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Couples Swept Away

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The intimacy of private villas and the romantic ambiance of a tropical hideaway. Mind and body are soothed by the warm waters and the even warmer welcome you will find here at this Adults only 18+ year resort. Fitness enthusiasts will love the comprehensive sports inclusions from scuba and sailing to spa treatments and yoga, this is an environment that will restore, refresh and invigorate.

Location: On the beach, just 15 minutes from Negril, 60 minutes from the airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • sherber22 : baltimore, md
2nd time back and won't return

You can't charge premium prices and serve rail liquor and slop on a buffet and expect the customer to be happyNot to mention - the Beach hustle is far more aggressive now so you can't even really relax.Swept away has lost all of its class....Big disappointment - a lot has gone down hill in Negril

  • shiela18 :

This was our second stay and it was above our expexrtations again. The resort is beautiful, well kept and so peaceful. The staff is great, we got to know them and even were able to connect with a few from our first stay. There is no need to leave the property, everything you need is there and they pamper you and feed you very well. We will be back again next year.

  • CktCoach : Northants
I have a review for you!

(credit to Tom Hardy (Taboo) for the catchphrase motif)Our first holiday in Jamaica, although I have visited several times before on business.In summary, a perfect holiday in a beautiful location, looked after extremely well by friendly and welcoming people.I had read about the high number of returnees to CSA and indeed virtually everyone we met had been multiple times. Before our trip, I wondered why? Now I understand and if circumstances permit then we will also be adding to that number. The place offers everything a couple could wish for in a lush green, tropical environment and tranquil setting. There are activities aplenty if just lying on the beach or floating on the clear warm water doesn’t suit.RoomsSpacious, equipped with all you need. Lovely firm huge bed, air-conditioning and a roof fan. Veranda with comfy lounger/rocker and settee with large cushions and another roof fan. Bathroom was functional with a large shower area, sink and WC, with a couple of large mirrors. Room was very well cleaned daily and fresh towels and face cloths provided. Room was tiled throughout. The room had a fridge and the offer of stocking with a wide assortment of branded spirits, juices and mixers. With so many other options for obtaining drinks throughout the day and night, it wasn’t obvious why anyone would want to hibernate in the room to drink - but each to their own.I have read a number of reviews critical of the room decor and quality. Frankly I disagree. The rooms are well matched in style and facility for the resort as a whole. Our garden veranda room had a slightly rustic feel to it, the dark wood finish perfectly in keeping with the lush tropical gardens all around. If you are looking for, or expecting, brightly lit, glossy surfaces and highly chromed fittings in your room, this isn't for you. At CSA I think the room is where you sleep, shower and dress. If you are planning on spending most of your time in your room, why bother travelling all those thousands of air miles to such a beautiful place?BeachEasily matches the beaches we’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced in the Maldives. Very clean with soft fine sand. Staff rake and clean it at least daily. Annoyingly too many hotel guests treat the beach like a dustbin/ashtray. Come on people, have some courtesy and respect eh? Take your garbage and fag-ends away with you please! The staff work very hard to keep the place spotless.Plenty of reclining loungers, each with a very comfortable foam-filled mattress. This mattress, with its in-built pillow, made for the best flotation device I've ever used. It enabled even non-swimmers to enter the calm waters with confidence. A triumph of design! Well done and good choice CSA! As others have commented, space in the shade of the palm trees is limited (and of course the vegetation does mean ants). Although close together, we never felt cramped by other guests - mainly because everyone seems to want the same thing… peace and quiet! The very very clean, clear & warm water with sandy bottom doesn't make for interesting snorkeling (inshore). The short boat trip (3 times each day) to the offshore reef with 2 instructors is worthwhile for reasonable swimmers. SecurityI’d wondered about this beforehand: A public beach and a main highway outside? No problem. Very efficient and discreet security arrangements in my opinion. Visible guards on duty on the entry barriers to the resort (and to escort you across the light-controlled crossing to the spa and fitness centre. On the beach, similarly visible, sensitively managing the invisible line between resort beach space and the public corridor along the water's edge. The several regular buskers/sellers/hustlers were carefully monitored and presented nothing more than a periodic entertaining interlude each day. One or two of the performers were actually quite good! When offered anything a polite shake of the head or verbal “no thanks” was always sufficient.DemographicsBased upon no more than listening and observing, I'd estimate that about that 80% of the guests were US-based, 10% Canadian, with the remainder from the UK, Germany, Italy and other European countries. Apologies for the many I've missed out!Age-wise, mostly early 20s, mid-40s and older. Probably most in mid-50s and older? With it being couples only and no children you can probably have a pretty good guess for yourself. I suppose that I hadn’t really thought about the effect this would have on the holiday beforehand. It was very positive. With one or two exceptions, the entire holiday was very quiet and relaxed, with no-one rushing around, hollering and shrieking as you might expect if there were youngsters around. A very good model and worked very well for us.FoodPlenty of options for eating and drinking all hours of the day and night! The only eatery we didn’t try was Patois. Our preference was for Palms - for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The range of choice of buffet-style offerings was very impressive - with evident care taken in content, preparation and cooking. It was good to see a local option available at most meals giving something of a flavour of Jamaica. Food dishes were labelled and the chefs on hand were always ready to provide information on content - important if you have an allergy or intolerance. We loved everything that was served-up. Some of the salads were just stunning - simple, but combinations that we’d never encountered. Just try beetroot and pineapple! An inspired combination. The desserts were displayed and located away from the salads and main courses. The range of pastries, cakes and patisseries was huge each day. All beautifully made and finished - it was difficult not to try (at least) one of each! On alternate days the dinner arrangements were a semi-formal menu-selection for up to 5-courses (with an option to create your own salad course if required). Whilst these table service evenings were still of a very high standard, I think the novelty and adventure of trying many different things on a mixed-plate at the self-service buffet was our preference. There was a daily (evening?) cocktail special - illustrated at the bar (but away from the entrance to the restaurant, so easy to not see it). Rum, rum and rum… What’s not to like? The lively and entertaining bar staff were always willing (and able) to make drinks of your choice as well - but set them a challenge, and then just sit back and appreciate their expertise and good taste!Feathers was worth getting spruced-up for (long trousers for men-folk). Actually the restaurant is so highly air-conditioned you need trousers on!! The food was good and the service very attentive. The wine was of a slightly higher quality than in Palms. You need to book a table here (possible only a couple of days in advance) - early times (we ate at 6.30pm) were not fully-booked on either occasion, but later times appeared far busier when we passed by.Lemongrass was OK too, although perhaps more for the location than the food. The food was perfectly acceptable but not much above dishes on offer downstairs in Palms. Sitting outside on the veranda overlooking the pool and the beach was very pleasant.Friday evening (weather permitting) the Palms restaurant is transported out onto the beach for the Reggae beach party. This is a stunning effort of mammoth proportions. Countless tonnes of equipment, tables, chairs, lights etc. are set-up on the north-end of the resort beach in about 4 hours. Instead of the usual tables of 2 (or 4 or 6 here and there), tables of 10 are laid-out - a chance to mingle and chat with other guests if you want to. The food is still of the same excellent standard as it is indoors - and probably there are even more dish options available?Entertainment Not usually a fan of organised entertainment in resort to be honest. However, CSA laid on some very good acts during our stay. The resident band (Exodus) played some decent background music during each evening. It was clearly the keyboard player’s “train set” which meant that his sound dominated - but for me the bassist was the star! One laid-back dude! (and he could play!) Generally the sound quality of the vocals and spoken announcements was extremely poor. Surely in the 21st century there must be a better solution. A couple of the singers that performed during our stay could clearly sing very well but weren't done any favours. The highlight undoubtedly was Silver Birds, a steel orchestra. Simply brilliant and outstanding performances. We saw them twice, once outside & once indoors. The first performance was by the “youth” team (well, they looked younger!) who were just so energetic and talented. Not just playing steel drums - but the movement and dancing at the same time was riveting and captivating. Real talent. One thing that didn't seem to be well advertised (until arriving) was the huge range of daily activities that are available. A very well run and imaginative program organised by the Ents team. Worth a look and try. StaffEvery single member of staff we met (and all those we didn’t!) worked so hard to make this such a beautiful holiday for us. They are a credit to CSA and to Jamaica. We were so glad that we had the opportunity to be able to chat with many of them - their warmth, humour and helpfulness was compelling. We wish we could have managed to get all their names, but these are some of the wonderful people for whom we did: Michelle (front office), Courtly (Ents), Tashika (gardener), David (beach), Kevon (bar), Kevan (snorkeling), Julian (boat), Gary (Head chef), Yanique, Kenroy (beach bar), Eileen (basket weaving), Peter, Shawayne, Franklyn, Ashdale, Michelle, Itora, Itessa, Ashano, Abigail, Kathleen (Pilates), Althea (room maid), Abigail, Denise (beach), Matthew (Ents), Jason (bar) - thank you all! Miscellaneous Towels - Beautifully clean and white towels everywhere. Just one more thing you don't need to bother thinking about. Just relax. The paths around the resort are all concrete. In some photos and videos (YouTube) they might appear to be rough? Not at all. I walked around barefoot (apart from the times when the floor was just too hot!) without issue. Water - A huge ‘well-done’ to the genius who thought about and implemented the re-usable and refillable water bottles! Inspired. Rather than wasting the planet’s limited resources with single-use plastic bottles which are then disposed of, CSA provide each guest with their own water bottle - decent quality too. The Jamaican water is excellent - soft, clean, fresh and cold. Perfect.Ice cream - In between meals, during those very hot afternoons, a self-service machine is tucked away on the veggie food bar near the water-sports hut.Would we go back? Not something we've ever done (going back to the same place). CSA is different. Yes, yes, yes! No question. We didn't understand why so many people have been multiple times to CSA. Now we've been, we do. Don't know when, but we will be back. It was that good.

  • Nick8675309 : Washington DC, District of Columbia
Dated resort needs upgrades, better food, better service for the price

This all-inclusive resort is in need of some significant upgrades if it wants to charge the prices we paid. Overall we found the rooms and grounds to be OK, but seriously dated. The room was decent and everything worked, but the bed wasn't very comfortable. The most glaring problem was the frequent presence of ants and two appearances by cockroaches - unacceptable. My wife had ordered petit-fours and champagne for us for a special arrival gift at an extra charge. The chocolates were eaten by the ants; the front desk promisedto replace them or give a refund, but never did.The shower often lacked hot water and the power went out a couple times, though never for very long. We occasionally noticed unpleasant sewage-like smells around the room.Free WiFi is provided on the resort and works OK in most places. But our room was obviously a dead spot, and we never had service inside the room. Whenever we wanted to research and plan off-site meals or excursions, or keep in touch with the outside world, we had to at least go onto the balcony and risk being eaten alive by mosquitoes to do so.The service for the room was only passable. Housekeeping twice took the champagne glasses we had been provided without replacement, even though we had champagne in the minibar every day. Housekeeping only refilled several bathroom items (body wash, lotion, etc.) when we specifically called and asked.The minibar refill was hit-or-miss; he never seemed to follow what we requested. There is a card you fill out daily to ask for certain drinks; instead he just kind of guessed and brought extra of things we hadn't used and didn't want.Instead of bottled water, for environmental reasons the resort provides refillable bottles and has filtered water and ice stations around the property. But the ones near us were often empty, including for the last two straight days.The daily optional continental breakfast was OK, but nothing special, and the service was lacking. On the last full day, we wanted to sleep in before breakfast was delivered, so I selected 10:00-10:30am as the delivery time and left the do-not-disturb sign on the door. Nevertheless, at about 9:20am we were woken up by the breakfast delivery man pounding on the door. Breakfast items were also hit-or-miss, with some requested items delivered and some not.The on-property restaurants were generally mediocre. Only one, Feathers, would rate as "good". The others -Cabana Grill, Patois Patio, Lemongrass, and the Palms, were just average - either odd interpretations of a particular cuisine (Lemongrass) or slightly-above-cafeteria quality (Palms lunch buffet, Cabana Grill, Patois). We did not eat at the Palms for dinner or the breakfast buffet. For most days, we went off-site for lunch and found excellent local food within about 20 minutes north or south of the resort.Our additional suggestions, for the resort are to improve minibar selections with snacks (otherwise you have to trek to an open restaurant to get anything at all) and to have an available, resort-run, included shuttle service to take guests off the property to visit good local restaurants and shops. Currently guests are stuck paying for expensive independent drivers called by resort staff to get anywhere.Overall, at anything like the current prices (and remember we stayed during the low season), we would not recommend this resort.

  • Joanne A :
The most amazing honeymoon experience!

We stayed at Couples Swept Away Negril from May 8th-May 15th. When we first arrived at the airport, the couples lounge was so quaint and a breath of fresh air. We were checked in and offered Red Stripes upon arrival. The Jamaican people are all so friendly. We were then ushered into a van with the other couples who had arrived that day. It started to rain on our drive there which made us a little fearful at first that was how the whole week was going to be, but we still enjoyed the views and the driver gave us a lot of history on the drive. It was about an hour and 45 minutes to get to the resort. When we arrived at the resort, we were greeted by staff members who were quick to offer us cool towels and champagne which was much needed after the ride over. We arrived a few hours early but were happy to take the time while we waited on our room to walk around and explore the resort. We were so hungry so stopped first at the buffet. We were very pleased with the food. We walked around to grab a drink from one of the tiki bars by the beach. Our room was ready earlier than expected and we had a bellhop carry our bags up to our room. We had an ocean view room which was beautiful. It is beachy and quaint and clean. We spent a lot of time on the porch watching sunsets the whole week. The beds are also comfy and they offer turn-down service every night which was a wonderful touch.We ate dinner at the Patois restaurant right below our room and ordered off of their menu (which changes every night). We loved the choices and ordered several appetizers and entrees to try them all. We checked out the casino and the nightclub and they were small but fun!The next few days were filled with sunny weather so we laid by the beach in the mornings through mid-day. The water is crystal clear and the beach is so well maintained. The beach chairs all come with floats which we used every day. We had no issues getting a chair in the mornings around 10 am every day. Must do activities:Catamaran Tour- book 1 day in advance at the watersports hut (included with the resort)Chukka Best of The West Zipline and ATV or Horseback Riding (you have to pay for this excursion but it was well worth it!)Rick's Cafe- it is a tourist trap but it was super fun and a must seeSailing/Paddle Boarding/ Etc.- the watersports crew were so great and helpful, they made us feel safe with each activityPiano Bar- this is in the resort, it was super fun to do after dinner, especially after going to the martini bar.You can request a private snorkeling boat ride at the watersports hut where they take out the speed boat and offer alcohol and food for around $50 a person. this was honestly the most fun we had when we did this. They showed us all around the island and told us a lot about the other resorts and took us to a cool place with caves where we went snorkeling. Nord is your guy--he's the best!Overall, we will definitely be back. Negril is the place to go and Swept Away by far has the best beach. The people are so friendly and kind. The food was amazing, no complaints ever, so many choices. Definitely check out the Lemongrass restaurant, that was our favorite. The grounds were well kept, and we felt really safe. We will be coming back, hopefully for our next anniversary!

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  • Items of a personal nature

  • 24 hr food service
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Snacks
  • Premium brand drinks
  • Scuba
  • Water-skiing
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing
  • Sunfish sailing
  • Hobie cats
  • Kayaking
  • Volleyball
  • Squash courts
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Fitness facilities
  • Shuttle to Pirates Cave
  • Transfers & entrance to the Jungle Night club
  • Glass bottom boat reef trip
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 1 buffet restaurant
  • 3 a la carte restaurants: Continental, International, and Grill/BBQ
  • Bars including Piano bar
  • Pools including 25 metre lap pool
  • 2 Jacuzzis
  • Tennis courts
  • Air-conditioning squash courts
  • Games room
  • Sports & fitness facility
  • Gift shop
  • Health spa
  • Sauna & steam room
  • WiFi (fee)

Garden Suites include:

  • 1 king bed
  • Air-conditioning
  • TV
  • iPod docking stereo
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • In-room safe
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Bathroom w/shower
  • Hairdryer
  • Nightly turn down service
  • Max occupancy 2 persons

Atrium Suites include:

  • Same as above w/garden view

Beachfront Suites include:

  • Same as above plus
  • Fully stocked mini-bar
  • Full bathroom
  • Use of robes & his/her slippers
  • Private balcony
  • Located on the beach

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Couples Swept Away
Norman Manley Blvd, Negril Jamaica

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