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Tropical Princess

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Our Opinion

The Tropical Princess is a great resort for both families and couples. It's cleverly situated in a prime spot near the Bavaro Beach. It's a great location for those looking to walk along the beach shores. There are only three options available with regards to restaurants: the buffet, Brazilian and Dominican style cuisine. All of the restaurants are good in quality and serve fresh food. Good items available from the bar. There are also plenty of expeditions and activities to do throughout the resort. There's also free shuttle service to various shops and shopping centers are just a few minutes walk away.

At Tropical Princess, guest will enjoy the warm surroundings of beautiful gardens and villas tastefully decorated in true Caribbean colours. Savour delicious cuisine at every meal, stare at the bluest ocean water and pamper yourself in style... This superior hotel boasts one of the most complete wine collections in the Dominican Republic and offers great entertainment nightly. 

Location: Beachfront, adjacent to the Hodelpa Caribe Club and approximately 30 minutes from the airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • jedmunds12 : Woodstock, Canada
Would we return?

Stayed at Tropical princess between November 27 and December 4, 2016. This would be our sixth visit to Punta Cana. Quite the experience taking off from Toronto Pearson and landing in Punta Cana, flying with Sunwing vacations, so we were late getting to this resort. Check in was a little long, but we got to our room eventually. Had to wait about 45 minutes in wet clothes before our luggage arrived. Room was ordinary and dated. Ceiling fan didn't work, patio door didn't lock and had problems with the safe. Fridge was well stocked, bed was OK, water was hot and room was clean. We were told we could book alacarte restaurants in the morning at the entrance to our building, but never seen anyone there. That was OK because the buffet was sufficient, with a different theme every day. Getting service or a glass of juice in the morning was a waiting experience. Grounds were well-maintained and shuttles from lobby to rooms were adequate. Prices in shops were expensive. Coffee bar was good and beach snack bar was convenient. Bavaro Beach is one of our favourites. They had many lounges at the beach available even though people did the towel saving routine in the early morning and didn't show up till late afternoon. A lot of international travelers, hence we turned to look when we heard English. Pretty cool,so many different nationalities can be in one place and get along. It seemed that the pools seemed well-maintained(3). We are beach bums so we did not spend a lot of time there. Which brings me to some negative experiences we had. We know this is a public beach and the walking vendors have a right to be there but they are overwhelming, sometimes bordering on harassment, to the point where we were going to place a piece of cardboard near our lounge chair saying no thank you. Visiting this beach so many times, you would think we would get used to it. Not. Then on our last full day at this resort we went for a walk down the beach (roughly 500 m). Upon returning my wife's phone,a battery pack and $26 US was missing from our beach bag. Witnesses said it was a woman in her 20s.She sat down on the lounge chair we were using and went through the bag. Then proceeded to ask a vendor what time it was and ran towards the resort. Security was called. A witness was escorted throughout the resort looking for this woman to no avail. We assume we were being watched as this was the only time my wife didn't take the bag with us during our walk. Guess we felt comfortable and became a little complacent. Lesson learned. Security took my wife to our room and made her go through our belongings. I guess to make sure we hadn't forgotten these things in our room. This did not help our demeanour. Management was very apologetic, saying they were sorry this happened. Needless to say this wasn't a nice way to end our vacation. For those who have had something taken from you, you know the feeling. Would we return to the Tropical Princess?Probably not. Hope this helps

  • Yvette D :
Punta Cana -Tropical Princess Hotel

Very nice, large property, sitting right on a beautiful stretch of Bavaro Beach.We stayed in a family suite which was comprised of two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a balcony overlooking the pool and ocean. The rooms are not luxurious, and I would rate them a 3 but they have everything you need. There are no elevators so those with mobility issues or small children should request main floor. There are 3 levels in each building. The property shares amenities with the Caribe Tropical Princess, and guests can use pools, several restaurants interchangeably and share the lobby. I had no use for the children's club but I noted that it was very well run and the kids were kept very busy throughout the day. The teens club includes a small building with pool table, tv and fooseball tables. Teens activities ran throughout the day as well. Our favorite spot was the "Crepery" bakery where you can get baked goods, great coffee, smoothies, and ice cream throughout the day. The beach here is amazing. There are several pools, once with a swim up bar, another shallow winding pool used primarily by families with young children, and a large quite pool that sits in the middle of the property. The only negative my family and I had was the wifi and the location of the wifi. The brochure states the wifi is in the lobby, and this is true. The issue is that the lobby sits at the front of the property and the accomodations are in buildings at the back of the property close to the beach. There is a shuttle that runs constantly between these areas or you can walk to the lobby (about 5 to 10 min walk). Along the drive between these areas is a beautiful natural area that is home to turtles and water fowl.Once at the lobby, it is not guarenteed you will be able to log on to wifi as the demand for wifi is very high at certain times of the day when guests gather to go online. My suggestion to this property is to improve their wifi offering. As I travelled with two teens, with the exception of the wifi, this was a great vacation property. It offered them many activities, and lots of room to roam on their own safely and it was reasonably priced for it's offerings.

  • marketingmary2017 : Toronto, Canada

We stayed at the tropical princess January 27, 2017. There isn't really much bad to say about the resort except 2 things (will get back to that). The resort is clean, well kept, staff are very friendly. Food was perfect for our group of 7 people... something for everyone. The Buffet offers a different theme night every night, which was great. I have seen bad reviews about there not being enough towels... we never had a problem with that at all. We stayed in a family suite which was perfect... 3 beds and 2 bathrooms both with showers. there are 3 pools on the property and each of them were well kepts and not very busy. Beach was amazing! I would say this is a 3.4 - 4 star resort.Now... my 2 issues:1) Timeshare property. The timeshare salespeople would hover around the buffet entrance every morning and try to get your attention to go for a meeting. That got annoying!!!!2) Here is my biggest beef! So throughout your stay, an employee of the hotel and a photographer will come around and take pictures of you with different animals... Monkey, parrots, a snake etc. That was great and fun. The employee will stand infront of you so that nobody else can take a picture (And youare forced to buy it). After a full week of being at the resort and 7 people... we had 126 pictures. When we went to talk to them about buying them... just on a disc... we were told they were $10.00 per picture. If you haven't done the math yet they wanted $1,260.00 US to purchase these pictures. Keep in mind that there were 3 children in our group who reall really really wanted these pictures. He then told us that they could give them to us at a very discounted rate of $350.00 US. Wait? WHAT? A disc costs maybe for them $2.00 and how labour intensive was it for them to put them on a disc? So we counter offered with $100.00 US which I think was very generous. He came back and said $100.00 was not enough money to pay the pohotographer. To which I responded with... if we take none the pohotographer gets paid NOTHING. So after a while of negotiating they agreed that the next day they would put it on a disc for $100.00. When that time came, they renagged. Federico in the General Manager of the resort. We had asked to speak with him and he was nowhere to be found. We left with no pictures and 3 sad children. Now they have digital pictures of all of us. DO NOT GET YOUR PICS TAKEN! This is robbery! Very disappointing indeed.

  • Debbie L :
Very Beautiful Place

We went there Jan 19th to 26th 2017. The resort is very beautiful, food was great, room was nice. However we did find the pools to be very cold. The bartenders and other workers were very friendly and helpful. We did find that we were stopped constantly by a group called Royal Holiday trying to sell us vacation shares, was not impressed it was constant. Lots of Peacocks and other birds around, that was very nice to see. We would definitely go back again, we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

  • MilaM302015 : Toronto, Canada
Tropical Princess, Punta Cana, DR.....Jan 28-Feb 7, 2017

My friend and I went down to Punta Cana for our usual winter getaway for 10 days. We vacation in Punta Cana every year and generally stay at the same hotel but because of a huge price Increase at the other hotel, we decided to book the Tropical Princess as it was a 4 star as well and fairly close to the area we like, because of it's proximity to the nightlife and shopping. Check-in was a bit late for us as the flight arrived at 9pm on Saturday night, not to mention my luggage never made the flight so I had to fill out paperwork at the airport which held us up a bit longer. That's a whole other topic that I will touch on at the end of the hotel review. The employee at the front desk gave us our room keys and towel cards. We were carted over to our building, I believe it was the Gardenia and although the room itself looked fairly renovated with an updated bathroom, there was a connecting door with a gap in the frame which connected to another room and we could hear the lady inside talking and the TV as if they were in the room with us, AWFUL! The cart driver was an absolute sweetheart and went back to the lobby to get us a better room without the connecting door. We were then taken to the Bromelia building and the room was better, very basic furniture though, no coffee maker and only one chair to put your suitcase on. We only had one king bed in the new room but at 1030pm, we were tired and wanted to settle in. The bed was a bit rock hard but was clean. We had a mini fridge at least and it was stocked with coke/sprite/water, NO BEER! The main issues with the room were some days they only gave us one bath towel and they do not provide the small face towels at this hotel so bring your own if you like to use them. The door to the room had issues locking shut and we really had to slam the door hard to get the latch to catch and stay locked. On the Sunday night of our stay, the water was completely shut off around 8pm and I had to call reception to get someone to fix the issue. The water was turned back on but hot water was rarely anything more than warm. On the plus, the toilet worked great and the maid never touched our belongings and nothing went missing. We did leave her a tip on the pillow every day as we always do. They work very hard to maintain the cleanliness of the hotel and they really deserve it. It's not their fault the hotel doesn't have enough towels for everyone. The common area washrooms are kept very clean as well so props to the cleaning staff!The next morning, we visited the buffet building for breakfast and the food was ok. They had a couple omelette stations, certain fruits like cantaloupe, watermelon and pineapple, cheeses, breads.....we knew we wouldn't go hungry but the choices where basic. The choices at lunch and dinner were ok too, with a pasta station and many different kinds of meats, salads and theme dishes, as every dinner served cuisine from a different country....Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, French, which was nice but not really authentic. We didn't bother with the a la carte restaurants on this trip. I don’t recommend trying any beef dishes as the meat was tough and chewy like shoe leather and the dessert table was a bit on the tiny side. If you wanted a sweet, you could always find something though but very basic choices including the ice cream station. The staff, waters and waitresses were amazing, friendly, kind and hard working. The tables were set and cleaned very quickly and we didn't have to wait long to be served drinks or anything we requested, like extra napkins or more coffee. The hotel grounds were nicely maintained and there were peacocks and different birds everywhere. You will see the odd cat running around too but they are super clean and friendly....the hotel even puts out food for the ducks in the swamp along the main walkway from the lobby so I'm very impressed with their care of the animals. They all looked healthy and beautiful. Although the hotel is a fair size, it's easy to navigate and the paths are well lit with security guard stations and was very safe to walk at all hours. The buildings housing the rooms are beautiful colours of red, yellow and purple and give the property a very tropical feel. The property is shared with the Caribe Club Princess and although it was high season, the resort was moderately busy, unlike other hotels I’ve stayed at over the years during the winter season. There was also a crepe/coffee bar beside the pool which served absolutely fantastic coffees like cappuccino, espresso and ice coffees, etc. The crepes themselves were tough and there is NO NUTELLA; very disappointing! The beach was nice but this section of the bay tends to have very rough water and I only went in hip deep a couple of times, unlike other trips to Punta Cana in the past. Finding a beach chair at 1030am wasn't too hard but you will always see chairs with towels and t-shirts on them with no one around using them. Another frustrating part of the beach experience here is the fact that most of the blue beach chairs are falling apart and broken....Oh, actually the most frustrating part was the new bylaw, where the beach chairs can't be placed past a certain "line" on the beach which is approximately 10 metres/30 feet from the water. Yeah, if you're chair was a foot or two past the line, hotel security, armed with a baton, would come and force you to move your chair behind the line, or move it themselves if you weren’t on it....unbelievable! The security staff didn’t speak much if any English so they couldn’t explain why they were moving the chairs and we could see that many other tourists were upset at being moved. Luckily I speak Spanish and after speaking to one of the security guards, he said it was a new bylaw enacted by the Ministry of Tourism so there is room for the beach pedestrians to walk without having to navigate around chairs, and it also helps security keep an eye on everyone's belongings so the thieves couldn't steal anyone's beach belongings. I felt like we were all being squished together like sardines because everyone wanted to be between the line and the trees in order to be in the sun.....another negative at this hotel! If this hotel was full, there would probably be fights over chairs on the beach. They often ran out of clean beach towels so some days you had to re-use your towel. Never trade your towel at the end of the day for the towel card because there are no guarantees you will get one the next day. Also, unlike other hotels I’ve stayed at, the entertainment staff do not approach anyone on the beach to invite them to try dance lessons or participate in any sports. You have to find out on your own when and where the activities are taking place and go if you wish. This hotel is very self-serve oriented so if you want something, you have to ask for it and no one checks in with you to ask if you’re enjoying your stay with them.My honest and personal opinion on this hotel is, at best, a 3.5 star. I’ve been to the Dominican Republic 12 times total so I have a lot of experience on hotel quality. The worst thing that happened to us was the reception manager’s refusal to let us keep our room until 5pm. Our bus to the airport was leaving at 550pm and we wanted to enjoy our last day at the beach. We were told the rooms need to be cleaned for incoming guests, yet they were willing to let us keep our room if we paid $15US per hour past 12pm. For that contradiction alone, I wouldn’t go back to this hotel but the worst part is, they offered us a guest room to shower and change in but when we went to the room, there were already two ladies inside who were given the same room at the same time. I called reception and they said they needed time to sort out their mistake. Unfortunately, we had 45 minutes left to get ready and there wasn’t any time to waste. We even asked if we could go shower at the Spa nearby but were refused. Our shower included jumping in the swimming pool to wash up and we had to change into our airplane clothes poolside with everyone watching. I’ve never felt so disrespected at a hotel before....and ladies beware, the male staff will approach you and ask for your phone number or to take you out. Management seriously should have a word with their male staff members to stop trying to pick up the tourist girls, it’s unprofessional and will deter people from returning to the hotel. This hotel was ok but I was not impressed enough with the reception customer service to return again. We paid almost $1900 each for 10 days at this hotel which I felt was a bit much considering. I’ve stayed at better hotels for less money in the past so do your research when choosing a hotel.A side note on SUNWING regarding my lost luggage. My friend and I both checked in our luggage at Toronto Pearson airport at the same time. Hers arrived and mine did not. The baggage workers at the airport are to blame, but this is the first time in 27 years of visiting various Caribbean destinations that my luggage did not arrive with me from Saturday night until Monday evening, I only had my bathing suits which I had luckily packed in my carryon luggage. The Nexxus representative (under Sunwing) at the hotel made an effort to find out where my luggage ended up but I was not offered any compensation to buy toiletries etc until Monday at 3pm, at which time I was given $50 for each of the 2 days I was without my luggage. If i did not have my bikinis in my carryon and my friend did not let me borrow her toiletries and clothes, I would have been stuck in my room or paying for stuff I needed out of pocket, until my luggage arrived. Also with SUNWING, you have to pay a $10 entrance tax at the Punta Cana airport to enter the country and a $20 exit tax....another expense which I never had to pay with AIR TRANSAT as you can find the same prices on hotel packages with them but they include all the taxes in their price so you don’t have to worry about setting aside tax money during your trip. Also, the Sunwing airplanes are old and do not have USB charging plugs for you cell phone....just an fyi!

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • A la carte dining w/reservations
  • Snacks
  • Unlimited Domestic drinks & House wine
  • In-room mini-bar w/water & soft drinks only
  • 1 hr/person/day of non-motorized watersports:
  • Snorkeling
  • Hobie cat sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Waterpolo
  • 1 introductory scuba diving lesson in pool person/stay
  • Daytime tennis
  • Bicycles
  • Mini-golf
  • Volleyball
  • Archery
  • Bocce
  • Fitness centre
  • Aerobics
  • Board games
  • Daily activities program at Caribe Club Princess Resort & Spa
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Admission to the Disco, drinks included 11pm-Midnight
  • Free shuttle to the Casino Princess (located at the Bavaro Princess Hotel)
  • 310 rooms in several 2 & 3-storey buildings
  • Buffet restaurant
  • 2 a la carte restaurants: Dominican & Brazilian Grill, dress code & reservations required
  • Christmas & New Years Gala dinners
  • Snack bar
  • Bars
  • Disco
  • Pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Mini-golf
  • Fitness centre
  • Boutiques
  • Spa
  • Massage service (fee)
  • Beauty salon
  • Internet access (fee)
  • Car rental
  • Banana boat (fee)

Superior Rooms include:

  • 1 king or 2 double beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Satellite TV
  • Mini-bar
  • In-room safe (fee)
  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Balcony

Superior Rooms w/VIP package include:

  • Same as above but including VIP package

Family Rooms include:

  • Same as above with 1 king or 2 double beds
  • Separate living area w/2 single beds
  • Full bathroom plus another bathroom w/shower only

Kids Deals - One child under 12 and 1 child under 7 stay & eat free when sharing a room and existing bedding with 2 adults.

For the Kids - Kids 4-12 can enjoy supervised activities daily at the Kids' Club and playground. Teens 13-17 can enjoy the Teens Club. Babysitting service subject to availability (fee).

Stay at 1, Play at 2! - Guests have free access to activities at the Caribe Club Princess and to the hotel's a la carte restaurants (with supplement payable on site).

VIP Package for Superior Rooms - Includes: VIP bracelet, concierge service, room service, 1 bottle of rum/room/week, premium brand drinks, dinner at 'La Cava' (wine cellar) or 'El Pescador' seafood restaurant (once/week), Swedish massage (20 min/person/week), 1 open dive/room/stay (certified divers only, proof of certification required), and 1 hr/person/week of Motorized watersports.

Honeymooners - Receive Fruit basket, Bottle of Rum, Nightly turndown service, Floral decoration in the room upon arrival, Romantic Dinner, Special Cocktail for Honeymooners & Complimentary photo souvenir during cocktail. Request at time of booking. Proof of marriage required upon check in.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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  • Tropical Princess
    Punta Cana,Dominican Republic

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Tropical Princess Beach Resort & Spa
Playas de Bavaro, Bavaro, Punta Cana 23001 Dominican Republic

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

Photo identification and/or credit card or cash deposit may be required at check-in for incidental charges.

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy. Rollaway beds and cribs (infant beds) may be available and should be requested at the time of booking; fees may apply.

Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in. Special requests cannot be guaranteed and may incur additional charges upon check-in to fulfil.

Hotels do not condone unruly behavior, parties in rooms, excessive noise or any other actions that violate the hotels terms of use. Guests may be removed from the property at their own expense in the event of any disturbance or complaint from other guests or hotel staff. cannot be held responsible for any guests who may be removed from the hotel due to a violation of rules. makes every effort to ensure that the information on this page is accurate, however, all information on this page is subject to change without notice. is not responsible for any changes, errors or omissions that may occur.