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Park Royal Huatulco

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Our Opinion

A basic 3 star resort in Huatulco. The Park Royal is not the best hotel in Huatulco but is definitely not the worst.


Park Royal Huatulco is nestled on a hillside with panoramic views of the bay of Tangolunda. Most suites have a dazzling view overlooking the Pacific.

Location: Hillside, 7 minute walk to beach, 25 min from Huatulco International Airport and 10 min to La Crucecita.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • time2go : toronto
Better than expected so 4 dots from me

We travelled from Toronto with Air Canada Vacations at the end of March. Luckily the plane was one of their regular fleet and not a slimmed down “rouge” plane. We had been to this side of Mexico a number of times but never to Huatulco. Our preference has always been to travel to the Caribbean or east side of Mexico. I really enjoyed my stay and was pleasantly surprised by Park Royal. I had read the reviews and comments on this resort so I knew what to expect but it was better than what I had interpreted from my readings. I would recommend this hotel as long as you read the reviews and know what to expect. I agree with the recent positive reviews of Park Royal and some are quite thorough (with great photos included) so I’ll try not to repeat what has been said. Here are comments about my experience at Park Royal.You really have to appreciate how this hotel is built into the side of a mountain. You see how challenging it must have been to build when you walk through the building just below the 7th floor pool. We were in building 10 and got a good workout during our week walking up and down the levels.For the first few days we were at the hotel (arrived on a Tuesday) it was not overly busy at the buffet, pools or beach. When Friday came it was suddenly full. We did make a point to get down for dinner earlier to ensure we got a table at the buffet but staff made sure everyone was seated. Service was always great no matter how busy it was. We also booked the 7th floor a la carte restaurant on Saturday night to have a quiet dinner and happened to see the fireworks that are put on by the Barcelo resort. The resort was once again back to the quieter atmosphere on Monday. Re the evening entertainment, I would have preferred live music, either singers or musicians instead of the dance shows. There is so much good talent available why not use them instead of the entertainment staff having to dance at night. The dancers are good but the production is not up to what you can see at other similar rated resorts. The shows take place where you have the buffet dinner. One thing I realized about Park Royal, for us, was that it really was not that important where our room was located. We were only in our room to sleep at night. We were in building 10 and I didn’t mind any of the walking. But next time I would prefer to be on a lower level so if I want to return to the room throughout the day it’s not as far. You can enjoy amazing views all day long from the 7th floor pool area. There was never an issue getting a shuttle, all it required was a quick call to the front desk and one was there in a few minutes.FYI, not all rooms are ocean view. There is also a charge for a guaranteed ocean view, or king bed or renovated room. This message came right from the reservations desk. I believe this information is on the Q&A section for the hotel. I did email a request prior to arriving for a room on an upper floor, with the view being my priority and the hotel said they would try to accommodate the request. I got a room in building 10 but it was probably one of three rooms in building 10 that has an obstructed view (half the view was blocked by building 9). And we had pipes and generators right beside our room for part of the remaining view. Oh well, as I said we didn’t spend much time in the room anyway. I will say that although our room was not renovated it appears to have been recently painted and had some newer pieces of bedroom furniture. We enjoyed the resort and the bay area so much we really didn’t do too much outside the resort. I would like to thank Noeli who was always making the rounds to everyone on the beach to keep us hydrated! We enjoyed the wild waves in front of the hotel as well as calmer swims in front of Dreams. The bay was nice for walking although quite a slant to the beach in front of Park Royal. We also walked over the rocks at the end of Dreams hotel. It’s well worth the effort to get to the other side. (This is where the Camino Real hotel is located.)I will have to return next time for 2 weeks so I can spend time exploring the area. We did walk into Santa Cruz and on to La Crucecita through the corridor. I put some info re this walk on the Q&A section when responding to someone’s question about walking into town. This long walk also gave us a chance to check a few other hotels, La Isla Hautulco, Holiday Inn and VillaBlanca. So thank you Park Royal for a great vacation. Your staff is amazing. Just one request. Please get more lounge chairs and umbrellas for the pools and beach area.

  • Dan H : Chicago, Illinois, United States
Truly better than three, but not quite 4 "dots"

Park Royal HuatulcoOkay, this is not a 5 star resort. There are only two pools, neither of which is elaborate, neither of which has quite enough loungers. There is only one sit-down restaurant, which has a very limited and unchanging menu. The liquor (VO, Smirnoff) was not bad, but the house wine was barely drinkable. Tap beer was Dos Equis, light and dark. Tropical and frozen drinks are very well done and there is a drink of the day. The rooms could definitely use some updating, especially the bathrooms. There are essentially no included activities, such as water sports, and also very limited entertainment by the “Entertainment” staff. This hotel seems to cater to a mostly native clientele, not to English speakers. Quite a few staff had very limited English. Not a place for someone with limited mobility...not handicapped accessible. Stairs up and down for public washrooms of lobby and at beach. Also, stairs down into specialty restaurant on seventh floor. That said, I confess to having spent a gloriously relaxing week here with my wife. There is much to admire about the Park Huatulco. Although an older resort, it is quite well maintained. Landscaping, while not elaborate, is well kept; grounds were all green, despite it being the dry season. Cleanliness is certainly next to godliness here; staff are constantly grooming their respective areas. Common areas are kept spotless, including bathrooms. The food was as good as other mid-range resorts where we have stayed. The buffet restaurant has a very good variety of dishes, and the fruits and salads are delicious. Though my wife was unimpressed with the coffee, I found it reasonable. Desserts were quite good. The view from the specialty restaurant on Seven is nice, with a lovely breeze. Our basic room was comfortable, as was the double bed. Rooms on seventh through the tenth floors do provide better visibility of the bay area, however, after trying an overnighter on the seventh floor and viewing a room on the tenth, the accommodations are not worth the additional price, or the effort to climb the additional stairs. We tried an upgraded room for one night, but found it no improvement over the basic room, so switched back. At first, they did not wish to refund our upgrade money, but eventually did, after I politely insisted.The most positive asset of the Park Royal Huatulco is the staff. Almost without exception, the staff are extremely friendly and customer-oriented. They truly take ownership of their work, in a manner seldom seen. And, unlike other places, they do not seem to “expect” to be tipped. Also, there are motorized carts to take guests to drop off spots for their rooms since everything is uphill. The hotel also has a funicular lift to the seventh floor, which is slow but another means of getting to rooms from lobby. The hotel buffet is an easy two block walk from the hotel as well as the beach and beach grill, however, the motorized vehicles run frequently to and fro for anyone not wishing to walk the distance. There is a small beach front property on the bay belonging to the Park Royal but chairs and palapas are limited. We felt completely safe the whole time, even while walking back to the hotel from the beach restaurant at night.This is a resort that I would highly recommend, with the proper expectations. We certainly enjoyed our stay.

  • 149ofeliam : Central Mexico and Gulf Coast, Mexico

It was a really good trip, we both my husband and me relaxed and enjoy the place, people, nature and days we stayed. The food was excellent, the service en the Beach Club was nice, we felt like in home.

  • Donovan C : Vancouver, Canada
Quiet and pleasant with a fantastic view!

We stayed for a week in early March, 2017. Very happy with our visit and intend to return! La Crucecita (the local town) is bustling and authentic. La Entegra (local swimming bay) was gorgeous with opportunities to snorkel small coral reefs. The only downside was visiting during the tail end of what locals call 'The Canadian season' (which results in a relatively brown and dry countryside). Unbelievable surf in some places. Truly a hidden jewel.

  • Lucas900 : Regina, SK
Smaller, quiet, a bit different, but excellent!

This was our 3rd visit to Mexico and first time in Oaxaca state and Huatulco region. We travelled from March 28-April 4, 2017. Quick summary: This is a smaller hotel, not right on the beach. We found the food and service to be excellent. it is a quiet place and if that is your speed, then you will enjoy it here. Read on for more in depth information.We flew from Canada (Regina, SK) via Sunwing airlines. The flight time was about 5h20min and was uneventful. You are normally handed a Mexico customs declaration card AND a tourist card on the aircraft, but they did not have the tourist card on board (we got that card once we arrived). Sunwing does NOT offer any free food anymore, but we did get one complimentary (small) cup of sparkling wine, which was appreciated.The airport (del Sureste de Huatulco) is small but well organized and we had no problems here. We filled out our tourist card and went through immigration just fine. We collected our bags and went outside and met our Sunwing rep right away. After a few minutes our bags were loaded onto a smaller van and we were off!The hotel is about 25 min away, so not too far. The highways are good as well. Not too much to see on the way to the hotel. Hualtulco region has only recently been developped for tourists...Arrival at the hotel was fine and check in was quick and organized. Our room was in building 8, up the hillside. Thankfully, there is an efficient shuttle service and we were whisked up to our building quickly.The Hotel and Our Room:=======================The hotel consists of 10 individual 3 story buildings, all nestled up on the hillside and it's not right on the beach. Buildinds 6, 7 and 8 were recently renovated. So they did some work on the bathrooms, bed area, some countertops and sofas replaced etc...Our room was #831 and included a huge outdoor patio/balcony with 2 lounge chairs and small table. There is a very nice view of Tangolunda bay in the distance. Because we are not right on the beach, you do see some other buildings/resorts in front of the bay, the Barcelo and the Dreams are there.Our room had a small fridge. They stock it with 2 (small) bottles of water a day. But you can refill water bottles from a large bottle water dispenser at the 7th level pool bar (which we did many times). Or waiters at the buffet will refill them for you. I suppose you can also ask for more water as well. They don't stock any beer or pop in the fridge though. I think you can arrange that through the front lobby for an extra charge. (remember, it's a 3.5 star hotel)The A/C in the room worked fine. We always had hot water as well. The bed was good for us also. The pillows were maybe a bit hard, but we just rolled with it. Room safe worked fine also. Maid service was fine. We tipped about 100pesos every other day. (1 CDN dollar - about 15 Mexican pesos) so about $6.50-ish.The Hotel is a 3.5 star rating. The grounds and landscaping are very nice. This hotel is unique in that it is built up on a hillside. It has winding small roads up the hill for the shuttles and small sidewalks are available for walking. We did walk from the lobby all the way to our building (#8) a few times and it really wasn't that bad. Good to get some exercise to burn off some of the food and alcohol!There is a 'Funiculaire' available as well just behing the main lobby buildings, it's a bit slow but will bring you up to the 7th level building.There is a tennis court onsite as well.Level 7 is where one of the pools are located and the A la carte restaurant (which also hosts sit down breakfast service and lunch/snacks in the afternoon). Really nice view from this area as well. We really enjoyed eating breakfast here a few morning. This pool (and bar) is also more quiet than at the beach. When you've had enough of the busier, noisier beach area, you can come escape to this level (which we did a few times!) There was always lots of chairs available and it was never too busy.The hotel is not right on the beach, but they have their own beachfront area reserved. You can walk down (does not take very long, and it's a nice walk near the golf course, shaded with trees and plants) or take a shuttle. We did some walking and some shuttle service. We never had to wait very long for a shuttle either. The beach area contains the main buffet restaurant, theater stage, another pool, bar and snack bar. All very well laid out and organized. The beach front is small however, and not very much shade or chairs. We brought our own beach umbrella and mats, so we were ok, otherwise you need to get up really early to reserve a chair!Beach and pools================The beach is nice, it's fairly long on both sides. If standing in front of the hotel beachfront, to the right is less busy, the golf course and the hotel 'Quinta Real' are located here, and there is a breakwater/pier at the end. It's a nice quiet walk, where you can just listen to the wind and the waves. Off to the left is much busier, this is where the 'Barcelo' and 'Dreams' hotels are located, but still nice to walk. And a bit nicer to swim I think. At the end of the beach here are some rocks, and depending on the tide, it is possible to scramble over the rocks to the other side (which we did not do) and there is another hotel and beach beyond. There are also nice silver fish that gather around here and people feed them. It's fun to watch them.We were also served drinks right on the beach! What a treat...'Noeli' was our favorite beach server! The Margaritas were most excellent indeed!The ocean here is fairly wild, the beach is on 'Tangolunda' Bay, but there are big waves that come in and the sand drops off quickly off the beach. We played in the ocean a bit, but it was quite rough at times. There are vendors that come by, quite often...but they are not aggressive and a simple 'No gracias' sends them on their way. Some of them do have quite nice stuff to sell though. (nice drinking cups made from bamboo, hand made blankets and bags, jewelry (silver), some carvings etc...)Pools are nice, but not super big. There are 2 main pools (7th level and beach area) and there is also a kids pool with it's own bar and play area just behind the main lobby buildings. And each main pool also has a small shallow seperate kids pool as well.Beach/pool towels are available via your towel card, no problems getting fresh towels either. We only exchanged them once without issue.Food, entertainment and service================================We found the food to be excellent. There was a decent variety each day. The buffet was fine. We are not fussy when it comes to inclusive resort food. Good breakfast selection, the usual omelette station, they had bacon most mornings, french toast, pancakes, sausages. We only tried the A La carte (italian) restaurant once, but it was fine. You can also order a bottle of wine from a menu at this restaurant and at the buffet restaurant if you like (and pay the extra cost) But the house wine was perfectly fine we thought.The pools at the 7th level and the beach have a snack bar. We got Cheeseburgers and fries at the 7th level pool area (really good!) And at the beach level they also had burgers I think and hot dogs and other finger type foods.At the beach buffet for dinner, they usually have a few 'theme nights' we had a couple of Mexican nights, an oriental night and an international night I believe. I really enjoyed the Mexican nights, fresh tortillas, guacamole and pico de gallo!We also never had any stomach or digestive issues. I believe the food preparation is safe here. We observed hot food to be steaming hot at the buffet and cold foods seems cold as well. I did (just in case) take 'Dukoral' (anti-Cholera and anti-Traveller's Diarhea' medicine) before we left. (I had had a few issues my two last trips to Cuba) and I had no side effects from the medicine and zero issues on the trip! My wife has never had any issues on previous trips to Mexico or Cuba and she never took Dukoral either (so who knows). Almost every night they put on dance/music numbers at the theatre stage/main buffet area. We enjoyed the dancing. We thought they were quite good and it wraps up about 10pm when everything shuts down pretty much. This is a quiet hotel...and we didn't mind that! We were always in bed before 11pm!We always found the service to be excellent. Never had to wait for service at the buffets, tables always wiped and ready with glasses and cutlery. The waiters would come by many times to see if everything is good, refill your drinks, take away your plate when you are finished etc...Never had to wait very long for shuttle service either. Most staff spoke adequate english, but others not as much. We speak and understand spanish (fairly well) so we never had problems. But knowing a few words of spanish and/or having a phrasebook might come in handy.We did tip the staff, but never felt pressured to. We tipped because we wanted to and/or if we received really outstanding service. All staff we encountered were super friendly as well. Some staff that stood out for us are Esteban (buffet waiter), Emanuel (waiter at the A la carte), Jose (head waiter/host at the A la carte), Noeli (beach server), Jemni (sp?), concierge, Suzana (head waitress - I think), and Thomas (waiter at the a la carte), Our Sunwing Rep Rafaelo was also super nice! - MUCHAS GRACIAS! (I also appreciated all the help with my Espanol!)Excursions and walking in the area===================================There is a road in front of the hotel and a road just further ahead. If you go left on either one of these you will arrive at a small plaza/shopping area that loops around. We explored this a bit one morning just to go have a look. There is a small convenience store here and other stores that sell souvenirs. We felt very safe here, no problems at all. The entire area is a tourist zone...There is no shop at the hotel itself except for the taxi stand right in front. They sell some pop and chips/candy bars and such...If you head on the road to the right, the one near the entrance to the beach/buffet walk past the golf course and stay on the sidewalk (the sidewalk seems to disappear after a while, but keep going...) it follows the main road up the hillside and curves around until you get to a nice view of the Bay and a huge 'HUALTUCO''s not that far to go. Just go earlier in the morning to escape most of the heat! It's a nice walk and a nice view...The small town of 'La Crucecita' is not far. It's 43 pesos cab ride (about $3) from the hotel. We went one late afternoon (again to escape the main heat of the day). We had fun walking around the town, it's a bustling little town. Totally safe here, we were not hassled at all (except by a few vendors). They cater to tourists here big time. So lots of restaurants, and souvenirs. We ate at 'Ryan's and Juan's had some nice $2 cold beer and fish tacos! Excelente! We also purchased some 'Mezcal', chocolate, silver, vanilla and hot sauce here. It was a nice place to explore for a few hours. Really easy to grab a taxi back to the hotel from the main plaza. There is even a taxi handler dude that takes care of that for you.We did a cooking class as well. First morning we arrived. 'Wahaca Cooking Classes'. (We had booked this online before leaving - communicated via Facebook with the owner) Alfredo is the chef/owner, with his assistant Vicki' this is just a short drive away. They arrange transportation for you to/from your hotel. We really, really enjoyed this. It was totally worth it. You get to learn and practice authentic Mexican cooking techniques and then eat the food you cooked! As well as drink Cervezas and Margaritas and Mezcal! (see my seperate trip advisor review - just search for Wahaca Cooking Classes)We also did the '3 levels of Huatulco' one day excursion. Booked via our Sunwing rep at the hotel. We really enjoyed this as well. Our tour guide was 'Ricardo'. He was excellent. There were about 8 of us (all Canadians, in a small van) We drove to Santa Cruz first then off to the market at Santa Maria de Huatulco and finally into the hills further up at Pluma Hidalgo to learn about coffee production and also coffee tasting and opportunity to purchase. If you like coffee, it is really, really good coffee! We purchased 2 kilos! There is also lunch at a really nice restaurant / small quiet resort in the hills. We quite enjoyed this trip. Nice to get away from the hotel a little bit and learn some history and geography about the area.Weather and final words====================The weather here is fairly consistent. We were there during the end of the dry season.(The rains start in mid-May). We had +30 celcius weather every day and no rain at all. We really enjoyed this hotel and the area and will return for sure one day. We found the service, staff and food to be excellent. Very clean resort. Staff are always buzzing about cleaning, fixing and serving. This is a quiet hotel with just a short show in the evenings. So if you are looking to party, this is NOT the hotel for you.We brought about $300 CDN in Mexican Pesos and spent them all. (tips, souvenirs, restaurants).We brought our own beach umbrella and beach mats as there are NOT many chairs and shade to be had at the beach.We also brought insulated beach mugs for our drinks. And remember to wear a hat and sunscreen! We did get a few mosquito bites but not anything to be worried about (depends on the time of year you go I suppose).Free Wi-Fi is available, but I can't comment on the quality or the speed as we decided NOT to bring our phones with us. We usually want to REALLY disconnect on these types of vacations. I don't believe there is an Internet computer station for guests to use either.Buildings 6,7, and 8 are renovated. I would say for nice views of the bay, you need to be in buildings 8 and above. Initally we were in Building 10, but we upgraded to a renovated room with ocean view for an additional $300 CDN (about $45/night) But I don't think the renovated room was really that worth it. You can arrange room upgrades with the hotel before you arrive, just email them: reservationshua@park-royalhotels.comMuchas Gracias! Thanks for reading. Happy and safe travels to everyone!

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • 3 meals daily plus snacks
  • All drinks (Domestic brands, Domestic beer, 11am-midnight)
  • Sauna
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Waterpolo
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Spanish lessons
  • Daily activities
  • Evening entertainment
  • Disco, drinks included
  • 133 suites rooms in ten 3-storey buildings
  • 2 restaurants: International, Mexican, dress code and reservations required
  • 3 Bars including Pool bar
  • 2 outdoor pools
  • 18-hole golf course 5 min away
  • Meeting facilities
  • 1 tennis court (fee)
  • Sauna

Junior Suites include:

  • 1 king or 2 queen beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Living area
  • Sofa bed
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • In-room safe
  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Sink
  • Max occ 4 up to 3 adults
Kids Deal - Kids 2-12 stay and eat free when sharing room and existing beds with 2 adults. Max 2 kids.

For the Kids - Playground, Kid's pool.

Honeymooners - Receive a room upgrade (if available at check-in), bottle of domestic wine. Request when you book. Requires proof of marriage. Subject to change.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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Park Royal Huatulco
Blvd Benito Juarez 8 Tangolunda Bay, Huatulco 70989 Mexico

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

Photo identification and/or credit card or cash deposit may be required at check-in for incidental charges.

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy. Rollaway beds and cribs (infant beds) may be available and should be requested at the time of booking; fees may apply.

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