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Our Opinion

Like most Dreams resorts, the Dreams La Romana delivers with excellent service in a fun, yet relaxed tropical setting. This resort is great for families and couples alike. A great staff keep guest pampered and relaxed all vacation long. Lots of bars and restaurants to choose from. A definite recommend for La Romana.

Dreams La Romana provides a dynamic, upscale environment for families, friends and couples to relax or play on one of nature's most pristine beaches. The resort is known for its luxury accommodations bordered by a tropical jungle and magnificent palm-lined beach. The beach, pools, manicured gardens, warm tropical breezes, fabulous a la carte restaurants and tropical drinks are all part of your escape. And don't miss the nearby magical artist village of Altos de Chavon.

Location: On a white sand beach, near the fishing village of Bayahibe, 20 minutes from La Romana airport, 75 minutes from Punta Cana airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • GerryH10 : Scotland
Dreams La Romana feels like it's changing...

This was our fourth Dreams summer with last year and this at La Romana Resort & Spa.There are so many things to talk about from our visit and I'll try to be as brief as possible.There have been so many reviews of Dreams La Romana and I took the time to read quite a few before going last year and again this year. I noticed a difference in the content of the reviews and I was fascinated to see for myself what changes were being implemented and how they would impact on the resort experience.Last year at La Romana we commented that we thought if you could merge the atmosphere of Dreams Palm Beach (where we had holidayed previously) to the slightly more sedate La Romana you'd come close to having a perfect resort in terms of fun, activity and atmosphere. It was interesting to see this year that some of those changes seemed to be getting implemented such as live music or karaoke etc between the main pool and lobby area in the evening.As in previous years we booked ourselves into the Preferred club section and I despite some of my comments yet to come I do see a value in making that upgrade although it's certainly more valuable if you wish to enjoy the preferred sections exclusively as the other areas are not of a similar standard in terms of service and general presentation.This was the first time in a quarter of a century that my wife and I had travelled without any of our kids on our main summer vacation and after some serious soul searching we decided to treat ourselves and upgrade to an ocean view suite which came with butler service. I must confess at this time that neither of us is entirely comfortable at the thought of using other people to do small things that we could do ourselves but the service came with the room and we decided to utilise the service in our own personal way and not the way some others did.The way some guests who paid for the butler service behaved towards the staff was shameful, from throwing waste onto the ground for butlers to collect to finding the smallest of reasons to give the guys a hard time in the condescending tones was embarrassing. I heard one guest raise his voice because he claimed to be a bottle of water short in his order and others repeatedly complain to other guests about the lack of service they were receiving despite watching the butlers run after them to the point of nonsense. It's an absolute credit to the young guys that they maintain their dignity and self control when faced with people who seem unable to relax on vacation but who seem to want to exercise their "status" at every opportunity. I'm from Scotland and where I come from we call a spade a spade. If you need to showboat and demonstrate your a big guy on holiday you really do need to get a life or get a counsellor and ask if they can help you discover what's missing in your life.Anyway I digress, we had butler service and it was great for us in the way we used it. The three young men we dealt with Danny D, Danilo and Edward were all a credit to themselves and the resort. According to them we didn't call them enough but in all honesty they exceeded our expectations in the things they did either unheeded or at our requests. Great advantage was being able to make dinner reservations in any restaurant at anytime without queues etc. In addition the treats of plates of fruit on the beach or pineapple cocktails were lovely to receive without having to ask. Another bonus was their ability to get sun loungers for you in the morning which removed you from the 6am race at the main pool which in my opinion should be stopped altogether but it appears that whilst in Europe the English have learned that cunning trait from our German neighbours :-) with goggles, books and flotation devices all used to secure sun loungers before day had broken properly.We probably wouldn't book butler service again but that in no way is a reflection on the staff all of whom were great and I don't believe I would spend on the ocean view upgrade again simply because whilst the room was beautiful we were not in it often enough to justify the expense.Small things irked at times. Only once in 14 days did we receive our "daily" snacks of pringles and M&Ms and that was when we left a tip in the room. Coincidence? Who knows.It's an interesting conundrum at La Romana when booking the Preferred Club but also looking for a more vibrant holiday experience because you really do need to leave the preferred club areas to experience the true life of the resort. The Preferred Club areas, adult and family, are very sedate and ideal for those looking for a relaxing, peaceful holiday. The service is unquestionably better in the preferred areas and you do have access to a couple of restaurants regular guests don't but I think there needs to be some thought given to aligning the two experiences whilst maintaining a quality of holiday.Glenny at the Preferred club bar actually recognised us from the year before and asked after our kids before we even had a chance to say hi. Quite amazing that she could recall us when the staff must encounter so many people through the year. It's only my opinion but this girl is wasted running a small very quiet bar and would a real asset to the resort if she was front of house in reception or such like.To Carmen in the lobby bar thanks for keeping our favourite drinks flowing and with a permanent smile.To Jefferson and William in the Seaside grill thanks for making lunchtimes so much fun.To Junior at the adult bar thanks for remembering the special Palm Beach cocktail from a few years ago outstanding service.To the majority of the staff we encountered thanks for contributing to our holiday.Dreams La Romana is a very good resort and has the potential to be a great resort.

  • alexroots : London, United Kingdom
4* hotel with a 5* rating

I had a wonderful time here due to the amazing weather and surroundings of the holiday, it really was Paradise. I was sceptical to go in June but don't believe the myths! f it wasn't for the location I would have been very disappointed with my trip. I was very ill for 6 out of 10 days and I am convinced it was the way the food was served / the ice they gave you in the drinks. I know that it is common in Dominican Republic but I really was in a bad way! If I was to go back I would spend that bit extra to have a real 5* experience at a different hotel as this one was cheaper than others and there is a reason for that. Don't be fooled into thinking you will get 5* hotel for the price of a 4* (my mistake). When we arrived it was beautiful, champagne on arrival and the views are to die for! Read down for more details... Good things: The grounds of the hotel are immaculate. The beach is one of the best I have ever been to The staff are lovely The onsite club The Japanese restaurant The BBQ's on the beach- namely the fresh catch of the day, Mahi Mahi and the lovely Seafood linguine. The maids in the rooms always did a fabulous job cleaning. The small café on site, selling proper coffee and pastries. With air con, we often had breakfast here instead of the buffet as it was less busy. My boyfriend paid for 5 course candlelit meal on a private area, this was amazing! The aqua Zumba every day in the sea, amazing fun! Always have lots of beds free, never have to get up early to reserve a spot and they offer towels which is very useful! The Entertainment was very hit and miss, I am not really a fan of this anyway, but lots of people seemed to be having a good time! Average things:Service on the beach could be better with a few more staff members. The swim up pool bar was extremely slow services, expect to queue for 15 mins. The restaurants- the food caters to people who like lots of un healthy food. If you get to the breakfast buffet any time after 09:00 expect to que. Lots of the food was cold and bland flavourings. Lots of deep fried 'Americanised' food. The alcohol, only one wine available and you have to pay extra for anything other than house. Cleanliness, I had tummy bug for 6 days and I am convinced it was the water/ the ice that they provided. Everything served in plastic sticky glasses and that is why I think I was ill as flies everywhere. The rooms were all damp and a lot smaller than in the photos.The VIP areas were a lot nicer and had their own pools and access to their own restaurant at lunch time. Felt we were mis sold how many pools there were to use as in fact was only two if you weren't VIP. Bad things: One thing I will write on here is to DEFINITELY NOT USE HOTEL ONSITE EXCURSION PROVIDER- AMSTAR for excursions. Complete rip off. We booked a VIP trip to Soana Beach and we were told there would be 45 people on the boat , with international drinks. 90 people on the boat, most people had to stand, toilet was blocked and when we arrived to Soana for our Lobster, it was a shack with the worst hygiene I have ever experienced. Go with Thompson - TUI, further down the beach where there were only 10 people on one Catamaran enjoying the real VIP experience! We did complain and they told us to keep coming back , and they said there was nothing they could do. Very noisy bedrooms you could hear absolutely everything!!! Any questions, I am happy to answer.

  • Mari E :
Dreams La Romana is no longer the same. . .

This was our 5th time at Dreams La Romana as we simply love this place. There were 3 years in between this visit and last and a lot has changed. The new adult area is very nice, and I know people enjoy it to get away from all the noise and just relax.We always love returning and seeing the same friendly faces, this time there were not so many of the same faces, very few of the same staff. There used to be lots of upbeat entertainment by the main pool area, which now is non existent. At night there was a violinist and karaoke, and Bingo around 4-5pm. Other than that nothing going on by the main pool.There was a few things going on at the beach area during the day. However, suds and sand do not go together well.The food used to be excellent, it is not mediocre at best. We were not happy with the food at all. For some reason there was an area of Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not sure why. You would thing being in the Dominican Republic they would have and area of Dominican food for all meals and that was not the case. We were extremely disappointed in the food this time around. Other than than Dreams is an amazingly beautiful, clean and awesome place and we still do love it.

  • AtkinsMJS : Nottingham, United Kingdom
Great but could be even better!

45 minutes by coach from Punta Cana airport, down a LONG drive off the main road, this is a lovely vibrant, airy hotel on first impression. You’ll come to realise though, that you get two different experiences depending on whether you upgrade to preferred or not. If you pay the upgrade you will get closer to the 5* service you might be already expecting. If not, the standard of the rooms, restaurants and pools is more like an excellent 3* /Good 4*. At an extra $70 a night for 2 adults and a 16 year old, we didn’t upgrade. We overlapped our holiday with friends who were upgraded to preferred by the hotel after some problems with their room. Although they chose to spend their time with us while we were there, which we were very grateful for, if you're reading this Team W!, they had access to much more luxurious areas of the hotel, pools , restaurants etc than we did. They also had access to premium alcohol brands, although none of us are big drinkers, better food options, and had a selection of snacks (Pringles and M&M's) in their room. Their room was on the ground floor* and I didn't think it was as appealing as ours. It felt smaller and the wood was darker. We had a deluxe room which is the starting point for the rooms. Our room, which was on the first floor, (3211) was large, light and airy. We had two king size beds and had requested an extra single for our teenage son. (I’d requested this months before so was really impressed to find they had remembered to put one in!) There was still plenty of room. Good selection of TV channels, Iron/board, ceiling fan, air con, coffee machine, mini fridge with Presidente Beer, Coca Cola, Water and Sprite. I really liked our room despite being dated. It was very comfortable. I loved sitting out on the balcony in the evening before going out for dinner. We also had a turn down service, but our friends in preferred didn't. *If you're travelling with Thomson/First Choice/TUI there's an apparent agreement between the tour operator and the hotel that any party with a child aged 12 and under will be put in a ground floor room. You won't get a first or second floor room even if you request it. I found this curious. It is possible to climb the balcony but I think it is just as dangerous to have open access to pools if you have toddlers. You can always keep the patio doors closed. Anyway, something to consider. The bathroom was big and the toiletries consisted of gorgeous tea tree based Shampoo/Conditioner combi, shower gel, body lotion, amenities pack, spare toothbrushes, razors, soap, sewing kit, shoe shine etc. (No sun cream in our room - not sure if there is in preferred?? Another friend had a suite here a month ago and had some). I took extra conditioner and needed it. One thing worth mentioning is that the hairdryers have retractable cords. I didn't realise until the day we left. I just thought the cord was short!!You can pay more for Butler service, Swim up rooms, sea views, suites with rain showers etc. It might seem that this is available to all when you read the brochure. It's not without paying extra.In my opinion this hotel would be so much better if there was one level of service right across the board for ALL guests. Maybe something a bit more special for honeymooners. You will love the grounds. The gardens are beautiful and the relaxing music played through the walkways really adds to the chilled out spa atmosphere. The flamingos are a lovely addition. The beach is small but gorgeous with white sand and palms and very clear water. Plenty of staff around to bring you drinks. Beach BBQ’s every day. Some days fish, sometimes Paella. You won’t have chance to get hungry! The grounds men work tirelessly to keep the beach area and the rest of the resort clean. I even saw them raking up the little bit of seaweed that had washed in. There are plenty of sunbeds although you might struggle to find shade at the edge of the water, there are shade sails on one part of the beach which provide lots of shade. Beds in the shade do get reserved early - by 8am. Beds around the infinity pool even earlier. We travelled 10th-24th July. Just beyond the boundary of the hotel there’s a public beach with some little shops on it. The atmosphere here, especially at the weekend was fabulous. Lots of local families gathering for picnics. This felt like the real Dominican. Bayahibe village is nice too. Lots of atmosphere. If you walk down the lane to the left of the baseball field, you come to the small, rocky Dominicus beach. Looked good for snorkelling. We couldn’t find the entry to the National Park of the East despite looking and asking for directions. I’ve read on here you can walk to it. STAFF - all excellent, all friendly and all willing to help. If I could highlight one - Pablo Picasso worked his socks off. This man is an asset to the hotel. I found myself trying to work out when he actually gets to sleep. Anna Maria, our chamber maid was also excellent. ENTERTAINMENT - typical of an all inclusive. The entertainment team provide most of the entertainment and they are incredible dancers and the choreography is excellent. Great classic rock musicians playing in the evening by reception too. But…. The way the night time entertainment is set up was a big negative for us. Rather than having a central zone where everyone gathers at night, Dreams La Romana splits entertainment into various small areas - and the entertainment in those areas comes in short bursts. For example, one night there was a beach party. No sooner had it got underway and everyone was having a great time, it finished. We were in bed by 11pm. I'm no party animal but I'd liked to have danced til midnight!The main entertainment is in the indoor conference centre and rather than being set up like a cabaret, the seats are laid out like a theatre. It felt wrong. When on holiday you want somewhere to spend the whole evening, preferably under the stars. Somewhere, where the whole family can re-group when the kids have finished doing their thing. MOZZIES – They fumigate the grounds and rooms. I normally get eaten alive. I got some bites on a safari trip but didn’t get any in the resort. I was pretty impressed by this. I did cover myself in deet every night though. All the outdoor restaurants have spray you can use if you feel the need.POLICIES – Heard a few people grumbling about these. Bearing in mind that anyone over 12 is deemed an adult and has paid the adult price, there is little for teenagers to do other than the drop-in zone in the evening. My son had his friend there at the same time but even they got bored especially at night. There are inflatables in the pool but they are not allowed to use them, there’s a trampoline in the sea, which they are not allowed to use. They are not allowed to use some of the restaurants and have to wear long trousers (like adult men) in some. You might also need to request bathrobes and slippers for them in your room as they will only be provided for those over 18. The Under 12's kids club looked fabulous! We saw them a few times getting up to all sorts of things lead by a team of very professional looking scouts.SNORKELLING – Not a massive amount to see. Go under the pier for the best pickings. They hide in the dark bits! Look out for all the woodpeckers, wading birds and the pelicans on the beach too. The pelican isn't bothered where he nose dives and scared the living daylights out of me on several occasions! MEDICAL STUFF – There’s a 24 hour medical centre on site with an initial consultation of $125. So, reassuring for anything serious but my husband got an ear infection so we walked to the pharmacy in Bayahibe Village (10 mins walk up the beach) where he was given antibiotics which cleared it up quickly. Husband works in the industry and he was really impressed with the service at the pharmacy , which looks closed because it is so dark so always try the door handle!WATERSPORTS – You can rent kayaks, pedallos, catamarans and paddle boards for free. Worth booking them in the morning as they get booked up. Saw a few rays. RESTAURANTS – All good. Asian, Italian and Mediterranean especially. Wish you could just walk straight into the world buffet though instead of queuing to give your room number, especially at breakfast. Empty tables and queues slightly annoying. It would be nice for that one to have a more casual feel. Good variety of food though.SECURITY - We felt safe in resort. The hotel has security guards everywhere including the beach area. We saw evidence of staff bags being checked in and out of the resort. Our friends son had his prescription sunglasses taken from the poolside though leaving him without sunglasses for the rest of his holiday.I hope this doesn’t all sound too negative because so long as you have your expectations right, you'll have a great time! Enjoy!

  • Lisa O :
Very enjoyable!

Wish I was still there! Resort was very clean & well maintained. The rooms were also very nice. The beach was beautiful! Very little sea weed -only one day was there a small strand near shore. Other than that water was gorgeous! The only things I think needed improvement were the room cleaning over the weekend when the resort was full. Our room didn't get cleaned & replenished with towels until after 4pm. The other improvement would be the service in a couple of the restaurants was slow BUT all the food was excellent. Staff were all helpful & friendly. Special thank you to Ariel Mama Juan! He always had a smile on his face & made sure he did anything he could to make your vacation enjoyable! Would definitely return:)

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • 24 hour All-inclusive
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • BBQ & snacks on the terrace
  • 24 hr Domestic & International drinks
  • 24 hour restaurant option
  • In-room mini-bar with water & soft drinks, beer & juice replenished regularly
  • Ocean trampoline
  • Catamarans
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba diving lesson in pool
  • Horseback riding, 45 min once per stay
  • Gym & sauna
  • Aerobics
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bicycles
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Daily activities
  • Entertainment
  • Entrance to Disco, drinks until 2am
  • Gratuities
  • 563 rooms in ten 3-storey buildings
  • Restaurants including: buffet restaurant & a la carte restaurants: Italian, Asian, Seafood, Mexican or Grill House, dress codes in effect
  • 6 bars including: Beach bar and Pool bar
  • Large free-form swimming pool
  • Children's pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gym & sauna
  • Tennis courts
  • Spa (fee)
  • Beauty parlor (fee)
  • Gift shop
  • ATM machine
  • Exchange bank
  • Tour desk (fee)
  • Casa de Campo Golf Course nearby

Deluxe Rooms include:

  • 1 king or 2 double beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Satellite TV
  • Mini-bar, fully stocked
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • In-room safe (fee)
  • Full bathroom
  • Balcony or terrace with garden view
  • Max occupancy 3 adults & 1 child

Deluxe Partial Oceanview Rooms include:

  • Same as above but located in VIP section of hotel, with partial ocean view

Preferred Club Garden View Rooms include:

  • Same as above, with additional amenities: VIP amenities
  • Turn-down service
  • Daily newspaper
  • Bottle of rum
  • Snacks in mini-fridge
  • 2 t-shirts
  • Use of bathrobes & slippers
  • Chef courtesy (once per stay)
  • Shoe cleaning available

Kids Deals - Up to two kids ages 3-11 stay free at select times of year. Please inquire for more information.

Single Parent Bonus - No single supplement with 2 children.

For the Kids - Kids ages 3-12 can enjoy supervised children's activities from 9am-5pm, children's playground and children's pool.

Honeymooners - Receive a fruit plate, preferential room location in category reserved, champagne breakfast, VIP amenities in the bathroom. Request at time of booking. Requires proof of marriage.

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  • Dreams La Romana
    La Romana,Dominican Republic

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Dreams La Romana
Playa Bayahibe P.O. Box 80, Bayahibe 22000 Dominican Republic

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

Photo identification and/or credit card or cash deposit may be required at check-in for incidental charges.

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy. Rollaway beds and cribs (infant beds) may be available and should be requested at the time of booking; fees may apply.

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