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Sorrento is situated at about 13 miles from Napoli, on the southern side of the Gulf of Naples. It rises on a tufa ridge just on the sea and extends on a surface of about 9,9 square kilometres. With its17,500 inhabitants it is the most densely populated of the six communes of Sorrento Pensinsula. It is characterised by a mild and temperate climate for most part of the year, but the best period for those who love hot weather and sea life is from May to September.

Where the remains of the Ancient City Walls are, there lie the monuments, churches and the testimonies of antique civilizations; walking through the streets of the historical centre, the antique Greek-Roman structure is still legible, memory represented vividly in via Pietà, via S. Cesareo, via Padre Reginaldo Giuliani and via Tasso.

Things to know about Sorrento, Italy Vacations

Dining & Nightlife
There are a lot of restaurants that offer up very good Italian cuisine. Whether they are the large or small restaurant, you will not go far off to try the savory pasta dishes, pizzas or any of the fresh seafood or fish dishes. For those with a sweet tooth, Italy is renowned for its gelato and you will be hard press to find any gelato parlour better than Davide Il gelato.
Wandering through the shops in Sorrento you will find some obvious clues of what this area is famous for. Although these items may be a little hefty to cart back, if you can manage it, it is well worth the effort. The locally produced olive oil is special enough to receive a D.O.P. label (items typical of the area and a guarantee of quality). Limoncello is a lemon based liqueur and the micro-climate in Sorrento produces a lemon with a unique and intense fragrance.

Languages: Italian.
Currency: Euros
Climate: Mediterranean Climate - characterized by hot, dry summers (sometimes in excess of 30C) and cool, wet winters but in general the temperature is moderated by being a costal location
Electricity: 230 volts AC, 50Hz.

A passport is mandatory for Canadian Citizens, although no visa is required. For other countries, please check the Italian Government Tourist Board to get a complete list and other details.

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