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Don Lino

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Our Opinion
Please note that hotel standards in Cuba tend to be lower than in other Sun Destinations. Unless travelers are familiar with the resort or Cuban hotels, we typically recommend that travelers book a minimum 4 star resort when traveling to Cuba.

A lovely little resort on a long expansive Beach.
Location: Beachfront, 60 minutes from Holguin International Airport and 30 minutes to Guardalavaca.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Sean Y :
Nice surprises

Whenever I search online for all inclusive deals, I see Don Lino as the cheapest hotel all the time. Having been to many places in Cuba and Mexico, I finally decided to take a chance and visit this 2 star resort for 2 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised. I see lots of repeat guests. A gentleman who has visited all over Cuba 77 times said he likes it here.The good: clean, functional room with hot water at all times; free little safe (vs the usual 2 pesos per day charge at other hotels); beautiful ocean view; free beach towel, no 20 pesos refundable deposit is required; good food, fruits, deserts, I like their pasta, pork ribs, beef/fish fillets, chicken, beef stew with potatos and beef tongue (very tender and tasty), their fresh mango juice in the morning is my staple drinks; free one-hour catamaran cruise in the Atlantic Ocean; free daily horseback riding: I rode the horses 4 times, but a Quebec couple ride daily. They come here twice a year, and stay for 2 weeks each time; free bike rental daily, I love to bike to Playa Blanca (10 min bike ride away) to swim; horse-cart trip to Bariay Bay's aboriginal museum (15 pesos per carriage, regardless of # of tourists), that's where Christopher Columbus first landed in Cuba in 1492, and declared that this is "the world's most beautiful place human eyes have ever seen", not to be missed;amazing water ballet show by local performers from Holguin;I get to play billiards everyday. The not so good:the daily activities posted on their board in the lobby bar are non-existent; Ping Pong table is broken and not fixed;very rocky beach where swimming is virtually impossible; no evening entertainment shows, except for the water ballet above, just once;limited drinks choice: no mojitos, no pina colados, so I had to settle for beers and screwdriversthe catamaran cruise hours should be adjusted so that guests from Don Lino can make it to their lunch afterwards;If you want to unwind and relax for dirt cheap, this hotel might be for you.

  • sneakers4 : Gravenhurst, Canada
Great place ro vacation

I spent two weeks at Don Lino. Second time there. Everything was great , amazing staff, good service, food was fine, accommodations were nice. I suggest the rooms ( 4 rooms in each unit)Don Lino may not be for everyone, but if you are looking to kick back and relax, this is the place !!If you want to go anyplace (Holguin etc.) Please look for Rueben (bartender). He has his own cab, and is a great guy.(very fair price wise, and he speaks excellent English.) Any questions you may have about the resort or what is available see Anna. She will be happy to help you.

  • Hoot1man : regina sask
Don Lino, a sold 2 star with 5 star people/staff,March 16-23/2017, Room #11.

First thing we have to say is there was a bit of confusion. We stayed at the Don last year in one of the wooden 4-plexes. This room was nice but we wanted to try one of the older rooms with the veranda and view. So we paid more to upgrade to a bungalow with ocean view. When we checked in, we found out that the "bungalows" were actually the wooden 4-plexes and that the "standard room" was the older room that we wanted. So both we and the staff were confused, but once they figured out what we really wanted, they worked very hard to find us the type of room we wanted. So we were put into room 11 (and our buddies were put into room 1). The staff would have moved us the next day into the ocean-front bungalows, but we were happy with our pool view. It was nice to sit out front and see our friends walk by.The weather wasn't great, it was cloudy or rainy 5 out of 7 days, but we were happy for the locals, as that rain was desperately needed. So we didn't spend every day on the beach, but we walked down to Playa Blanca and beyond most days. On Saturday we hired the horse-drawn buggies to go to Santa Lucia, where we went to the market and out to Lleni's for lunch. The lobster was awesome! We ate twice at Don Pipo's (mahi mahi fresh caught that day; pig roast meal) and both meals were delicious.The service and friendliness of the staff at Don Lino was superb. Many of the staff from the prior year were there and remembered us. The new staff we met were all excellent. We had no problems with the food or drink - - there was plenty and all was tasty. On the Sunday, we booked into the a la carte for lobster. Michael cooked us a spectacular meal, all for only 10 CUCS each. Amazing lobster!Even though there was 8 in our group out of Regina, we ended up being a group of 13-15 with all of the great people we met, so every meal we pushed tables together and met and hung out with people from Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec - it was unreal (as it was last year). Every night there was a band playing in the dining hall as well as at the Pool bar. There were numerous upgrades from last year, new tiles in lobby bar, new tiles and railing at the pool bar. They were also working on both bathrooms at the pool bar too (not a good smell!). Those bathrooms certainly needed renovation! There were new palapas and lounge chairs on the beach.We really love the Don Lino, folks are friendly and the pace is relaxed. We will return!

  • squrrelle : canada
Our Little Gem, revisited - Que Rico!

This was my 4th trip to Don Lino, and 23rd trip to Cuba. However, I had not been to this resort in 6 ½ years, so there were a lot of changes – mostly for the better. I stopped going here in 2010 when they were building the first new wooden Chalets, because I liked the small quaintness of the resort at 36 rooms, not 100+ that it was increasing to. Not to mention ,as I kept reading in subsequent reviews, it took them 6 years to increase the facilities to accommodate the increase in guests – new Buffet Dining Room facility, where there were enough seats , plates, cutlery so that people were able to eat , and not continually complain about lack of these things – kudos to DL for finally doing this !On that note, I was always satisfied with the food in the past, the freshness, taste, traditional Cuban style, and sufficient variety expected at a 2.5 star – no complaints from me. But now, I found it even more delicious, fresh, plentiful, well presented, and yet still served up with the same Cuban warmth and hospitality by the Dining Room staff (most of whom were there 7 years ago). I do miss the open air of the old Buffet, as I am not in Cuba for Air-conditioning, and it is too bad they have nailed all the windows shut in the new facility. But it is what it is, and I am not a complainer... it is comfortable, bright, clean and, most importantly - sufficiently larger. I also must say that I read a few previous reviews from this year, and I honestly cannot understand the issues some people have with the food- yes, I saw the oxtails, beef tongue, or liver on the buffet, same rices, pastas daily, and chicken hash- but guess what, if you don’t like those foods, don’t eat them, simple –why complain? Besides those traditional variety meat dishes, there was ALWAYS at least 2 other choices of grilled chicken, pork, or fish. I had roast turkey, roast chicken, grilled chicken & pork tenderloin, fish, tender beef, fresh boiled potatoes daily, Brussels’ sprouts, mixed veg , and many other tasty cold & hot dishes most days , not to mention fresh fruit & veg, delicious desserts available at every meal- it is unbelievable to listen to these unwarranted complaints about food – Cuba is not Paris, please realize this, people!Someone else was kvetching in a review about the Lobby being disgusting and all ripped up when they arrived. Oh dear, how inconvenient for you! It was ripped up section by section, each day while I was there, and before the end of the week, it was finished & looking great, with brand new non slip tiles! Come on people- they are just making improvements for the guests!! The day before I left they had moved the Lobby Bar across the grass, to where the old Beach Bar was – to now reno the Lobby Bar – great idea! But again there were grumbles from the naysayers that week, too....Some other new changes for the good were the newly Reno’d Beach Bar, the games room, the A La Carte Restaurant, nightly entertainment, 24 hour Bar, Towel Center & massages - all the flora, foliage, shrubs and trees have grown and are more beautiful , well groomed, and healthier than ever. Most of the staff are the same as when I first started going there, and even though I had not been in that many years, they all still remembered me, and greeted me with warm smiles, great big hugs and besitos on both cheeks- this was a great feeling of comfort and security – it’s why Cuba always feels like my second home – the wonderful lovely people!My room was across from the pool, and had the same quaint charm as always, as well as being clean, comfortable for sleep, quiet , & air conditioned. It was nice to now have the option of seeing a nightly show, or going for a late drink at the Bar, if one chose ( No nightly shows in the past & Bar closed at 10pm). I enjoyed a delicious dinner for repeat guests at the new a la Carte restaurant, a 5 course meal featuring tender chicken breast. The others at my table had lobster, and beef tenderloin, also delish. All was served efficiently, in a friendly manner, with great care to detail – well done DL ! As for someone’s review comments on Cuban guests being loud & leaving garbage, there were several large groups of Cuba families there during my week. Firstly, they are paying guests and have as much right to be there as you! They had fun like the rest of us, maybe they are loud, but guess what – they are Cuban – just a passionate people! And as for garbage left behind, I saw none of that. However, I always take my empty cups, glasses, trash to the Bar when done, just the right thing to do – and it disgusts me at how many other non- Cuban tourists just leave a huge mess on their tables, and do not clean up after themselves ! Just sayin – check your own back yard before you criticize others.Having touched on the good stuff- I do have several Cons to point out:1. On Cuban Day, they had Cock Fighting - I realize it is a Cuban tradition, thus it is part of the celebrations, but I am one of those who do not believe in cruelty to animals. I know they had them protected from hurting each other, but it’s the principal of the matter. Unfortunately, there were some of us who did not attend the Cuban Day meal or celebrations, but that was our choice. Perhaps they could omit this part of the celebrations in future ... just a suggestion - not the end of the world if they don’t. 2. The other thing, which again could not be helped, was construction in the bathrooms at the Beach Bar, which are the closest to A la Carte Restaurant. I had to use the bathroom the night I was in the a la Carte, and was led by Kitchen staff, through a muddy puddle path (was raining) in the dark, to a bathroom behind the kitchen, without a door, & no lights. Ok, I can deal with all that – it’s Cuba after all – but there was not even running water in the taps to wash hands!!! When I questioned the kitchen staff, they just said sorry. Ok if this is the bathroom for kitchen staff – I truly hope they are washing their hands when back in the kitchen!! Again, for me, it’s just one of those hygienic things that some of us try to ignore, as it’s Cuba - but it does bear mentioning, as there are folks who would be extremely alarmed by this, so it really should be addressed!After a most relaxing and enjoyable week at Don Lino, I have to say Gracias de mi Corazon, to all the wonderful hard working staff at Don Lino ( too many names to mention), but especially Adrian , who has made a lot of differences in improving the resort, and for being so approachable and easy to talk to, not just to the guests , but also the staff - it really makes a difference ! After 6 ½ years absence, I will not stay away so long again, and can’t wait to return for my next relaxing week and see what new improvements await. Cuidate mucho, a mi gentes de Don Lino !

  • MGM9573 : Lindsay, Canada
DO NOT GO to The Don Lino

My wife and I travelled in January 2017 for our honeymoon. Flight with Transat was good as was transfer to hotel. When arrived at the hotel we were told there would be a delay on checking in as rooms were not yet ready, but I soon as I said we were there on our honeymoon, we were checked in immediately to a wonderful room (1050) in one of the wooden four plexes with a great view of the ocean and beach only 200ft away. Our first thought as that our one week stay was going to be an amazing trip.This was my sixth trip to Cuba and my wife's third, so we knew what to expect going in, but previous trips did not prepare us for the following regarding the food. We read lots of reviews and went in with a very open mind....the people that write reviews and say the food has improved greatly...We can't imagine what it must have been like before!!! Our first day buffet lunch and dinner were good, but it went down hill quickly after that. my wife and I are by no means picky eaters, but when you're served liver 4 times, ox tails 3 times, sliced beef tongue 3 times, a grey mystery meat and what was called chicken hash (looked like watered down sloppy joes) was served twice a day all week. The hot buffet selection was very limited and no bigger than a standard office desk. Same two selections of rice were served at lunch and dinner (hard and crunchy by dinner time), same as the cold pasta and watered down tomato sauce. Lots of deep fried items on the buffet for all three meals. The only great meal of the day was breakfast which had omelettes or fried eggs cooked to order, bacon, toast and fresh fruit and juice. the preboiled eggs were very under cooked. The buffet was supposed to be open till 10am, but many mornings we noticed they closed early, turning people away so the staff could make sure they had enough to eat as it appeared they got to have what was left over on the buffet. The young ladies who were supposed to be waiting on tables were more concerned about their hair and well done nails than the customers.....we had to go and find someone ask for coffee in the morning and beverages at the other meals...even if you tipped at previous meals, it made no difference in the service by the young ladies. The only good service was the last couple of days, we had a young man who was very attentive and would make sure we always had beverages etc, he would even come see us in the buffet line to see what we wanted if he didn't catch us when we sat down....the young ladies could and should take a lesson from him !! needless to say we lived off a hardy breakfast in the morning and something from the snack bar late in the afternoon......this was until I discovered that they brought the days supply of meat out to the snack bar in the morning and it stayed out there all day unrefrigerated until it closed before dinner. The snack bar was not open 24 hrs only between breakfast and lunch, then lunch and dinner. It got the point were we were flying out on a wed morning, the last meal we had was Tuesday breakfast, I felt nauseated and didn't eat again till wed night after we returned home and my wife only ate pudding and bread after tues morning. In fact it was weeks before my appetite returned to normal. The white sand of the beach was nice and the beach itself was relatively empty everyday, which made for nice quiet relaxing times, even with water shoes it was very hard to enjoy the ocean because of the coral and rocky bottom, we only when in the ocean once. The elderly gentleman cleaning the beach of seaweed etc every morning was the nicest and hardest working employee I meet....always a smile a wave and a friendly hello The pools was nice, but small. Always lots of people around, which made you feel like everyone was watching you when you went in the pool itself. There were two lifeguards who alternated days. The taller life guard seemed more interested in finding people who speak English so he could offer to sell them special Cuban honey, rum or cigars lol. Most of the guests were seniors and or repeat guests and gave the impression that they were better than any new guests and that this was their resort and they were entitled to be first in line, served first etc. The locals came to the resort on the weekend and took over the pool with their loud music and lack of respect/courtesy for other guests and leaving their garbage everywhere Prostitution seemed to be a popular thing at this resort. We counted around the pool alone one day five younger Cuban girls with five much older men, they all had all inclusive bracelets on and seemed to be staying with the men at the resort, but I saw when the men were boarding the bus to leave, the girls were boarding a local taxi for homeThe bar staff was great and never worried about a tip, always greeted you with a smile and mucho rumThe little store hours were very hit and miss. It didn't stock much but hand crèmes, soap, rum, toiletries and cigars. Very few souvenirs and no snacks, candy etc. and this is the only resort that has every made guests pay for drinking waterWould definitely recommend going for a horse and buggy ride, was a highlight of our trip If you are considering coming here....I suggest that you strongly reconsider and go somewhere wont regret your decision

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
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  • Items of a personal nature

  • 3 Meals daily plus snacks 
  • All drinks (domestic beer & cocktails) 
  • Daily activities 
  • Nightly entertainment 
  • Tennis courts
  • 36 cabana style bungalows
  • 1 Buffet Restaurant
  • 1 Snack bar
  • 2 Bars
  • 1 Pool (with children's area) 
  • Games room 
  • Tennis courts
  • Sport area for playing baseball and beach volleyball
  • Horseback riding (fee)
  • Bicycles (fee)
Ocean View Hotel room with:
  • A/C
  • 2 Twin beds 
  • Satellite TV 
  • Safety deposit box (fee) 
  • Bathroom with shower only 
  • Balcony 
  • Max occupants 3 (no more than 2 adults)
Kids Deal - 1st Kid 2-12 stays, plays & eats FREE and 2nd Kid 2-12 pays a special price.
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Islazul Villa Don Lino
Playa Blanca, Rafael Freyre, Rafael Freyre Cuba

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

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