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Our Opinion

This is a budget hotel. It is much better to stay at the Las Brisas or Barcelo Huatulco in Tangolunda Bay if you can afford it. If you are looking for a budget hotel this is not a bad choice. It is located in Santa Cruz Bay where the cruise ships dock. There is lots of shopping and restaurants around.

This intimate hotel is known for its comfortable, laid-back atmosphere and warm, friendly service. Travellers on a budget will enjoy the Castillo Huatulco's good value as well as its classic Mexican hacienda-style architecture. The hotel offers a complimentary shuttle that will take you to the hotel's nearby Beach Club on the Chahue Bay. An 18-hole golf course is a mere ten minutes away.

Location: Across from the beach, 5 minutes to La Crucecita, and 25 minutes from Bahias de Huatulco International Airport.  

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • conchesdojump : Toronto, Canada
Castillo: Fourth time still a charm

It had been six years since we last visited the Castillo and we wondered if it still had the same charm. No disappointment there. We e-mailed the hotel prior to our departure to request our old room which had a king-size bed and a large terrace facing the street. Much to our surprise we received confirmation within 24 hours. Now that is customer service! Upon our arrival we were greeted by Ricardo, the concierge. If there is anything that you need, he is the man to see. Check in was a breeze and then off to our room. It was the same as we remember, although updates had been added. There was a vase with fresh flowers, a lovely fruit plate and flower petals scattered meticulously over our bed. The bathroom had plush towels, a bathmat, ample bottled water, shampoo, soap and Kleenex and more flowers. I would recommend that you bring your own shampoo since we found that it did not lather very well and left our hair somewhat dried out. Not a big deal, just a little tip. There was also an in-room safe in the closet which worked with a key and lock. The one thing that we did miss is the patio umbrella and table on the terrace. By 8:30 am it was so hot that one literally could not sit outside until the late afternoon. There aren’t any small fridges in the room which was a shame because there were delicious cheeses, chocolates and other treats to buy at the Saturday Organic market in Santa Cruz. As before, we enjoyed the Oaxacan “home” cooking but the bonus for us was that we could now eat al fresco by the pool. Lunch at the beach club was good as well, and you could also order off menu with a selection of a club house sandwich with fries (excellent), guacamole, ceviche, etc. Should you be at the hotel during the afternoon hours, this little “snack” menu is available there as well. The Beach Club at Chahue is a wonderful place to spend the day. The shuttle runs every half hour but it is only a 15-minute leisurely stroll away. The only drawback here is the lack of lounge chairs and hopefully more will arrive. One Sunday afternoon there was a live band performing at the beach club. That certainly was a bonus. The bars open at 11am and there is a good variety of drinks. Excellent Caesar’s, vodka and tonic or whisky soda and so forth. Of course there is Tequila and mescal. Manuel, whose shift starts at 3 pm makes a “special” cocktail with mescal, pineapple juice and various other ingredients. Very tasty. When we first arrived, there was bottled beer but during the second week, beer was only available on tap. The wine was mediocre, but the Chedraui is not far away and this mega store carries an excellent selection of Spanish, California and Chilean wines which the bar staff will chill for you. The lobby area is small but cozy. The only annoying factor here was the background noise of the TV which showed American wrestling and other such nonsense. That’s only our opinion, of course. We are so glad that we returned to this charming little hotel. Met some wonderful guests not only from Canada but from northern Mexico. A wonderful mix that we totally enjoyed. And the staff couldn’t do enough for you, always with a smile. There are too many to mention by name but here is just one example: my partner caught a dorado and the hotel offered to prepare carpaccio for us. Bianca, the sous chef did a fabulous job. It was so good and she graciously gave us the recipe. The platter was huge so we were able to share this with other guests at dinner. Everyone who had a taste thought it was excellent. Some of the staff were able to take home some fish as well. Another plus for the hotel is its location – right across from the Santa Cruz marina and only a 20-minute walk into La Crucecita. On our last visit, the Holiday Inn had not been built and now it does obstruct the view to the marina but that really didn’t make a huge difference for us. Because of its popularity, the Castillo is adding on 48 rooms but the construction did not interfere or cause any undue noise. Would we recommend the Castillo? Definitely. Will we return? Certainly.

  • Jimboagogo : Winnipeg, Canada
Great Location, Great service, Great price in a more dated building

Our stay in Hotel Castillo started off with the driver taking us on a tour around the town square...probably by accident. Anyway, the hotel staff are very friendly and helpful. Most of them speak passable to very good English. This is a small hotel, we opted for breakfast only and judging by some comments, we did well. Our rooms were on the 3rd floor and the stairways are nice and wide, making for lots of room and plenty of opportunities to practice your spanish with some native speakers! The rooms on our floor were freshly painted...we could smell the paint, so everything looked good. The rooms are basic, if you are the type of person who other people describe as fussy, maybe keep looking. If you are the type of person who other people describe as fussy, but never directly to you...definitely not the hotel for you. Pluses: Pool is on the north side of the hotel so it is in the shade * You can dine by the pool as fresco, or freeze in the A/C equipped dining room if you haven't had enough cold wherever you are from.* You can walk to amazing restaurants in 5 minutes for authentic Mex. seafood, or wood-fired pizza, or buffets, or Starbuck's across the street.* The drinks are cheap enough $30 Mex for a beer anytime after 1100h.* The staff are very helpful, if you want to find out about events around town, they will bend over backwards to get the scoop.* You can walk to your room in a couple of minutes, the restaurant is 2 seconds away from the front desk, and the pool is right beside the restaurant, so cozy!* Yes, the A/C in the room is a tad noisy, the bathroom fan too, but it is always clean, they even clean the front drive every day. The streets are cleaned every day, and we always felt very safe. Viva Mexico!

  • Catherine M : Calgary, Canada
Fantastic a

My husband and I booked a last minute trip. We loved it. It’s very different than the large AI’s, but that’s the part we loved. If you feel the need for more than a clean, basic room this is not the place for you. However, if you’re looking to explore the area and have the chance to get out of the isolation of an AI without losing the benefits this place is for you. Most impressive was the staff. Everyone was genuine and helpful. It seemed the manager was very present and interacted positively with all the staff. Thus, I got the distinct feeling they actually enjoyed their jobs. ....and the beach club was fantastic. Humberto always made sure we got a great spot. Part shade/part sun and kept us in drinks and snacks all day.

  • EvonGraceOfGod : Calgary
Summary of our trip-rating everything

1. Hotel location-good for walking to town-to market. When you try to get off the plane-scammers try to take you to another hotel. Just look for the West Jet sign at the front doors. 2. Room - clean-very basic-dated-bring your own shamphoo-conditioner and body wash, only get two towels per room/day, they give you daily water. The shower is hot.Bring ear plugs as a couple of nights you can hear the musicians and the air conditioning is noisy. Also if your room in on the street side, there is street noise. 3. Staff - good - polite, helpful4. Drinks-basic highballs with juice or beer. Sorry no coolers or ginger ale. You need to ask for rum in your drink otherwise they give it to you virgin style with juice. 5. Beach club - location good - easy to walk to, but not enough chairs to lounge on, very old white plastic chairs. A lot of the recliners are broken. Was told it has been like that for years. Ask for 2 towels to make it more comfortable. You cannot swim there-Red Flag up all the time. Go to the Mexican Public Beach for swimming. Nice view6. Food - the cooks only cook what the owner buys. Food - Breakfast-same thing every day for 14 days, basic food-eggs - pancakes, french toast, juice, yogurt only two flavours, only saw bacon 2 times-it was pretty shredded, only 3 kinds of fruit everyday-papaya-pineapple-watermelon, Mexican bean mash, regular beans, bread, wieners are considered sausage, no packaged cereal-oatmeal, tacos. Some luncheon type of ham, but it did not taste good, processed cheese, and Mexican cheese only, but it is breakfast. Same pastries very morning. Juice was good.7. Food - Lunch-same thing for 14 days-gets tiring, Hotdogs, hamburgers, french fries, and shrimp marinated in lime juice, and salad, one type of club house sandwich, and one chicken sandwich. We could not eat the hamburger's-or hot dogs, pretty low quality meat. Snacks-just the same thing you had for lunch. We mostly ate french fries and ketchup. No fruit. Same kind of cake every day. 8. Food -Supper-nearly same thing for 14 days-some variety, but very, very basic beans rice and tacos, salad, some chicken(very dry), some meat. Very Mexican-spicy - tacos. But 14 days of the same food - Wow-sort of stuck with what they give. A lot of Tacos and lime juice, lot of onions in everything. Soup-all animal parts floating in it. Meats need to be cooked longer or have some tenderizer put in it. Very chewy-we could not eat it. I have been to other Mexican resorts-same level, never had this type of experience before. Would not book the all exclusive option here. Canadians would find the food challenging. I would only book the room.5. Money exchange- not current, 1-Canadian dollar = 13 peso but is should be 15.51-, American $1=18 peso, but should be 19.74. Canadian dollar is actually worth 0.79 American. DO NOT EXCHANGE YOUR MONEY DOWN THERE. They just make up whatever rate they want charge you. 6. Maxi travel - excursions-not associated with the hotel. But you are told you have to listen to their presentation in order to get your ticket to get ride back to plane when you leave. NOT TRUE-JUST ASK FOR YOUR TICKET. Skip the presentation. Check for the ones in the lobby-make sure they are listed in pesos. We bought some-she told it was going to cost $270 USA dollars. We said we wanted to pay in pesos. The West Jet representative told us they only take USA or Canadian money, they do not charge it in pesos. I said but don't you deal with Mexican families? The next day, she finally charged us $5328 pesos, that is $296 USA dollars. If it IS NOT LISTED IN PESO-do not deal with them. We felt targeted-very upsetting. West jet needs to take them out of the picture. We booked a city tour, they take to you to the city a couple of block away and to the most expensive stores, and only for a few hours. Just walk yourself (15 minutes away on the walk way), or take a taxi, and you can spend the whole day-and find the cheaper market. 7. To see things: just go by taxi everywhere-cheapest/see the same thing. There is a boat at the marina-$330 peso for 10 family members-to one Bay. Push through the scammers and walk up to where all the Mexicans are and pay what they pay, otherwise you get ripped off big time.8. On our own we were approached, We booked a boat with 4 other people for the day - paid for 9 to 5pm. The Guy - Captain Nelson - (Boat called Bernice)took us only for 9 to 12 noon, half of the day. He dropped us off for lunch and told us basically took off. Do not book it, unless it is at the Marina-and you know someone else has had a good experience with them. Only go on a boat where the Mexicans are. Find someone who speaks English to explain things to you, otherwise you get ripped off. Shop around to find out what the locals are doing. 9. Street area. Very old-watch where you walk, or you can trip very easily. Enjoyed the musicians. This is Mexico - hope they develop the area more. So they people can get work. Enjoyed watching the Mexican families.10. Restaurants. Only order at ones that show a picture of what you will get. Otherwise you will be surprised and may not like it. We found the ones in town the best. 11. Internet connection. Only worked in the lobby for us. 12. Souvenirs. Everyone tells you it is hand sewn and one of kind. Forget it - everything is mass produced. Just shop for the best deal. 12. Would we return. Maybe - try it again in another 5 years, either book with the Holiday Inn Across the street. The people said the food was amazing there.If on a budget, we would only book a cheaper hotel or condo located in town with a kitchen, we would eat out for supper, we would shop that the Mexican Walmart in town to get our food so we could experience the fresh seafood and vegetables and fruits - we really missed out on. We would only book taxis to get around. Everything is very close. It was a learning experience for us. They need to get up some English signs if they want more tourists to come. It was difficult to know what was happening there.

  • Sergiolovetotravel : Hamilton
A little peace of real Mexico

Stayed Dec. 12 - 19 2017First of all let me say that we are now booked for Feb 2018 this time for two week.Once you get past the front lobby that does need some TLC and the dated room, it is all up hill from there.The food, drinks and service is as good as when l stayed at other 5 star resorts and l have been to a few.The staff provided beach, lobby service and could not do enough for you and were worth every peso l tipped and more. I am not going to mention names as they were all great.On check in we were greet with a cold drink and l was greeted by Raul and given the room l requested. Later in the week l was shown a mini suite and hopefully can be provided one on our return trip. Thanks again Raul your staff went way beyond in their duties.Before l forget this hotel has a great beach club, you cannot ask for more. A great view and yes you can swim on certain days we had 6 out of 7 days where l was in the water. There is also a pool and play area, the staff provide full service no matter where you were.The hotel is in a great area for shopping and sight seeing. We spent a few night walking around and enjoying the town as there was entertainment everywhere we went.Ps. The hotel also provide a great Friday night by the pool.I am now in the snow and counting down the days for my return.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
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  • 113 rooms in two 4-storey buildings
  • 2 buffet restaurants (Mexican, International)
  • 2 bars including Beach bar, Lobby bar
  • 2 outdoor pools
  • Meeting facilities (fee)
  • Internet service (fee)
  • Shopping nearby

Hotel Rooms include:

  • 1 king or 2 double beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Satellite TV
  • Internet access
  • In-room safe
  • Balcony
  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Max occ 4, up to 3 adults

Kids Stay Free - Children 0-6 stay and eat free when sharing a room with 2 adults. Children 7-12 pay child rates when sharing with 2 adults. Maximum 2 children.

For the Kids - Kid's section of main pool, Playground and Games room.

Honeymoon Bonus - Receive special room decorations with natural flowers, bottle of wine in room on arrival or during dinner, one special dinner for two (request upon arrival). Request at time of booking. Marriage Certificate required upon arrival.

Weddings - Packages are available. Please inquire for details.

Golf Bonus - Clients receive a 20% discount off of green fees and complimentary transportation from the hotel to the golf course. Book and Pay locally.

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Hotel Castillo Huatulco Hotel & Beach Club
Blvd Santa Cruz 303 Bahia de Santa Cuz, Huatulco 70989 Mexico

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