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Our Opinion
Please note that hotel standards in Cuba tend to be lower than in other Sun Destinations. Unless travelers are familiar with the resort or Cuban hotels, we typically recommend that travelers book a minimum 4 star resort when traveling to Cuba.

Great location and great value! Golf next door at the Varadero Golf Course, relax by the pool or on the 20 kilometer beach - the Tuxpan lets you keep busy and chill out at the same time. A short taxi ride away is the town or Varadero, where you can stroll through the shops or take a break in a open-air bar.
Location: Beachfront, 5 minutes to downtown Varadero, 30 minute drive from the airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • MexicoTraveller2005 : North Bay, Canada
Beautiful beach, but stay somewhere else.....

We just returned from a one week all-inclusive vacation at the Tuxpan. We have been to Cuba on four other occasions, and although the food and accommodations are not on par with other areas we have been to in the Caribbean, this honestly was the absolute worse. I am so sorry to say this but for those considering a stay at this hotel, please reconsider. We have travelled the Caribbean around 70 times in the last 15 years, but this was the worst. I apologize for the long review, but you need to know this before booking here.First, upon arrival at the airport, our Air Transat rep did not have our names on their passenger lists. We were the only drop-off at the Tuxpan and a bit leery that they would not come back to pick us up 7 days later. We learned that an Air Transat rep does not spend any time at the hotel and we were presented with a paper with a phone number to call should we wish to reach the Transat rep. Not encouraging. BTW, I would recommend Transat complete a review of this hotel and perhaps downgrade it's Star Rating to 1*.Upon check in, the front desk barely spoke to us, just handed us a paper to sign, then affixed our all-inclusive bracelets and presented us with a room key. When asked about a towel card, we were told we would have to pay a deposit which would be returned at the end of our stay. We declined as receiving Cuc's at the end of the stay are not useful and would need to be converted at the airport back to Canadian dollars. Why they have this practice is ridiculous. People were bringing their white bathroom towels to the beach. What would stop tourists from bringing their bed blankets as well?A porter took our luggage up the third floor as he indicated all the elevators were out of service (and they remained out of service our entire stay).Our luggage was deposited in the room, the porter showed us where the air conditioning controls were, returned shortly thereafter with a bottle of Cuban rum and one bottle of water and some candies. We later learned that they thought we were "return guests" hence the Rum, but this was our first stay at the Tuxpan. We ended up giving our Rum to some Dutch friends we met during the week.First night of our stay, the toilet did not work. We walked down to Front Desk and they sent up maintenance who managed to get it working. The room - Upon entry, we noticed the room reeked of a sewer type smell (emanating from the sinks) - we opened patio doors to air out room (very difficult to open - only my husband had the strength to slide them). (All our clothing and luggage now have this horrible smell after 7 days in that room. ) Three different windows and all curtains half-hanging on the curtain rods. On the positive note, we had a large wrap-around balcony. During the night, we realized there are two settings that actually work for room temperature control, freezing air conditioning (controls don't work) or hot, unconditioned room. You don't want to sleep with the patio door open as there are a lot of mosquitoes in the area, as well as flies (bring bug spray and a fly swatter). On the second day, the hair dryer stopped working. Maintenance came to look at it but couldn't fix it and said they would bring a new hairdryer next day. Two more stops at front desk to remind them and that night a new hairdryer was brought to the room. The maids do not wash the floors daily - once we smelled bleach and the floors were damp. Towels and sheets are not changed on a daily basis, despite leaving daily tips. Furniture is in poor condition, broken corners, scratched, could use some painting. Outside patio doors, lots of mold and peeling paint. Positive note - the TV worked well with channels available in French, Chinese, German, along with CNN, CTV and sports. There is a good size safe - you open it with your room key. Lots of hangers in the closet. A couple cabinets with drawers for clothing. There are no face cloths or Kleenex in the rooms.Breakfast - so limited. The egg station is the best and the friendly gentleman there makes awesome omelets. There is fresh bread that is delicious but you are lucky if there is any butter left. No peanut butter, limited jams. Pancakes rubbery and cold, French toast cold. Fruits pretty much the same every day but not always ripe enough - watermelon, pineapple, Papaya, Guava and occasionally bruised bananas. No bacon or orange juice although there are some other juices and drinkable yogurts. Foods were not maintained at the right temperatures. Birds were constantly pecking at the desserts, bread/rolls and any open food containers (pastas, pancakes, French toast). BTW, no maple syrup for French toast. Service very slow in restaurant. Staff are pretty much indifferent to your needs. Coffee is okay but watch for the sludge in the bottom of the cup. Breakfast is only for a certain time, so don't miss it or you won't be able to eat in the buffet until lunch.Lunch - we didn't try the buffet at lunch, and instead opted for the Snack Bar at the pool. The grilled cheese and ham were good. We tried the chicken sandwich one day. First bite, I bit into something hard and then a few other fatty pieces of chicken (none of it was white meat) and felt too nauseous to eat any more. They do have good pizzas but it's a game to get one. They are supposed to be available between 1 and 2:30. We got there at 1:15 to be told they were all gone. I couldn't believe it and mentioned that we were told to arrive at this time. They said they were all gone. My husband jiggled some coins in his hand, and miraculously 2 pizzas appeared - thanks to Tomas. On another day we went back at 12:15 to wait for "pizza time" - only to be told they were not getting any pizza delivery that day. Yet, other tourists saw staff eating pizza in the back of the bar that same time.Smoothie bar - located near the pool. My favorite place as fresh fruit smoothies made by Yosmany - a very pleasant gentleman. He deserves some recognition.Dinner - There is an a la carte (El Rancho) on the 2nd floor which is open for Cuban food. Another a la carte was closed as they said the kitchen was "broken" (?) so the International food was being served in the El Rancho on alternate evenings. We went to the Cuban night. The small shrimp appetizer was good. Fish with rice for main course was good. Slices of cheese as dessert were chewy and we left them. Service was poor and servers were not very friendly. We did not leave a tip as we typically do all around resorts we travel to. We did not return to the Cuban restaurant. The buffet at dinner was ridiculous - again, birds pecking at all the open dishes without any attention from staff and without any effort to provide a cover for the food. Spaghetti sauces have no meat, there isn't any Parmesan cheese, or garlic. Grilled fish is the only option that is good. We are very accepting of different foods and are not big or fussy eaters but this really was ridiculous - it was basically a week of dieting on eggs, bread, a few bananas, mangoes on the two days they were available, and ham and cheese sandwiches. (Friday nights are the best meal of the week so don't miss it as you can get shrimp and turkey and an awesome strudel - food you might expect at a decent resort).Beach bar - no snacks, limited drinks. Bartenders leave for lunch time. No Beach Service.I felt so sorry for those tourists visiting for 3 weeks from Europe. They were all so upset with the food. One lady even showed us how loose her clothing had become. Many had brought snacks in their luggage which turned out to be their saviour. We went into town one day and feasted on a delicious meal!! Cuban pesos are about as expensive as buying American $$ for Canadians and dinner in town was not cheap, but it was GOOD FOOD! And upon arriving back in Toronto, we hit the first restaurant we saw for some "real food".Drinks - The beer is good, and the wines are okay. When they have mint, the Mojitos are good. They ran out of mint on a few days. Very limited International Brand liquors and you have to pay for these. And, for two days they didn't have plastic glasses so you couldn't take drinks to the beach unless you brought an insulated cup with you from home. The coffee bar on the 2nd floor next to El Rancho is open in the evenings and have the best coffee at the Tuxpan. This was a highlight of our stay and the employees working there are very friendly and provide good service.Wifi - I bought a WiFi card for 2 pesos. After two days of trying to log in, success! Then unable to log in again until the day I was leaving. People were frustrated! Any questions of Front Desk staff were a waste of time - they just looked at you with indifference. So upsetting when you need to connect with home.Swimming pools - two beautiful pools with lots of lounge chairs. The one pool was green when we arrived but they quickly worked to shock it and make it available. We spent our time at the beach. Get to the beach early if you want to get a comfortable chair - blue ones go quickly. The others are the white, hard plastic type. There are life guards on the beach but they spent more time socializing with friends or with their family than actually watching those in the ocean. And, employees on the beach are always eyeing your personal items, such as sandals, sunglass "floatation straps", air mattress, etc., and asking if you have any more or how much you paid for them. It became a nuisance and they were wearing Levis, Nikes, and other name brand items so not sure how available these were to them. One tourist gave the lifeguard's wife a bag of clothing from his home country. We watched her open the bag and look at the articles therein with disdain - was it because they weren't name brand? We noticed the tourist had spent quite some money on the items - men's bathing suits, t-shirts, ladies clothing and I felt sorry for the tourist.One other thing that was disturbing is how the bartenders (and we tipped them well) would ask us to excuse them for minute while they met other staff in the side room with limes (never provided to tourists) and tequilas and do shooters and also sold bottles of liquor off the shelf to employees. Wish we had not seen that. There was obvious pilfering going on - saving food and drinks for the staff and tourists were quite aware of this.Our friends had an invasion of ants in their room and staff were not sympathetic or offer to move them.There is a plane that constantly flies the tourist region and we were told they are spraying for mosquito control. The workers say there is no Zika in Cuba, but with all the mosquitoes we experienced, I highly doubt that. Just a lot of upsetting incidences. Cuba's beaches are glorious and those we enjoyed immensely. The sand is cleaned daily by a tractor so you can enjoy walking it with bare feet. The water is crystal clear - you can see your feet in the water! No seaweed issues like other Caribbean countries are experiencing. Would we go back? Not to this hotel certainly! We did take the double decker bus to see the other resorts in the area. We have stayed at two other hotels in their region which were certainly better than the Tuxpan but the food is always iffy. We know the value we get in other countries for close to $100 Cdn extra so doubt we will be back to Cuba for a while. I think if the hotels could improve upon their food and make simple renovations and improve upon cleanliness, they could have such success there as Cuba has a lot of history and beauty!

  • neubreed314 : San Diego, California
Cool spot for a couple days

Went to Tuxpan with group of friends in March. Check in was fast!Room was ok....curtain was hanging, bathroom door didnt close, hot water was warm/hotsh, pretty clean. Served its purpose as a place to sleep off the cheap rum hangovers!! Drinks are plentiful.Best drinks were at Piano Bar.Food was hit n miss....Buffet always had something edibleGrill had the best food....The ribs were BOMB!!Get ready for Ham N Cheese Sandos!!Beach is gorgeous!Staff is all really nice and helpful!Dont event bother trying to get reservations for the a la carte inside restaurant. Booked up and we were 4th in line.....HMMMM??? seems fishy to me!!!!Honestly, the place is good for a couple days..especially if looking for DO NOTHING BUT DRINK AND EAT AND LAY ON BEACH.

  • Gus A : Lehigh Acres, Florida
Why I call this Hotel "MY SECOND HOME"

I just readed an opinion like our one, When you arrive at this Hotel, you will feel like you were at your own home. Why?. Before we were looking for a Hotel at Varadero, we readed Tripadvisor, and choose several hotels to visit and pick the one that could like us.We arrived at Varadero and started looking for the one that we can afford and liked.When we saw the great pool at the Tuxpan, the facilities inside and outside, we tried this one.And since then, for several years we have been spending our vacations at this Hotel.Why?. Despite the 3 bars, Pool Bar. Lobby Bar and Beach Bar, and restaurants The main one, The Colibri and The Rancho, The water, clear as a cristal. What else!!!. Now. the most important part is THE STAFF, In all my reviews i Mention this excellent, professional, and willing to help personnel., This is the main value of this Hotel, If you don't like or if you need something, they are there to accomplish your needs, always at any time, where ever you go, This is a good asset.So, forget that the Hotel is almost 40 years old, that needs maintenance, they are working on that little by little they are doing that, That is was I was told, and found in the pool area and the Lobby. The staff, I REPEAT will make you to feel at Home ,For the price, location and facility you won't be disappointed, Do not expect a great variety of meals, Remember where you are going and the price you are paying. For Us, are OK, fish, pork, chicken and so on., it's a buffet. The breakfast, excellent .Why this hotel is not Five Stars?. First, I think that is missing access to the pool/ beach for the people with disabilities. So, we love this Hotel, since the first time, this is the only one, thanks to the GREAT STAFF, WHICH i CONSIDER MY SECOND FAMILY, AND OF COURSE, The TUXPAN, MY SECOND HOME. You will love it.Excuse me for the pictures, next week, I will posted them. I'm very busy. Thanks

  • Bailey20140128 : Thunder Bay, Canada
Excellant Food, Service and Friendly enviroment

This was my 11 trip to Cuba. Two years ago I changed hotels and went to the Tuxpan. Right went I arrived I felt like I was at home. The staff is amazing so friendly and cant do enough for you. Thus my return trips will be at this hotel. The food is excellent and lots of it not like my previous hotel. Distance is the only problem. You have to catch a cab, double decker bus which is amazing or a horse drawn carriage. You will not be disappointed with a stay at this hotel.

  • brendamcneil565 : Sydney, Canada
Girls Trip

A group of coworkers began a girls trip nine years ago the last four have been at Tuxpan.We love this place because it is small, beautiful beach,,clean rooms, and staff are amazing.I noticed a lot of new improvements this year,beach loungers, beach huts,new barbecue grill everyday at lunch,room improvements new TV's and lot's of other little things.They have a beautiful special dinner for returning guests which was lovely.The staff are friendly and helpful and never forget you.The buffet is small but I have never come away hungry and the omlets in the morning made by Alexis are amazing always smiling:) We usually go the same time everyday year the last week in April and have always had great weather.If you want a small quiet get away ,close to town check it out!!!

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Buffet breakfast, lunch & dinner daily
  • A la carte dining
  • All Domestic drinks from 10am-1am
  • Snack bar
  • Manager's welcome cocktail party
  • Sailing
  • Catamarans
  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Pedal boats
  • Snorkeling
  • Waterpolo
  • Introductory scuba diving lessons
  • Volleyball
  • Mini-Soccer court
  • Day tennis
  • Bicycles
  • Aerobics, water aerobics
  • Dances lessons
  • Spanish lessons
  • Daily activities
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 232 rooms in one 4-storey building
  • 1 buffet restaurant
  • 2 a la carte restaurants including 'El Rancho' Mexican restaurant, dress code & reservations required
  • 4 bars including swim-up pool bar
  • Cigar lounge
  • 'La bamba' disco
  • Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Poolside chairs
  • Tennis courts
  • Table tennis
  • Shopping on-site
  • Massage services (fee)
  • Exercise classes
  • Watersports centre
Hotel Rooms include:
  • 1 double or 2 twin beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Cable TV
  • In-room safe
  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Balcony or terrace
VIP Oceanview Rooms: Same as above but also includes a bottle of rum and fruit basket upon arrival, mini bar stocked with soft drinks and beer. Max 2 adults or 2 adults and 1 child. (For stays over 12 nights: bathrobe as a present)
Kids Deals - One child 2-12 stays & eats free when sharing a room and existing bedding with 2 adults, pay only air and transfers. Max 1 child. Kids staying in a separate hotel room pay a special rate. Max 2 kids. Date restrictions apply.

For the Kids - Kids 4-12 can enjoy supervised activities daily at the Kids' Club, playground, and kid's section of main pool. Babysitting subject to availability (fee).

Honeymooners - Receive an upgrade to Oceanview room (based on availability at check-in), a bottle of wine, and romantic dinner at a la carte restaurant. Request at time of booking. Requires proof of marriage certificate.

Wedding Package - Available, please inquire for details.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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Hotel Tuxpan
Carret. Las Americas, Km.4, Matanzas, Varadero 42200 Cuba

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

Photo identification and/or credit card or cash deposit may be required at check-in for incidental charges.

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy. Rollaway beds and cribs (infant beds) may be available and should be requested at the time of booking; fees may apply.

Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in. Special requests cannot be guaranteed and may incur additional charges upon check-in to fulfil.

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