Cayo Largo, Cuba Vacations

Our Opinion of Cayo Largo

On the Caribbean side of Cuba lie two idyllic islands, Cayo Largo de Sur and the Isle of Youth, with sugar-white beaches and spectacular dive sites.

Cayo Largo calls out to visitors in search of beauty and tranquility. You will be enchanted by its crystalline waters and seabeds. Diving enthusiasts will be rewarded by some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world so don't forget to bring your underwater camera.

To the west you will find the Isle of Youth, second in size only to the main island, which is characterized by grapefruit fields, pine trees, parrots and marshes.

The sugar-white beaches total 24 km on this archipelago. Favourites are:
Lindamar beach is surrounded by white cliffs and is a favourite spots for turtles who come and burry their eggs in the sand.

Sirena beach is just over 2 km long. Some say this is the most beautiful one of all the keys with its fine oolitic sand.

Playa los Cocos has shallow waters. A sunken ship was discovered nearby.

Playa Tortiga is a quiet getaway from the more populated beaches.

Playa Paraiso has remained untouched which makes it so attractive for those looking for peace and rest.

Things to know about Cayo Largo, Cuba Vacations

Activities & Sports
Cayo Largo has unparalleled scuba diving with its many coral reefs, tunnels and vertical walls. There are 32 dive sites in all, some taking you 40 m down. Snorkeling spots include Lindamar beach, Cayo Rosario and Punta mal Tiempo.

Water sports abound and they include kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing and boating. And let's not forget sunbathing!

Fly fishing is a very popular activity since the bars offer ideal conditions for catching American shad, Macabi and Palometa. In deeper waters one can catch white marlin, swordfish, barracuda and Gilthead Bream.
Dining & Nightlife
The Taberne del Pirata offers music and traditional Cuban evenings.

If you want to dance the night away then try the Discoteca Hotel Pelícano, Disco Iguana Azul or D´Prisa Diego Grillo. 
Most restaurants are located in the hotels and resorts. A few private restaurants specializing in Cuban cuisine are found by the marina. 
Cuban cigars, rum and coffee are the most popular souvenirs, followed by wood handicraft and congas. Cuban music recordings are a must as well
Languages: Spanish, English widely spoken in tourist areas.
Currency: CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso); CAD dollars easily exchanged but subject to 8% conversion fee (10% for US dollars and 11.24% for credit card charges). US-issued credit cards and travellers cheques are not accepted in Cuba.
Climate: With its subtropical climate, Cayo Largo has an almost eternal summer! Temperatures usually average from 22ºC to 30ºC during the day. The temperatures are generally a few degrees higher than the great island of Cuba. The wet season lasts from May to October.
Electricity: 110V or 220V (converters required) depending on hotel.

Canadian citizens require a valid passport to enter Cuba. All other nationalities please consult a vacation specialist or the Cuban Consulate at (416)234-8181 or the Cuban Tourist Board at (416) 362-0700.

Cuba tourist cards are supplied & validated with vacation packages. Some restrictions apply to tourists 18 years & under, when travelling without parents
Note: Some hotels require credit card imprint upon check-in for any incidental charges. Hotel check-in is typically between 3pm and 4pm. If your flight arrives early, it is a good idea to pack essential items in your carry-on luggage (i.e. bathing suit, suntan lotion, medications, etc.), so you do not miss any valuable vacation time.

IMPORTANT:Each travelling passenger is responsible to pay a local departure tax in Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC). This fee is payable in cash at the airport in destination prior to boarding your flight, in the amount of CUC$25 (subject to change). makes every effort to ensure that information on this page is current, however, all information on this page is subject to change without notice.