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Blau Privilege Cayo Libertad

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Linked by a small bridge to the Blau Marina Varadero this hotel is a true paradise where elegance meets romance.

Location: Beachfront in front of Marina Gaviota; 45km from Varadero Int'l Airport, 16km from the town of Varadero

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Alant3048 : Summerside, Canada
Of the all inclusive resorts I have stayed in on Cuba this one is in the top two.

Firstly, Take Bug Spray if you plan on going to the Blau Marina resort which is right next door. With a booking on "The island" as it is called, you also get access to all of the facilities at the Marina complex as well. I am still scratching at all the bug bites I got while watching the entertainment at the Blau Marina Resort. The access between resorts is easy. Simply call for a cart to pick you up and take you between the two. I see the poor reviews on the service and food, but firstly, this is Cuba, and you have to expect that the food is different than you are used to. The Libertad has an a la carte restaurant next to the pool, and while it has a limited menu (You may have to ask for a menu), but the food is generally good. Ask to talk to the chef if you want something different.You can always hop onto a cart and go to the buffet at the Blau Marina Resort, or visit the grill if you want something different. You can always find something that you like at one of these. As for the service, these resorts have just had a major staff cut and it shows. The swim up bar at the Libertad pool wasn't staffed, but the poolside bar was. Rolando who works at the bar is definitely a good ambassador for the resort and the Cuban people, but the real star is Yendri, at the Libertad resort. She goes above and beyond to help in any way she can and really made our vacation. Our return fight was delayed 12 hours, and while the folks at the Marina resort only got to stay in their rooms until noon. we were allowed to stay until 7PM. - A whole extra day! The service in the Marina resort was pitiful, I agree. The staff at the buffet would simply ignore you when you asked for help, while the staff at the lobby bar only seemed to recognize that you existed if you had CUC's in your hand. No eye contact at all. At this resort, don't bother getting up at 5 or 6 AM to rush down to the pool or beach to get a premium spot, whether that is in the sun or shade. You can get a good seat at any time of the day. The beach for this resort is on the landward side of the island, and protected by the causeway to the next island so the waters are a lot less rough than the Marina resort beach. The Marina beach resort does have a small reef that you can go snorkeling at though if that is what you like. The Libertad resort is an adults only, so it is extremely quiet. Possibly too quiet for some folks. We stayed in room 3401 - right next to the presidential suite, and we really didn't know that there was anyone else at the resort. It was that quiet. No kids running through the halls, slamming doors, loud voices, etc. If you really need that, then go to the resort next door. I will definitely go back, although I plan on taking copious amounts of bug spray with me so I can enjoy the activities at the marina resort without getting eaten alive. They don't seem to spray for bugs there. I didn't get bitten at all at the Libertad resort; - just when I went to the lobby or the buffet at the Marina resort. The extra cost to stay at the Libertad resort over the Marina is definitely worth it. Don't forget to pack your bug spray. If you do, you can buy some at the shops at the Marina (For a cost of 10 CUC). You can also buy wine in a shop there if you want to sit on your deck and sip at a glass late evening. You can get an internet card at the lobby for 1.50 CUC, but internet connectivity is spotty, and you have to be right in the lobby area to use it.

  • tohearncanada : Ottawa, Canada
Overall good but...

The location is beautiful and just what I was looking for - peace and relaxation. This was my first time both in Cuba and at a resort and my expectations were reasonable. I enjoyed the private check in and my room was ready when I arrived around 2:30 pm on Monday, April 10 for seven nights. I decided to check out the main buffet for dinner and it was like feeding time at the trough. (I was frankly embarrassed by some of the behaviour and appearance of some of my fellow Canadians but that is not a reflection on the staff or management.) Many of the trays were largely empty and I had to look around to find a plate. The next day wasn't much better but I believe on Wednesday morning there was a representative of the management at La Penon who was distributing a survey. The service was already greatly improved by then. I had complained to my Westjet representative on Tuesday morning and many other guests were openly unhappy ad talking with hotel staff. I came to learn that they were understaffed as a number of staff had recently left to work at a new resort. In response to the complaints I could see that management had stepped in even to the point of clearing tables and bringing out clean plates. Other reviewers who have complained that they could find nothing to eat must be extraordinarily fussy. There was always lots of fruit, cheese, meats, rice, salads, etc., available. There are also grill and pasta stations, although there can be a bit of a lineup but hey - everyone there is on vacation! If you like pepper bring your own but there is a wide range of condiments available.Breakfast and lunch at Le Penon were very nice and they added a small buffet with fresh fruit, meats, cheeses, rolls, etc., for all meals. One night there was fresh Ahi tuna at the buffet, and it was very good.The menu is limited but I didn't go there for fine dining. Between the two locations, I certainly didn't starve. I was off resort for a few days in Havana and Varadero and ate in restaurants both places. Great food. The best was a fresh churro filled with banana cream from a food cart in Havana. I'd go back just for one of those LOL!The accommodation really can't be faulted, although the bed was quite 'firm.' Being a solo traveller, I used the two extra king sized pillows on top of the mattress and slept very well. Be aware that the tub can be very slippery and a non-slip mat was not available. Most of the staff are wonderful and the housekeeping was great. The beach on the privilege side was not crowded and it is a nice relaxing spot. I appreciated that there was no music at the pool bar and if I wanted something livelier there was always the larger resort. Sitting around drinking cocktails all day isn't my idea of a good time but the coffee and juices at the pool bar are great as is the service.The balcony is more like a large terrace with comfortable lounge chairs. The resort is at the end of the strip so busing to and from Varadero is long but quite pleasant. The 'hop on hop off' bus stops very close to the hotel, which was nice.The pros outweigh the cons with regard to what I was looking for. I will definitely return to Cuba but will explore other areas first. Varadero is a great spot with lots of small markets, restaurants and bars. I would definitely consider returning to this resort.

  • GNixs : Hastings, United Kingdom
Good hotel - just remember where you are!

My friend and I (two ladies 60/70 yrs old) travelled to this hotel in March. I read some awful reviews before we left and wondered what we were in for frankly.We travelled with Thomsons. The pickup at the airport was frankly chaotic but everyone seemed to hit the right bus for their hotel eventually.We had requested a twin room via Thomsons and we were pleasantly surprised to find that this request had got through to the hotel and they had actioned this and we were promptly given our obligatory wristband and swept off in a trolley to our room.The room itself was simply huge with twin (or extremely large double!) bed, good reading lights, a settee a couple of chairs, a separate dressing room/hanging space with free safe, huge bathroom with two sinks and separate toilet. Outside very large balcony with sun loungers and small table - we looked out to the sea over some shrubs - very very peaceful. We actually found the beds very comfortable and I have not slept so well for ages. It was lovely to have a bottle of prosecco type wine and white rum left in the room as well. The mini fridge only had in one can of coke, one can of 7up and two beers. There was a coffee machine and several people were cross that this meant they could not make tea (just run the hot water through?????!!!!!). I would recommend though taking your own tea/coffee as this was not always replenished by the staff and I generally like to take my own coffee as hotels as a rule dish out the most appalling stuff. As for milk everyone just seemed to ask for a little from the bar and this worked well.Despite what you will read about shortages, there were some complimentary soap shampoos etc in the room and there was a fairly good hairdryer as well.I will say that the food at the A La Carte restaurant was a challenge sometimes - the main problem was that it was frequently not hot enough. As to the food itself, we often walked down to the buffet restaurant of the larger hotel - it was a 20 mins flat walk and quite nice to do after a meal. That contained a larger variety so there is absolutely no need to go hungry! I have seen what people have moaned about in that they lost weight - really they should just remember where they are! We had a meal in the Italian - that was just the Cuban take on Italian but they tried very hard and we enjoyed it.The food generally is not what you would expect from a 5* in Europe but remember folks you are not in Europe - blame the hotel companies do not blame the hotel and get a grip of your expectations before you go. All the staff were simply a delight from making the most amazing roses for you out of serviettes to all sorts of other stuff. Do remember that the Cubans still do not have a lot - we come with so much and then start moaning about the food which so many of them would simply love to have the opportunity to have!The pool area and bar were kept spotlessly clean - as indeed was the whole complex and it was a super pool to swim in - I did not try the sea but others who did said it was lovely.One absolute delight for us was that one morning in the buffet restaurant there seemed to be Brussel sprouts served up next to the eggs and (processed) cheeses - that was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time - made us all laugh.It is correct that there did seem to be an acute shortage of fresh produce and I must say it will be a long time before I can look at a tined mushroom again! However I did read that Cuba is still importing a huge amount of their food and they are producing very little themselves - that is a whole other story of course, but I mention as background only. The one word of warning that I would give is for the mozzies - they were simply the worst I have ever experienced - even my friend who never gets bitten was chewed to oblivion! I fortunately have some very good cream and nearly everyone was queuing up for it in the end ! About the only thing that seemed near to putting them off were some wrist bands that a couple of the ladies had - be warned! I am afraid that trousers and long skirts did not to deter the little devils either, neither did the usual repellants - you have been warned!I have to say that this was one of the most chilled holidays I have spent in a long time - the hotel (yes there are bits and pieces that need attention) was simply a little haven in a mad world. You could only get internet access at main reception - hurrah!! What a joy in the evenings after a wander down the road (if we could be bothered) for supper to sit in the piano bar and listen to live piano music and chat to others.Would I return - yes most definitely - tomorrow if possible..........Also I should say that I often travel alone and I would feel completely safe in this resort. There was a single lady whilst we were there and she said the staff had been absolutely super to her.

  • KimHSorensen : Farum
Horrible service and terrible food at best

This so called 5 Star hotel is 5 Star because of its fantastic location, its pool, relatively nice rooms, but its 1 Star when come to service and food quality. On the day of check in the lady at the reception argument she could not find out booking. We were - by an extremely palmens of 330 euros allowed to check in. After numerisk calls between our Travel agency and the hotel, the hotel after 18 hours agreed that we had a booking. No apologies or excuses from the extremely arrogant and incompetent lady at the front desk when it happened. Also no actions on us getting the seaview ROM we paid for. No effort at all. The front desks complete lack of service dna was only superseded by the absolutely horrible food and poor service at restaurants. At the ala carte restaurant most dishes were not available, and when served i was reminded of hotel Ukraine in moscow 1985. However it was significantly worse at the main restaurant where a buffet was served. There you could choose from 20 ocvercooked dishes that were mostly also cold. But first of all remebled leftovers from a hardcore American prison. Or as another guest has labelled it Felding time at a zoo. I have travelled in 70 countries in all continents and love all kinds of food, here i for the first time left a buffet with nothing on the plate. Off we go to nearby Varadero to have a decent dinner. Service levels overall were non existent, or limited to individuals trying to make up for the overall poor service. We got by by playing decent tips in ADVANCE of the meals. That improved service to decent levels. As mentioned the lady at the front desk took the Price for poor service. I afsked her to assist me with a taxi to havana. She could do it at a Price of 150 euro, i mentioned to her that the Price was 120 euros, but she could not bother. Instead i had to walk half a kilometer to the main reception to make the same booking there. Stay away from this beautiful place, choose another hotel i Varadero. The place is nice, and Cubans can give good service. Before and after the stay at Blau 'privilege' we stayed at Melia in Havana, a truly good experience. This place lacks the management and staff skill to deliver a reasonable quality.

  • Jeanette Y : St. Albert, Canada
No 5 star here

We booked with lucky deals.. we didn't feel so lucky. We got to the resort at 3am. Got to our room and thought not too bad... for cuba. 18+ crowd. This place is for old people that just want to get day drunk and sit in the pool all day and pass out around 8. The beach is a short walk .. only a few shady spots. Get there early. If your looking for a place to just unwind and sleep and get drunk with grandma and grandpa this is your resort. There is no music playing anywhere besides the cigar bar. The girl working there was super friendly. We liked that part. There is a pool table but no proper lighting. Way too dark. It opens at 630. The resteraunt on site is revolting. The food is very disappointing. Day one I got a raw omelet. And undercooked bacon. (We don't eat pork raw) . Service is good once you get it.. we sat and waited a good 10 minutes on a daily basis. Noone told us about the buffet at the Blau Marina. Which is a 20 minutes walk. The one shuttle driver only liked the young girls and just honked at us to get outta there way. Just crappy service all around. The room... bed is hard.. like sleeping on the floor. The towels smelt rank. Not clean. The tub was filthy all week.. not cleaned once our whole stay. There are no ashtrays.. so we just flicked our butts on the ground. The noise is terrible... people are so rude they just stomp around like animals. The grounds staff were the only nice ones offering coconuts and gave homemade flowers to the ladies. Ronaldo the bar staff was good at his job. We never had to wait for drinks. The beach needs some care. Wear your shoes till you get to the ocean as there are prickly things everywhere. Wear long pants at night as you will get eaten alive. We were very disappointed with our vacation. We couldn't wait to leave. I would give this resort a 3 star rating. You will leave starving and bitter.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Daily buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Unlimited a la carte dinners (reservations required, based on availability)
  • 24-hour unlimited domestic and selected international and premium brand drinks
  • Daily activities program
  • A variety of daily sports
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Selected non-motorized water sports (1 hour/day): Snorkeling,Aquacycle, Windsurfing, Kayaking
  • 24-hour snacks
  • Mini-bar (water, soft drinks and beer)
  • 24-hour room service
  • Turn-down service
  • Bathrobe and slippers in room upon arrival
  • Admission to the disco (drinks included)
  • Introduction to scuba diving in pool (3 days/week)
  • Access to the services and facilities of the Blau Marina Varadero
  • 85 Junior Suites
  • 1 a la carte restaurant
  • 1 Bar
  • 2 pools
  • Whirlpool
  • Tennis court
  • Fitness centre
  • Spa (fee)
  • Tour desk
  • Business centre (fee)
  • Currency exchange
  • Gift shop
Junior Suite includes:
  • One king or two double beds
  • A/C
  • Full bathroom satellite
  • TV
  • DVD
  • Mini-bar
  • Coffee-maker
  • Hair dryer
  • Bathrobe
  • In-room safe
  • Iron/ironing board
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Robe and slippers
  • Pillow menu
  • Turndown service 
  • Ocean view
  • Maximum of 3 adults
Honeymoon Bonus - Free honeymoon package To be eligible for the honeymoon package, newlyweds must advise at the time of booking and present their proof of wedding, dated within the last month, upon arrival at the hotel.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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Blau Privilege Cayo Libertad Hotel
Autopista Sur Final, Punta Hicacos, Varadero 42200 Cuba

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

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