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Memories Flamenco Beach Resort

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Escape to the tranquil oasis of Cayo Coco and find refuge at the stunning Memories Flamenco Resort, exclusive to Sunwing. Resting on a glorious beach that kisses dazzling turquoise waters, this brand new 5 star all inclusive resort is the ideal getaway for families and couples. An all-suite hotel, guests will be housed in elegant, bright, and spacious rooms that open up to breathtaking views of the tropical gardens or the sea. Dining options abound at 5 fabulous restaurants serving up a feast of sumptuous cuisine. The snack bar will make sure your appetite is kept in check 24 hours a day, while 4 lively bars will quench your thirst and keep you refreshed day and night. Enjoy an array of fun land and water sports at the resort, group activities, a state of the art fitness centre, and live entertainment. Water enthusiasts will revel in Cayo Coco's barrier reef, the second largest in the world, perfect for snorkeling and marine adventures. Shoppers can delight in some shopping at the charming handcraft market, while children can enjoy supervised activities in the Kids Club. The romantic and intimate atmosphere is perfect for couples, weddings, and honeymoons. Venture off the resort to discover a medley of fun activities and sites and explore the beautiful lagoons and natural attractions of this picturesque island.
Location: Beachfront at Playa Los Flamencos

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Harvey W : Cambridge, Canada
VERY MUCH OVERRATED !! Feb 12 to Feb 22, 2017

A 41/2 STAR??? Not a chance.It was rated a 5 Star as late as 16 months ago.Going down hill -----QUICKLY.Owned 49% by Sunwing.10, very much rundown, 3 story buildings.Their 'Diamond Club' is not worth the extra money for the average vacationer.We are "young seniors", who have done a good deal of travelling to the Caribbean. We chose Cuba this year as we have not been back there for about 15 years. Maybe we are getting older and couldn't remember why we didn't return before now (lol). We won't forget again ----------, Guaranteed !!!!We arrived late and therefore the Diamond Desk personnel where not there to welcome our arrival --, no big deal. Checking in was reasonably quick and we were directed to our building which was the second farthest from the reception area. We were told to follow the path a short distance and we would find it. Well, first of all, not knowing the general layout of the property, we walked down a very dimly lit walkway to poorly marked building ID, due to the poor lighting. We had requested a 2nd floor unit with two double beds. Our assigned room was on the 3rd floor with one King Bed that was as hard as lying on a carpeting concrete floor. Calling the front desk 3 times (put on hold for 5 minutes, 2nd call phone rang at least 15 times, finally answered and then the phone was left lying on the desk as we could hear people speaking in the background. This went on for another 5 minutes and then the phone was hung up. A 3rd call to the front desk said that we would have to visit the desk at 4 PM the next day to see if they could accommodate our request. Our luggage arrived shortly after the 3rd call and we tipped the bellhop and attempted to sleep.In the morning we went to our 'Diamond' desk and finally got the accommodation we had requested. The resort is definitely getting very old and tired. We looked at U Tube videos of the resort, when we got back, and the oldest one that we could find was from 2013. It showed the exact same furnishings in the lobby, reception area, rooms and buffet. ALL ARE NOW LOOKING VERY TIRED. The reception area showed the cushions in the centre being reasonably clean and firm - today they are grungy and saggy. The small couch in each room is still very firm ----, it has to be ---, it is constructed of concrete with a 2-3 slab of foam, which is definitely loosing it's effectiveness. The usual poor water pressure (if there was water) was hot sometimes and cold most times. Our maid service was reasonably good, of course we tipped 2-3 pesos per day. Tipping is no longer a gesture, it is now almost a requirement to get normal service that we all come to expect. Case in point --, tipping the cooks is more of a safety requirement than a nice gesture. Twice, I didn't tip (forgot money in the room), I was served less than fully cooked chicken. When we did tip, chicken was always prepared correctly. Don't get me wrong, we always had enough food to eat, it was just the way that we had to obtain it that irked us.Being a Diamond Club vacationer in this resort was to give you several perks of which several were not offered or were definitely not worth the extra money. Don't waste your money on this program. In fact, we realized that because you are wearing this gold wristband, you are putting a target on yourself to literally be asked for tips. Point in question -- doorman at the buffet, while holding his hand out, asked if we had some coins. I also went in the snack bar to pickup a plate of French Fries to share with my wife on the park bench and was told by the short order cook that I would have to order from the menu. He then motioned with his finger and thumb that he could go into the kitchen and get me an order. His finger, thumb motion was a request for a tip. The gold wristband got you better service at the bar, if you tipped. I drink brandy and asked for a double --- never received it ever, even though I asked several times. It finally kicked in --- why would he give me a double when he knew that I would be back for a second drink --- and of course, another tip was in order. I figured him out after a couple of days -- I ordered two brandies and right in front of him, I poured the 2nd one into the first glass - smiled and walked away. What a game they play !!! When was the last time you recall tipping the gardeners? Well, they found a way into the lucrative tip market. They all have their own 'schtick'If they aren't 'giving' you cut coconuts or pineapples or where you can get a 'good deal' on something, they are weaving flowers, grasshoppers etc and 'giving' these to you as well -- of course, all are expecting a tip.The one group of resort personnel that I never expected would be part of the "TIP" group, is the front desk. Sure, you may tip someone who has gone above and beyond to help make your holiday stay, something special, but that is not what I am talking about ---. I will set this up for you.Bank on resort was not open (rarely was), purchased pesos at front desk at going rate of exchange, (67 per C$100) We purchased far too many pesos as we did not go on any trips due to several factors. After a few days I went back to the front desk to ask if I could exchange pesos back to C$. No problem -- one for one. Huh? I was to receive C$67 for 67 pesos. Huh? I told her that this was a real ripoff and she shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Just then another Canadian appeared to purchase pesos with a C$50 bill, she asked the rate from the same person was told 34 pesos. I promptly sold her the 34 pesos and gladly accepted her C$50.I did this a second time in approximately 2 minutes and then a third time for a C$100 exchange, all the while smiling back at the desk clerk.Now the Kicker ----, I found out that the desk clerks do the exchange back to C$ from pesos (one for one) and pocket the other C$32-33. WHAT A DEAL!! WHAT A TIP !!So they are all in the act -- All Inclusive??? Ya Right!We calculated that for a 10 day stay, we paid almost $250 in tips alone. Thankfully we had enough time to get rid of our extra pesos and did not have to pay the "Desk Tip"Look, we don't mind tipping, but enough is enough. I could go on and on with our many other experiences on this trip, but I have ranted enough. No matter what you may read from others, this resort has been very much over rated. We spoke to many people who approached us echoing our same comments. Many of them are returning guests to this resort who vowed not to ever return.Take Care, spend a little more, enjoy a lot more ------- just not here.

  • lynmar1998 : Rockland, Canada
Not a 4.5 stars as per Air Canada

We were 7 people travelling to this hotel. Let me start by saying the hotel was overbooked, We paid for balcony ocean view and the hotel staff said we paid for gardenview, thank god I brought a copy of my invoice to show them, they wanted to upgrade us to diamond club but we had to share a suite for one night with our kids, ok not bad but then the kids changed rooms the next day and removed diamond club for the rest of the week, not a big loss. We stayed in 3 different buildings. Rooms are ok, maids don't do their cleaning very well, no broom was passed the entire week we were there. I had to pay the maid to get 2 water bottles per day, normally you would get 1 if any, make sure you have toilet paper to bring with you because the main washrooms always ran out, keep an eye on your beach towels because other people would steal them, the food....disgusting except for the omelettes, we tried the Florence restaurant and not good, my kids tried the Asian restaurant and the said it was the best food they had during their entire stay, the food at the snack shack was decent. If you want chairs near the pool, you need to get up very early to reserve and on the beach the same thing. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone but if you are not difficult, go ahead. This was our 2 time in Cuba and our last.

  • SandaVida : Regina, Canada
Breathtaking, relaxing resort

We stayed from the 14th until the 21st, 2017. Our first time in Cuba, I don't think we could have picked a nicer resort. This one is larger than what we have stayed in previously, so we had a lot of walking to do (we were in building 5), but the overall layout of the place is nice. Also our first time staying at a family resort rather than an adults only. The place wasn't inundated with children, and most of them seemed very content and well behaved.The beach was gorgeous, a little tricky to find chairs at times, but the fellows on the beach would help find you what you needed. There are shells and coral washing up on the beach daily and some small fish that come in close to shore. Be aware that there are occasionally jellyfish, so be careful. I never encountered any, but my husband saw some. One day we went for a walk down the beach, which is long and a lovely walk. There is a fair distance between resorts to the west of the Flamenco, so you could literally walk for miles.Bar service was good. The Cuban beer is very good, and of course there are many other options for alcohol besides rum, but the rum is very good too. My biggest recommendation is to make sure you bring a travel mug with you, because if you are going to wander around with your drink, they will give you a tiny plastic cup that you finish in no time and you will go through a lot of cups...which means a lot of litter and a lot of trips back to the bar. If you forget to bring a travel mug, they do sell them at the lobby gift shop. Also bring coozies for the cans of beer and pop that they leave in your fridge.The food at the buffet was good. I am used to a lot more seasoning (ie: garlic and herbs) so it was an adjustment, but all in all very good selection and quality of food. I was disappointed that save for the Cuban night, there seemed to be very little actual Cuban fare making it's way onto the menu. I know it must be very difficult pleasing over 1200 guests every day with all types of food, but I really wanted to experience more traditional foods. I did enjoy the omelets at breakfast-both the chefs were very entertaining and skilled. Tip them for their efforts!! The servers seemed a little scattered some days, and it felt like a fortnight sometimes waiting to get water or coffee, so improvements could be made there, but all the staff was very friendly.We went to the Florencia a la carte, and it was very good, but we skipped the Asian a la carte that we'd had reserved for us. I do regret not trying to switch reservations to the Cuban one.The snack bar was good. they had a small menu of things like burgers and fries, fried chicken and fish, shrimp cocktail and personal sized pizzas. There is also a Cuban band that will serenade your table sometimes if you are game. They are wonderful musicians! Tip them!Changing money was never a problem we got money from either the resort bank, reception desk and changed for smaller denominations at the bars. PLEASE DO NOT TIP IN TOONIES AND LOONIES as they cannot change Canadian coin. You aren't doing them any favours. Read "Trip Advisor -Cuba: Money Exchange"."All foreign coins are useless, same as almost anywhere else in the world. Resort workers or any Cuban in contact with foreigners will accept them, but then you're burdening another tourist with the task of exchanging the coins back into paper cash. In other words, Canadians, leave those Loonies and Toonies at home!"Regarding souvenirs: there are three gift shops on the property with an array of reasonably priced items, but there is also a plaza that is about a 7 minute walk from Flamenco and it is well worth the walk. There are vendors selling leather products, jewelry, paintings, carvings, and knick-knacks all at good prices. There is also a store that sells much of the same stuff as the lobby gift shop at similar prices. Rum is pretty much the same price there.Any birders on vacation-there are a number of species of birds on the island, including warblers, thrushes, hummingbirds, doves, mockingbirds and so on. Bring binoculars if you are inclined. I wish I had brought mine. I hadn't intended this as a bird watching trip, but it turned into one. :) Buildings 5 and 10 have a view of the "lake" so I was able to see herons, flamings, ibis and other birds feeding in the mornings.We brought our own beach towels, as we had read that the resort was having trouble with their laundry service, and we are glad we did. As we couldn't exchange the hotel-provided towels every day, we staggered using our towels every other day. Anyone who likes using a facecloth should also bring their own as they do not have them at the resort. We went snorkeling, which was fabulous as there is a reef only 1.5 miles from shore and our guide was wonderful. I can't swim well at all and he made sure that I was safe and comfortable. The types and quantity of fish were amazing! The watersports booth provides all the equipment, but the lobby gift shop does sell snorkel masks and fins if you want to putter around the swimming area.For the horse lovers- there was horseback riding and carriage rides available. My husband and I took a carriage ride which was nice, he took us to see some of the other resorts that were near us, but there isn't a lot of scenery out there. It was a good way to spend an hour though.There were definitely sand flies biting at us, and I'm still scratching, so bring bug repellent, After Bite or some cortisone cream. I don't know how well any of those things worked, but I definitely think most of our bites happened at dusk or later.Re: lighting in some of the pathways, yes they were dim, but we had no problem finding our way anywhere. I certainly never felt unsafe, but bring a small LED flashlight with you if it makes you feel better. I brought one and never used it.Our room was nice a very clean. We had a wonderful housekeeper named Luly who rendered out room spotless and made all sorts of swans and towel art. I appreciate all her efforts! The floors were washed daily in the whole building and they work very hard at maintaining cleanliness.The gardeners were wonderful too. I appreciate their hard work in making the grounds beautiful. I was very lucky to have been the recipient of five different woven and braided gifts made by the gardeners, it made our visit even more special. I won't address WIFI and television, as I came to get away from my electronic tethers, so neither of those things was important to me. Of course my husband loves to watch the news, so CNN was interrupting my peace occasionally.Once we were at the airport they have a nice duty free area, so there's more opportunity to buy souvenirs.Seriously, I had such a good time I want to go back tomorrow.

  • IKiiyak :
Great resort for fun and laughs

I just returned from a week at Memories Flamenco with my best friend and we had a fantastic time. As two married women travelling together, the hotel staff couldn't have done any more to make us feel welcome and comfortable everywhere we went.The resort itself is very nice - the rooms, grounds, restaurants, pool and lobby areas are modern, clean and well maintained. The lobby bar is the happening place and although it gets a little loud at night, there are lots of seating options out of the fray. The buildings farther from the main lobby/pool were very quiet at night, so there is a great mix of action and peace n quiet.The shows were surprisingly good. The food was surprisingly good. The a la carte's were VERY surprisingly good. But the staff are the true stand-outs at this hotel. From day one everyone from the the front desk to the beach staff went out of their way to be helpful and genuinely friendly. I don't often repeat resorts, but if I do, it'll be because of the excellent people working here.Special thanks to Eduardo and Ishmael for their excellent service on the beach and to Roger for the catamaran ride.

  • Malorie R :
Beautiful resort with even more beautiful beaches

The resort was absolutely beautiful! Our room didn't have a view but it didn't matter because everywhere you looked there were beautiful flowers and trees. What we didn't know was that it is 220 voltage in the rooms. The blow dryer was the only place we could plug anything in. The room was always cleaned every morning with fresh towels, flowers and clean bedding. The cleaning staff were always very friendly. The buffet for Breakfast and Dinner were very good! There was always a big assortment of foods to pick from. They served a big lunch as well but we always ate at the snack bar, which was very good as well! The a la carte restaurants wet tried were excellent as well! The pools were beautiful and very nice. They had a separate pool for children and two bigger pools up top for bigger kids and adults. It was very hard to get a lounger at the pool. By 8 am they were all taken. The beach was incredible. Always cleaned and raked. There was always lounge chairs available, usually not under any shade though. There was already activities for people and children to participate in and shows at night. The lounge bar is very nice with great wait staff. You can exchange money at the front desk if you miss the guy at the airport. We can't wait to come back!

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • 3 meals daily plus snacks
  • All drinks (domestic beer and cocktails, select international brands, house wine)
  • Daily activities
  • Kids Club
  • Non motorized water sports
  • Evening entertainment
All Sunwing / Signature Vacations guests will receive these added values:
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Free safety deposit box
  • Mini bar restocked daily with water, soft drinks and beer
  • Bottle of rum (to be handed out at briefing)
  • Guaranteed 3 a la carte reservations
  • Separate bracelet
  • Late check out (subject to availability)
Diamond Club Inclusions Inclusions as follows:
  • Exclusive access to Diamond Club A la Carte "Elegance Section" at the Florencia Steak House
  • Personalized Check-in/ Check-out
  • Distinctive Wrist Bracelet
  • Early Check-in (subject to availability)
  • Late Check-out
  • Exclusive Beach Area
  • Butler Service on Beach
  • Concierge Service
  • Private Access to Diamond VIP Lounge
  • Luxury Amenities in room
  • Beach Towels in Room
  • Luxury Turndown Service
  • Bathrobes in Room
  • Special Daily Food & Beverage Amenities (available in lounge)
  • Selected Premium Drinks Menu (available at Lobby Bar/some restrictions apply)
  • 10% Discount on Spa Treatments
  • Guaranteed 4 A la Carte reservations
  • Exclusive area in main buffet
  • 624 Rooms
  • 1 Buffet and 4 a la Carte restaurants
  • 1 Snack Bar
  • 6 Bars 
  • Disco
  • Theatre
  • 4 Pools 
  • Playground
  • Tennis court
  • Multi-purpose court
  • Fitness facilities
  • Spa (fee)
  • Sauna
  • Beauty salon (fee)
  • Conference Rooms (fee)
  • Business center (fee)
  • Internet access (fee)
Junior Suite Terrace Garden View includes:
  • King or 2 Twin Beds
  • Air Conditioned
  • Hair Dryer
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Satellite TV
  • Private Bathroom
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Telephone
  • Terrace
  • Garden View
  • Mini bar (restocked daily)
  • Room Service (fee) (from noon to midnight)
  • Maximum Occupancy 4, up to 3 adults
Other room categories available.
Kids Deals - 1st child 2-12 stays FREE for all travel dates. 2nd child pays special rate when sharing with 2 adults.
For the Kids - Children's pool, Kids Club (4-12 yrs) and Baby Club (0-3 yrs).
Honeymoon Bonus - Welcome cocktail, Private check in, Upgrade to junior suite ocean view (upon request/availability), Sparkling wine & fruits in room upon arrival, Nightly turn down service, Romantic dinner, Free late check out (subject to availability). *Clients must present Wedding certificate upon check in, valid for persons married 6 mths prior to arrival. **To arrange wedding packages please contact the hotel directly.

Birthday Bonus - Celebrate your birthday with a bottle of sparkling wine and birthday cake. *Clients must present valid ID / passport upon check in.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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    Cayo Coco,Cuba

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Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
Jardines del Rey Cuba

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

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