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Our Opinion

Without question one of our most popular hotels in Cuba. Memories Jibacoa is secluded, but offers more than enough to keep you entertained. There are many activities during the day and right in front of the resort is some of best snorkeling Varadero. It's also an hour closer to Havana than Varadero, making a day trip much easier. Also, check out the tour to Santa Cruz, it's well worth it and the people there are amazing. Memories Jibacoa (formerly Breezes) consistently gets good reviews, that in itself speaks volumes for this all inclusive resort.


Nestled on 19 acres overlooking Arroyo Bermejo beach and surrounded by beautiful mountains, the adults-only Memories Jibacoa resort is the perfect setting for a wedding, a honeymoon, or a secluded holiday away from the hustle and bustle. Memories Jibacoa resort is a tropical hideaway, situated mid-way between Varadero and Havana, offers superb food and 'round the clock activities, including a 24 hour games room with billiards and table games, and a 24 hour jacuzzi in the garden area for a midnight dip.

Location: Beachfront, 60 minutes from Juan Gualberto Gomez International Airport, 75 minutes to Havana and 60 minutes to Varadero.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Lisa F :
Memories....good and bad!

This was our first time in Cuba and decided to stay at Memories due to the hotel being close to Havana (approx 1 hr drive) as we were spending New Year there. The good: Cuba is a beautiful country full of history. Havana to quote the lonely planet is "timeworn but magnificent, fun yet maddeningly frustrating". The streets are loud and proud, full of Cubans going about their daily business, old friends playing dominos, kids playing footie with a stone, young boys using a piece of wood for a cricket bat, classic cars, music of all genres, lots of dogs, rubbish and charming often delapidated buildings. It is like no other place we have ever experienced before and we loved our time there. Cuban people are amongst the friendliest folk we have ever encountered on our holidays, that goes for the locals and staff at the hotel. Nothing is too much trouble, they are extremely approachable and helpful.The hotel gardens are beautifully kept and it is clear that the gardening team work very hard to maintain them. Furthermore, the hotel is situated in a stunning area where the beach is one of the best we have visited.The entertainment team work really hard to get the guests involved and the evening entertainment is very good. The piano bar is great if you like a sing song.The bad:The hotel is very dated and in need of some serious tlc! In the main it is nothing that a lick of paint, updated soft furnishing and furniture wouldn't fix. However the pool area and the pool itself requires urgent attention as it is actually hazardous with cracked, loose and missing tiles.Unfortunately, we did not have the best weather whilst we were away and as a result spent quite a bit of time in our room. (We packed for sunshine! Not the cold, wind or rain, completely our blunder!). There is a coffee machine with pods and teabags but no milk! Fine if you prefer black coffee/tea, not so good if you don't! This would of helped us on those colder days! Furthermore, if you want drinks and snacks in your room you either pay as you go or book the diamond club as this is one of the 'perks'. We have never experienced this before, we have always had refreshments in our all inclusive rooms?!?The food is ok, not the best but certainly edible. We would agree with other reviews that hot food is often luke warm or cold! We also found it to be quite salty. There is plenty of choice but the hygiene could be vastly improved: hand sanitiser and refrigerated food covered as there are lots of flies and birds freely flying around the main buffet (doors and windows open) We witnessed some of the staff handling the food with bare hands and the table cloths and placemats were often grubby and very creased (simple lack of attention to detail). The waiting staff were fantastic and clearly worked very hard.Overall:In fairness the bad weather has coloured our Cuban holiday. Had the weather been better, we would not of spent so much time in our room. Therefore, the need for creature comforts would of not been so great, as more than often a hotel room is just a base. However, this being said the hotel is owned by the blue diamond company (since Feb 2015) who also own the Royalton chain and investment is required to bring this hotel up to its full potential.

  • abell332 : Guelph, Ontario
Returned again!

Yes... I am one of the guests that just keep returning to a place that I love. This was my 16th visit and my 3rd new years eve there. This year the staff out did themselves with the festivities and show. I was blown away! The resort was decorated beautifully. The food was the best that I've have ever had there (New Italian chef). The entertainment crew put on a show that delighted all of the guests. The staging and music was awesome. It kept me dancing until after 2am. The resort has begun upgrading different areas. Fresh paint is evident around the resort. Thank you to every staff member for all of your hard and dedicated work to restore and improve my second home after Irma. Gracias mi amigos.

  • RWhitbread : Ottawa
An old friend revisited

Memories Jibacoa ReisitedMy wife, Judy, and I decided that it was time for a vacation, and wanted to revisit one of our favorite countries and resorts, so after a few months of scheduling and planning, we found ourselves on a plane this past December, heading back to Cuba; our destination, an old friend Breezes Jibacoa, now under new management and rebranded Memories Jibacoa.This was our fifth visit to Cuba, and our third time return trip to the Playa Arroyo Bermejo area so we had a pretty good idea of what should expect from the area; the big question that remained was what changed after the management swap over. The answer to that question was soon discovered; and not all changes were viewed as for the better. I should state that my opinions are just that, my opinions, and may not align with yours.Before launching in the details of this review, I should point out that just three months before we arrived in Cuba, Hurricane Irma, the strongest hurricane on record to hit Cuba, had her way with much of the northern part of island, and wreaked havoc on the already fragile infrastructure. The resort sustained quite a bit of damage, but Cuban’s are not that easily deterred and within a few weeks of long hours and hard work, the resort was back up and running; albeit not perfectly. By the time we arrived, things had started to settle down to normal for the resort. I mention this, not to provide an excuse for the resort, but to highlight the fact that the staff and crew at this resort are simply the best; and one of the main reasons we keep returning; now on to the “meat and potatoes” of this review.The Room shuffleThere are three categories of rooms at this report; Gardenview, Poolview, and Oceanview.As I already knew the layout, and Judy and I were planning on doing some diving while there (I’ll detail that in that in a bit), I had pre-requested a second floor Gardenview room in Building 6. We had a fair amount of dive gear with us and the shorted walk from the building to the dive shop was hoped for; additionally second floor balcony would serve as a good place to dry gear out post dive. That was not to be. Apparently the air conditioning in that building was not working properly, so the Community Manager, Kiki, in an attempt to provide us with a room with working air conditioning, had booked us into the same category room, on the ground floor, but in a building at the opposite side of the resort from the dive shop. Initially I was not thrilled with the idea, but I learned a long time ago, this is Cuba, you just have to roll with it.So we accepted the room relocation, and moved in. Within minutes of getting into the room and starting to unpack, both Judy and I noticed a distinct moldy odor in the room. It was explained that all the ground floor rooms had this, it was a result of the flooding caused by Irma, and it would dry out in a few hours once the air conditioner ran for a while. Judy and I had our doubts, but we decided to roll with this a bit more; despite the fact that both Judy and I suffer from chronic migraine, and there was a concern that mold could kick start a cycle. After unpacking, we did what we usually do; Judy hit the pool area to relax, and I hit the lobby to get things like WiFi cards lined up, cash exchanged, etc. That evening we did dinner, and turned in relatively early.That morning was when things went south in that room as we discovered that the mold in the room did indeed cause Judy to have a migraine. Despite this, we got ourselves together, and headed to breakfast, and then to the requisite “orientation” meeting with Marina; our Sunwing representative. Remember when I said sometimes you just have to “roll with it”? Well there are benefits to that mind set. At the morning orientation session we met two ladies who were staying in an second floor, Oceanview room, that they were asking about moving out of. Apparently the reservation desk had placed these two ladies in a room with a king sized bed (and a smaller single bed, instead of the two double bed room they asked for. Marina quickly stepped in and got them moved to another room, three doors down in the same building that had the sleeping arrangements they wanted. In Cuba, when an opportunity presented itself, you either pounce or let it go’ we pounced. Within a hour of that meeting, with the help of Kiki and the great ladies at the front desk (the staff really to work hard to make each guests stay a great one), we upgraded to a second floor Oceanview (we knew there was one available), and later that day, said ‘adios’ to the moldy smell, non-functioning coffee machine, and the ground floor; we also moved a lot closer to the dive shop. Thus ended any room issues for the next thirteen days, and was the single paramount event of our entire stay; an event that would change our vacation from a vacation that was endured to fully enjoyed. It also highlighted an important thing to remember; the staff at this resort will bend over backwards for you if you are calm, courteous and polite towards them.The Idle LifeFrom that point onward, our stay was almost idealistic. Mornings consisted of waking up to a beautiful view, a fairly decent cup of coffee (once we learned the trick to using the pod style coffee machine in our room), followed by a prep for the day, then off to breakfast. Afternoons were spent idling by the pool or beach (or for me in Lobby smoking area with a cigar, coffee and small glass of rum). Evenings were spent dining, taking in shows, and enjoying good company and boisterous singing at the piano bar.We only got one dive in, as we were there over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays (as such the dive shop was closed for two of the days we were on-site), then I had a night day trip to Havana (photography time for me), and finally the ocean got a bit too rough for Judy to be out on it (she suffers from sea sickness).We had an off-site day doing some charity work for two Canadian organizations that was an eye opener, but it only served to remind us of how good we have it back home and how easy it is to help. (more o that in another post). Overall I’d say our stay was a very good one; with new friendships made, and mew memories to last a life time.The WeatherWeather for the time we were there was pleasant (for the most part), but a front was on the move in, so eventually we saw a few “red flag” days of overcast and high wind, and even a day and a bit of rain. Such is the Caribbean during the winter months; again you just have to roll with it.Hotel SpecificsAs I mentioned earlier, the hotel has changed hands and is now a “Memories” (Gaviota) resort. Along the management change over have come a few experiential changes that some may like; others may not. Detailed below are some of the things that changed (and some that did not) that I personally noticed.The KnocksOverall PriceRight off the hop, the first thing I noticed is the overall increase in pricing. It was only four years since our last visit to Jibacoa (it was still under the Breezes brand at that time), and the price has almost doubled. While I would have expected an increase from the last time we stayed, the price was a bit of a shock; doubly so considering that there have been few visible upgrades to the rooms themselves. I am sure that there have been improvements to the resort’s overall infrastructure, but for the most part they are not visible to the guest. If this trend continues, it is highly doubtful that this resort will remain at the top of our “go to” list.Age Restriction ChangeUnder the previous “Breezes” management, the resort was marketed as an “Adults Only” resort with an age restriction of eighteen years old and above. Now, as a “memories” resort, this age restriction has been lowered to sixteen. While I understand that “Memories” may be simply trying to “reinvigorate” their existing clientele, I preferred the old age restriction. There was more than one incident of unsupervised young folks, hanging out on the walk ways around our room in the wee hours of the making a racket while; as young folks often do.Diamond ClubI have seen this type of “elite service” (read pay more for limited benefits) offered in many resorts outside of Cuba; I had not, until this last trip, noticed its arrival in Cuba. First off, from an economical point of view, given the “extras” involved with Memories Diamond Club it seems more like a cash grab than anything else. Most of the “benefits” are not, in my opinion, worth the added cost and it creates a faux “elitism” that I had not experienced in Cuban resorts before.Bean counting away some of the “Cuban” experienceThis one may sound a tad “nit-picky”, but when the new management took over, the overall vibe from the some of their changes appeared to be coming from a “peny pinch” attitude that was never present in my last few trips to Jibacoa. For example, saving 3 CUC per bottle on the top end rum served to “non-Diamond Club” members. In previous years they served the 7 Year Havana Club at all bars in the resort. This has now been replaced with Havana Club Anejo Reserva, The difference is about 2 CUC per bottle, but the overall tasting experience (for those of us who truly enjoy rum as it should be, in a glass with nothing else) was noticeable. When I asked one of the bartenders, I was told they are allowed one bottle per day of the 7 Year and it was hit-and-miss when it was put out at the bar; one bottle, per bar, for a resort that can house upwards of 400 people. Considering the six-thousand dollar price tag (for the two weeks we were there) this came across as being a bit on the cheap side.Pod style coffee makers in rooms.Right off the hop, I’m not impressed in the least bit. First off, these machines do not make a good cup of coffee. Secondly, you are only provided two small “pods” per room each day. This again comes across as being a bit on the cost cutting side (read cheap) of things. In previous stays, with the older drip machines, Judy and I could enjoy more than one cup of coffee in our room while relaxing in the morning on our balcony. We could even buy a pound of coffee from the store and enjoy an evening cup as well while getting ready for dinner, or a nice pot of tea in the evening afterwards. Finally, these machines create a lot of waste plastic in a small country that is still struggling with environmentally conscious waste management.General Appearance and MaintenanceI want to preface this section, by reiterating that the resort had been hit hard by a major hurricane a few months before we arrived, so this may have been result of that damage; or at least addressing that damage may have impacted the resort’s ability to proceed with much needed upgrades and repairs. The resort is starting to show her age and is in good need of a spruce up; doubly so if they are going to continue offering “elite style” vacation packages. There are places where some structural repairs to the concrete and foundations are needed, and some of the guest rooms could do with an update in paint, décor. This is not meant as a harsh criticism though, as the resort suffers from the same economic embargo as the rest of the country, and until that changes, I would not expect anything major to change for the whole country not in the tourist sector.I want to reiterate that these are “ownership” related changes, and not on-site staff related decisions.The KudosThe StaffOnce again the staff, some of whom have become personal friends, are amazing, and remain one of the primary reasons why Judy and I return to this resort. The staff truly do go out of their way to make your stay the best possible. Form the general management down to the gardeners and maintenance crew, the entire staff seemed generally invested in providing the best service possible. There are too many to list here, but a special shout is deserved for the Community Manager, Kiki. This man appears to have a never ending supply of energy and jovialness that permeates everything he does. Whether it is something as simple personally walking around the common areas greeting and checking on folks, to facilitating more complex issues like facilitating a last minute a room change/upgrade, he never gets flustered, and always does his utmost best to try and satisfy his guests; all the time wearing a smile.Room Prep and CleanlinessOne thing that has not changed at this resort is the staff’s commitment to making their guests’ stay as pleasant as possible. There is no better representation of this than that demonstrated by chamber staff. They were excellent in both their efforts and their flexibility. Other than the storm damage mentioned earlier (which only time and maintenance will cure), the rooms were well kept, and the day staff vigilant in their cleaning. I’m not the type to really care about the cutesy towel art etc., but our maid took the effort to prepare these, and they have become a mainstay at many resorts these days.WIFI throughout the resort.One of the little “perks” we got to experience while we were there was the final upgrade in WIFI services. While this is still as pay as you go, type service in Cuba, the installation of new routers throughout the entire resort means that no matter where you are, you can connect. This proved to be useful when Judy and I wanted to connect with our children and grandchildren on Christmas day. We were able to show them the view from our room (including the ocean ); something the little ones had not seen before.Overall Comment and ratingsWhile not thrilled with some of the changes introduced by the new ownership group, Memories Jibacoa will still remain in our hearts, and on our list of places to revisit. Would I recommend it to new visitors to Cuba? Absolutely.Value 4+Location 4+Service 5 +Friendly Staff 5+Food 4Beach 3+Amenities 4+Overall experience 4

  • rdw1977 : Bonnyville, Canada
Love this place!

We have just returned from a ten day visit to our "second home". The staff have done a remarkable job of recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Irma! Wow! As always we had a terrific time and this is entirely due to the staff. They treat us like well loved family members. Heartfelt thanks to Yuliet, Ada, Adiramys, Yoel, Janet, Nelson, Ingrid, Carlos and Kiki. You always make our trips to Jibacoa so special. It is why we return every year. Thank you all again for a wonderful stay!

  • Lol6368 : Herefordshire, United Kingdom
Out dated hotel

The experience of this hotel will stay with me for a life time, and not for the right reasons. On arrival we pointed in the general direction of the room in the dark, without anyone taking us there , great start. The room was musty and smelt mouldy , so we asked to change rooms , only to be told we had to wait till the morning, finally we moved , and the patio wouldn’t lock . The reported it and they fixed it , Lol, then we couldn’t open it for the duration of the stay. The tv was broken and had to be replaced. The room had botched repairs in several areas. The pool had several areas of missing tiles both in and around it, not the safest by far. The food was shocking , at best Luke warm , but quite often cold, the fact they had a microwave in the buffet says it all. And as for the A La Carte restaurants they weren’t much better, and you can only visit each one of the three once , which to be honest was a God’s send. This hotel is dated and need of a revamp. The staff on the other hand in general were excellent . I wouldn’t recommend this hotel to my worst enemy until it’s revamped that is.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Resort fees (if applicable) must be paid directly to the hotel
  • Hotel transfers for packages to USA
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature
  • 3 meals daily plus snacks
  • Wine with lunch
  • All drinks (International brands, Domestic beer, House Wine, 24 hours)
  • Introductory scuba diving lesson and excursions
  • Sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Daytime Tennis
  • Use of bicycles
  • Volleyball
  • Use of fitness centre
  • Exercise classes (Aerobics, Water aerobics
  • Spanish lessons
  • Dance lessons
  • Daily activities
  • Evening entertainment
  • Wedding Package
  • 250 rooms in eighteen 2-storey buildings
  • 1 buffet restaurant
  • 3 a la carte restaurants: Italian, International, Cuban (dress code & reservations may be required)
  • 5 bars: Lobby bar, Piano bar, Pool bar, Beach bar, Pub
  • 1 Swimming pool
  • Golf 1 hour away
  • Meeting facilities
  • 2 tennis courts on-site (not lit)
  • Shopping on-site (Souvenir gift shop, Tobacco shop)
  • Jacuzzi
  • Fitness facilities
  • Exercise classes
  • Scuba diving on-site
  • Dive shop on-site
  • A range of watersports available
  • Internet (fee)

All accommodations include:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Iron/ironing board
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • In-room safe
  • Balcony
  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • 110/220V Converter boxes in room
  • Max occupancy 3 persons

Gardenview Room

  • 1 king or 2 twin beds

Oceanview Room

  • 1 king or 2 twin beds

Honeymooners - Receive a room upgrade (if available at time of check-in) bottle of wine, late check-out (if available), and specialty restaurant reservations. Request at time of booking. Proof of marriage certificate is required.
Free Weddings - Please inquire for details.
Singles - Single travelers willing to share their room with a roommate of the same sex pay no single supplement. Time restrictions apply, please inquire for further details.
Golf Package - Receive 3 green fees at the 18-hole Varadero Golf Course for CND$140 per person, per week. Additional green fees CND$60 per person, per round. Subject to tee off time availability. Taxes, transportation to golf course and mandatory carts (7am-1pm) are extra.
Bonus offers may only be available from select tour operators and are subject to change.
Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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Memories Jibacoa
Arroyo Bermejo Beach, km 60, Jibacoa 32900 Cuba

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

Photo identification and/or credit card or cash deposit may be required at check-in for incidental charges.

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy. Rollaway beds and cribs (infant beds) may be available and should be requested at the time of booking; fees may apply.

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