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Couples Sans Souci

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This romantic 146-room couples only hideaway emerges majestically from the cliffs of Jamaica's emerald mountains. Renowned cuisine, first class service and rich ambiance make this resort the ultimate setting for a romantic getaway.

Location: On a private beach, 5 minutes from Ocho Rios, 2 hours from Montego Bay airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • mariapohl2 : Lansing, Michigan
Gorgeous resort with genuinely friendly staff (oh, and good drinks)

My husband and I along with another couple booked this all-inclusive in hopes to find a nice place to relax and have a few drinks in a beautiful environment. Couples San Souci fit the mold. The relatively small resort allowed us to have our choice of beach chairs, seats at the swim-up bar and reservations to one of the restaurants available whenever we wanted. The resort is beautiful and unlike any other I've stayed at. It is built into the cliff side and full of vegetation, it did not have that commercialized feel. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The food and drinks were great as well. The drinks could be made to order with as little or as much liquor as you'd like. ;)

  • AprilS_11 : Indianapolis, Indiana
Stands true to the meaning of Sans Souci

I don't know what took me so long to review my stay here as it was almost a year ago today. Upon arrival at the airport we were quickly checked in and off to the resort. After about an hour and a half drive we arrived to our home in paradise for 10 days. Check in went smoothly but our room wasn't ready yet so we were invited to enjoy lunch and come back later. We came back for our room assignment about and hour or so later and we were good to go. We stayed in a Beachfront Suite which were newly renovated, the room was bright and clean and the largest we have stayed in with the Couples chain so definitely not disappointed. Really liked the size of the large bathroom and the hooks provided for hanging clothing or wet items really came into good use, we also enjoyed the sitting area with couch, chair and television. The patio was a little on the small side but we still enjoyed our time spent there. Since the Beachfront rooms are on the lowest level of the resort, majority of restaurants, bars and activates are within steps of our room with no need to go up and down all the stairs for everything. The main beach is small, but a majority of beaches on the Ocho side of the island are, it still is however a beautiful sight. Sunset Beach (the Au Natural) is worth checking out (even if its only for the sunsets) but wear water shoes of some sort as the sand is a little rough by stones and shells (lots of hermit crabs), but with the river running along the beach flowing into the ocean its really a neat experience! This property has so many hidden nooks and crannies you really don't get bored exploring, do find the hidden beach and the mineral grotto! This property is very unique from the other Couples properties and offers sights and experiences that the others cannot (like the hidden beach, mineral grotto, mineral pool, and a small waterfall). Food was good and plenty and service was good and punctual as well. Bar service and beach service was good as well. I didn't encounter many of the entertainment staff here which was a little bit of a bummer as we do enjoy some of the activities, Couples Negril entertainment staff must have us spoiled because they were amazing there. We didn't spend much time in the pools and didn't utilize the swim up bar enough to comment on them. Sans Souci is the only Couples that doesn't offer the free catamaran cruise, typically a highlight to my trips so that was a bummer also (maybe they should offer to shuttle people to CTI for theirs). Our first evening there we didn't have any reservations and only 2 restaurants were open, one was reservations required the other was fully packed with a long wait and it was pouring outside, not exactly a great first evening as we ran from place to place, in the pouring rain, in our nice clothes.. we did eventually get to eat but it was a little frustrating with the process and seemed a bit disorganized. We got alot of rain during this trip (more than any previous trip), so we utilized the 24/7 room service for dinner one night (CSS is the only Couples that offers it 24/7 for everyone), we received our food and it was warm but nothing too exciting, we always order coffee and pastries in the morning, I love that! Oddly I had very little interaction with most of the staff here, which is opposite of my usual experience. The staff I did interact with was mostly unmemorable to say the least, with the exception of a few on the Water Sports team, Dwight was very helpful and the star of my trip. I also had the opportunity to get to know the Aubin Garfield who is the resident artist (he does amazing work). No major problems were encountered with our trip and we left very sad to leave. I do recommend this resort for a romantic getaway, I see it more suitable for an older crowd as its more low key and quiet. The stairs can be quite overwhelming so if walking or climbing stairs is difficult for you this may not be the place for you. Overall I loved it and would come back again, however next time I will get a room on the cliffs as they look amazing with amazing views and I will have to cope with the stairs but looks worth it!

  • Erinn_MM : Windsor, Ontario
Fantastic Resort, Exact Vacation we Needed

Before you read on about Sans Souci understand that if you are looking for a long white sand beach with perfect ocean swimming this is not your place. Read on for all the things that make up for that if you're interested though! Also, if you're looking to party, this is not your place.Couples takes excellent care of their guests, you can just relax and enjoy. The staff were all phenomenal and while you're not supposed to tip, we did. We stayed in the beachfront suites, B block. The room was awesome, renovated, quiet because this block is away from all the action except the party on Friday nights. (We happened to be there for the 11th anniversary so we just joined the party and it was a really good time. Still wrapped up pretty early, before midnight I think.) Only complaint about the room was water pressure. Blow dryer was decent for a hotel. Personalized minibar was great - pass on the hard liquor in room though. Did a light breakfast and coffee through room service each morning and that was a great addition. We also ordered room service snacks here and there and were satisfied with that. All this and your airport transfers (better ride on the way to the airport) are included. Keep in mind that the airport transfer is 2hrs if you don't want to spend that much time. I quite liked the drive and didn't find it too much even for a 5 night stay.The eating/drinking experience was all pretty good. I never had any food that I didn't like. It might get repetitive though if you're there longer than a week. The wine is not amazing but totally drinkable, no real complaint there. Typically not a Merlot drinker but preferred that over the Cab. The wine and cheese tasting was awesome and those more premium wines are available at the Casanova restaurant. You can also get premium liquor in the Balloon Bar. The martini bar was great as well - good selection, great staff.The veggie bar was an amazing thing to have at a resort. My only complaint there is the menu they advertise there doesn't seem to always be available. Smoothies are excellent though. I found I could eat pretty healthy at this resort which was a plus. There is a bit of a lack of snacks in the periods between meal times. I was hoping to cover that with the food at the veggie bar but room service can always accommodate this. It does take a bit of time during peak periods though.While the beach isn't the idyllic type that first comes to mind when you think of the Caribbean, it's still a good beach. Swimming was decent, staff keep it very clean, always a lounger available. The little hut like umbrellas were great. Side note on the whole resort, you get this amazing secluded feeling as it is not busy at all. The only thing we ever had to wait for was an omelette. Check out all the nooks all over the resort; the setting, property grounds and tree cover are amazing. So you get the beach and pools and amenities but also this more raw setting as well. I did yoga one morning with the waves crashing and that was amazing but can't speak to any other activities as we have young kids so we just relaxed! There are a few excursions and water sports included which is nice if you want to do some activities. We did visit the sunset beach in the morning and evening when it was not AN - there are great amenities on that side as well - pool/beach/bar, but it seems the beach is only semi-private. Main beach is fully private, only a few vendors that don't really hassle near the water sports area. There is also a local resort right in the middle of the property belonging to the original landowners which is pretty cool, removes some of the starchiness of the resort feel. The pond and track around it looked great for jogging, there are also bicycles available for free use. There are 3 other pools as well in the main part of the resort. We didn't visit the main one with the swim-up bar and the smaller, deep one up near the Balloon Bar and lobby. The mineral pool was more than enough for us - beautiful water, overlooks the ocean, nice crashing waves - I just turned my lounger around to face the ocean and it was perfect. Never busy either. It was a bit colder and rainy here and there during our stay so we spent the rainy days here. 2 beach days under a hut and 2 days in the mineral pool area was perfect. Also in this area is a beautiful waterfall, mineral Jacuzzi (bubbles were a bit much in this one but nice to warm up), sauna, and mineral grotto. There is also a little walk-out on to a secluded beach that was great (when the tide is out later in the day there is a decent beach - this is next to sauna). Floating in the grotto was a really great experience that I will definitely go back for one day. I created my own little therapeutic waters circuit in the mineral pool area - so refreshing and relaxing! We didn't do spa treatments but the prices seemed reasonable for a resort. I saw a couple complaints about the cats - I counted three total and while they hung around, none of them jumped up. The peacock is awesome and gentle too!All in all, totally amazing, relaxing vacation in a beautiful, small resort - exactly what we were looking for!

  • Calicojackrn : Allentown, Pennsylvania
Great Food! Great Grounds! But there is More! Jan. 14 - 21 2017

ok...HOOOOLD ON !My wife and I are seasoned all inclusivers (If that is even a word) and so we write this report to paint an honest picture of what your vacation will be like at Couples San Souci (CSS). I will give Pros, Cons, and even comparisons, as well as stuff to watch out for.CSS Pros:Awesome views. Food is very good, Drinks are good and plentiful and the grounds are beautiful. When walking on property, you will feel like you are walking through a tropical forest. With a looong property and only 150 rooms, you will not feel crowded at all, in fact, it is very peaceful and romantic. You can easily be alone when you need to be. It has a private beach without the bother of locals trying to sell, or even neighboring resorts. CSS has a very nice, and private nude beach, complete with bar, food service for lunch, nice pool (volleyball every day) and a hot tub. Many repeat vacationers (we met a couple on there 27th visit) Good to very good entertainment. CSS Cons:Rooms are nice, but the older section is a little tired. They are renovating most of them, but they are not luxurious, and the renovations are not well done. There were gaps in the molding, smell of paint, one of the two bathrooms still had painters tape over all of the bathtub fixtures. Closet door jammed on us. Water pressure is sometimes but a trickle ( we are assuming that it may have been multiple showers at once, in our building), even so, during afternoon...very light water pressure barely shower able. Maintenance was called multiple times. Reservations are needed for 2/3 restaurants, and most are closed for outdoor dining 3x's a week. Tile outside main lobby...very slippery (see below). Housekeeping is good, they clean the room daily, however, they do not automatically replace used products (soap, razors) I ran out of hand soap and needed to use the Body Gel in the shower for my hand washing. Complaints:I slipped and fell due to wet tile on my first day. I was in pain most of the time (took my Rx Toradol). This fall was witnessed by an employee. The Nurse was called (very nice), and I was seen. An incident report was completed, and she mentioned 3 times throughout the week to see a doctor. However, We were out of our home country, and medical bills, X-rays and maybe MRI (If they suspected soft tissue damage) would cost $$$, even with insurance. CSS never offered to pay for any part of the visit. We were on property for 7 nights, and not once heard from any member of the management team regarding a follow-up, or even curious on what happened! There were many, many corporate officials there that week.I went fishing, and was told I could spend a day with the Chef if I caught something. I did catch something, and then was denied to be in the kitchen. We had an agreed upon time of 6:30 to have the dinner, which the Chef promised to make. They agreed on room service, since the restaurant was actually closed that day for an outdoor event. 47 minutes past the agreed time, still no dinner. Even after 3 calls. this was supposed to be our last evenings dinner.Recommendations: Take a nap each afternoon, so you can stay awake till at least 11:30. The noise from the entertainment is loud, and some rooms are VERY close to where they have evening music and foolery. Try both main restaurants your first two days...This way, since they are closed 3/7 days, you will know which you want to spend your last romantic night.Pack your own razor, etc. Bring a couple sets of nice clothes, the Casanova restaurant requires it.

  • mchlgrnvl : Carmel Valley, CA
Last Time at Couples Sans Souci

I have been to Jamaica 4 times, the last 2 times to Couples Sans Souci. This all inclusive resort, just outside of Ocho Rios is set on a beautiful cove with the older classic resort buildings on a hill overlooking the beach and the newer section nicely set directly up from the water.For many years, this resort, opened in 1948, was viewed as the best in Jamaica.The food is consistently very good. The staff is very friendly. That's where the positives unfortunately end.We stayed in the most expensive units, the "penthouse suites", part of the older section. The rooms show their age and are peculiarly designed; once condos, with a former kitchen now just shelves, a sink, and a mini-frig: it is a useless large space as are 2 old closets.The bathroom has not been enlarged or remodeled for many years. Instead it has been "redone" with layer after layer of paint which does not hide rotting wood, cracked plaster, and mold.The staff, although very friendly, lacks any initiative or interest in their work. In contrast to our visit last year, they appear to be just going through the motions. The housekeeping is mediocre at best: We were there for 11 nights and the room was never fully re cleaned, even after I complained. I was able to get the linens changed and dirt removed from the ancient bathtub after multiple calls to housekeeping.The food was good, the liquor fair, and the house wines awful. The rum in the room sells for $4 in an outside store. We could not consume the house wine, it was so bad. The "champagne" is not champagne, but a very inexpensive poor quality French sparkler.A peacock pooped on the patio just outside of the entry and registration. Three days later it remained, only spread around by people inadvertently walking in it. Trays of food, beverages, bottles and utensils remained outside of rooms for days. A tray of old food sat near our room for 3 days, touched only by some some animal that had enjoyed a treat during the night.Complaints about these issues during and on leaving went mostly unanswered. Between the poor service, markedly outdated room interiors, especially the bathrooms, and multiple issues with the management and direction of this resort, it does not deserve any consideration for "best resort." For that matter, it should not deserve a traveller's consideration in vacationing at a top level resort.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner daily
  • Snacks
  • All beverages (domestic and premium brand liquor, house wine by the glass, beer, soft drinks and bottle water)
  • In-suite dining (6am-11pm)
  • 2 beaches with one clothing optional 
  • Snorkeling
  • Hobie cat sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Water skiing
  • Kayaks
  • Aqua cycles
  • Glass bottom boat rides
  • Scuba diving with resort course
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Golf at Upton Golf Club's 18 hole course, green fees & transfers (cart and caddy not included)
  • Free admission to Island Village, home of Jimmy Buffets' Margaritaville
  • Shopping tour to Ocho Rios
  • Dunns River Falls Tour
  • 150 rooms
  • Buffet and a la carte restaurants (Italian, French, Jamaican)
  • BBQ/Grill
  • 6 bars, including: Beach bar, Swim-up bar
  • 4 pools, 3 freshwater and 1 natural mineral pool
  • Fitness Centre
  • 2 lit tennis courts
  • Beauty salon
  • Games room
  • Scuba diving centre
  • Gift shop
  • Meeting facilities
  • Water sports centre
  • Medical services on site
  • Spa
  • Complimentary internet access

Verandah Suites include:

  • Air-conditioning
  • One room suites with 2 twins or 1 king bed
  • Phone
  • Satellite TV
  • iPod docking stereo
  • Coffee maker & kettle
  • In-rooms safe
  • Mini-fridge
  • Spacious marble tiled bathroom
  • Hairdryers
  • Spacious verandahs
  • Max occ. 2

Ocean Balcony Suite, Ocean Jacuzzi Suite, Beachfront Jacuzzi Suite, Penthouse Ocean Suites also available.

Honeymoon Bonus - To be eligible for the honeymoon bonus, newlyweds must advise at the time of booking and present their proof of wedding, dated within the last month, upon arrival at the hotel.

Free Wedding - Wedding packages available. Please inquire for details.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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  • Couples Sans Souci
    Ocho Rios,Jamaica

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Couples Sans Souci
Route A3, St-Mary PO Box 103, Ocho Rios Jamaica

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

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Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy. Rollaway beds and cribs (infant beds) may be available and should be requested at the time of booking; fees may apply.

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