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Our Opinion

An outstanding resort in Varadero. Great location as it's situated super close to the beach. As you enter the hotel, you're greeted by an amazing lobby. The rooms are relatively pleasant to sleep in. There are a few rooms that have gone through some renovations, making for a really great stay. Room upgrades are very reasonable, so definitely try to take advantage of this! The staff are amazing. They ensure that you're getting the most out of your stay. The housekeeping staff do an amazing job to make sure that your room is always well stocked. OK food options for what's available in Cuba.

Location is everything in Varadero and Paradisus offers a fabulous location on a beautiful blaze of snow white sand, close to downtown. Perfect for laid-back days and easy going nights.

Location: Directly on Rincon Frances beach in Varadero, a 20 minute drive to downtown, approximately 40 minutes from airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • d0ris56 : Niagara Falls, Canada
Not a 5 Star resort not even 3.

Very, very disappointed with the resort. We booked two rooms over a month before arrival and this was a special occasion as we were taking our mother who was celebrating her 90th birthday to the best in Cuba, a 5 star so she can have a nice experience. We arrived on Air Canada Rouge. There was a 3 hour delay and by the time we arrived to the reception it was 1am. It took the receptionist 40 minutes to get us to some rooms although we were the only ones in line! eventually they took us to our rooms.. OMG what a shock to see very dated old room with an old bulky tv that does not work, side lamps do not work, patio door broken, Coffee maker - no coffee, does not work, one phone between the two rooms. No pool towels in the room. Bathroom with tubs although we specifically requested a walk in shower for my mother. Broken tiles, sand still in the rooms and lots of mosquitos. The beds were comfortable. Next day out meeting with Alexis, the air Canada vacations representative, we requested to be moved from these rooms to a better accommodation or another resort. Eventually he told us that our rooms will be ready by 4pm. To make the story short we finally got the rooms at 7pm.. New rooms were renovated with showers only which suited us better but to get hot water we needed to run the water for 15 minutes to get it luke warm.Could not get fresh pool towels for a whole week. The hut by the pool somehow never gets fresh clean towels.Breakfast: What can I say, the best croissants and cheeses but to see your egg being fried in a deep pan full of lard! No bacon or anything else edible.The International A la Carte was not bad, the best beef steak. Lobster caneloni is totally cold and tastless, only one piece 3 inches long.The Cuban A La Carte: We ordered the shrimp cocktail. Finally we are going to have some shrimps. A fancy plate shows up, nicely decorated with 4 pieces of shrimps covered with sauce but the shrimps were RAW. When Wshowed our shock to the hostess she said it is a cold dish! really, I told her we would like to see the chef eat it!!They took the 4 dishes back and cooked the shrimp.Buffet dinner, very repetitive, just warm.The Lobby bar Krystal had the best coffee and pina colada but could not offer any coffees with alcohol such as Irish, Spanish or Brazilian coffee whereas resorts of 3 and 4 stars can.While there it rained heavily and after cold and windy, no place to hide from the cold wind, the lobby all open, restaurants too we had to wear our canadian winter jackets to feel some warmth.No entertainment by the pool or games. The pool is so large with no bridges to cross to the other side. You just need to walk along the whole parameter to go to the other side!Air Canada vacations bus forgot to pick us up from the lobby. We waited almost an hour to be picked up we even tried to call their representative, but the only number he gave us was the office number and not his cell phone. What good will this do after hours!! No one at the resort knows anything about the agents busses. We had to take a taxi.Dont be fooled with the 5 star advertising, not worth all the money you pay.

  • Michelle T : Vancouver, Canada
Avoid this resort!!!!

We picked this resort after looking through Air Transat's website and on the advice of our travel consultant. We knew 5 star in Cuba didn't necessarily mean 5 star to our standards but we were totally unprepared for the conditions and service of this resort. It took us until 3pm on our first full day to even get pool towels, and that was after two trips to the front desk and a phone call. Throughout our week long stay there was only one day when the resort actually had clean pool towels exchange. Only one day! We never were able to get a face cloth and there were many times when we didn't even have hot water, including our last day where of course they were quite eager to remind us that our check out time was noon. We didn't have hot water until 11:30 that day so we weren't able to be ready and packed by noon at the front desk.There were many times that the resort would run out of beer, straws, mint for mojito's as well as a lot of food items on their menus. These little things can easily be overlooked if this resort had any sort of customer service but that's not the case here at all. The front desk staff are quite rude and curt with guests, and only once did somebody apologize for the issues and problems we experienced. Our room was only cleaned twice while we were there, although the bed was made daily, usually late afternoon. We had to call up for water a few times. The bathroom by the 24 hour snack restaurant never did have some of the menu items stocked and the ladies bathroom didn't even have toilet seats. Although you could hear the staff of the hotel early every morning outside yelling across to each other things were never done until late in the day. There would be glasses, dishes, garbage left out from the night before for days at a time, I emailed out travel consultant back home telling her not to send anymore people here. Of course she felt horrible as this was the resort she had recommended.Usually on our last day of vacation we feel a little sad leaving but we couldn't wait to get out of there. This place might have been a five star at some point but as it is right now its definitely over priced and maybe only a 3 star.

  • Jsingh31 :
One of the best hotels in Varadero

We were a family of four with 2 kids (13 and 9 years old) that checked into this hotel in August 2017. We had initially booked online at the Sol Sirenas Coral Resort (another Melia property advertised as a 4 star resort). However, given the ridiculously dilapidated condition of the rooms and property, and the absurd food we did not stay for more than an hour at the Sol Sirenas and decided to walk out. Our local guide Randy (from cubaamongcubansdotcom) was kind and gracious enough to take us door to door hotel shopping along the strip until we found this hotel - the Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa with last minute availability during the peak season and to our liking. We checked the Varadero Iberostar as well and would have probably preferred that but they had no availability. This resort is advertised as a 5-star resort - and I will admit it is probably as good as it gets given the standards in Cuba. It may be akin to 4 star elsewhere in the US. Property is located on the same stretch of gorgeous as most other resorts in Varadero. Great location, perfect, marvelous beach, clear, calm blue waters. Awesome. There is a nice long walking trail that leads from the beach, behind the property and along the beach. Gorgeous sunsets. They had small hobie cats; only downside is you can't sail them yourself. There is a 'Free' option which is a 20 minute ride and a 'Paid' option which is hour long and takes you further out towards the reef for some good snorkeling. Rooms were decent sized and comfortable, bathrooms neat and clean. No free Wifi - you have to purchase a $2 credit for 1 hour of Wifi. Staff at the lobby, reception, dining areas all were excellent. Professional, helpful and very courteous. Special shout out to Maylee at the pool bar. She was very friendly with the kids and ensured our glasses were full with her special mixes and cocktails. Pool was nice and clean. We didn't stay in the family section (no last minute availability) - but it certainly looked great. The family section has private step-out / step-in swimming pools outside the rooms, though I found them empty mostly with kids preferring the main hotel pool. The family section also has its own central pool, though much smaller than the main pool and with its own bar. The family section, though beautiful, seemed very isolated, empty and calm. with most guests spending time in the main pool or the beach. One positive is that the dining area in the family section is air conditioned -- which would be very welcome when temperatures run high. Lots of scheduled activities (water sports, dancing, BBQ etc. ) at the beach and the pool. Kids enjoyed it thoroughly. Food was Ok. Nothing great - but again you have to temper your expectations when in Cuba. It was probably as good as it gets in Cuba. We also made reservations and ate dinner in the French and Italian restaurants. The downside is you have to reserve in advance and have to stand in a huge line at the reception in the morning to make those dinner reservations at the speciality restaurants. Lot of precious time wasted and those reservations go fast. Yes - towels were a challenge. Housekeeping never had fresh towels to replace in the mornings. Our housekeeper though was resourceful and used to finagle and manage towels for us from somewhere - but just the fact, that we had to request someone every morning for what should have been a standard practice, was a concern. Overall the property was very clean, updated and complimented by a great staff, delivering a great experience. I would definitely recommend this resort.

  • crossingcloud : Toronto, Canada
worst experience in my life, I wished to go back home everyday of my stay

I usually don't write a lots of review if things are standards, but I spent some time to write on this, just hope people who read it would think twice before book it.Overall, during my entire stay, I haven’t seen much happy faces, almost none exist as hardly to believe as it sounds. The moment from I was waiting at lines at the check in desk, I have start hearing complains and unhappy peoples and I quickly realized that was not because picky people have unrealistic demands, it is really a lacking of the service and quality from the resortWe booked in November this hotel for a 7 days stay that starts from the New Year and 1800 was paid for each person. Booked with transit vacation. We are a group of 10 with 3 kids.At 12pm we got to the hotel, there was a long lineup, after it was our turn, we spent 15 minutes dealing with the clerk only to find out that they couldn’t find our names in the system. Then another 20 minutes went by, they finally found our names, by then children were pretty tired and bored. And we were told the rooms would not be finished until 5 pm. Fine, at least they find the 4 rooms that we booked in. We got our key later the day, and found out that the room was filled with mosquito, and I also found out that we have only one blanket for our room, I need 2 extra, the weather is cold and we are not used to sleep with shared blanket. So I called room service to get extra 2 blankets. Even though they kept on telling us that someone will bring it to room, but the blanket never came. And that is not the worst, the worst are mosquitos, in the first night, I killed at least 30 mosquito, without exaggerate. But my daughter could still not sleeping even though she is so tired, because there are still some uncaught ones buzzed around and bites. I spent an hour to catch mosquitos for the sake of kid could get a good sleep. Minor things. The curtain was 1-2 inches shorter than the window, so lights are not blinded in the morning if you wanted. The safe was broken, I put my stuff in friends room, there is no drier in the room, but in my friends room there is a drier. When my daughter wet her shoe, I went to friends room to dry her shoe. There don’t change your towel every day and there is no face or hand towels, there are only shower towels. In my friends room there are no coffee machine, while I have one. The door for the washroom was missing, even though the sliding track was still on the wall. For 2 times, they didn’t put any plastic bag in the trash bin. Everything just feels like very random, very poorly maintained.The second morning, cold tired and exhausted, my daughter woke up with mosquito bites all over her face, and the itchiness is painful. 2nd morning, I was determined to get the extra blanket, I called the room service again, I don’t know how many times, and I told the maid that I saw in front of our room, they all promise me to bring some and I needed no to worry. After the first day I don’t trust what they say any more. I finally got the blanket at 4pm the second day, and they bring only 1 instead of 2. I gave up the idea to get another blanket, obviously, they are short of blanket, and wouldn’t admit it. That is what I thought. The temperature went down to 16 degree for the rest of our stay, and I freezes every night. But I know that I could keep on asking for blanket and not get one, and it is going to ruin my vacation. It might be wise to give up. The 2nd day, at 4 pm I found my room was still hasn’t been cleaned, once It was cleaned, it was not really clean, all the dead mosquitos on the mirror (at least 15 of the dead bodies) on the tiles and walls are still there. I kept kill mosquitos the second day, and bought a repellent at the gift shop. It was not until the third day, when I found out that our door is totally not sealed, I will upload pictures of the door, 2 pictures, indicate the side gap and bottom of the door. Mosquitoes piles in. On the 3rd day, I also got low fever, from lacking of blanket, and killing mosquitos late night, and worries that my daughter would not get enough sleep. My daughter 8 years old, an extensive traveler, (has already been to 5 continents) a girl rarely cry and always happy, she sit on the bed, and cried and said she wanted to go home,she had never said that when we travel elsewhere. Since I was sick, I stayed at the room the entire day, and I sealed the door gap, thanks to my daughter bring her craft tape everywhere she goes. I couldn’t seal it so well, but it is to proven that my onsite quick fix-up had helped a lot. The 3rd and 4th day I didn’t let the cleaning lady in, coz I was sick. The 5th day, after that I feels better, I went out. Mosquitos are much less by then. After I returned room, my extra sheet that I use to cover the blanket has been taken away. I had been asking my clean sheets few times again, which finally was brought to me at the end of the day. I am sure if I said that 1 times, it would never get to me. I tried to talk to the manager, since they don’t have a manager on site, you have to book in an appointment scheduled for the next day, and to book in an appointment I was pointed to go to the side room and be waited for booking. Another problem are the noise, There are every night some music’s, even though there are no shows, almost every day, it last until 11pm, the noise is loud, depends on location of the rooms. We had poolside junior suite. In the morning, usually the cleaning ladies begin their works around 8, so there will be noise from them, they talked very loud and like to yell from a distance. There is no Wi-Fi what so ever in room, you have to buy a extra card to use a Wi-Fi on site, and the Wi-Fi is only available at the reception desk area. The day we went to buy the card, we were told, the card is sold out. So for the rest I used my phone roaming service which costs 15 dollars a day. For the drink, here is no real coffee in the buffet area, their coffee task more like coffee water than coffee, so every morning, for breakfast, there is no real coffee, and there is always a long line for omelet or pancake, there are really much I could eat for breakfast. And forget about cappuccino or latte or orange juice. Which is pretty normal to ask for elsewhere. In the resort at least parts of what we stayed, There is only one main bar, which offer real coffees , and you always has to be very patient to wait for the turn. Even though there is many guests, lots times there is only 1 guys behind the bar. I only went 3 times for my total stay. You got that feeling, they slow down everything, and make it hard to get purposely. Buffet was not good, the food has quiet lots varieties, but most very plain. Fruit are no flavor, not ripe, and very always on 3-4 selection with low qualities, never saw kiwi or strawberries apples. I the buffet, we had always problem for asking drinks. All we asked are nothing more than coffees and water for kids. Each meal we start off with how many times we are goanna ask until our drink was brought to us. There is no service and nobody cares. In the buffet there was actually lots waitress standing around, but if you ask someone to bring you a water, they will say ok, but went straight to their desk and stand there as if nothing had happened, and we call someone else, they repeated the same. Until we catch someone, really brings us a water or coffee. It looks very strange to me, but it was really the way they work. Advices: this hotel doesn’t belongs to the big chain, such as Barceló, Iberostar, Lieu etc. It belongs to the Cuba army or state owned, that is from what we have heard, so there is a lacking of a standard of management, it is very local. I would recommend if do go to cube, then stay under a chain hotel. The design or the building and ground is very dated, on the website it looks quite nice, don’t be fooled. On site it looks so different. It is shabby and dull, the location is very nice right on beach, but their ground keeping was so lagging, the grass are not green, not well-kept and I don’t see anyone working on the landscape during my entire stay, there is no flower on sites, no colors, my impression of this hotel is just grey, endless grey! I made a short trip twice to the iberostar at the next door, over there the vibe is totally different, under same cold whether, there are so many people interacting in the poolside and outdoor in general. At least the building are well maintained. Not as many as unhappy faces in paradisus. The few good thing about this resort that I can say is that their show and some cuba music band, I find the show and music are generally good, kids enjoy the musical of “lion king”. Their beach side grill house is of a much better service and food. I found the staff at beach side BBQ are quiet attentive and nice! But the BBQ only runs on lunch time. Overall, I would not stay here again.

  • Ilovecuba420 : Vancouver, Canada
2nd time in cuba - Blown away

We were in the family conceirege - they had the nicest rooms beautiful washrooms and hot water at the tap at all times, and daily clean up of rooms and washroom. The door connecting us to the next room was not sound proof so we could hear a baby cry at early hours in the night at times. The A/C units worked well with no smells. The buffet was really nice and all staff waitresses were nice. The Beach was beautiful although when we went the resort was still recovering from hurricane damage. Raymundo was very helpful and nice from the first day we met him on the resort. He told us about the current events happening and answered any questions we had. We believe if Raymundo was not there our day to day experience would not have been as good (pay him well , keep him , give him more opportunity to grow). We are looking forward to coming back and meeting him and a few other staff we made friends with.One night we went out to a local club others we stayed in the 24 hours bar in the Main lobby and got to know everyone from around the world. We took a Private Taxi who knew how to speak English and gave us a one on one tour of Havana and that was awesome compared to going on a bus tour as the bus tour sounded to be more of a money gouge. Overall our trip was a great experience as we met nice people and had good food and did not have to deal with anyone gouging for money as in resorts like barcelo solymar. The taxi rates were always reasonable at Pardisus where as our stay at Barcelo the taxi men would try to charge three to four times the going rate.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Resort fees (if applicable) must be paid directly to the hotel
  • Hotel transfers for packages to USA
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature
  • 3 buffet meals daily
  • A la carte dinner w/reservations
  • 24 hour room service
  • Snacks
  • Christmas and New Year's Gala Dinners
  • Unlimited Domestic beer, International drinks, including House Wine
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Pedal Boat
  • Canoeing
  • Snorkeling
  • Catamarans
  • Canoeing
  • Non-motorized watersports listed above 3 per week
  • 1 Introductory scuba diving lesson at pool, subject to availability
  • Tennis
  • Use of bicycles
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Archery
  • Game room
  • Use of Sauna
  • Gym
  • Aerobics
  • Spanish lessons and dance lessons
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 421 rooms in 28 two-storey villas
  • 1 buffet restaurant
  • 4 a la carte restaurants: Italian, International, Spanish, Steakhouse - dress code & reservations required
  • 24 hour room service
  • Grill
  • Snack bar
  • 4 bars including swim-up bar
  • 2 outdoor pools
  • 1 pool with Children's area
  • Meeting facilities
  • 3 tennis courts on-site
  • Shopping on-site
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Aerobics
  • Beauty salon
  • Laundry service (fee)
  • Car & moped rental
  • Internet access (fee)
  • A range of watersports available
  • Medical services (fee)

All accommodations include:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Separate sitting area
  • Satellite TV
  • In-room safe
  • Mini-bar
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer 220V (converter/adapters required)
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Max occupancy 3 persons

Junior Suites

  • 1 king or two 3/4 beds

Oceanview Junior Suites

  • Same as above but with oceanview

Kids Deals - 1 child 3-12 pays special all-inclusive rate. Children 2 years & under stay and eat free when sharing with 2 adults.

For the Kids - Baby Club for ages 0-4, Kids' Club for ages 5-12 enjoy Kids' section of main pool & Playground, Babysitting subject to availability. (fee)

Honeymooners - Receive a room upgrade and late check-out (based on availability at check-in), welcome cocktail, breakfast in room the morning after arrival, a private check-in, flowers in the room on arrival, fruit basket on arrival, a bottle of wine on arrival, and romantic dinner for 2. Valid up to 6 months after the wedding, minimum 7 night stay required. Request when you book. Proof of marriage certificate required at check-in.

Wedding Packages - Available, minimum number of guests required. Please inquire for details.

Senior Specials - Guests 55+ receive special discounts when booking with a minimum of 2 adults per room. (not applicable with any other offer) Proof of age at check-in.

Golf Bonus - 1 round of free golf per person per week is offered. Golf is based on 18 holes, Caddies and carts are mandatory and at extra cost. Subject to availability. Golf should be pre-booked to avoid missing preferred tee times. Email: Can also be arranged locally based on available tee times. Minimum 7 night stay applies. This offer subject to change.

Free Diving - One open water dive per person per day (Only for certified divers).

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa
Punta Frances, Varadero 42200 Cuba

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

Photo identification and/or credit card or cash deposit may be required at check-in for incidental charges.

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy. Rollaway beds and cribs (infant beds) may be available and should be requested at the time of booking; fees may apply.

Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in. Special requests cannot be guaranteed and may incur additional charges upon check-in to fulfil.

Hotels do not condone unruly behavior, parties in rooms, excessive noise or any other actions that violate the hotels terms of use. Guests may be removed from the property at their own expense in the event of any disturbance or complaint from other guests or hotel staff. cannot be held responsible for any guests who may be removed from the hotel due to a violation of rules. makes every effort to ensure that the information on this page is accurate, however, all information on this page is subject to change without notice. is not responsible for any changes, errors or omissions that may occur.