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Our Opinion of Venice

All the description of Venice will not prepare you for just simply experiencing it. A city that is a mêlée of streets, 116 islands, 409 bridges and more canals than you can possibly think should fit into this city.  Without any cars and skyscrapers to speak of, you truly can experience what life would have been like in days gone by.

Venice begs no comparisons with any other place in the world and to get the most of this illustrious city, it is best experienced by ambling though the streets and canals, stumbling across unheralded trattorias and finding respites in piazzas that become personal gems. And as you meander through the city you will stumble onto some sort of iconic artifact since most things in Venice have some form of significance.

To experience some of the tried and true sites, it is good to start at the Basilica di San Marco where you can sip coffees at the surrounding cafes. The Rialto Bridge crosses the Grand Canal and is the oldest bridge in Venice. A few of the other notable experience and surely not the only ones: try a gondola tour, the Basilica di San Marco, and Scuola Grande di San Rocco. As you can sense there is a lot to explore in Venice.

Things to know about Venice, Italy Vacations

Dining & Nightlife
There are expensive restaurants in Venice but to get a good meal you don't need to spend a lot of money in a stuffy restaurant. Look for a trattorias and bacari. Trattorias versions Venetian dishes Usually cheaper. Bacari offer lighter fare, usually eaten at the bar and have a wine lists that offer lots of choices by the glass.

To get a taste of some of the local dishes try either a risotto or pasta with seafood or fish. Bigoli is a homemade whole wheat pasta common to this area along with a creamy polenta served with gamberetti (shrimp) or fegato alla veneziana (calves' liver and onions Venetian style).

And if you are in Italy is would not be a visit without sampling some of the local wine, for a red try a merlot, cabernet, Raboso, or Refosco, and a white, try a Tocai or pinot. For those with a little more adventurous, Grappa is a local favourite. And one must try a Bellini, made with a peach, prosecco and grenadine, Venice's most famous drink.

There are few truly good Venetian buys to be had if you are looking for something indicative of the city and few distinct shopping areas. Since most of the streets blend into one, it is a good idea to think on the spot and make the purchase then and there. Finding the shop again may be a little bit of a navigational feat.  Venice was famous for its local craft and the glassware from Murano is world renown, the delicate lace from Burano, and the cartapesta (papier-mâché) Carnevale masks. But shop with a discerning eye as many of these items are hard to come by.

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Approximately 11 hours
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Calgary: Approximately 13 hours
Vancouver: Approximately 13 hours

Languages: Italian.
Currency: Euros
Climate: Mediterranean Climate - characterized by hot, muggy summers (around 30C) and cool, wet winters but in general the temperature is moderated by being a costal location
Electricity: 230 volts AC, 50Hz.


A passport is mandatory for Canadian Citizens, although no visa is required. For other countries, please check the Italian Government Tourist Board to get a complete list and other details.

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