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Ideally located just outside the hurricane belt, Curaçao boasts a practically perfect year round climate. Many adventure travelers seek out this destination know for its eco-tourism and pristine diving conditions. Of course those looking to relax and unwind on one of the 30 or so gleaming white beaches will be just as content. Nature lovers and historical buffs will be just as enthralled by the many gardens, parks, museums and estates to visit.

From historic Willemstad's brightly painted houses and Dutch culture, to the beautiful of tropical fish and coral reefs in one of the Caribbean's best destinations for diving, Curaçao makes an unforgettable impression.Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, is unique in design with its historical buildings and architecture complimented by its multicultural treasures with Dutch flavours and Caribbean excitement. Also known for its shopping, Willemstad has turned its 2 largest streets into pedestrian malls so you can wander at will among the tempting shops. 
Curaçao has one of the largest and longest-lasting Carnival spectacles of the Caribbean — starting in early January, and ending late February/ March. Other activities include an 18-hole championship golf course, a dolphin interaction program, a floating market, caves, and even an Ostrich farm. Accommodations vary from luxury resorts, seaside villas and personable guesthouses. A lively nightlife awaits you in one of the many clubs, bars or casinos.

Things to know about Curacao, Curacao Vacations

Activities & Sports
With so many kilometres of coastline, one is sure find all the water sports facilities right at their finger tips, whether it be swimming, sailing, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing or any other water activity. Curaçao's underwater world is famous worldwide amongst diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, with its 40 different dive areas and 65 individual sites.

There are plenty of activity options for those who prefer to stay on land, such as horseback riding, hiking, cycling, mountain biking or tennis. Golfers will rejoice at the Blue Bay Golf & Beach Resort, an 18-hole championship golf course and at the Curaçao Golf & Squash Club, a 9-hole course.

Dining & Nightlife
Dining out in Curaçao is a culinary adventure: Dutch influences are found in dishes like bitterballen (spicy battered meatballs) and a penchant for rijsttafel, a sort of tabletop buffet served at Asian restaurants like Jaipur and Bali. Jaanchie's in Westpunt is a must for seafood prepared with traditional Curaçao recipes and ingredients, including iguana. A number of Curaçao's old landhuis (plantation homes) have been converted to fine-dining restaurants, which also can be found in Willemstad at the Kura Hulanda hotel

Willemstad has the upscale nightclubs and casinos, many located at city hotels and resorts; check out the Salinja neighborhood for the best variety. Sea Aquarium Beach has the best beach parties and live music at clubs like Mambo Beach and Wet and Wild. Party boats like Mi Dushii move the dancing and drinking offshore.

The island has two main shopping areas located in the capital city. The first is a five block shopping district called Punda. The second district is called Otrobanda. The Heerenstraat and Madurostraat streets are pedestrian areas. Even though there are no duty-free shops, exceptional rebates can be found due to low import duties. Purchases include perfumes, Dutch Delft blue souvenirs, electronics, jewellery, linens, silks, lace work and leather goods. You can also buy Gouda and Edam cheeses, local rum, and of course the famous blue Curaçao liqueur.

Flying time from:
Toronto: Approximately 5 hours

Language: Dutch. English and Spanish are also widely spoken.
Currency: Netherlands Antillean guilder. US dollars are accepted readily.
Climate: Warm and sunny climate with an annual average temperature of 27° C, and refreshing trade winds that helps keep the humidity low. Although there is a rainy season, from October through February, it is mostly defined by short nightly showers.
Electricity: 110-130 V, 50Hz

Documents: Valid passport required and ongoing or return ticket.

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