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Our Opinion
This hotel is not directly on the beach but the Palma Real does offer some of the best value Varadero has to offer. Usually we recommend a minimum 4 star hotel as standards in Cuba tend to be lower than in other sun destinations, but if you are on a budget, then this is probably your best bet. Definitely one of our most popular 3.5 star resorts in Varadero. The rooms are a little tired, but the pool is good and the beach area is nice. If you are looking for a low cost vacation then the Hotel Palma Real is a good option.

Ideally located in the heart of Varadero, the Hotel Palma Real hotel lets you take full advantage of the magnificent white-sandy beach nearby and this popular city's lively atmosphere. With an expansion and renovation, this vast hotel complex offers a wide choice of activities, all equally entertaining! Experience traditional Cuban music and dance at this themed hotel - magical nights will take you from the excellent Villa Sirena restaurant to the Havana Club, a trendy hot spot in Varadero.

Location: 250 metres from the beach, close to downtown Varadero, 25 minutes from the airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Mario M : Toronto, Canada
Decent Hotel for the price

This was my second time to Cuba and 2nd time in Varadero. Last year I stayed across the street at Barcelo Solymar. I think I would spent the extra money to stay at Barcelo Solymar for the next time I go back to Varadero.Palma Real isn't a bad resort, just needs a lot of renovations. The pool area need attention and the inside of the buildings need plenty of attention. They had these big bins located in the lobby that were filled with sand (maybe ashtrays?) that was full of garbage for days. The toilets aren't the greatest. They flush for the most part and the water in the sink/tub/toilet weren't working for a few hours on 2 days I was there. Building 1 was closed while I was there, hopefully for renovations? Gran Caribe is apparently the new management company for a few months now but you will see lots of stuff that still says Bellevue. I guess that's the Cuban way. Takes awhile to get anything done. The buffet was fine. There is always something to eat and they always have something cooking on the grill for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Breakfast was usually omelettes or pancakes, lunch/dinner was usually pork/beef/fish/shrimp. Make sure to ask for well done if you like don't like to see red in your meat lol.The staff is great and very helpful. Sure you'll get the odd one that doesn't smile or say hi but is that really going to ruin your trip? The beach is not a far walk from the hotel lobby. The beach is a beautiful turquoise. Havana Club entrance is free is you're staying at the hotel. I didn't get to try La Comparsita while I was there but heard it's fun. La Comparsita is open Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Havana Club is closed Mondays and is why people to go to Cave Mondays (it is only open Monday). If you like EDM, I suggest you to go the cave. Calle 62 was fun while I was there, only went twice and didn't stay long either. The hotel wasn't full while I was there but I still made the best to have fun and enjoy all their amenities. Main lobby bar was 24 hours & the bar in building 4 (where I stayed) was open at 3:30PM until 10PM

  • Blitz S : Bath, United Kingdom
Good all round hotel for the price we paid

The reviews here are varied and I guess this depends on people's expectations. We stayed for a fortnight as part of an all inclusive package from Hays Travel in the UK. We were generally very happy with the place - there are some down points but ths is Cuba so come on - what do you expect?The resort beach is five minutes walk away and is excellent = white sand and crystal clear warm water. The food was great for quanity and variety. It wasn't always hot, more often warm rather than steaming but that's always a problem with buffets.Painting the resort was being undertaken while we there - we had been prewarned but it was still a little intrusive. End result was looking good though.Wifi = 2CUC for one hour on a connection that was slow but generally reliable when we were there.Location = great = just on the edge of town and walkable distance to restaurant and local facilities. Most of the better hotels are way out on the end of the peninsula.Would we stay there again = YES.

  • Londoner2227 : London, Canada
Good, but not the best

I went to this hotel with my family in October 2016. Heard some interesting things about it while reading reviews, but I've travelled frequently to Cuba so I know what to expect. The resort itself was very aesthetically pleasing, pretty buildings, 2 huge pools, lots of pool chairs, and the a la cartes were well done. The one pool was always busy with people dancing and partying which was really fun if you are into it, and if not, the pool closer to the buffet was quieter with not really any music playing. However, there isnt a bar over there so you have to go into the lobby for drinks (it isn't really that far). There is also a kiddie pool at the quiet pool, for younger kids. The pools were a little dirty, went swimming in the quiet pool one day and it had a film in it, but that only happened once. Lots of sand in the bottoms. The food was relatively decent, but who travels to Cuba for the food? The buffet was small, has AC which was nice, and the waitstaff was always really friendly. The food was pretty much the same everyday, with a few variants, and usually not overly hot, but there was always something good and they ALWAYS had fresh bread. A new meat on the grill at dinner too, whether it was shrimp, beef, or pork - I would highly recomend it. When the snack bar was open it was good and quick as well. Maybe 3/5. The rooms were clean and made nicely everyday, we had no problems at all. They never failed to replenish our towels or anything when we asked, that was really nice. We were located in building 4 which is close to the quieter pool. The building itself was relatively quiet too, except you could hear music coming from the Havana Club bar which is adjacent to the resort. Location wise, the resort is okay - it is really close to downtown Veradero. We walked from the resort to the mall and it was only about 20 minutes. Tons of shops, restaurants, and bars to visit on the strip. Very interesting. The beach is probably 700m walk from the hotel lobby - and you have to cross the road, not that there are that many cars, but kind of annoying if you like spending lots of time at the beach. If you like the pool best, great place to go. Another comment I could make is that there weren't that many bathrooms located in the resort. If you were at the busy pool there were 2 washrooms that were kind of close (in the lobby) - but not that convenient if you really gotta do. The same goes for the quiet pool, closest bathroom is the lobby which isnt THAT far, but not as easy as maybe some people would like. Nightlife is really fun if you're looking to go out. The Beatles bar was busy and had great music and awesome staff. Caille 62 is an outside bar that is about a 30 second walk from the hotel, same with the Havana Club bar. They were really fun and had tons of people dancing, and having drinks. Overall, it was a good resort and I had a great time! If you know what to expect in Cuba, you will enjoy yourself - great place to relax, and do some dancing!

  • Suzanne L : New Hamburg, Canada
Mixed feelings

Warning, this review may be long winded but completely honest.I have very mixed feelings about our stay last week at Palma Real. Here is our categoriesCheck in: Was quick. That's about it. Not that friendly during check in. And no one could really show us our room. There was only one person with a trolley taking people to their rooms. Another guest was kind enough to help my 13-year-old daughter and I where our room was and even took our bags! There were no clear markings in the lobby as to where we were to go to get to our building. Had a guest not shown us we would not have been able to find it on our own.Our Building: Well what can I say about the 4000 building? OMG they really should close it for renos. There is no working elevators except for the service elevators. It sounds like it is about to quit working as it squeaks and squeals as it takes you up to your floor. We tried using the stairs the first 2 days but our room was on the 4th floor and the stairwells at our end of the building are not lit up at night and when it rains the stairs are slippery. The whole building is in need of paint and repair. There is paint peeling off ceilings in hallways. It looks dirty, but it isn't... it is just old and in need of paint. The bar in the building was nice and the lobby was also ok. But the walkways everywhere at this resort were very slippery when wet. Our Room: The room was clean. The sheets were clean. The closet was average. The lock box worked well but you had to pay 2 cucs a day for it (I believe it was 2 cucs) There was no dresser except for a small set of drawers in the closet. The balcony was small with only 1 chair and a table... on the 3rd day we asked our maid for a second chair which she provided us with. There were no sink or tub drain stoppers. So we used a plastic bag to stop the sink when we wanted to hand wash our clothes. There were 4 towels changed daily, but no facecloths’. The window above the toilet leaked in the rain so our toilet paper would be soaked. so we let it on the back of the toilet. Somedays we had no air conditioning in the afternoons. As well as NO WATER one day and no hot water many afternoons. (Which didn't bother me but bothered some of the other guests. Our room key demagnetized 3 times and the front desk said it was my fault, even though I didn't have any metals or electronics around it. I was able to stop it from happening by putting it between my business cards. They really should give you a room key envelope. Also, you only get one room key per room. Our maid was amazing and we grew to really like her and appreciate the little extras she did for us. You get one large bottle of water per room. You keep the same bottle and can refill it as often as you like at any of the bars at the resort.The beds are hard, but we like that and there are only 2 king sized pillows per room. I would have liked a 3rd pillow, but I didn't ask for one or I may have gotten one.The blackout curtains worked great and from the fourth floor we could see the ocean. We did have very small ants in our bathroom, but they were not a bother. Also, we only saw one cockroach during our stay, which, I feel, was ok. Grounds and Walkways: The grounds were nice, but not spectacular. The tiles used around the resort were very slippery in some spots. I saw a few guests slip and 2 actually fall. The walkways are not lit up with lights at night, so be very careful walking around at night as there are deep grooves on either side of the paths that could potentially hurt if you step off. It might be a good idea to have a flashlight if you are nervous. There is a lot of construction and repairs being done on the resort, which is good. The workers are friendly. Lobby and bars: The bar staff were very friendly for the most part. Only a couple were less then friendly and just there to do a job. Most would joke around and interact with the guests. The furniture in the lobby is in need of replacement but it was ok. The roof was leaking the first couple days we were there. Sections of the lobby would have caution tape around it, but they fixed it and it was fine after that. I found that the front desk staff were the least friendly. All the other staff seemed to at least like their jobs. I felt like I was bothering the front desk staff when I would go and change money or talk to them about my key or the weather.Dining Room and Snack Bars: The staff in the dining room were great! Very friendly and helpful. The food was... ok. But lacking. I was hoping that my fussy daughter would be able to have French fries or pizza at this resort, but the only time they served fries was when we were on an excursion. No pizza at all. So, she ate only carrots and bread and cucumbers all week. (Except for the odd hot dog and pizza and fries offsite) The food for me was typical fair for Cuban all-inclusive resorts. I ate mostly potatoes, rice, salad, bread and eggs. The A la cart was ok. Nothing special. and we had to go to the buffet after so my daughter could eat. The snack bar only served hamburger and Hotdogs as well as Ham and Cheese sandwiches and you are not allowed to take any food out of the dining room.Telephone: 2 cuc a minutes and they count from when you begin dialing. You can call from your room and pay later at the front desk.AirTransat: The Transat guy at the hotel was nice and was helpful. We had booked a jeep safari excursion in Canada before we left. It was ok, but they advertise a snorkeling stop which he informed us had been discontinued 2 years earlier. We also thought we were stopping at a farm for lunch and to ride horses, but it was a park, not a farm and to ride a horse (which we did not do) was 2 cucs. But that is for another review.Security: The lobby and lobby bar has 24-hour security, as well as security around the grounds. You room has a key card and a dead bolt, but deadbolt doesn't work. The patio doors all lock and your room has a lock box you pay 2 cucs a day for. Towels: They no longer supply pool towels freely. You must leave a 20 cuc deposit which you will get back at the end of your vacation when you return the towels. We brought our own so we didn't use theirs. 4 bath towels provided in your room, no facecloths.Entertainment: Some days it was good, other days it was awful. Quite a mixed bag really. The pool with the bar was the entertainment pool. We only went to that pool for 2 hours one day.Pools: The pools were clean! My daughter used her mask in all the pools and found only a few bits of paper and some coins... a couple rocks, but it was clean! The tiles need repair, but, for the price paid for this stay I was happy with the pools. There are 3 pools. The kiddy pool is hard to get in for little kids, but was large. The main pool was the party pool and was not deep. The 3 pool was the biggest and deepest. It was separated by a bridge which you could swim under to get to the other side. This was our favourite pool. Lots of chairs around all the pools.Gym: There is one but we never went in it.Beach: Beach activities every day. The beach itself was quite clean but could have had someone pick up a little more. They offered free catamaran rides, so we took it and it was only 15-20 minutes but a lot of fun. Varadero has the nicest sand I have ever seen. The bar/ snack bar at the beach was great! Ham and cheese sandwich, hotdog or hamburgers. You do have to cross 2 streets to get to the beach, but honestly we didn't mind it and it only took like 3 minutes to get to the beach from our resort by foot. Location: I have stayed down the peninsula before at Laguna Azul, and I enjoyed this location by far. You step out and walk one block and you are in the thick of it all! The Beatles Bar is only a couple blocks as well as Calle 62 dance club. Lots of shops and restaurants just a short walk from the resort. In conclusion: Would I stay here again? YES. The staff and location and money spent made this resort for me. I would definitely stay again if I was looking for a budget resort with great staff and a great location.

  • ToddMiki : Regina, Canada
Great Stuff For The Realists

I stayed at this hotel for one week. Read lots of negative reviews so was apprehensive. But I'm also not a puffy little princess who thinks I deserve the world on a platter. I didn't mind that there was no hot water in my room for a few days. I didn't mind the power cut out from my building for a few hours. These things happen. I'm not like the royalty who sat in the lobby demanding to see a manager and copping a 'what are you going to do to satisfy me' attitude. This place has such friendly staff, the rooms were clean as can be expected. If you're a little puffy princess who thinks you deserve to poo gold, then perhaps stay away from this hotel. If you're a realist who understands the way Cuba is, then I strongly suggest you stay at this hotel. It's not even like you're 'roughing it'. The food overall was decent. I ate some new things everyday, some I liked and some I found to be terribly bland. The main dining area is air conditioned so no problem there. Sometimes I felt too cold there. Overall I'd say the food is roughly 3 out of 5.The pools were awesome. Lots of comments about how cleaning is never done. I never saw anyone cleaning the pools but then I was there when it was busy. I saw some twigs in the pool one day and the next they were gone. No problem. The bars were well stocked and no one went thirsty.The best part of the hotel is the location. I see some people whine like babies because you have to cross a street to get to the beach. Boo hoo. It's located so close to many good restaurants and street vendors, highly recommend walking two blocks to see Josone Park. It's close to everything.Take the double decker bus for 5 dollars for the full day. It's stops at many local attractions. No need to overpay the taxi drivers.I also highly recommend calling Nacho Taxi for the day tour. You'll learn so much and it's a personal experience unlike a bus tour where you are herded around like cattle. Awesome guy and a new friend.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • 24 hr snacks
  • A la carte dining w/reservations
  • Unlimited local drinks, wine and beer
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Hobie Cats
  • Pedal boats
  • Canoeing
  • Water polo
  • Volleyball
  • Pool table
  • Ping-pong
  • Board games
  • Darts
  • Aerobics
  • Daily activities
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 464 renovated rooms in one main 4-storey building with elevators
  • 3 Restaurants, dress code and reservations required
  • 5 Bars
  • 4 Pools
  • Children's pool area
  • Lounge chairs and towels (pool/beach)
  • Non-motorized watersports
  • Boutiques
  • Mini-market
  • Massage services (fee)
  • Disco (fee)
  • Scuba diving (fee)
  • Car & motorcycle rental (fee)
  • Medical services (fee)
  • Internet (fee)
Hotel Rooms include:
  • 1 king or 2 single beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Satellite TV
  • In-room safe (fee)
  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer 220V (adapter required)
  • Balcony or terrace
Kids Deals - Kids 12 and under stay and eat free when sharing with 2 adults. Max 1 child.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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BelleVue Palma Real
Calle 64, Varadero 42200 Cuba

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