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Set amidst gardens of trees and flowering plants at the edge of Negril, Jamaica's laid-back, west coast resort area, the intimate, all-inclusive Sunset at the Palms offers chic and serene accommodations - an environment so tranquil and calm, it will leave you breathless.

Location: Across the road from the beach in Negril, 60 minutes from Donald Sangster Airport.

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  • travelfun070 : Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

This was our second trip to Negril and the first at Sunset. Loved the entire property. The bungalows are nicely appointed and the grounds are beautiful. It is a short jaunt to the beach and the crossing guards make it easy! The short jaunt is actually very nice because you can walk off The food was plentiful and tasty. The following staff were exceptionally helpful...Lynette, Sharon...always helpful. Jeavan who is part of the grounds crew did an excellent job and always had a smile on his face! Vanessa who was wonderful at never letting us get thirsty and Clinton (Shorty) who went out of his way to be helpful. Another grounds keeper, that I can't remember his name - sorry... gave me a bouquet of fresh flowers one morning...that stayed fresh my entire stay. This is a small resort with nice entertainment in the evening. While swimming at the beach you can hear OTHER resorts playing very LOUD - THUMBING music...glad I wasn't at those resorts. You come to Sunset to relax and relax I did.Now a couple of cons...Fogging for mosquitoes...brought back memories of Louisiana... we just made sure we weren't on the resort property when fogging worries. We stayed in room 604...the first bungalow you DON"T see when entering the property. Close to the road so there was some noise. HOWEVER, I would not let that stop me from returning.Thank you Sunset at the Palms for providing us with the relaxing vacation we were looking for!

  • Nikki S :
Magical! <3

My boyfriend and I just got back from our stay (July 13-18, 2017) at Sunset at the Palms and we LOVED it so much!!First, and foremost, the staff is amazing <3 Everyone is super friendly. They know your name and treat you like a friend. We actually did become fast friends with some of the staff there. We even extended our trip for two extra nights and I'm still depressed we had to come home! Haha.The rooms are really cool! You have your own little tree house/hut that looks like a hotel room inside. It's wooden and beautiful and the bed is SUPER comfortable. Once we were no longer jet lagged, it was hard to get out of bed because we were sleeping so well. And we want to know where you guys get your pillows! It sounds funny but they were really comfy. The bathroom in the room is also really nice too with a huge walk in shower and multiple shower-heads.The food was great, especially for an all-inclusive resort. There's a huge buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each night for dinner, the buffet has a different theme so the food isn't always the same. You can make reservations at their fine dining restaurant called Lotus Leaf, which has great food as well. There's also a beach grill available from 11am-6pm. Late night snacks are available from 11pm-1am, so there's ALWAYS something to snack on, which helps because the bar is open all day too ;)The pool bar opens at 10am and is open until 1am. The pool is definitely big enough for a party. It's nice and warm with a swim up side to the bar. There's also a hot tub.The beach is just across the street from the resort and there's a bar right on the beach as well. I believe it's open from 11am-6pm.They do have Wi-Fi but it is pretty slow and only worked for me in the room. Honestly, I don't think you go on vacation to be looking at your phone, using Social Media, or working on your laptop anyway. I would have been happy even if the Wi-Fi didn't work at all. This resort is different from any hotel experience we've ever had, and it's our favorite by far. They offer everything you need. The grounds are gorgeous and the beach is beautiful. The concierge at the front will book excursions for you too if you want to venture out for some extra excitement!I loved all of the wildlife on property. Birds, frogs, lizards, crabs, cats, and even goats! The only negative "pets" were the mosquitos, who seemed to love me but didn't bother my boyfriend at all. They do fog twice a day which helps, and they will provide a mosquito net over your bed if you ask. I would still reccomend using repellent at night though. I also encountered a sting ray in the water on the beach about a foot or two into the water from the sand so just be careful! But the ocean was AMAZING and so warm!!You won't regret staying here!! Such a cool experience! Thank you so much guys.Special thanks to our dear friends Renardo, Nepaul, and Lynette! And shout out to Craig Williams for giving us the star treatment every night at dinner! We can't wait to come back and see all of you again! xo

  • SMoskawitz : Wellington, Ohio
Good? Not Good? I'm not really sure. Still had a great time.

This is definitely a mixed review. I am bewildered with the people that gave this a rating over 2-3 and wonder if they have ever really experienced a nice all inclusive. I should have concentrated more on the negative reviews because I feel strongly that they were more consistent with my opinion. We are used to staying in nicer all inclusive like Riu in Cancun or Iberostar. SATP is not as nice as these properties but it does have it's benefits.Rooms - They're more like a cabin than a hotel room. Yes, the air was able to cool the rooms nicely if you left it on all day set at 17 degrees Celsius. The ceiling fan was so loud that we could not use it while we were in the room. It was obviously so old and out of balance that it knocked and pinged loudly on high and medium. The inside was dated but mostly clean-ish. The windows have big shutters on them which close but they are not air tight. You can still hear everything because you are really only separated from the outside by the shutters and a screen. If you expect your room to be clean when you come back from the beach at 3:00-4:00, think again. Our room was cleaned each day around 5:00-6:00 which was inconvenient after a long day in the sun. It would have been nice to come back from the beach/pool to a clean room at 3:00. Because you're basically sleeping in an open air cabin with air conditioning, you will hear the frogs from dusk to dawn. Some like that. I slept with headphones on because I was annoyed.Food - The buffet was really sub-par. Staying in nicer resorts, the food was so much better than SATP. The Lotus Room meal was excellent. This is supposed to be the nice restaurant where you wear long pants and enjoy an nice meal in air conditioning. It was hotter in the Lotus Room than it was outside but the food was good. The Chef's Showcase was a horrible experience. They seat you outside, the bugs were atrocious, and why they call it a showcase is beyond me. At the beginning, the chef basically said, "This is what I'm cooking for you" and then they served it. There was no discussion during the preparation, only relentless bugs attacking us as we waited for the next course. The food was okay but the experience of being outside really ruined it.Beach - It really was not a big deal to cross the road to the beach. The water and beach was beautiful. Getting a drink was easy and fairly fast. Raising your red flag usually got me a drink fairly quickly but walking up to the bar was much faster. Walking just a few hundred yards down the beach you could have access to the vendors who harassed and called you into their hut. That was annoying but it's Jamaica so what should I expect? Using the resorts non-motorized equipment was easy and painless and gave you something to do besides bake in the sun.Pool - BEST part of the resort. There were a few days where we had the pool to ourselves as the rest of the guests were on excursions or at the beach. That was awesome! Around 3:00, people starting making their way to the pool and the drinks would start to flow. We met some really fun couples and had a blast in the pool. The pool bar was one of the best I have hung out at compared to other resorts. Plenty of seats and decent service.Bugs - They were horrible! When I read that they fogged each night, I didn't think much of it. I figured that they would do that while we slept. Nope! Right around 5:00, you'll hear a weed eater sound and it's the guy walking around spraying some type of fog. It's not the U.S. so I am not sure what they are using but it cannot be okay to breathe that in. Remember, your room is essentially open to the air so your room will fill up with what I called DDT and so will your lungs. There has to be a better way.The Grounds - Amazing. Absolutely beautiful and well kept.The towels - Apparently, beach towels are a hot commodity in Jamaica. We had a blast watching people come to the pool area to exchange towels. The clean towels are locked up and I am not certain who has THE key to the box. It was funny to watch workers scramble to find THE key to open it. No one ever really seemed to know where the key was. See suggestion below.With all the negatives, it was good. The staff was nice and fairly helpful. If you are used to staying in luxury, this is not the place for you. If you're okay "glamping"(glamorous camping) then you will like this place. I have to be honest, I am going to find fun in any all inclusive as long as there is free-flowing booze and I did have fun but we made our own fun.Recommendations for SATPs - 1. Can you put storm windows or something inside the room to sound proof and DDT proof the room? 2. How about a Keurig machine in the room or any decent coffee maker? If I wake up and want a cup of coffee, I don't want to walk all the way to "coffee bar" and then walk back with a styrofoam cup of scalding coffee(no lids) burning myself all the way back to my hut.3. Towels - Why can't you stock some clean towels at the front desk? It would have been so nice to just take our dirty towels to the front desk and exchange them for fresh ones. This is such an easy fix.

  • Speedskier8098 :
Needs a bit of polish

Stayed at the Sunset at the Palms for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Although the rooms appeared to be clean, they could use some updates. When we made our reservations, we indicated that would wanted a room far away from the street. When we arrived, I reminded the girl at the desk of that request and she acknowledged it, giving me the impression that it would be fulfilled. When we arrived in our room, we quickly identified that our request had not been fulfilled. My wife and I decided that we would give it one night and if the traffic decreases at night. Sadly it didn't, and the moved us to another room. The second room we were in was quieter. Prepare to get eaten alive by the mosquitos. Although the resort seems to be aware of their mosquito problem (they spray twice daily and provide you with mosquito nets), be sure to bring a can of Off Mosquito Repellant! Otherwise you'll be stuck buying it at the resort for $15 USD. This is at least 3 times the cost that you would normally pay!Be sure to make reservations for the Lotus Leaf before you go. Otherwise you'll be stuck eating off the buffet. The food on the buffet is OK, but they are slow to refill them when they are empty. Pros:- Clean room appearance - Friendly Staff- Your in Jamaica and not at work.. how bad can it be?Cons:- Mosquitos - Takes a while to get a drink at the beach bar- Only one cook at the beach grill, makes service EXTREMELY slow- Lack of beach entertainment- No entertainment during dinner- No entertainment during the day- EXTREMELY Slow Internet.. almost non-existent- Broken shower tiles- Exposed drywall / plaster / chipped paint- Pool Deck- Hot tub was closed several days- Sand on the beach around the huts is not very nice, should replenish it with sand from the ocean. - Have to walk past the stinky dumpster and across the street to get to the beach

  • Daniel S : Andover, Minnesota
Darn near perfect

This is one of those times that those half stars would come in really handy. Sunset at the Palms easily deserves a 4.5, but I can't quite justify a full five stars for a (very) few reasons. As is often the case, I was tired and cranky upon arrival (I can't sleep on planes) and was initially a bit overly critical. The resort is a good 90 minutes from MBJ, and while our driver was great, the lengthy trek did little to help my mood. Check in was quick and painless (one huge advantage to paying for the private resort drivers is arriving alone; I highly recommend this option. It's only an extra fifteen bucks per person from the standard shuttle and very worth it...with one caveat that I'll address later). We were immediately shown to our room, which was a quick stroll from the office. In my petulant mood, I was a little annoyed that we weren't given a quick tour of the resort or at least a map so we knew where the heck everything was. We were quite literally right next to just about everything, but initially had no idea that was the case.The room was nice and cool--a magnificent sixteen degrees celsius, at least in the vicinity of the AC unit. It was also surprisingly mosquito-free. (They provide your own personal bug zapper racket, but we never had cause to use it.) The room decor was a rustic wood and bamboo but with an ultra-modern stone and glass bathroom. The shower has both a fixed and handheld shower head, and four body jets, which may or may not work (ours, not much more than a trickle). The king bed was reasonably comfortable and came with plenty of standard sized pillows to choose from. There's a small key safe available in the bathroom closet to protect your valuables, but I doubt it will hold even a full-sized iPad, so keep that in mind if you're planning to bring electronics along. That's probably pretty pointless anyway, as the WiFi connection leaves quite a bit to be desired--it was spotty and slow in the room to say the least. If you need to do much more than a daily check of your email, you're probably going to find yourself frustrated. The room is screened, but otherwise open-air, and the nature (and not-so-natural) sounds are, at times, a bit overwhelming. It may well take you a night or two to get used to it. There was some humorous debate among us as to how much of those sounds were legit and how much might be piped throughout the resort via inconspicuous speakers, but regardless just be prepared for it to be a little intense at times.Given what you've just read, you might be wondering how I can justify this being a 4.5 star resort. But honestly, those are by and large the only negatives. Everything else was pretty phenomenal. THE FOOD was some of the best I've had anywhere, and that includes the much higher end resorts out there. As insane as it sounds, the "homestyle" beef stew at the buffet was quite possibly better than any I've ever tasted. There's always plenty to choose from, no matter your tastes or dietary preferences, and someone's always at the grill station for eggs/omelets in the morning, or fish/shrimp in the evening. Everything jerk was delicious--try it all, trust me. We enjoyed our dinner at the Lotus Leaf so much we scheduled a second night just to try what we missed the first go round. That initial visit, I ordered the beef tenderloin but was accidentally given the lamb (which I'd never had before) and discovered that I loved it. I did get the beef the second time through, and though a little tough to cut, it was surprisingly tender and flavorful. The chef's showcase dinner was also quite tasty--the menu is on rotation and kept a surprise--but the resulting lamb that evening couldn't compare to the Lotus's. If you plan to attend either, I'd book early, as spots did fill up rather quickly.THE BEACH is right across a rather busy street, but a security guard will assure your safe passage. Once there, you'll be pleasantly surprised by Sunset's little piece of 7-mile coastline. The beach itself is well-maintained and the water is exceptionally clear. If you arrive early enough (it opens at 7am), you'll probably have a chance to see quite a lot of sea-life even within the buoys. We saw plenty of crabs, moon jellyfish, sea stars, lots of small schools of fish and a barracuda or two. There are a handful of grassy/coral areas worth exploring with goggles and a snorkel and (though you're not supposed to go out beyond the buoys) I was rewarded with a very close encounter with a stingray just beyond. Peddleboats, paddleboards, and Hobies are available to take out, and my wife happened upon a pod of spotted stingrays right next to our stretch of ocean while on the paddleboard. The beach has a few dozen covered cabanas, but even if you sleep in and miss them, there's lots of shade if you desire it. There's a bar available on the beach, and they'll provide you with flags to call upon servers to bring you anything you wish. Just about everyone on the beach was fantastic, from lifeguards to servers to bartenders. But the jewel atop the crown of the beach was definitely the grill. Sure, you can get a burger, jerk fries or nachos, or chicken tacos, but why bother when you can get the snapper tacos with a spicy mango sauce. These were, bar none, the only thing we cared to eat for lunch after we discovered them. So, so good. By the time we left, so many people knew about them they couldn't keep the fish in stock. To the right of Sunset's beach is a series of local vendors where you can get anything from handwoven baskets to artwork to carvings to conch shells to t-shirts, or you can have your hair braided, or enjoy grilled lobster or crab just pulled from the sea. And, of course, you'll have your fair share of musicians (a few were really quite good!) and folks looking to provide you all manner of stuff to smoke strolling up and down the beach. A simple "no thanks" or "I've already got some," will send them along without a problem (unless, of course, you're planning to partake). THE POOL isn't terribly big compared to others I've seen, but it doesn't really have to be given Sunset's cozy, intimate setting. Even at full capacity, you're only looking at a few hundred people max. Between excursions, events, and the beach nothing is ever too crowded. There's a swim-up bar with a covered section for events and entertainment and in-case storms roll in. The best part is that the pool itself stays open until 1am, which is great if you're a night-owl like me. Here I had one of the only negative experiences with staff, as one of the bartenders seemed to have an instantaneous dislike for me that I couldn't really shake even with kind words and genuine interest (and a tip) the whole time we were there.THE ENTERTAINMENT I could have largely done without, with one notable exception. Paul in the piano bar is simply stellar. What a wonderful find. We came across him our second night and spent our early evenings with him every night that he played thereafter. He starts with a medley, but works his way into rousing sing-a-longs, and encourages everyone to join in (even I got caught up in it, and I NEVER sing). He seemed to know everything we threw at him, and took a request from my wife which she sang along with. He's quite the singer himself and seems to instinctively know how to work the crowd. Once he'd get started, no one left before he was done. Loved that man! Beyond Paul, most of the entertainment was reggae bands from 9-10:30, most of which were enjoyable, but nothing overly special. And once a week, you can expect (predictably terrible) karaoke and a DJ (CALL SECURITY!!!) to spin some tunes till 11:00 or so. As god-awful as it was, it definitely provided a lot of laughs and great opportunities for people watching and learning some bizarre new dance moves.THE EXCURSIONS we didn't partake of this time around, but we heard from lots of folks who did. Jamwest and Y's Falls were big hits with those we talked to, as was Dolphin Cove and Rick's Cafe. And though it's clear on the other side of the island, Dunn's River Falls is also great (we did that on a prior trip) if you're willing to endure the ride. We did take a drive into "Times Square" for some souvenir shopping, which was an enjoyable diversion for a few hours. Be sure to compare prices as there's lots of variation on the same items from store to store.OVERALL, and despite the inauspicious start, this was probably our favorite Caribbean vacation so far. You'll definitely want some bug spray, and it can be oppressively hot and a bit noisy at first, but as you get used to those things it really is a little slice of paradise. We never felt any pressure to tip, though we did when it was deserved, which was often. We had a great time and thank everyone there who took such great care of us (Colleen, Sharon, Kirk, Alex, Loleta, and Measha especially--much respect!). We saw the same faces rotated into different roles almost every day, and they're some of the hardest working and kindest folks around, all determined to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.There is but one thing to add before wrapping this up, and that's the one caveat from earlier... Our private Juta car drive back to the airport was nothing short of terrifying. My wife became car sick and needed to get out for some air along the way and then to sit in the front with the driver. (I never get car sick, and even I was a little queasy.) The frequent questionable passes and jamming of the brakes was enough to make me wonder if we'd make it back to the airport in one piece. We never did get the driver's name, but for your sake, I really hope you don't get her. And SPR, if you're reading this, that gal needs her license revoked! We had a fantastic time and I very much recommend Sunset at the Palms for your next Jamaica stay and hope you all find this information helpful in making your choice!

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily
  • Snacks
  • Unlimited international alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Afternoon tea
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle boats
  • Sunfish sailing
  • Daytime tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Volleyball (beach)
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 65 rooms
  • 1 Buffet (Caribbean, International, Jamaican)
  • 1¬†a la carte restaurant (Asian, International, reservations required)
  • 1 BBQ/Grill
  • 3 bars, including: Beach bar, Swim-up bar
  • 1 pool
  • Cabanas
  • Beach huts
  • Fitness Centre
  • Tennis court
  • Water sports centre
  • Gift shop
  • Internet access
  • Theatre
  • Spa
  • Outdoor whirlpool(s)

Treetop deluxe, garden view with balcony includes:

  • 1 king-size bed
  • 1 bathroom with shower only
  • Robes & slippers
  • Telephone
  • Air conditioning and ceiling fan
  • Satellite television
  • Hairdryer
  • Coffee maker
  • In-room safe
  • Mini fridge, stocked daily with water, soft drinks and local beer
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Occupancy: 2 adults

One bedroom suite, garden view with terrace includes same as above, with:

  • 1 king-size bed or 1 queen-size sofabed
  • 1 full bathroom
  • Sunken living room area
  • Occupancy: 3 adults

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Sunset at the Palms
Norman Manley Blvd, Negril Jamaica

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