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Royal Decameron Los Cabos

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The Royal Decameron Los Cabos is located in the south of the peninsula of Baja California on the Sea of Cortez just 5 minutes from downtown San Jose del Cabo.

Location: Beachfront, 20 km from Los Cabos International Airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • happyhapa : Okinawa, Japan
Great value for your money

We enjoyed our stay here. Though it's surrounded by higher end all inclusives, the Royal D held its own. Nothing too fancy, but still nice with excellent customer service, we were indeed happy we chose to stay here. The food is varied enough that you won't get tired of it if you stay a week. The beach is perfect. Great location.Get the green enchiladas for dinner. They only appeared once during our stay and we craved them every day after that first breakfast. So good.

  • Icemanbrit13 : calgary
Good Vacation and Location

After visiting the Decameron in PV decided to try a different spot. Always wanted to go to Cabo. This hotel is located about a 30 minute bus ride from Cabo in San Jose Del Cabo. Fairly similar to the Cancun and Riviera Maya. More on the quiet side than right in Cabo. The room was nice, fairly basic but did not need anything that it did not have. Bed was fine, pillows were good. Shower and bathroom was a decent size. The layout of the hotel is nice. It is not overly large and it's easy to get around. The property in PV is much bigger.Food One thing that I would say was not fully up to par was the food. There is only one restaurant that rotates menus every two days. Same dishes the whole time we were there. The buffet was so so. There is a large assortment of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the buffet. The lunch at the restaurant was not very good. I would give the food at the resort a 6/10. DrinksThere is a bar at the lobby, on the ground floor outside in middle of complex, adult rooftop bar and main pool bar. Never had any issues with drinks. Fast service and friendly bartenders. They went over and above and helped organise a piñata for a friends birthday. The night club in the hotel is not studio 54, lol. Quite small but it's just a resort club, this hotel does not seem like a party oriented resort. So the club is all it needs to be. Still had fun in the nights we went. The cage made a few new cage dancers out of people that we met while on vacation.ActivitiesThe daily activities were great. Lots to participate in from volleyball, darts, dancing, basketball, pool exercise, trivia etc. The activity staff were very friendly and enthusiastic. PoolThe pools were great. One main pool which is a decent size. Plenty of room, swim up bar and great view of the ocean. The adult pool is on the upper level and has a great sea view also. Lots of space to lounge on comfy beds in adult pool. The pool up top is small but big enough.The BeachI have travelled to a few beach destinations on the Pacific and Caribbean side. There is a lot of sand to walk and quite wide. I have not seen a ledge of sand created by the undertow quite like this destination. Outside of the resort isn't too bad but I believe they always have caution flags out. I did get in the water but I would not recommend fully being aware of your situation while in the water. Waves are fantastic to watch and listen to at night. The undertow does get very strong. It is worse further down the beach to the left of the property. To me this wasn't a huge issue, definitely something to be aware of though. I've experienced strong waves and undertows in Maui and this was stronger. Very scenic and great views from the beach. It is clean and quiet. Vendors were not bothersome as the space between the beach and the end of the resort is large.Location I liked the fact that is was quiet were the resort is located. A quick 5 minute bus ride takes you in to San Jose. Nice little town centre with some scenery and market. Old architecture. Shooters Sports bar was good fun, really nice owners. Local restaurants had good food and atmosphere. It is also quiet in San Jose. VerdictWould I stay here again, yes. Also for the right price. Due to the lack of options for food. By day 5 we really wanted better food. There are many good local restaurants that are worth a visit.I would likely prefer the Decameron in PV as it has more food options.

  • Rico B : Vancouver, Canada
Clean, Quiet Property, Great Staff, Homely Feel

I visited the Royal DeCameron from August 5-12, 2017 with 4 family members. Following is my breakdown of the experience:STAFF (5/5):The staff at this resort stand out as the highlight. Very hard working, friendly, cheerful, and they make an effort to make sure your needs are met and that you are enjoying yourself. Of special mention during our stay:Manuel (Adult Pool Bartender)Oscar (Pool Bartender)Jose (Buffet Restaurant Supervisor/Manager)Xochitl (Buffet Restaurant Server)Rita (Buffet Restaurant Server)Julio (Luna a-la carte restaurant waiter)Carina (Housekeeping)Daily Activities Crew:
EdgarAll were great, genuine people that offered attentive service with a smile. They made our stay really pleasant.PROPERTY (3.5/5):This is a relatively small resort which is what gave it a more homely feel and a very relaxed vibe; no crazy drunk guests, etc. Although the property is older, it is very well kept (clean) and landscaped. Beautiful cacti and well-manicured lawns adorn the main area. The small size of the resort was an attraction for us as we could easily find each other without walking for miles. The pools (two on the ground level and one "adult-only pool" on a top level) were clean, warm, and a pleasure to wade in. 
Shocking and disappointing for 2017, Wi-Fi Internet access is not free anywhere (including the rooms, lobby, or other common areas) and a charge of $11 USD or $50 USD weekly does apply. The in-room safe was also not free and a daily rate of $3 USD or $21 USD per week applied. We opted to pay for this ‘service’ just to be cautious. For a resort with so few amenities (limited restaurants, activities, etc.), I feel these items should be included free of charge. For persons with mobility issues, the rooms are located on different levels. The elevator on the premises was "out of service" during my stay and my 85-year old mother was forced to use the stairs to get up/down from our second floor rooms.

Within a 7-minute walk across the street there was a large store (a Mexican Wal-Mart type establishment) named LaComer. You could purchase toiletries/pharmacy items, food, alcohol, etc. Pricing was very much like being in the USA and the cost of alcohol was the same if not more expensive than Canada for the same brands. Nonetheless, it was convenient. Also there was a McDonald’s which offered free wi-fi for its patrons and a Starbucks.
ROOMS:Two of us had King Bed rooms facing the pool and ocean. They were large, comfortable, clean and the view was great from our ocean view category. The only thing to mention here is that my stay was in the height of summer (peak temperatures of 35°C) and the air-conditioner had to stay on all day at about 20°C. If not, humidity would cause a condensation that coated the floors, mirrors, etc. You would walk on the floor and it would seem like it had been freshly mopped. This may have been a rare event caused by high humidity but it was an annoyance. Other than that, the only other minor complaint I had is that small facecloths were not replenished every day.

The bathroom was small and a single glass door articulated in a 90° arc to act as either the shower door or create privacy for the toilet. ENTERTAINMENT:The nightly shows ran from 8:30-9:30PM and were actually quite good. Talented performers entertained guests on several evenings, and on others there were "guest participation" activities which are typical of all-inclusive resorts.There is one discotheque on the resort property and it opened at 10PM. It was small, but included an open bar and small dance floor with DJ. Depending on how drunk you were, the disco could be fun, otherwise it felt like you were in someone's basement suite with a few LED lights and strobes. For those who don't know, this property used to be a "Desire" (full nudity) resort and later a "Temptations" (topless) resort. It was later purchased by the Royal DeCameron chain. Remnants of the resort exist only by several oil painting of women's breasts in the main lobby and an iron sculpture of a man and woman embraced in an intimate pose can be found off to the side of the building. Other than that, there is nothing to remind current guests of its history. It is now a family-friendly resort - no question.RESTAURANTS (3/5):
Due to the small size of the resort, there is only one main buffet restaurant and one a-la-carte restaurant.
The main buffet is actually quite small compared to other all-inclusive resorts I have visited. There is only a small air-conditioned indoor seating area, which is adjoined by a covered outdoor patio where the majority of the seating exists.The food can be described only as “good”; not exceptional but not terrible. The variety was very limited. You will not be blown away by the food but should also not grow hungry. Don't expect good steak cuts (ribeye, striploin, tenderloin, etc.) and white fish was very limited to perhaps once or twice during our 7-night stay. There were no prawns or lobster served at all in the main buffet that I observed during our stay.LUNA (A-LA CARTE):This was the only a-la-carte on the premises. For lunch, reservations were not required and they served pizzas (mediocre at best), hamburgers (no flavour really), fish tacos occasionally (pretty tasty and recommended if ordered with extra fish), along with some other dishes.For dinner, reservations were *required* and we ate here at least 4 times during our stay. If you wish to dine at the a-la-carte, reservations must be made by personally visiting the front desk at 8AM on the morning of (no telephone reservations and no exceptions).The rack of lamb, lasagna, and seafood risotto (photos of the dishes included in this review) were my favourite, although I will mention that the chefs featured fresh rosemary sprigs prominently in nearly every dish, which I found overpowered the dish at times. Julio, our server for each visit, was "excelente" and went out of his way to ensure we were happy with our experience. He's a super nice man. Breakfasts offered eggs or omelettes that were made-to-order (and ready-made omelettes for those in a hurry), with sides such as potatoes, bacon, a variety of breads and fruits and my personal favourite - a "Mimosa Station" (sparkling wine on ice next to champagne flutes and fresh orange juice)! This was great.Lunch and dinner offered a variety of different dishes (pasta with various sauces), Mexican tostadas, tacos, enchiladas, etc.ALCOHOL (2/5):Alcohol brand options were limited at this resort. Smirnoff vodka could be found occasionally at *some* of the bars, and I did observe Johnnie Walker Black and Dewar's blended scotch at the main lobby bar. However, I should point out that I don't recall the main lobby bar ever being truly "open".I’m a tequila drinker and enjoy a good quality 100% agave reposado, but all they had for 100% agave was El Jimador which you had to request, and in my opinion, not a very good tequila at all. One day they had a 1/4 bottle of Cazadores reposado which I would have much rather had, but once that ran out, it could not be found again. SUMMARY:My booking of this hotel was for a *budget* 1-week family getaway (paid about $1,000 CAD per person on-sale) and at that price, I received value for the money. I would not pay much more than this given the limited restaurants, food options and stocked alcohol brands. I would recommend it for a quiet, affordable stay.If premium booze, great food, and a more upscale room appointment is what you seek, look for a more premium property. If you found this review helpful, please click the “thumbs up” icon.

  • fontVanilla :

STAFF: AMAZING. Hands down one of the best customer service I have received. Everyone is so incredibly nice. They work SO hard and work long hours yet they have a smile on their faces and still radiate great positivity to visitors. They never want to disappoint you on purpose and always checking if everything is going well/you're doing well and having fun. You end up building a friendship with the employees and it'll feel like you're on a trip with a bunch of your friends! Cruz and Daniel are the bell men who were so kind, friendly and lovely to converse with. Cruz is so welcoming and radiates so much positivity. He definitely left an impression. Rita, Jesus, Orochiltz, Sergio, Pepe, Juan (Waitress/Waiters) and Ricardo(chef) are few people we met during our stay at the buffet who gave us great services and were all so great at making sure we had a good experience at the buffet each meal. Those are just the ones who took care of us each time but there are many more waiters/waitresses who we did not get a chance to meet but everyone was accommodating!During our visit, there was a tropical storm turned into a Hurricane, which lasted two days. It was a crazy experience to say the least but the staff worked tirelessly at making sure everyone was safe and were quick on their feet to mop areas that were affected to make sure no one slips or falls off the stairs. They spent all night doing that and even after a long night, they were still laughing and smiling through it all. Big up to the bar manager(Agostino) who took over the job as a bartender for the night/day during the storm when some employees were unable to make it to work and who was up all night to make sure everything was controlled. Yes, he may not have made drinks the way the bartenders do it but A for effort. TIP! TIP! TIP!!!!!! Every time!!! Even if it's just 20 pesos which converts to $1 USD, it goes a long way for employees. They live off of tips and they deserve any tip they get as they work so hard. Doesn't hurt to give back even if it's a little amount. A little can mean a lot to them. Think of it this way: if you can TIP someone 15% for doing minimal work in comparison to the service you receive at this resort, $1 (20pesos) shouldn't be a big deal.FOOD: Choose this hotel IF you're not picky with food and willing to try different food/ways they're cooked. Prepare yourself to EAT. You don't go hungry UNLESS you have a picky taste bud and have a high end choice of food in mind each time.NEIGHBOUR: Never felt safer in my life! You see few residents but not many but when you do, they just smile at you and go about their day. There's a 3-5 min walk market (La Comer), Starbucks, McDonald's and few small shops. Walked along the strip towards downtown and i didn't feel any danger at all. Don't be frightened by what you hear in the news, it's honestly the safest I've felt and am too was hesitant to go Cabo. EXCURSION: DO THE OUTDOOR ADVENTURE with Cabo Adventures!! AMAZING employees AND experience. Never done anything like it before and I sure am glad I did it. Staff were INCREDIBLY friendly and comforting and made the whole experience a breeze. Definitely worth every penny. You have an adrenaline going every single time and it's non-stop. You start off with a nice zipline then you're surprised with a swing that feels like you're doing bungee jumping but a lot less scarier then end it with a superman ride. Lots and lots of activities in between each zipline! Shoutout to Hector, Alvador, Jesus, Artoro, Carlos and Obed (photographer). Downside: you cannot bring your own camera/go pro as they provide one when you're doing the superman but a photographer and videographer is there to capture great moments!Ps: This is my personal review on this resort and I had a fantastic time. I did not come here with very high expectations but it definitely exceeded my expectations.

  • Nicole C :
Outstanding Staff

The staff at Royal Decameron are amazing. Friendly, courteous, fun, and extremely accommodating. The timing of our trip was very bad as there was a tropical storm - Lidia - which passed mid week. The first floor was flooded and many people had to relocated to different rooms. The staff were quick to accommodate everyone who needed new rooms and were constantly cleaning the hallway floors so that nobody would slip. I've never seen so many hard working people! Food was delicious. There is a supermarket across the street, Starbucks, and more. We rented a car which was the same price as taking taxi to Cabos San Lucas. We definitely preferred San Jose Del Cabos over Cabos San Lucas -extremely touristy and lots of people trying to sell you trips, souvenirs, and I was offered drugs multiple times in San Lucas. It was more romantic and also better for families on the San Jose side is Cabo. Purchased wifi and it worked all over the resort. Rooms were good. Mini fridge is stocked with pop, water, and beers. Will definitely return!

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  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
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  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • A la carte dinners (unlimited, reservations required)
  • Snacks
  • Domestic drinks (unlimited, selected international drinks, house wine included)
  • Daily activities program
  • Daily sports
  • Evening entertainment
  • Introduction to scuba diving in pool (once/stay)
  • Mini-bar restocked daily (water & soft drinks)
  • 153 Rooms
  • 2 pools
  • 4 restaurants
  • 3 bars
  • Disco
  • Fitness center
  • Volleyball
  • Water sports (fee)
  • Evening entertainment
  • Spa (fee)
  • Doctor on site (fee)
  • Laundry services (fee)
  • WiFi available in Lobby (fee)
  • Currency exchange
  • Golf course nearby (fee)
  • Gift shop
  • Parking available
Hotel Room:
  • 1 king-size bed or 2 double beds
  • Balcony
  • Cable TV
  • Bathroom with shower only
  • Individual air-conditioning
  • In-room safe (fee) 
  • Mini-bar
  • Coffee/tea-maker
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Living area
  • Dining area
  • Telephone
  • 110/120 volts
  • Up to 4 people : Maximum 3 adults Maximum 2 children

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  • Royal Decameron Los Cabos
    Los Cabos,Mexico

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Royal Decameron Los Cabos
Boulevard Malecon San Jose S/N zona hotelera San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur, San Jose del Cabo 23400 Mexico

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