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The Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort is a luxury resort hotel with a private beach. Located within the Cabo Del Sol development, home of the Jack Nicklaus signature golf course knows as the Pebble Beach of Baja. The old-world hacienda architecture style of this resort provides a feeling of rich history, set in low rise villas with a village environment of shops, cafes and fountains. 
Location: El Corridor section of Los Cabos, about 15 minutes from the airport and from Cabo San Lucas. 

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Florence L :

We stayed at the Hacienda Del Mar Sheraton for our 37th anniversary. The staff was absolutely amazing. When we arrived we were greeted with a bottle of champagne in our room . The staff is truly amazing from the concierge to the front desk to the staff putting your luggage in your room, everyone is truly eager to help you. We splurged and got an ocean front room which was amazing to wake up every morning to see that gorgeous ocean. Any room would be amazingly wonderful. The restaurant selections are superb we did not have not one bad meal everything with over-the-top wonderful. For lunch we ate fresh snapper for dinner we had lamb chops. There is one restaurant that I highly recommend that a lot of people don't know about but if you go to the front desk and ask to go up to the Cabo Del Sol Clubhouse there are amazing views and a wonderful restaurant on the top of the hill. The Sheraton is a resort that you can dress up in the evening if you'd like or you can keep it very Resort casual. We stayed at many places in the Cabo San Lucas Area and this is our favorite Resort

  • jcz987 : Denver, Colorado
For it's price point, it a very nice place with helpful staff and pretty good (although a bit aging) structure.

There is an incredible diversity of places to stay in Los Cabos. You need to know which niche the Sheraton fits in to decide if it is for you. In brief:-- There are far more expensive places to stay, but by no means is this a 'budget' accommodation. It is a Starwood category 5. I think that's a fair assignment, for those of you who understand and care about SPG. Certainly isn't category 7 in amenities nor price, but it is very nice overall, as a cat 5 should be. Even could be described as a good value for a stay on points.-- I believe that there is no 'all inclusive' option. Food and drink are a la carte.-- It is a Sheraton. The air conditioning works, the food is edible, your shower will be hot, and the tap water is safe and filtered. These things are not necessarily true everywhere you could stay in Los Cabos....-- It is outside of the city on the 'Corridor' between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Without transportation, you will be limited to the amenities on site. Taxis are expensive enough to not be cost effective for daily transportation. Self parking is free and relatively easy. -- Organized tours arranged by the concierge (if you wish) provide access to snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and other activities. Transportation for these tours is generally included in the tour price, which is far more expensive than if you self-direct and arrange.-- You will be encouraged to participate in a time share presentation. You can say no, firmly, and not be pestered again.-- The amentities on site are pretty extensive. Six restaurants, multiple pools, spa, large fitness center, etc... There is golf handy but no tennis on site.-- The clientele is very disproportionately (but not exclusively) English speaking from the USA and Canada. Staff speak excellent English.-- It is a hotel, not a condo. You will generally not be feeding yourself or preparing drinks in your room. Food and drink are at hotel costs. Expensive relative to food and drink in town, but not exorbitant in price.-- The hotel is not central enough to leave the property multiple times per day to go to other places to eat or drink, even with a car, in my opinion. 20-25 minutes to town. -- The surt is very rough. There are riptides, and the beach is not at all swimmable. The beach is clean and attractive. -- There are beach vendors but nowhere near the number nor aggressiveness that you'd get on Medano Beach in Cabo city proper..-- The hotel is oceanside, and most or all of the rooms are at least ocean view, and are close enough to hear the ocean at night.-- Like most of the resorts in Los Cabos (with a few exceptions) it is a pretty good distance to and from the airport. Ground transportation should be planned ahead.The Sheraton property is a hotel, and all of the amenities are shared between the hotel and the Hacienda Del Mar, which is a set of villas/condos that were built later than the hotel and ring around it behind and on each side. All of the pools, restaurants, and the spa are shared. Check in is separate however. I have stayed in both a Hacienda villa on a previous trip, and stayed at the Sheraton proper this time. Although the amenities are shared, the properties themselves are very different. The Sheraton is near the water and it appears has only ocean view or ocean front rooms.. While some of the villas are next to the ocean, to either side of the beach from the hotel, most of the villas are up the hill, behind the hotel. I wouldn't assume without precise research that a villa would be anywhere near the ocean. Also, the hotel rooms are near about everything, especially restaurants, beach, and spa, while the villa that I stayed at took a pretty considerable walk to get to anywhere in the resort. The villas are quieter however. My Sheraton room overlooked the courtyard (as I believe most of the rooms do) and since I desired to leave the window open (to hear the surf) there was some ambient noise in the late evening from people coming and going from the restaurants and tequila bar. Sheraton rooms seemed pretty soundproof with the balcony doors shut, and although I figured out later that other guests were in the room next to me, I never heard them at all.The villas are much larger than the Sheraton hotel rooms. They have kitchens and multiple rooms. While a few of the hotel rooms are suites, I don't think most are. A few of the hotel rooms have a loft with separate bathroom for kids. If you need minifridge because of baby bottles or kids in need of constant snacks, you should be aware that the minibar in the room isn't cold enough to keep perishables safe and there is no microwave. While you can order a real mini-refrigerator to put in the hotel room (at an upcharge), if you are going to be preparing a lot of food, maybe the villas are for you. However, if you go on vacation so that you don't have to cook or clean at all, well, then the hotel might be just your speed.....The Sheraton is older than the villas, and it shows. Although my room had no deferred maintenance issues, some wear shows. Hallway carpet, especially, is in need of replacing. The ceiling fan above my bed in my room had two speeds, high and off. High speed was far too windy for my taste, but my wife dislikes having it off altogether. I'd upgrage those fans and that carpet, ASAP. Air conditioning is excellent in the rooms and the lobby, but spotty in the common areas of the upper floors. I didn't care that the hallways were a bit hot, but you might.The Sheraton (and the Hacienda Del Mar) is part of the Cabo del Sol development. The development contains the Fiesta Americana all inclusive and a bunch of homes around a golf course. As far as I know, none of the Fiesta amenities are open to Sheraton guests. I didn't golf, but saw people every day who did. While I can't speak to the quality of the maintenance of the course, it's certainly got a pretty location next to the ocean. I expect it isn't particularly cheap to play.It is as easy to spend well under $100 dollars per night in Los Cabos as it is to spend over $1000 per night. The Sheraton is at neither extreme and is not a good fit for either the extremely budget minded nor for those whom price is no object. I, however am at neither extreme, and personally found the Sheraton to be a decent value.There is a kids club (for a fee) and the resort is certainly family friendly. However, there is a adults only pool, and I did not feel at anytime that the shrieking of kids was overwhelming. When the hotel is full, the restaurants will be busy. Also, chairs by the pool will get filled up, certainly by noon in the busy season. Staff at the restaurants and around the pools are overwhelmed at times. It's not terrible, but it isn't staffed like a hotel at 2-3 times the price would be. You just need to have expectations in line with the price point. Nothing unusual relative to any other similar resort hotel I've stayed at before. But if the idea of getting early to the pool to save some chairs drives you crazy, be warned.Without exception, staff were helpful and friendly. Minor problems were taken care of quickly and without hassle. Nice! Housekeepers did an unusually good job tidying the room, although I was confused that I got turndown service only on the first night and never thereafter. I don't care about turndown, but you might.....It is important to enroll in Starwood's Preferred Guest program if you are not already. I believe that SPG membership is tied to free internet and free AM coffee. I don't think that these perks were tied to elite status, which didn't seem to get us much.There are no coffee pots in the room, and prior to 630 AM, the coffee shop is closed and room service is the only way to get coffee. For 'coffee achievers' like me who are sometimes also early risers, this matters (although room service is far more efficient being in the hotel vs being in a villa). Cleaning staff were supposed to replenish 2 certificates for free small drip coffees in the Starbucks in the lobby each day. They forgot, but the front desk gave them to me with no argument or difficulty whatsoever. The coffee at Tomates (the nearly always open breakfast/lunch/dinner restaurant in the lobby) was a standout -- better even than the Starbucks.Internet log on was not intuitive to my kids, but easy for a frequent traveler. Strength of signal was good in the room and at the pool. The fitness room is very large with a variety of equipment -- mostly Lifefitness treadmills, cycles, and circuit machines, but with at least some free weights. Separate room for yoga, pilates, etc.... Didn't try the spa on this trip, but a full variety of treatments are available. Uniquely, there is a cold jacuzzi (set below 60 F) next to the spa hot tubs. SPG members (unsure if all or elite only, sorry) have access to the whole wet area of the spa, even without purchasing a treatment. Having said that, I never perceived it to be overcrowded.Restaurants were better than I expected. A couple times a week, at least, different resort restaurants serve food in the hotel courtyard buffet style with live entertainment. I found this delightful. Tomates restaurant has an extensive buffet for breakfast. Mimosas and bloody marys were included in the buffet price, which wasn't cheap but was in line with what I expect a hotel buffet breakfast to cost. I was disappointed that the orange juice wasn't fresh squeezed. However, (as I mentioned) the coffee was excellent I'd have been delighted if I could have booked a package with breakfast buffet included. Girosoles restaurant is off the beaten path, not in the hotel proper but in one of the Hacienda Del Mar buildings. We liked the food there; I think that the shtick is that it is 'traditional' Mexican food. I eat a lot of Mexican food at home, and it was pretty good.Burger that I purchased poolside medium rare came to me rare inside. Fine by me, but some of you are picky about such things. The kids' smoothies did not appear to be fresh fruit, were overly sweet and probably from a box mix blended with ice. If you are picky about fresh fruit in your blender drinks, you are probably going to be disappointed. At least make a point of asking your server. I mostly had beer, and they had a few beers from local breweries which I had fun sampling.Because it is a la carte, you can spend as much or as little as you want on food and drink. Top shelf or well. Surf and turf or soup and salad.... it's your pick. Also, because it is a la carte, you have the opportunity to go to Cabo proper (or better yet Todos Santos) to try some of the delicious and interesting restaurants that are around the area.The hotel water pressure was oddly high powered. I liked that; it's strong enough pressure that some might find it disconcerting, however. I had Bulgari toiletries, but my kids upstairs (we had one of the loft rooms on the top floor) didn't. It's a little strange to go down the luxury route (Bulgari I don't expect in a Sheraton) but then skimp on the quantity. I got the feeling that the hotel both wants to be perceived as high end luxury, but also doesn't charge rates high enough to fully execute on that. Heck, it's nice enough that unless you frequent very, very high end hotels, you might not even notice the amenities (like fresh cut flowers) that some other places have that aren't here. Frankly, it's plainly unreasonable to expect such at a Sheraton price point. For what it is, this is a very nice place with helpful staff and pretty good (although a bit aging) structure.Whether it's a reasonable compromise or not depends on whether the niche that it fills fits your tastes or not. It's not a good hotel for the hearty party crowd. Heavy drinkers are going to ultimately pay a lot more for the a la carte around the pool than they would at an all inclusive. And if daily clubbing in Cabo is your thing, it's too expensive for a daily taxi, and far to dangerous (duh) to drink and drive.Like pretty much all of the corridor hotels, it's a bit isolated and the beach is unswimmable. But it is also much quieter and secluded feeling than the city hotels in Cabo on Medano beach.It's isolated enough that I couldn't do a week here without going stir crazy, I don't think. But with a car, and as a base for exploring the greater Los Cabos area it's not bad at all. FYI, on site car rental was fairly priced, no hassle, but didn't have a lot of inventory. "No hassle" is a big deal for Mexican car rentals, and I couldn't be happier with my experience here. Because of the limited inventory, perhaps you should either arrange in advance or get a car from the airport.

  • Lynn Z : Appleton, Wisconsin, United States

Loved it here. Gorgeous location, all of the restaurants have great food, the grounds are impeccable. The staff is so courteous and take pride in the resort. They have theme nights in the courtyard 3 times a week and the food is so good. This is a go back to place no doubt! They have a shuttle which runs into Cabo all day long for only $12 round trip. I can't say enough about the beautiful blue water views. Hope to get back soon.

  • airplanemode2 : New York
Hitched Here and Return Every Year For Our Engagement Celebration / Hospitality at its finest

My wife and I had a destination wedding here in 2015. We are from New York and are in love with Cabo San Lucas. We vacationed to the property several times prior to getting engaged here. We searched all over CSL. The property, the De Cortez Restaurant, as well as the De Cortez beach happened to be the most perfect place to have our ceremony as well as the week long festivities with friends and family. From the start we worked with Jose from the Sheraton to make accommodations for the large group, book reservations for meals, activities, vendors, and transportation. As everyone may know planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and very intimidating, especially in another country, but I have to say that the communication between the hotel (Jose especially) and the vendors was seamless. Everyone who works on the property is always smiling. I note this due to the fact that my older grandparents and family referenced the smiles all week long. They didn't want to leave. lol The wedding was fantastic, the beach and ceremony were beautiful, the food was delicious, and our friends and family had an amazing time in the days leading up to and after the wedding. Some had such a great time that they have returned several times since and will be continuing to visit. We had Fireworks and a bon fire on the beach at the end of the night. I still haven't stopped getting compliments on how wonderful of a time everyone had and how beautiful it was.We love the De Cortez beach as it is private and big. They offer waiter service on the beach as well as in and around the several pools on the property. Catch us by the swim up bar but the revolving happy hours are where the party is at. The thing I love about this property is that there are so many pools and the beach is so large that you can be totally private with your wife and kids in one area but also go to another pool where it may be a little bit more lively. The location of the property is also great when wanting to venture down into town to the marina or Modano beach or to San Jose. It is about a 7-10 min cab ride down to town and the hotel offers an affordable round trip shuttle service until the evening. San Jose is about 30 min away. We returned a year later for our first anniversary and Jose and the wonderful staff remembered us! What was great, was that they remembered that I am such a foodie and I missed some of the food during the party speaking to people and being a groom that they actually recreated our wedding menu on our anniversary night and made us smaller portions as a surprise! Not only did we have an amazing wedding, the staff made our first anniversary amazingly special. We had such pleasurable, relaxing, and amazing time these past 2 years that we will be returning back to the property in late October for our 2nd anniversary this year and I can't wait.

  • MountainViewBozeman : Bozeman
Girasoles is the Best!

My husband and I have been to the Cabo area over 22 years. First time we ate there, 21 years ago was with all the extended family and it was memorable experience in which I could never describe how great the food, ambience and service was!!!!!This is a MUST when you are visiting Cabo. Also Francisco Escamilla makes your experience EXTRA ORDINARY!!!!!

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Resort fees (if applicable) must be paid directly to the hotel
  • Hotel transfers for packages to USA
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature
  • 270 Rooms in 13 Buildings
  • 4 Pools
  • 2 Fine Dining restaurants
  • 2 Buffet and a la carte
  • 1 Snack bar
  • 6 Bars
  • Shops
  • Beauty salon (fee)
  • Spa (fee)
  • Fitness centre (fee)
  • Tennis courts
  • Watersports nearby (fee)
  • Business centre (fee)
  • Wireless internet (fee)
  • Conference facilities (fee)
  • Concierge
  • Golf nearby (fee) 
Deluxe Garden or Ocean View with Jacuzzi includes:
  • 1 King Sweet Sleeper Bed or Two Queen Sweet Sleeper Beds
  • View of golf course and/or sea of Cortez
  • Wireless High Speed Internet Access (fee)
  • 24 hour room service
  • Deluxe bath amenities
  • "His and Hers" sinks, lighted vanity mirror, hairdryer and deluxe bathroom amenities
  • Two telephone lines
  • Table and Chairs
  • Separate tub and shower
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Air Conditioned
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Hair Dryer
  • Safety Deposit Box (fee)
  • 27" Satellite television
  • Jetted tub
  • Climate Control
  • Private Furnished Balcony or Patio
For the Kids - Kids Club for ages 5-12, Playground, Children's Program, Babysitting available on request (fee) and Kids pool.
Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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Sheraton Grand Los Cabos Hacienda del Mar
Corredor Turistico Km 10, Lote D Cabo del Sol, Cabo San Lucas 23410 Mexico

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