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Paradisus Princesa Del Mar

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Our Opinion

Great resort to stay in Varadero. The staff are very pleasant and friendly. However, there have been issues reported regarding the check-in process (communication problems and long wait times). However, this does not necessarily take away from the experience. Great food choices for both the buffet and the a la carte restaurants. The bars are also really great as well. They are not stingy on how they pour their alcohol! Amazing pool service as well. The dreaded 'towel game' is avoided at this hotel, as most of the staff would go out of their way to ensure that you get a lounger. Amazing beach views.

Princesa del Mar is a luxurious 5-star resort where you can relax and be pampered. This elegant adults-only resort offers two secluded beaches, first rate spa facilities with a wide selection of fine dining & bars to choose from. Combining an atmosphere of elegance and harmony with beautiful natural surroundings and the unique hospitality of Cuba.

Location: Beachfront, 40 minutes from the airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Zofia P :
A dream Holiday @Princesa and glutenfree

We visited Princesa del Mar in July for two weeks. We had an amazing time, the entertainment staff was amazing and they created a special experience for us every day - whether it was rum tasting, cocktail class or local art. There are also dance and aerobic classes or spanish lessons during the day. Thank you Yaremis, Osmel, Felix, Isela and Humberto. The pools were clean and drinks were very good quality in both the pool bar and in the lobby, where they even had 12y rums. The beach was very clean and there was always security present, there is free catamaran ride or water bike included for hotel guests. There is also a cigar bar. There was program every night - disco on the beach, circus, cuban dances or water ballet. My partner is gluten intolerant and the chef of the main restaurant Chef Fox73 was trully amazing, he went out of his way to provide us gluten free food - he even got gluten free pasta and biscuits for us. This was our dream holiday and we would go back anytime!

  • Kim B :
Amazing resort

Paradisus princesa del MarWe went to Cuba for the first time Oct 10-17/2017 The resort we went to was Paradisus Princesa del Mar, we had the most amazing time. This resort WILL be my home away from home. The resort was very well kept, the rooms did smell a bit musty but that's what you get for going to a resort that just got hit by a hurricane but in the end you wouldn't even know they were hit cause it looked absolutely amazing! The maids were wonderful, they would make sure your rooms were clean and always put fresh blankets/sheets/towels out for us. They would also leave us the most beautiful flowers on our bed. We tried almost all the restaurants and the food was really good. The Japanese restaurant was by far our favourite. I personally was not a fan of the buffet but the Rock Bar was really good. At this resort you feel very safe and the employees are absolutely amazing and made you feel like family! being there our first night we went to the lobby bar and we were so blessed to meet 2 of the most amazing waiters Javier Alejandro Leon Guzman and Yarian Arias Mojena They would welcome us with open arms every time we came to the lobby bar, very friendly, always happy and man does Javier have an amazing voice, he would come to our table and dance and sing to us all the time. They would always know what to bring us for drinks and introduce new things to us.We were also blessed to meet Victor in the Cigar bar, he was absolutely amazing too, these guys sure made us feel like family everyday! At the pool bar we had a bar tender that would also know what we were drinking before we even ordered anything. I didn't catch her name but she always wore a white petro Canada hat, she was very nice as well! We will definitely be back many many many more times! Cheers The white girl with the brown guy 😉

  • Linda W : Oakville, Canada
My 4th Trip to Cuba!

I had booked my vacation for one week by myself back in the end of August. As you all know the hurricane arrived just a couple weeks later. Therefore I decided to keep in touch with the Community manager at the resort. Mari Arguelles Galvan. What a wonderful young lady to correspond with back and forth every other day up until my departure! She was very honest and told me of partial damage to one part of the royalty section and I was able to see pictures of the cleaning up of the resort on Facebook. When I arrived I had just missed her but was very pleased at the appearance of the reception and lobby area which they had recently renovated! It was exceptional! The ladies at the front desk were very helpful and the concierge (Alfredo, Padro & Juan)brought us to our rooms after giving us a welcoming drink! The pool area was so beautiful to look at! It honestly appeared as a Five-star even with some noticeable damage to the palm trees. My friend went to her room and I to mine. She decided to upgrade to an ocean view and paid 90 pesos to get a suite with Ocean View. After my first evening in my room, the air conditioning was absolutely terrible but everything else in the room was okay. I had sent a message to the community manager requesting a room with better air conditioning and she did not hesitate and I was moved right after lunch time to a room in the same building as my friend near the ocean with exceptional air conditioning, the very next day!! I couldn't have been happier about that! Both rooms I had had, were very clean and had a great view. My Maid Yorlanis, always made something very special with the little blanket on my bed in the way of a bird or some other design. My fridge was always stocked with lime pop or Coca-Cola and a couple of beers and plenty of large bottles of water. My morning cappuccino was usually made by my Favorite bartender in the lobby bar and her name was Kety! I was able to have my Bailey's in my cappuccino and there was always some pastries like mini croissants. If I didn't want to go all the way to the lobby bar, I would go to the Rock House which is the snack bar at the halfway point from my room back to the lobby. Dailin and Dayli were always there to greet me with a smile. I even had breakfast there once in awhile and quite often my friend and I would go there for some calamari and the fried cheese as a snack. One disappointment was that the calamari and cheese was not always consistent especially the calamari sometimes you would get 7 or 8 pieces of calamari lightly breaded and golden and other times you would get 3 big pieces that were well done and looked like onion rings. I do not understand how they can serve two different orders of calamari at the same table and they look completely different. Anyways most of the time it was very good. At night time we also had Marie and Eddie serve us at the Rock House. They were both very nice as well. A couple other servers /bartenders that I would like to mention are Mairelys & Geovanny and Yanet. I remember Geovanny at the beach bar, he made me a margarita which was the beginning of a wonderful afternoon leading into a very late night LOL! The guys at the beach were also very attentive bringing you a chair wherever you wanted it. At the breakfast bar where they have the buffets breakfast lunch and dinner, the young lady named Aylin who opened the door and greeted you with her friendly smile was always a nice start to the day. The lady who made our egg breakfast at the buffet bar was wonderful and friendly too. Unfortunately I did not get her name. But I would like to mention to management and or the owner of the hotel, that it is absolutely ridiculous to have uniforms made of polyester and have the servers and bartenders wear a vest with tie and long sleeves. This is not Canada, this is Cuba! The temperatures are very hot and the staff work extremely hard. I feel that they should be made to be comfortable while they work so they do not have to sweat. I understand it looks very professional but there are other uniforms that look very professional as well or fun that are of good taste that would make your staff feel more comfortable. This is something that I feel very strongly about as I work in the industry myself. Perhaps the ladies could wear a dress or blouse with skirt and the men could wear long shorts or pants with a short sleeve top and NO TIE!Jessica, the aqua fit instructor showed us how to stay fit during the aqua Fitness in the pool. Such a delightful young lady! Thank you for keeping us active.The best meal and Ala carte that we experienced was in Sakura and we were fortunate to have that there for two nights of our one-week stay. Out of the whole week this was the best food I ate all week! Thank you to Laura the young lady who served us the dessert and the chef whose name I could not pronounce. It was a very entertaining Teppanyaki experience. I would also like to give special mention to the servers in The Hilltop Restaurant where we were provided with a complimentary dinner however the appetizer took an hour-long and dinner was not very good as they had just started with a new menu that evening so they were still learning which was unfortunate but we were grateful to have the experience of the great service and have such a beautiful view. I Thank our community manager Mari for that! Also special mention to Roxanne who booked our ala carts. She was very friendly & also Rocio and Laura at the front desk!!Now on the downside, I have spent far too many visits since my second day there( South of the Border ONLY thank God) I don't know if it was the ice cubes or the produce being washed in their local water but I had never been sick or experienced such discomfort in any of my four visits to Cuba. I can only guess that because of the hurricane, that their water had been affected. Well I have been home 4 days now and I'm still feeling the effects. Make sure you take Imodium or start with Dulcolax two weeks before. I strongly advise this! Also I was prepared with a can of OFF mosquito spray and some Muskol spray and those tiny little OFF machines that you put on your belt and still the mosquitoes and sand fleas were absolutely horrendous! I have never experienced so many bites on a vacation anywhere in my life! Also adding to my discomfort. I cannot tell you how important it is to be prepared for this if you are a regular blood donor to these terrible little bloodsuckers! They ate better than I did LOL! I did not eat much because of these two issues and was turned off of most of the food unfortunately but remember Cuba is not known for their food. I was disappointed when we were to go to our reserved Mediterranean dinner only to find out that it is closed and it is being held Outdoors down by the beach which did not impress me because of the darn mosquitoes and everyone was slapping themselves silly because of it! However the service from the Mediterranean staff was excellent! Again I am sorry I did not get names but I'm sure you know who I am speaking of. Another downside was that I was awoken by a couple gentlemen doing construction work outside building number 3 at the big gazebo where they do romantic dinners, who were Drilling and hammering at 1 a.m. in the morning on a scaffold. This was happening on Friday and Saturday night and needless to say I was unimpressed! I understand it's hot in the daytime to be doing this but we are all on vacation there and this should not be going on!Also my friend and I had booked two tours/excursions for our 1 week holiday. The first one was the catamaran trip to Cayo Blanco which I had done twice in previous years and we also decided to book the Jeep Safari. Cayo Blanco this time around was a complete disappointment except for visiting the Dolphins and the staff aboard the Arturo catamaran were excellent! The problem was the island itself. It appeared that there was no cleanup done since the hurricane and there are many trees bending over at a 45 degree angle with much debris on the sand and it just looked horrible like something out of a movie! The food was absolutely tasteless and I could only have a few bites. I could not even eat my Lobster, I gave it to my friend. To top it off there were men doing construction around the patio where the picnic tables were and that was not the right time to be doing that when people are eating. The island really was in bad shape and I had mentioned this to the Air Transat Rep because it was almost a complete waste of money except for the dolphin experience. Jeep Safari was absolutely phenomenal! I give that a 10 out of 10! It started off with five of our Jeeps going through back roads to a place where we snorkeled 150m out to a reef! We had our picture taken with the fish and picked it up later on at the Hotel desk for 10 pesos. Then from there we went to the speed boats for 30 minutes on the water and that was awesome! Then we saw a performance of Indians which was entertaining! From there we went to the place where we were going to have lunch and horseback riding which only lasts for about 5 minutes but it was nice nonetheless. The food again was not very good but you could purchase Lobster if you wanted for 10 pesos but we did not bring enough money. Also the meal consisted of pork and nobody was told that there will not be choices. There were some people that could not eat pork however fortunately they made them a couple pieces of chicken but this should be explained at time of purchase. One of my favorite Parts was the Quevo Saturno where we got to swim in freshwater in the caves and it was so beautiful and refreshing and quite an experience! From there we went to visit a local Farm which was okay but the mosquitoes were absolutely horrible there as well. Our guides were absolutely wonderful and they got us back to our bus pickup on time.Well I know this is a very long review but I just wanted to make sure I didn't forget anything. I hope you all enjoy the resort as much as I did with the exception of the food and the mosquitoes. The staff are excellent and the resort is clean. If you have any concerns you should direct them to the community manager who looked after everything for me! Oh I almost forgot! The Night Time Entertainment was fabulous! Such a talented bunch of singers and dancers and the girls who did the fashion show as well. My favorite was on our last night the Aqua Ballet which lasted about 45 minutes and was exceptional ! Definitely a 10 out of 10 and I made sure to tell them personally when they were finished! Thank you again Mari Arguelles Galvan and to all the other wonderful staff. PS the swim up bar staff need to be more attentive and friendly.

  • daniela3943 : Mississauga, Canada
Awesome vacation

We were there in October, the resort is beautiful and the ocean was nice even after the hurricane. The service is very good and the staff are really polite. Ciro one of the staff members that works at the beach would keep all lounge chairs clean and tidy. He would always help us find a nice place to sit and enjoy the beach.

  • JOY252014 : Montreal, Canada
Had its day.....

My boyfriend and I stayed at the paradisus oct 9th to the 13th a little getaway.I must say I was expecting a lot more from this hotel because of the great reviews and rating here on tripadvisor. We arrived late at night check in was a breeze but when we arrived to our room it was a nightmare the MOLD was so strong it was terrible and there was no way that we could stay in that room not even one night we called reception and was told no problem the bellboy is on his way about 30 minutes later we got a lift with our neighbours who arrived with us from Toronto who's room was flooded! We got a big suite with two bathrooms and living area and ocean view with a very poor functioning air conditioner but decided just to stick with it. The room was clean very nice but is showing its age and need for some tlc . Pillows are not wonderful as well as the beds towels are old and smell funny but were plentiful.I also found blood on my sheets at the foot of the bed our last night crusty dried blood called for a sheet the maid brought me a moldy smelling clean sheet we changed it together.Food what can I say its cuba i have no expectations,we ate at the japanese twice ,food was pretty bad :( drinks were not that great using slush at the beach bar instead of juice haven't seen that one until now.I do not find that the service was good waited 30 minutes to be served at the lobby with no one else there.The only joy we saw and found were in a few bartenders in the lobby Lady and Havier (spelling may be off) fun funny joyful ! The beach of course was wonderful beach service was seriously lacking with staff napping on the side including lifeguards.We enjoyed our vacation and made the best of it and enjoyed each other in this beautiful country. This is an honest review from someone who has traveled throughout cuba I know what to expect and want to share my experience so that others will not be surprised .Will never go back to this hotel even for a great deal.

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  • Coffee/tea maker
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Full bathroom
  • 220V & one 110V - for shavers only (adaptors required)
  • Balcony or terrace w/garden view
  • Max occupancy 2 adults
  • Junior Suite Ocean View available
  • Deluxe Ocean View w/whirlpool available
  • Grand Deluxe Ocean View w/jacuzzi available
  • Honeymoon Ocean View available upon request

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  • Paradisus Princesa Del Mar

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Paradisus Princesa del Mar Resort & Spa
Auropista Sur, Ctra. Las Morlas, KM 19 1/2, Varadero 42200 Cuba

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