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Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

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Sophisticated and stylish, Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall is an indulgent escape for adults. Here, within the resort's sprawling grounds, couples, friends and individuals are welcome to partake in whatever their hearts desire. Attentive service at every turn assures each guest of a harmonious, hassle-free vacation filled with gourmet cuisine, expertly poured cocktails and enough memories to last several lifetimes.

Location: Beachfront; 10 minute drive from the Sangster's International Airport

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Rosemaria P :

Everyone so welcoming and fun. Zilara is adult only side but connected to Ziva which is for families. Rooms beautiful, food very good, room service 24/7 if you want. Majority of restaurants on Ziva side and have to walk but still close.

  • Lisa S : Lutherville, Maryland
Clean with friendly staff

It was nice to stay at an adult only location, but the activities were lacking. The good activities, shows, and food were over on the "family side". Also, it is VERY rocky trying to get into the ocean. Would recommend offering better adult only entertainment and activities.

  • Anthony G : Maryland
Vacation grip

I had a great time at the hotel the staff was nice everything was nice the food was nice I recommend it to everyone we had so much fun at the hotel and I'm in a handstand activity staff they were such fun

  • chesterrant : Minneapolis, Minnesota
Relaxing vacation, great pool

I booked our first visit to an all-inclusive resort about 5 months in advance, giving us plenty of time to be excited about a mid-February vacation to a warm, beachy location. After a little cajoling, things turned out great and we had a really relaxing visit. All in all, I'd do a Hyatt Zilara vacation again, but would probably look for a location that's cheaper to get to. Once you're in the resort, it really doesn't matter where you are and I imagine the quality across the brand is pretty equal. So we might try the Cancun location sometime since it's easy and cheap to get there.Arrival at the airport: Plan on your airport and customs experience to be hot and possibly lengthy. We arrived about two weeks before peak spring break timing and it took us a little over an hour to get through customs. Note that there's a separate line for "adults only" but it doesn't seem to move faster and there - at least when we arrived - were all kinds of large groups that were getting special treatment (walked past the lines of people). So just be patient.Once you get through customs, go to the Hyatt Zilara/Ziva lounge. It's tucked back in a corner past the Club Mobay lounges. This process continues to be murky and appears to be slow because you're told nothing, but again, just be patient. They'll take your name, give you a drink, and then you sit and wait (without being told if you're now checked in, how long the wait will be, what you're waiting for). But in about 15-20 minutes, you'll be out and on a free shuttle to the resort. Don't get frustrated and opt for a taxi. We saw several people do this and they ended up getting to the resort around the same time as us, but paying for it. Just roll with it.Arriving at the resort:What they didn't tell you at the airport is that you're now checked in and your room is assigned. When you get to the resort, you'll go up to the little stand and get your room keys. You can have assistance to your room or go on your own.The rooms:Here's where things get interesting. Remember that I booked about 5 months in advance, on the Zilara side, in a swim-up room (and for our anniversary). When we got to our room, it was a swim-up and although it was technically in the Zilara (adults) building, the attached pool faced out onto the Ziva (family) side. Go out onto the patio and hear screaming kids. Sorry, but that's exactly NOT why we were there.So we wheeled our bags right back out the door, went to the front desk, and worked it out. At first they said they couldn't do anything about it (and didn't really seem to care). When I pointed out how well in advance I'd made the reservation, the fact I'd requested a quiet room when booking, and that it was our anniversary they did find a room directly across the hall and it was a perfect location for us.The photos you'll find on the Hyatt site are not completely accurate. They show the furnishings of an area of the resort that's been updated and they show the "junior suite" interiors/patio for the "swim-up suite." So I was a bit disappointed initially, but wouldn't have been had the photos been accurate. Therefore, know that depending on which building you're in and which room type you're in, the photos you see may not be correct. Our room had plain white tile floors, a very comfy bed (we slept very well), and decent furnishings. The bathroom was large with marble floors/counter and a separate tub and shower. Again, it was nice ... just not the super modern look that I thought we'd reserved.The biggest bummer (and really the only one) was that because the photos on the Hyatt website aren't correct, I thought our patio area would have two large loungers. It did not; those are in the "junior suite swim-up" rooms, not the "swim-up suites". An important distinction since I thought we'd have comfy couches to lounge on outside and all we had on the patio were hard metal chairs and a small table. Not a huge deal because we made such great use of our pool area, but a disappointment (that the hotel set us up for in their inaccuracy).One "meh" experience was with room cleaning. We were skipped one day (had our privacy sign up, called to request a refresh, didn't happen). Another day they didn't come until 4pm, and after we asked twice. I get they need to do the rooms that are turning over first, but it was a bit much. The staff themselves were really nice and did a good job; they need to hire more people for the resort size.The swim-up pool:What was absolutely awesome and totally worthwhile was the swim-up room. We spent a ton of time in and around our pool area. Neither of us are exhibitionists and prefer to chill in our own space, so we much preferred having our own quiet pool area over going out to the main pool. The main pool is great. Large, winding, nooks and crannies and a swim-up bar. But it's surrounded by lounge chairs and people pretty much all day. Not my jam. So we were really happy we'd made that upgrade.A couple tips: if you're getting a swim-up room, ask for one in the 1125-1143 range on the odd side. The even side faces the Ziva (kids) pool. The odd side faces the Zilara pool and is very quiet. In February, this side (and our room) had great sunshine from about 10:45am - 4pm. The rooms on the opposite side of the pool had sun from 9-11:30am and the junior suites (that have the patio loungers) had little to no sunshine. So, all in all, our room was perfect for us. Another inaccuracy on the Hyatt site: the pool rooms do not come with floaties (they're shown in photos). So either bring your own or go to the activity desk at the Ziva pool and buy one for $20 on your first day. Totally worth it.What we found astonishing was that we had our swim-up pool area (that is continuous in front of about 20 rooms) to ourselves about 95% of the time. The other rooms were full, but hardly anyone else was using the pool! We're from Minnesota and the comment we heard from our neighbors from Texas was that the water was too cold. Too cold?! To us, it was absolutely perfect for cooling off from the heat. But know that if you come from a warmer climate, the pool may be too cold for you at that time of year. But if you're from the north, enjoy it fully and on your own! Bonus!The beach:They've build breakwaters so that there are a few swimming coves. 3 of the 6 days we were there it was red flag warning and even the coves were choppy. The the other three days were more calm and more people were enjoying the water. Catamaran rides (with staff driving) are available with yellow flag and lower. Kayaks and paddleboards are available when it's more calm. We saw people out using them on our last morning when it was finally not too choppy beyond the breakwaters. The beach cove that's at the opposite end from Zilara is the quietest (in terms of water) and has the nicest sand. All of the beach areas have some rocks in the water and they're not fun to step on.The food:We didn't try all the restaurants, but most of them. We didn't bring any "nice" clothes, so didn't hit the one restaurant that requires no shorts and a collared shirt (Petit Pariz). Here's the rundown on what we thought of those we went to from best to worst. (None were awful, others were just better.) I'm gluten-free and allergic to scallops, so I'll note what worked well and what didn't.Barefoot Jerkz: the jerk chicken/pork/fish shack near the Ziva beach did not disappoint. I'd read it was good and it really was. Fresh, tasty and quick. We ended up getting little boats of food from here most lunchtimes. The only downside is that because they hack the meat, you need to be really careful about bones, especially in the chicken. But the meat is great and the sides were all good. And getting your food and taking it elsewhere is a nice option. We'd go sit in the shade on the gazebo pier. The service here is what I personally like: to the point, no sugar-coating, fast, and efficient. Some folks may take it as rude, but I like it. Nearly everything here was gluten-free, just a couple sides that weren't.Brazil: this is a churrascaria, so get ready for a lot of meat. You get seated, then go to the salad bar (to fill up on some salad first if you fill your plate) and then you can start getting meats. They bring large skewers of about 8 nightly meats to your table, cut off a portion of the ones you want, and bring some starchy sides. For the sides, the friend plantains (at all locations) were my favorite. There was also a friend polenta cake and plain white rice with smoky beans on the side. All were good. For the meat, they had a bacon-wrapped filet mignon, top sirloin, pork chops, bacon-wrapped turkey, lamb, sausages, and chicken. My favorite was the bacon-wrapped turkey; I know ... turkey. But it was really juicy and flavorful! My husband's was, of course, the bacon-wrapped filet mignon, and I agree it was very good. Nothing here disappointed and the service was great. This was a great place for a gluten-free diner: meat, veggies, and friendly starches.Hot Spot: this is a little bakery right next to Calypsoz that has croissants in the morning and pizza at lunch. You have to be early to get the ham and cheese croissants and patient to get pizza. They put out pizzas occasionally and they disappear to the 3-4 people who are at the front of the line who hog half a pie. The pizza itself is very good if you can get your hands on it, especially the jerk chicken one. But if rude guests annoy you, you may just want to skip it since they abound at this place. If you can get past that, the food itself is worth the wait.Choicez: this is the buffet restaurant and we went there for breakfast every day because nothing gets my husband out of bed faster than "breakfast buffet." They have three omelet stations where you can request eggs made to order. I recommend these over the prepped eggs any day. You have to wait a few minutes, but who cares! The rest of the offerings are comprehensive and appeal to all tastes. Bacon, sausages, salmon with cream cheese and capers, breads with every topping under the sun. They even have mimosa and bloody mary fixings in the entrance. And there's lots of indoor and outdoor seating. Two minor complaints here: coffee service doesn't come around regularly enough so it'd be nice if they had self-serve coffee and people constantly walk up from the beach and seat themselves. You're supposed to check in at the desk, give your room number and be seated. I suspect some know this and just choose to ignore. Others likely have no idea. They should put a host station at the main entrance onto the patio and a sign at the other directing people to the host station there. A couple simple things to resolve a problem that made it frustrating to get a seat each day. We also went to Choicez for dinner two nights. The first night we were there it seemed like the easiest option since we hadn't figured out the lay of the land yet. I don't remember anything about our meal. The other night it was Asian night (every night is a theme) and it was good. Nothing spectacular, but good. So I'd recommend it for breakfast, but probably skip the other meals here. Lots of options here for the gluten-free diner: buffet means you can pick what works and they had a little cloche with three gluten-free pastries each day tucked away near the yogurt and fruit. I had to be careful on the Asian dinner night because the sushi was being made by one person who was handling all the different fish pieces. A bite of anything that had touched a scallop (even indirectly) would send me to the hospital, so the sushi was out, but there were plenty of other options.Fuzion: this is an Asian-themed restaurant. If you sit inside, you can choose to sit in a teppanyaki area and have your food made to order. We wanted to sit outside (vacation! tropical!) and you can only order a la carte there, which was fine. I got a salmon entree that was very tasty. The staff here were accommodating (if a bit grudgingly) of my scallop allergy. They have scallops on the menu, so needed to clean the grill thoroughly before making my salmon and it worked out. Good gluten-free options here as well since several of the entrees were rice and protein based.Flavorz: this is in the lobby of the Zilara and is a pretty nice place. We had a rushed final lunch there on our way out and it was quite good. I had a beet salad that was small, but beautiful and very tasty. My husband had steak and potatoes that were well cooked and seasoned. If we went back, I'd go here again for dinner for sure.Horizons: this is on the beach on the Zilara side and is a Jamaican-themed spot. We had jerk chicken wings that were tasty, but baked instead of fried so they were very limp (no crunch). We had a couple different cuts of pork that were both decent, but a bit overcooked and dry. The food was okay. There was a DJ playing at a volume that made it so that conversation was impossible. I suppose that's fun for some, but for us it just made us want to eat quickly and leave. There were enough gluten-free options here, but I'd go to other places and skip this one.Calpysoz: this is a restaurant right near the Ziva pool. Its main attraction is convenience since it's in the middle of the resort. I wouldn't bother eating here again. By far the worst meal we had. My husband got a burger. It was a large, preformed frozen patty with little done to it to make it tasty. I got a salmon ceasar salad and although the menu said nothing about it, the salmon was inexplicably breaded and deep fried. I ate around the salmon and the rest of the salad was mediocre. They have a nacho buffet out daily at lunch. It's okay if you're looking for a snack. Skip it and go elsewhere for everything else.Drinks: you can have your fill, that's for sure. Neither of us are big drinkers. The biggest issue I had with them was that they were overly sweet. I started getting gin & tonics just to tone down the sugar. But the pours were generous, the cocktails made with care, and the liquor was high quality. One other thing that was misrepresented on the Hyatt site: you do not get small bottles of liquor in your room. They stock it with a few snacks, soda, and Red Stripe beer, but no liquor. Not a big deal, but false advertising once again.One last thing ... although tipping is not required or expected it's nice to do. Everyone to whom we gave a tip appreciated it. We gave $10 to a cleaner who did our room 2 days, $5 to a couple of the servers and seated restaurants and to the omelette station cook, and singles here and there for drinks and other services.

  • muddyjeep : HOLLANDLANDING
Short beach breakaway

Superb resort with fantastic staff and accommodations.Pool very nice and refreshing.Food is good , service a little slow but normal for Caribbean standards.The beach is okay , sand full of little rocks. The shoreline to get into the water is the worst I have ever seen. Full of large rocks and bottom weeds. You can go the the other side but it is very shallow like a wading pool. Too bad about the beach as this was a breaking point for me not to return.Free shuttle from airport and Hyatt Lounge is a waste of time, crowded with only 1 person at the desk.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily
  • Snacks available at lounges and bars
  • 24-hour room service
  • Unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Non-motorized water sports
  • Outdoor tennis
  • Beach volleyball
  • Entertainment
  • Unique daily and nightly activities
  • Live performances, music and shows
  • Beach chairs, pool chairs and towels
  • Pool and beach waiter service
  • Basic Wi-Fi internet access
  • Exchange privileges including restaurants and facilities at sister resort Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall (within complex)
  • 234 suites
  • 9 Restaurants
  • 9 Bars
  • Pools
  • Whirlpools/jacuzzis
  • Fitness center
  • Tennis court
  • Beauty salon
  • Car rental
  • Currency exchange
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning
  • Medical services
  • Gift shop 
  • WiFi access
  • Meeting facilities - 40,000 sq ft of meeting, event and reception spaces featuring breakout rooms and ballroom

Rooms include:

  • King size bed or 2 Double beds
  • Handcrafted furniture
  • Bathrooms with shower and double whirlpool tub
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • Telephone
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Hair dryer
  • Coffeemaker
  • Air conditioning and ceiling fan
  • Refreshment center stocked daily with water, beer and soft drinks
  • LCD satellite TV
  • Alarm clock with MP3 player dock
  • DVD/CD player
  • Work desk with desktop lamp
  • Furnished terrace
  • Occupancy : 2 adults
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  • Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall
    Montego Bay,Jamaica

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Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall
Rose Hall Road, Rose Hall, Montego Bay Jamaica

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