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Memories Paraiso Azul Beach Resort

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Our Opinion

The Memories has a distinct Cuban flair and an amazing white sand beach. The resort offers lots of activities both pool side and in the ocean, making it great for those who like to keep active. It is rated 4 star but the facilities and amenities here vary quite a bit. The beach and activities are outstanding but the rooms and food we would say are just average. The lobby bar servers great cappuccinos for that morning boost! The price at this resort is often very attractive and for that reason it has become a popular spot for travelers. If the price is right, the Memories Paraiso Azul is a great option, but go with an open mind and understanding that maybe not everything here will live up to 4 star standards.

If you are looking for a nicer resort and budget is not as much of an issue, check out the Royalton Cayo Santa Maria, located just down the beach.

The Memories Paraiso Azul Beach Resort is nestled along a celebrated stretch of sandy beach fanned by pristine turquoise waters. Imprints of Spanish colonial style and design can be found at this beautiful vacation hideaway. From its stained glass windows to its classic thatched roofs, the Memories Paraiso Azul Beach Resort blends the flair and feel of old Cuba with the vibrancy of a flourishing tourist attraction and destination hotspot.

Location: Beachfront in Cayo Santa Maria right next to the Royalton Cayo Santa Maria

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Heather D : Lower Coverdale
The good the bad and the ugly.

We booked this trip with twenty four hours notice with a group of friends and based our decision on price first and reviews second, that was our mistake. I would qualify myself as, ... a seasoned traveler with just under two dozen trips to the Carribean. I have stayed at five star resorts where literally Queens have stayed to 4 stars in Cuba/ Dominican with that being said I will start with the good. Being in Cuba of course the people are great. Friendly, courteous, appreciative and I can go on and on...The beach is fabulous! The sand is some of the best I have experienced as my four year old son said feels like flour and I would agree with him. The service at the main bar was great the entire week we were there. The food as far as Cuba goes was suprisely fair. If you have travelled to Cuba before you will understand. Eat what the locals eat and you will appreciate the food. I had fish at the sea side grill twice and it was very good. The bad,several of the public washrooms that I was surprised were in rough shape, to be polite, were either locked on occasion 2, two out of three urinals out of order and many toillete s non functioning . Walking in to a washroom with your four year old and the two of the three urinals being out of order and the one toillet looking like well let's just say I said to my son don't touch anything, close your eyes and hold your breath I'll tell you when to pee.Oh and of course wear your sandals! We were a group of eleven in four different rooms and only one of four telephones worked. The cot that was supplied for our son appeared to be a leftover from the Bay of Pigs and I asked for a better one and they were all the same. Needless to say that he slept with us in a king that was marginally better. Don't waste your money paying junior suite balcony for top floor pool view as there are at best maybe two of the 7 buildings that may be able to see above the overgrown vegetation. This resort is advertised as a family friendly with a daycare. We used it once for an hour and noticing they had little in the way of supplies we came back and he was literally looking for things to play with. We did not use the daycare again as it was a small cement building and sparten supplies. We have been to other resorts, Mex, DR and we had difficulty getting him to leave they were so good. The ugly? If you are safety cautious I would recommend looking elsewhere!First the pathways to anyplace are very poorly light, thank heavens the wife packed a flash light and we had our phones .Main pathways had several areas of holes that have been there for a considerable amount of time. Lights in several of the hallways and stairwell were non functional. Many railings in the same stairwells were in need of attention, many steps had missing prices of the steps. The most common way to the beach is via two long narrow wooden bridge ways. Several areas had inconsistencies in terms of gaps between the planks which can leed to tripping being a common problem. Many areas on the walkway had broken or simply missing guide rails. The first steps going down to the beach were very loose for 4 days . The resort would be best described as a party resort for twenties, thirties and older people still looking to relive some younger days. It is not young family friendly. The resort is best described as tired, which will leave you feeling the same way at the end of your stay.

  • dwillacy : London, Canada
wonderful beach and staff, tired facility

We were block 34 diamond club ocean view. Everything worked in our room but there was mould in the bathroom behind the door. Lights in the hallway stairs burned out and railings missing parts. Fire exti guishers missing in hallways. These are simple maintenance items that need to be addressed to reach the 4 star rating advertised. Rooms need an overhaul, furniture is worn out. Some plugs did not work.We were there to celebrate s special day, our 40th Aniversary. Andy at customer service desk went out of his way to secure yellow roses for us to celebrate the occasion. Front desk, normally a first line for customer service, pushed complaints to the customer service desk which was generally lined up with guests trying to get problems resolved. Guest services tried very hard to resolve complaints but it was obvious management does not provide resources to permanantly resolve the problems.Lobby furniture is worn and dirty, past due for replacement. Lobby washrooms are disgusting, Food quality is poor, buffet hot food is cold overcooked dry and bland. Meat choices are poor cuts and tough, especially beef and pork. Many plates went back to the kitchen with meat untouched because the knives could not saw through them. Food handling is marginal. The omelette grill was spectacular and as many other reviewers have mentioned breakfast is the best meal of the day. Those particular chefs are to be praised. All of the serving staff work very hard and English and french are mostly understood. The diamond club seating location was confusing, right in front of the kitchen doors and the clatter and traffic made the location poor. Staff tried to keep non diamond club guests from sitting there but that just made for more unhappy guests. Sounds trite I know but we did pay an extra fee per person for diamond club..Time to be positive as we did have a great time for 10 days. Swimming with the dolphins is a do not miss, as is the land and sea adventure, a full day including a jeep safari,horseback ride,4cave exploring, 42 foot cruiser cruise on the Atlantic followed by snorkel on a fish filled reef. I chartered a small boat and fishing guide from the marina, arranged by the sunwing tour people. Caught a 15 pound barracuda 3 red snapper and a jack. No tarpon that day but a great 4 hours on the flats. Beach at the hotel was beautiful and the water crystal clear. Both pools were great as was the swim up bar. Relaxing in the lobby with a Cuban coffee or drink of choice in the afternoon became a daily ritual. There we met our favourite Cuban, Lorna. She made our stay memorable with her quick smile and thoughtful conversation.

  • 366jessicar : Belleville, Canada
Memories of nightmares

We departed Feb 15 and returned Feb 22. I chose this property to travel to as it had such amazing reviews online and with my clients I personally have booked to this property in the past. We were going to celebrate our friends honeymoon, and I am really embarrassed I even sent them here. Now I have many of complaints to notice here, so I will try to give enough detail for you to review. When we got there from day one, the resort up keep was super low, most of the time it was non existent. Every single bathroom I went into was over flowing with feces every single time I went to use one. A lot of the time as well, the bathrooms were locked so you didn't even have a choice but to run to your bedroom. From day one, I completely forgot what customer service was. No one there wanted to help us, or even talk to us for that matter. The servers at the bars were always standing around talking to other workers while there were lines waiting for drinks (this was at many of the bars). I had walked down to Guest services to get more water for our room and they would take my room number but it would never get delivered. I was still waiting on a beach towel as I left mine at the Pool bar for 3 days, even though I asked for one twice a day for 3 days! So I eventually gave up trying to get anything from them, even a bottle of water! Eventually I gave up trying to get it from the bars (even though I saw a guy give a customer one right from the bar the day we got there). So I just waited in our room until the person who stocked the bar came to get water. It was like pulling nails to get anyone to acknowledge us and our concerns. We had paid for a romantic Lobster dinner on the beach as well, which we ended up not eating half of the food because it was cold and bitter. There was also a child's birthday party right beside us on the beach, I can't see how that can be romantic for any one of us that were there. And the music and singer was far too loud, we couldn't even hear ourselves talk at the table. So it wasn't very ideal in that sense. Now at the Mexican Restaurant we had another complaint as well. We were seated and left alone for 25 minutes before we even got to get our drinks ordered. Once she came to take the order we also ordered our meals because we figured there would be another crazy wait for the server to come back. I ordered the Nachos as a starter, and in the menu it says you can choose a meat of your choice, so I asked our server what type of meat I could get, she said no meat. So I pointed to her where it says you get the choice to put meat on them, then she said only a little meat, so again, I asked what type of meat can I get on it, and she then again said, no meat. This also happened when my husband was ordering sour cream when in the menu it says you can get sour cream as well. Our server did not smile once, in the 2.5 hours we were sitting there. It's like this woman hated her job. You don't have to smile, but just be nice. It's not too much to ask! We all have to be nice to others when we are working. Now, because my friends had made a complaint about the lobster dinner, and a few other things, we were told we had both rooms for late check-out and will get a bottle of rum as well for the troubles. The bottle of rum never came and ill tell you about the late checkout issue now. Since we were told by the clerk that both our rooms had the late check-out and we confirmed with the same man the day before we left we assumed it would have been no issue. We went on with our day, having breakfast, going to lunch and the beach, then back to the room to shower and get checked out. Now the front desk called my room (not my friends) and asked me why we were still there as check-out was at 12pm noon. I told them because we have late check-out due to a complaint we made, they argued with me about this for about 5 minutes, I told them my friends in the room next to us confirmed our late check-out the night prior and we were good to go! So the agent at the front desk called them liars and that they never gave us the allowance for late check-out. Needless to say, I didn't handle this well after the amount of issues I/we went through my entire stay at your property. I just could not wait to get back to Canada after this nightmare of a trip. I truly feel these people hate their jobs, and if they don't, I would be super surprised because they sure don't act like they like their work or people.We were told the boys deep sea fishing excursion was cancelled as well, so we re-booked it, and then that one cancelled too. Again, we were told we would get a bottle of rum for our troubles because us girls booked a catamaran the same day they were to go on the trip, we wouldn't have went without them if we knew they were going to be cancelling the trip again even when they knew the boat was not going to be fixed for another week. But nothing came, yet again. Another point I would like to give to you is our room door would not lock since day one as well. I called down to the front desk right away, and waited about 1 hour and nothing happened, they said they were sending someone so I waited. When my husband got back to the room, he called down as well, and we waited another 35 minutes, they fixed it for one use, then it stayed open again. We called down many times to have it fixed, someone always came up eventually to fix it, but it would never work after they left. (Our room was 3577, I would suggest to get a new door put on). The maid service was not good at all either. We asked them to change our bed sheets because they had sand in them from the first two nights we were there. So they just put them on upside down so they looked fresh, but you could still feel the sand when you laid down. So the next day we tore the bed apart ourselves and left the sheets on the floor to ensure we got new ones put on, but they just used the same sheets again. It was Unbelievable. I feel so embarrassed I even recommended this property to my friends for their honeymoon. I understand it is a country that does not have much but the tourism. However, I did expect they would have at least a little bit of customer service skills and be able to interact with the clients there. And to take care of their facilities for their clients. All four of us got ill during the trip and unfortunately I am still paying the price. My husband had to go to the hospital as well upon our return home. His legs are infested with sand flea bites too. They are everywhere. Do not waste your money.

  • kenhowe446 : Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia
Great time at memories

We went back to memories this year from 9 February to 17 February we had a great time once again the beach there is one of the best hands down. The staff are great friendly and smiles always.special thanks to Joel Maria Diana Marsala and the great pool guys who got us cushions every day.we stayed in building 37 this time as now other side is grand memories we loved the room lots of space and very close to beach fake town and was poolside. The valentines dinner and entertainment was awesome if your ever there for valentines I highly recommend you spend the 40 pesos and go to the diner it was 4 course poolside with music and swimmers did I mention was lobster yumm lol.we enjoyed the evening entertainment Jackson show still best we have seen crowd loved it. I only have a few things to say negative and only in the hopes they fix it we had leek on our floor just a bit pass our door that was always a trick to get by and a problem with the lights in and outside building at night for 3 days there was none.we don't go there expecting much for food as we always find something too eat just hope next time more variety of desserts and meals. Don't take the few beg I mentioned as the very good makes the rest seem like nothing. We are going back again in 2018 for our third time as we love the drive to resort the staff the beach and pool. Thanks again memories for another great time

  • chrissysimonelli : Calgary, Canada
Big Disappointment

Was there Feb 15-22nd 2017. A group of 33 of us went. Here's a breakdown of the trip.Pros - The beach is amazing, so beautiful! Lots of room and chairs for everyone. The rooms were decent compared to other resorts I have stayed at in Cuba. Pools were really nice and clean too. Cons - the food is absolutely disgusting. Everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner is recycled into the next days meals. Nothing made fresh except on the grill. The meat was always hard as a rock to cut. Bugs all over the food. In the beach grill cats wander through, we watched one pee on the floor and nobody cleaned it up!! The buffet is the same everyday, nothing new ever served. The al a cartes were simply food from the buffet. All gross. Out of 33 of us who went most got diarrhea at some point. When we go to Cuba we never expect great food but this was hardly eatable.

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  • Maximum Occupancy 4, up to 3 adults
Family Junior Suite:
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Diamond Club Suite:
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For the Kids - Baby Club for ages 0-4. Hours of Operation 09:00-17:00. Mini Club for ages 5-12. Hours of Operation 09:00-17:00. Activities: Games, Walking cartoon characters in the hotel area, Outdoor Games, Swimming pool and 2 Rooms with exclusive Games Consoles. Babysitting available on request (fee).
Birthday Bonus - Celebrate your birthday with a bottle of sparkling wine and birthday cake. *Clients must present valid ID / passport upon check in.

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  • Memories Paraiso Azul Beach Resort
    Cayo Santa Maria,Cuba

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Memories Paraiso Azul Beach Resort
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