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Iberostar Varadero

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One of the three Iberostar suites found in Varadero. This is a resort that is perfect for both families and couples. The facilities, from the resort lay out to the rooms are beautiful. The resort is beautifully laid out, with the poolside being centrally located, it's a perfect location to catch some sun, grab some food and drink.

Iberostar has done it again! The glamorous Iberostar Varadero brings Iberostar's European style to the warmth and magic of Cuba. Enjoy 24 hour food service, an elegant on-site spa (complete with its own swimming pool), public internet access and dining at the 'show cooking' Japanese restaurant.

Location: On the beach, 20 min to downtown Varadero, 40 min from the airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Karen R :
Good time

We stayed here in April for 11 nights after 3 nights in the Iberostar in Havana. The Havana hotel was much superior to this one although a completely different style of hotel. Would have expected same standard in all Iberostar hotels though. On arrival check in was poor. Took ages to check in a handful of people. The room was fine. Very clean and had a view over the grounds. Within the first 24 hours the toilet wouldn't flush and the shower didn't work. we reported it to front desk and to give them their due, they did come straight away to fix which I was impressed with.Food was good in all the restaurants. We liked the Japanese best so chose to go back there a second time for our last evening. We had no trouble booking any of the restaurants. Main buffet restaurant good. Loads of choice. The man doing the pasta was great. They could do with another toaster at least at breakfast as there is only one do can take a while if you go down at busy times. Pool area nice. Plenty of sun beds . There are signs to say to can't reserve the sun beds but everyone does. If you can't beat them join them I say!!They are not to good at cleaning around the sun beds though. The little tables aren't cleaned and my husband went down one morning and there was broken glass and food strewn all over the floor. I guess someone had a party there the night before. My husband had to report it as it had not been spotted by any if the staff!!Unfortunately (for us) we had to use the services of the hotel doctor. He was very pleasant and the service was great. Wouldn't be a problem if you had to use him. Husband did his foot in on the inflatable in the pool!!Felt there weren't enough activities for kids aged around 10. My son spent most of his time in the kids club on the Xbox!! There is 1 Xbox and 1 controller and lots of international arguments as all the kids fight to have a turn!! There is no supervision in there either. Enjoyed the activities around the pool. The Cuban Day was great, the foam party was fun and they did make sure everyone was safe during it which was great. The evening shows were boring. It's just singing and dancing so gets monotonous after a few nights. The circus show was good as there were different acts. Overall, was a good hotel. Have been to another hotel group where the set up is very similar and it was much better but we had a great time here nevertheless. Would recommend it.

  • Sellest : Bushey, United Kingdom
Pleasant stay. Could do with some improvements but on the whole good.

Spent 7 nights here after an intial 3 day stay in Havana. The hotel itself is well laid out, all the staff are friendly and helpful, the grounds are clean and immaculate as are the pools, and the communal/lobby areas.Pools: We never had a problem finding a sun lounger, although people reserve round the main pool very early (ridiculous) and any of the bed type loungers are no doubt reserved at sun rise!!! The main pool is vast and never too crowded whilst the sports pool was relatively quiet (ideal for our son to play in) apart from when there was a game of water polo (which he always joined in with – although have to say adult men were playing as if their lives depended on it, whilst my small 7 year old struggled not to get drowned at times by them!). My son loved the children’s pool with the pirate ship and water play. My only disappointment was that one of the reasons I chose this hotel is that it advertised an adults only spa pool (I have 4 kids, so when I go on holiday I always choose somewhere with an adult only quite pool to have some “me” time). On our first day we had a wander round and I found the pool and told my partner I was planning on spending some time there the following day (as he was going scuba diving for the whole day so I was going to put our son in the kids club) – however the following morning (Friday) a sign was on the pool saying it was closed for 72 hours! I was disappointed, but guessed these things happen. Every day I checked the pool to see if it was ready – yet it was shut the whole of Friday, the whole of Saturday, the whole of Sunday, the whole of Monday, the whole of Tuesday, and, on our last morning, (Wednesday) the note was still on the pool so I went at asked at reception and at guest relations and eventually by late morning they told me it was open. Unfortunately when I got there it started raining! (typical) and when I felt the water it was literally freezing. On top of which, when it did stop raining a large family turned up with noisy kids in tow – when I pointed out this was an adults only relaxing spa pool they looked at me as if I was some sort of dog mess on their shoe and ignored me. They were not English but they understood fully what I said and one of the adult men even went and read the sign but still chose to ignore it. After a while of them running about and screaming their heads off I again politely told them that it was not for children – at which point they told the two younger boys to go, but they themselves along with their teenage daughters continued to whoop, scream, cackle and ran around taking continuous photos whilst shouting at the top of their voices and after about 20 minutes their boys also returned – complete with beach balls – at this point I gave up on every having a relaxing quite time and left.RestaurantsThe main buffet offers a good selection of decent food at lunch, breakfast and dinner – there is definitely something for everyone and enough variety for 7 days – one evening they even had sushi and lobster. My only complaint would be that the drinks service was sometimes a bit hit and miss and some of the plates and cutlery did not actually look that clean. Also, although there was hand gel at the entrance it was not that obvious and most people were not using it (non use is how nasty diseases such as Nora Virus are spread) although there was a member of staff at the entrance greeting people I never once saw them ask people to use the gel (even at top notch hotels and cruise liners people are asked to always use the gel or spray on entering).At lunch time there is also the other main restaurant (although we could never find anywhere to sit here when we did get lunch here) and outside of here is a daily barbeque offering a small selection of extra dishes. There are also “pop up” eateries at lunch time offered good selection of tasty food – my favourite was a Cuban day where there were dancers, singers a band, cocktails, a barbeque and a massive paella type dish plus several other tasty treats!The only disappointing lunch we had was at the beach restaurant - they had burgers and hot dogs on offer but the rolls were hard and dry, the meat tasteless and virtually cold, hardly any salad (ie no lettuce or onions – just tomato and cucumber) and limited sauces (eg no ketchup or mayonnaise).There is also a Coffee shop – great for coffees and milk shakes/iced coffees and little snacks (cakes or finger sandwiches) – seemed to always be open and never a queue.A La Carte – you can book one meal at each of the three a la carte. One of the restaurants is rather good but the other two were disappointing. The Japanese was interesting to watch (although I’ve seen better tepanyaki displays) and the food was rather disappointing (we eat a lot of Japanese food and this really fell well below standard). In addition the starter was a plate of sushi - but they only gave you one between two people so you had to share (there was 3 of us so my partner had to share with some stranger next to him and there was not enough on the plate to have one of each item, so was a bit awkward!) Also the whole experience is really rushed – the restaurant was empty apart from the one table that they made everyone sit at and we were hurridly asked to choose our food – we weren’t even offered a drink at this point or given time to look at the menu properly. Near the end of our meal the next “sitting” trickled in and sat at another table – so it would seem they try and rush people in and out (although, as I say the rest of the restaurant was empty so not sure what the issue was).La Parilla really was disappointing. Firstly there was no ambiance (it is in the pool restaurant by the main pool which is called El Bohio at lunch time) so it is quite large, no atmosphere, bright lights, no music etc and not very attentive service. Also I would not call it A La Carte as basically the starter is a limited buffet (much less choice than the main buffet with less interesting food) then you get served a soup – no choice (which tasted like a cheap tinned veg soup with a couple of small prawns floating in it) then you can choose your main (they were not that tasty and my son’s was so burnt and chewy he could not really eat it) you then have to serve yourself for desert (there was such limited choice that I did not fancy anything and we ended up going to the main buffet restaurant to finish our meal). This was the worst dinner we had the whole time we were in Cuba (if we had known we would not have bothered with this restaurant at all).The third restaurant, La Dorada, on the other hand was quite enjoyable. There is a more elegant ambiance, the surroundings more like a restaurant and the service attentive. Again the starters and desert were actually buffet and there was only one soup choice – but at this restaurant the choice on the buffet was well presented and the options very tasty. The mains were all very good – my partner had raviolli, my son had spaghetti with king prawns and I had the surf and turf steak and lobster – which was perfect. If you only go to one a la carte make sure it is this one and don’t bother with the other two!Kids Club What a disappointment!!! Our son – who is 7 - always loves the kids club when we are on holiday (we go away 2 or 3 times a year and he always looks forward to the clubs as a main part of the holiday – he always can’t wait to get in there and we can never drag him away. This however was the worst ever. On our first full day we arrived at 10am when it said it was open but it was still shut so we waited outside until 10.10am when somebody finally arrived and we signed him in. He was the only one there and there did not look like there was a lot to do (there was a small ball pond, a tv and some tables and chairs), however, we bid him goodbye and went for a wander around the hotel grounds. At 11am we thought we’d just look through the window so we walked passed and looked in – to see him still sitting on his own in the small ball pond. We then came back at 12.30pm to find him still in the ball pond with the only other child in there being a toddler just running around. We asked him what he did all morning and he said nothing! So I asked one of the ladies in charge if there were proper activities (on other holidays he has enjoyed arts and crafts, games, treasure hunts, swimming, beach trips, face painting, karaoke, cooking, acting, competitions, sports, dressing up etc) – she said there was going to be a party that afternoon at 3.30pm. However at 3.30 our son was happily playing in the pool with some other children so he said he did not want to go (he never turns down going to club so can only imagine he was already put off by sitting on his own for 2 ½ hours that morning). At about 5pm I passed the club and spoke to the lady again to ask what the activities were for the next day. She said they were all arranged (although did not elaborate) and said club opened at 10am but if he wanted to do the activities to make sure he was there by 10.30am – I asked if he needed anything with him like trunks or sun hat or sun cream or change of clothes or anything – she said no he should just bring water as they did not have any!! (how can a kids club in high temperatures not have water for the kids?). Anyway 10.05am the next morning I dropped him – again no other child there. A different girl was behind the desk so I asked what the activities were today – she did not seem to understand English but then said they usually went to the pool or the beach. I said I had not brought his trunks as had been told he did not need anything, she just smiled and said it was OK. I asked what time I should pick him up (as there did not seem to be any times stated anywhere) – she said to come in the afternoon. I left my son and at 1pm thought I would check on him. When I got there the club was closed and a sign said “gone for lunch” so I then spent about 20 minutes scouring the hotel until I finally found him with the girl in the main restaurant eating. He was so pleased to see me – he told me that nobody else turned up at the club (just two children who poked their heads in then went away again) he said he sat on his own for 3 hours. When I asked if the girl had done anything with him – like play a game or draw something – he said no she just sat at her desk on her phone!!!! Well, that was the end of kids club for us as he did not want to go back again – and not surprised. I have no idea what that was all about but to leave a 7 year old on their own doing nothing two days running is not on! That is not a kids club – it’s barely a crèche.Activities: There always seemed to be something going on – whether it was yoga, Zumba, water polo, volley ball etc, so if you’re looking for keeping busy then no problem. There is also a table tennis table and a snooker table and a small games room for kids. If you’re looking to chill you can usually find a hammock to lie in and there’s always a few stalls selling souvenirs etc. I can’t comment on the evening entertainment as it started too late – it was on at 9.45pm so considering we had a 7 year old with us (who’s usual bed time is 8pm) and considering the 5 hour time difference, we were just about flagging before the entertainment began!! Most places we have been to in the past have some sort of entertainment from 8pm or 8.30pm which is fine but a 9.45pm start time was just too late for us.The beach: Lovely and clean, with gorgeous soft sand and blue sea. Unfortunately during our 7 days there was not one single day were the water sports were available (we were hoping to have a go on a kyak or peddlo, but it just did not happen). Rooms: Our room was decent size, well laid out and clean, and the mini bar was replenished every day (although we only actually used the water). My only complaint here is that they do not clean the glasses in the room. We use them for drinking and for putting bottled water in to brush our teeth – however I noticed that during the seven days they did not seem to be cleaned or replaced at all (the one next to my bed had my lipstick from the first night on it the whole week!) It looked like all that was done was they were either just turned upside down or sometimes rinsed – but never cleaned or replaced (a little unhygienic, especially as I had a cold for the last 5 days and did not want my partner or son to catch it so I resorted to using a mug so that I knew that was mine and they used the glasses). Also a tiny pack of tissues was in the bathroom when we checked in (as I say I had quite a bad cold for several day) I used these tissues in the first couple of days, yet they were never replaced (for a 5 star hotel I would expect tissues to be supplied – usually this is a box, not a tiny travel packet) only other gripe was that the bath towels were too small and also they were always marked . They had obviously been washed when we requested them to be as you could smell they had been but they all had black or brown marks on them and some were showing signs of wear and were fraying. Also in the shower was just a generic dispenser of all in one shampoo/conditioner (I would have expected 5 star to have had proper conditioner – had I known I would have brought my own).Bars: Service was relatively swift and at the lobby bar wait staff would circulate asking if you wanted drinks. Likewise at the pool about twice a day somebody would come round asking if they could get you drinks. However, the drinks were not good (I tried several cocktails and mixers but they all tasted rather weird - eg Bloody Mary and Screwdriver were undrinkable, the Mojito had tons of sugar in it – more like a sickly, sweet, syrup, the rum and coke was not coke and again tasted like something from a 1970’s soda stream. In fact nearly every drink seemed to be very sickly, sweet or artificial. My son tried a children’s non alcoholic cocktail one day and could not drink it (I’ve never known him to not like a drink so have no idea what was in it) The only thing I found just about palatable was the Pina Colada (although that’s only at a pinch) and the wine was also not too bad.Location: There is nothing much here – but we had already done all our sight seeing whilst staying in Havana and we did also book another day tour whilst here. However one day it was rather overcast so we did walk to the nearby Ambrosio caves and then on to the Varahicacos Ecological Reserve which were both really good (only about 15 mins walk from hotel) The caves cost 5CUC and the guide was lovely – we saw loads of bats. The Eco reserve is also 5CUC and we spent about 2 hours walking through the park following a trail and saw loads of lizards, birds and a snake and also lots more bats in the caves plus a skeleton (I did get quite badly bitten here so wear mosquito repellent). There is a shuttle bus that takes you to the shops (but we don’t really do shops so did not bother).All in all it was an enjoyable holiday – not quite 5 star and could do with some improvements but still good on the whole.

  • Ollie_P_87 : Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Pool Closure

Stayed at the Iberostar Varadero at the start of September 2016. Hotel was lovely but service could be much improved in terms of the front house staff. The bar and restaurant staff were very attentive though. However, the downside of my trip was that the pools were all closed for 2 of my 7 days due to maintenance. When I asked the staff at reception they told me they had let each of the holiday reps know and that they should have informed me. Was not happy with this situation as meant all the areas around the pool was also closed.

  • Paul M :
Going downhill such a shame

Just got back from iberostar varadeo which was my third but final visit to the hotel. It has dropped standards with particular issues over food being poor and smell of drains regularly around the hotel.I travelled around Cuba and was only sick once I stayed at the iberostar. I didn't eat for 2 days as I was ill but when I asked for an extra 2 hours to check out, so I could rest, I was told it was 20 Euro or else I could pay for a medical certificate and stay for 1 hour.Poor service and staff seem disengaged and not focused on the customers anymore. Avoid.

  • beachlovers85 : Yarmouth, Canada
4th Visit

Our 4th visit and loved it. Stayed April 15-22nd, 2017 Check in: Efficient, very accommodating and friendly staff at the front desk as usual. Buffet: servers to mention, are Lisette ( friendly with everyone ) and Regla ! We love the buffet, and it just keeps improving !!!! One night we had lobster, I've tried lobster in Cuba on two other occasions (not at this resort ) and I disliked it so much I thought I would never try it again! I have to say the chefs did a fabulous job with lobster at Iberostar Varadero!!!! Very tasty !!!! When they make your morning omelette, as for them to mix the ingredients in a bowl before cooking ! Roxana made the best ones! Much better flavour when cooking. The bread and pastries are wonderful, as is the ice cream ! The pizza is really good as well, has come a long way !!!! Also the chocolate in the desserts is much more flavourful ! The vegetables, were excellent this time ! And fresh lettuce, tomato and cucumber were available. Also hamburger and hot dog and fries at lunch and supper. Recommendation would be for breakfast items to be available at every meal ! It is by far the best food, and I've heard so many other comment how much they love the breakfast !!! A daily activity hand out would be nice, we loved the Cuba day at the theatre, the food was fabulous and the entertained as well! We just Happened to stumble upon this, as we spend most of our time at the beach ! The grounds: new walk way finished on the back side of the resort and lots of day beds! The gardeners do such a lovely job ! Beach: the work that was done was a great improvement, lots more chairs and the beach is flat again. Need more grass umbrellas, the white Iberostar ones don't give as much shade, and not so great in the wind. The grass ones are more authentic Cuba ! Bar tenders: always friendly and accommodating ! And some remember our travel mugs from other years and what our drinks are :-) La Parilla : we decided to try this ala cartel again have not gone to it the last two years, have to say it is much improved and we would go back. Entertainment, the shows have all been updated, so although they have the same titles, there are different dancers and routines ! Michael Jackson impersonator is so awesome always ! Rooms need painting inside, our door was painted while we were there. Iberostar Varadero is always working to improve in some area :-) The cats on the resort look healthy and happy, and they have a lovely feeding station for them ! Well done. The Star Cafe continues to be wonderful ! Excited to go to the new restaurant being built next visit ! A wonderful vacation yet again, love seeing our special staff friends ! Sure makes the trip worth coming back ! Can't say enough great things about this resort !

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • 24 hr snacks & beverages
  • Beach Grill for breakfast & lunch
  • A la carte dining w/reservations
  • Unlimited Domestic, International drinks, and House wine from 10am-Midnight
  • Windsurfing
  • Catamarans
  • Kayaking
  • Waterpolo
  • Tennis
  • Beach volleyball
  • Archery
  • Pool tables
  • Ping-pong
  • Aerobics
  • Dance lessons
  • Daily activities program
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Free admission to the Disco, drinks included
  • 386 rooms in eleven 3-storey buildings
  • 1 buffet restaurant
  • 3 a la carte restaurants: Japanese, Mediterranean, and Cuban, dress code & reservations required
  • 4 Bars including Lobby bar
  • Disco
  • 4 pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Fitness facilities
  • Sauna (fee)
  • Souvenir shop
  • Currency exchange
  • 24 hr internet access (fee)
  • Spa
  • Hairdresser
  • Car & motorbike rental
  • Medical services (fee)
  • Water-skiing (fee)
  • Bowling, golf, horseback riding & scuba diving nearby

Hotel Rooms include:

  • 1 king or 2 twin beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Satellite TV
  • Mini-fridge
  • In-room safe (fee)
  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • 220V, adaptor required
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Max occupancy 4 persons, no more than 3 adults

Junior Suites have same as above but with sitting area.

Kids Deals - 1 child under 13 stays & eats free (date restrictions apply) when sharing a room and existing bedding with 2 adults.

Single Parent Saver - Single parent travelers pay double rate when sharing a room with 2 children. Children pay child rates.

For the Kids - Kids 4-12 can enjoy supervised children's activities at the Kids' Club from 10am-5pm, games room, and kid's pool. Babysitting available upon request during evening (fee).

Honeymooners - Receive an upgrade to room with matrimonial bed and beautiful view (subject to availability), bottle of champagne, Iberostar Gift, minibar with drinks on arrival stocked throughout stay, romantic dinner in the specialty restaurant and late check out without additional charge (on request, subject to availability). Request at time of booking. Proof of marriage required.

Wedding Packages - Available, please inquire for further details.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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Iberostar Varadero
Carretera Las Morlas km 17,5 Sector Punta Hicacos, Varadero 42200 Cuba

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

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