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Located on Cuba's Cayo Santa Maria, and bordered by a stretch of white-sand beach, the Valentin Perla Blanca Paraiso is a perfectly situated vacation spot surrounded by natural beauty. This modern adults-only resort features contemporary decor and accommodations with ocean, pool or garden views.

Location: Beachfront, approximately 130 km from the Santa Clara airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • jennie_01p : Laval, Canada
5th visit to the hotel!

Vacationed to Valentin Perla Blanca for the 5th time in two years from December 23rd to the 30th. I have traveled a lot so I can compare this resort. As usual everything was great. I have nothing to complain during the 5 times I've been there. The beach has changed they have lost a lot of sand space cause by the weather. The buffet is small, I agree, but you find what you look for every time. The restaurants à la carte are great. The food is good the service is excellent especially at the Italian restaurant where you are served like a VIP thanks to Jorge Jesus and his amazing team. The public bathrooms sometimes are out of toilet paper but you just have to mention it to the cleaning lady and she will replace it. The rooms are nice and always clean. Never had a problem with the room or the towels. Everyone at this resort is so nice. They remember you from the day before or your past trips. They are always polite and happy to serve you. At the snack bar Fabien is always all smiles or at the bar beach where the service was always great thanks to Baby, Daniel, Adrian and Jose.The animation team is always friendly and motivated to have you participate in their activities. (Jorge, Yeniley, Roli Emanuel and Yami and the others are amazing) Even the general manager Luis is around to help when you have a problem I've never seen that before. Well, I would recommend this resort to anyone who would like a great kids free and quiet vacation !! I will certainly be going back ! Also the 1;30 hour bus ride is worth it .

  • Breana B :
Valentin Pearla Blanca 👎🏼

*PAY CLOSE ATTENTION EVERYONE!*Went from January 14-January 21As this is not my first time to Cuba, I set my expectations at a reasonable level. The pictures on the website look beautiful and it’s rated 4.5* so I was optimistic. What a let down! Pros are that it’s newer and well designed but that’s about it. The staff want tips, and even then are simply tired and overworked or lazy... the wait for drinks by the pool or beach were 20 minutes plus, sometimes it’s better to go get it yourself. In the buffet and throughout, the English and French is not globally understood by them, so I would rate the guest services from staff at 2 STAR, not better. No maps at check in, mostly NON English or French speaking staff at front desk and zero customer service. Long line ups for currency exchange and internet cards, good luck getting online and staying on, that is a definite on the CON side. Food in the à la carte restaurants : seafood, our prawns were raw and a huge disappointment. The French and Spanish were good, though we were told we would have 5 nights and only got 3. The buffet is pretty gross, the food is terrible and when people say you’ll always find something to eat you may have to eat that same rice that’s passable all freaking week long. We had NO cold water for all 7 days in our room, so scalding hot showers all week long. I requested a room change every day for 4 days and nothing... they checked us out on the wrong day and we had to trek to front desk multiple times to reset out cards in our last two days. Multiple times we got “fresh” bottled water but the seal was broken so what’s up with that? Did someone use that bottle already? The ocean is beautiful but we only had 3 ok days weather wise, it was windy so we stuck to the pool area more. One pool is with entertainment and one without, but depending on bookings, they change pools week by week so no guarantee you’ll be on the “quiet” side of the resort. The drinks are good but served in tiny plastic cups, definitely bring a plastic bottle or large mug if you want more. Half of the time I’d go swimming there was floating plastic cups in the pool also... Both my sister and I are completely disappointed and have sworn that we’ll never go back to Cuba at all, especially not this resort. Almost every single person we talked to during our stay said the same. Global rating a very weak 3 STAR resort.

  • Happy2getaway2 : Surrey, Canada
Beautiful beaches, wonderful people!

We just got back from a one week vacation (January 10 to January 17) at the Valentin Perla Blanca and can't say enough about its warm people and beautiful beaches. The resort was very nice and we had a wonderful time. The bus to Valentin from the airport: Before boarding the bus, you may want to use the bathroom at the airport. Do not be surprised if there is someone in the bathroom handing you a paper napkin to wipe your hands after you wash them. You will most likely not have any Cuban pesos for a tip but do know that they will accept Canadian and American currency. You do not have to tip, but it is appreciated. IF you are lucky enough to have a working bathroom on your bus, it is an adventure using it. I would recommend the airport bathroom.The buses that transport you to and from the hotel (we were on a Sunwing Vacation) are not necessarily consistent. On the 1.5 to 2 hour air conditioned bus ride TO the Valentin Resort, my seat slowly reclined as we hit one bump or pothole in the road. I apologized to the person behind me and was unable to get the seat to an upright position. Lola, our hostess and tour guide on the bus, was friendly and ensured that anyone who wanted to buy beer (2 for $5) got a couple of cold ones throughout the trip. As we arrived in Cuba in the late afternoon, by the time we reached Valentin, it was dark. The registration and the room:We had bought the Privilege upgrade. As we stood in the line up to register and get our room assignment, we remembered that we, as privilege members, were supposed to have a separate, faster check in. We asked one of the staff members and they took us to the Privilege lounge (on our way there, one of the staff members had been alerted that we had arrived and was going out to the lobby with a PRIVILEGE sign to direct people to the right place). Once in the air conditioned Privilege lounge, we were offered a seat, a drink of our choice and the concierge, Jordano, checked us in and signed us up for all of our a la carte dinners. This alone, was worth the extra money we paid for the Privilege package.We got on a golf cart with our luggage and were driven to our building - #23. We had read on Trip Advisor that buildings 32 and 33 were the buildings to request - which we did, but we were assigned to 23. We could not have been happier! We were steps away from one of the pools, the 24 hour diner and the privilege dinning area for breakfast and lunch! What more do you need! The beautiful beach, as with all the buildings, was a walk away, but well worth the walk.TIP: Inside your room, by the door, there is, what i thought was the DO NOT Disturb sign, inserted in a slot to the left of the door. I pulled it out to put on the outside of our door so that we could sleep in. Well,....our power went out and stayed out until about 2 hours later when someone finally showed up to help us. (yes, the phones were still working) A THIRD room key is supposed to be inserted and LEFT in there to ensure you have power and light in your room. Not a great first night, considering we were exhausted from traveling literally all day to get to Cuba.TIP #2: Ladies, make sure that you have toilet paper with you as this is at a premium at Valentin. I don't know if they are short of staff to maintain the bathrooms, but locking bathroom doors and a lack of toilet paper is something to keep in mind. This is true also if you leave the resort. We took a cab to the Marketplace furthest away from the resort (the bigger marketplace) and I had to use the bathroom. We, fortunately, located a public bathroom at the marketplace BUT the three stalls had NO doors and NO toilet paper. I had no choice and was SO lucky that I had decided to bring a package of kleenex with me. Carry a big bag and leave your modesty at home! (The marketplace was worth visiting - it had a cigar shop where my friend bought some Cohibas to take home and had many souvenir stalls where you could buy beach cover ups, jewellry, key chains, carvings, etc.)The Food: We were prepared and had low expectations in the food department. Let us just say that those of us in the Americas and Europe do not truly appreciate how spoiled we are. We never went hungry and there was always more than enough to eat. When going to the a la carte restaurants, do not be surprised if you order a tiramisu and it is not the tiramisu you are used to. It is the CUBAN version of a tiramisu. We had three different versions of the same tiramisu from the same restaurant over the course of a week!Our favorite meal was breakfast at the 24 hour diner with Aimee - the waitress who memorized what the four of us would order - a fruit plate, eggs over easy, crispy bacon, toast (if they had bread available that day - if you want to ensure you have toast every morning, bring your own loaf of bread!) and a latte (that was me!). At the privilege breakfast spot, we ended up with scrambled eggs and limp bacon until we found Aimee! Thank you, Aimee!! She always had a big smile on her face and her english was very good. We figured our problem in the privilege breakfast area was the communication gap. On one of our last days there, we went for lunch at the privilege area. It is buffet style and a la carte. We ordered a la carte and waited for over 45 minutes. My husband finally went to the bar to speak with someone in charge to ask simply if our order had been placed. He was not understood as he spoke no Spanish and the staff were limited with their english. We ended up walking out without eating, and going next door to the 24 hour diner.The french fries are also a surprise. Most of the days they were limp and brownish. On one day, they were piping hot, crisp and golden yellow, as we would expect. It was as though we had won the jackpot, we were so happy! Yes, we truly are spoiled in Canada and we do not truly understand how spoiled we are. If you keep in mind that you are not going to Cuba for their cuisine, you will not be disappointed. Again, we never went hungry - there was always more than enough to eat. And drink. There is an unending supply of drinks! Just make yours a double or triple and then you will not have to order another so quickly.The Beach:OMG! The beach! The color! The fine, soft sand! The first two days of our vacation, the water was as smooth as glass. It is clean, clear and the color of a mai tai! Just beautiful. We happen to arrive in Cuba the day after the earthquake and Tsunami warning in the Caribbean. Thus the rest of the days of our vacation, the waves started and continued - and were so much fun to play in! The waves also brought in seaweed and pieces of coral onto the beach. But that was okay with us. We love the beach and feel like kids playing in the waves, trying to body surf. It really was one of the most beautiful beaches we have been to. There were spots all along the beach specifically reserved for privilege people - so there was always a spot to sit under cover, or not, at the beach. And there was always someone available to request a drink from at the beach as well. You couldn't ask for anything more! And down at one end of the beach, there was a food shack, where for lunch, you could order a hamburger or chicken burger for lunch - so you wouldn't have to leave the beach to go to the buffet. And the burger wasn't bad!! And they had buns the day we were there!!The bread supply was a mystery to us - they would have bread and buns at the buffet, but no bread for sandwiches or toast at the diner or privilege breakfast spot......???The Service: We purchase the privilege package and must say that it was worth it. We did not have to stand daily in line to book our a la carte dinners. But having said that, the buffet was not all that bad. They had some pretty good food at the buffet - you just had to get it yourself. And you had to stand in line to get your omelet cooked or your chosen fish fried. But it was worth the wait.Part of the privilege package was a 1/2 massage. OMG, Silvano was fantastic! It was so nice to have everything on site. I don't think I would have had a massage if I would have had to leave the resort. We were there to relax and this massage was part of that relaxation. The location was easy to find and as I said, Silvano found and worked out all the knots! He asked what type of pressure I preferred and checked in from time to time to ensure I was still okay with the pressure.Both Jordan and Ailyss, the concierges in the privilege lounge, were always there, ready to help with any questions or issues we were having. Again, priceless. They always had a smile on their faces and were wanting to help - even though they were working for 10 hours a day, with one day off a week. Hats off to both of them.The bartenders in the privilege lounge and in the lobby were always pleasant and working hard. Betty (Beatriz) was my favorite as she was always smiling and happy and right there just when you needed a drink!Working on a resort in Santa Clara, visitors have to realize that most of the staff travel 1.5 to 2 hours ONE WAY to get to work by bus. They are a hard working people who are proud of their country and grateful for their work.Tipping is very much appreciated, but you never felt like you had to tip in order to get anything you wanted or needed. EVER. And we weren't harassed on the beach to buy anything, like you are in other countries. It truly was a relaxing vacation and I would recommend going to the Valentin Perla Blanca.You can go to relax or you can go to party. It is a little piece of heaven on earth!Special thanks to Jordano (Yordano), Betty and Aimee for making our trip extra special!

  • Koppany : Halmstad, Sverige
Good location, poor service

The all over experience is that the Hotel is ok, alhough no sound proofing and we had used and dirty bed sheets first night, staff not willing to change it because "lack of personell" The food in the restaurant was ok, but almost all the time you have to stay in line for at least 20-30 minutes. The á lá carte restaurants fully booked 3-4 days ahead (at least what we have been told) The safe in the room broke down and I had to wait 1.5 hours in the room to get a tecnician who could open it. Called about 5 times, receiving the answer, that somebody will arrive within 5 minutes.

  • Sandra W :
Nice staff - clean room and grounds - friendly cats (meow)

I spent a week from 9-16 Jan 2018 and enjoyed my time. Although the weather during that time of the year can be a gamble, the first 3 days were wonderful but rain and wind for the last few. I still enjoyed my stay. There are friendly cats around the resort and they were clean and well fed by the tourists. I heard there would be cats, and being a cat lover, I brought a MEGA bag of Temptation cat treats and fed a few to each every day. If you love kitty cats too, I suggest doing the same and bring some cat treats for them :-)

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  • Daily activities
  • Mini-bar (restocked daily)
  • Non-motorized water sports
  • Evening entertainment
  • 480 Rooms
  • 8 Restaurants
  • 5 Bars
  • 2 Pools
  • Jacuzzi
  • Tennis courts
  • Internet access (fee)
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  • Disco
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  • Air-conditioned
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  • Hair dryer
  • Satellite TV
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Balcony or Terrace
  • Living area
  • Mini-bar (stocked daily with water, soft drinks, juice and beer)
  • In-room safe
  • Maximum Occupancy 2

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  • Valentin Perla Blanca Paraiso
    Cayo Santa Maria,Cuba

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Valentin Perla Blanca
Lagunas del Este, Cuba Cuba

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