garden view with an outdoor shower
  • Max occ. 4, no more than 3 adults
Kids Deal - One child 2-12 stays and eats free when sharing a room with 2 adults.

For the Kids - Kids' Club  for ages 4 to 12, Baby Club for ages 0-3, Playground, Games room, Indoor children's pool, Babysitting available for a fee (subject to availability).
Honeymoon Bonus - Welcome cocktail, Private check in, Upgrade to mini suite (upon request/availability), Sparkling wine & fruits in room upon arrival, Nightly turn down service, Romantic dinner, Free late check out (subject to availability), and Free massage. *Clients MUST present wedding certificate upon check in, valid for 6 months after wedding. Please request at the time of booking.
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