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Melia Puerto Vallarta

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Our Opinion

The Melia is an excellent hotel! The resort is quite large and well kept up. The staff are professional and friendly and the rooms are up to date and absolutely lovely. The Melia has a great beach and one of the biggest pool in all of Puerto Vallarta. There is so much activity going on at this hotel, mainly because of its amazing kids program, but there's also plenty to do for adults and teens alike! This hotel offers everything from a baby club, to a Flintstones themed park (complete with live characters), to water sports and a firing range! Families, singles, couples, students, and any active person would have an awesome time at this hotel! The Melia even offers a special room category called the ME Experience. It's a more luxurious, high class category, for adults only, and the rooms are amazing.


Melia Puerto Vallarta is located in the exclusive Marina Vallarta close to various shops and restaurants. A fantastic resort for couples and families, with a wide variety of fun-filled clubs and activities for kids of all ages included so you parents, can relax all day long. Melia Puerto Vallarta also offers the upscale ME adults only section with upgraded rooms.

Location: Beachfront resort located in the Marina district, 15 minutes from downtown, 5 minutes from the airport.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Rodrigo D :
Dated, average all-inclusive

I booked this without prior knowledge of the hotel, assuming it would be similar experience to other Melissa hotels. I was disappointed in the overall experience. The hotel looks terribly dated, rooms aren't accessible for smartphone users (there isn't anywhere to connect a charger near the bed, at all), the TVs look terrible, and the overall aspect of the room is lackluster. This is like a hotel from the 90's that is in urgent need of a renovation everywhere. The food and drinks are standard for an all-inclusive, moderate quality, and there is an excessive use of plastic cups and straws, so this hotel is a NO-NO for environmentally aware people. Prices seem to be different for Mexicans and foreigners, this seems to be an unnecessary bias. The beach is just an add-on, you can't really go swim in it, it's just there so the resort can be declared as a beach resort, which it certainly doesn't seem to be. There was no explanation by hotel staff for the different rates, and we weren't offered an upgrade. And last, but not least, the WiFi costs $150MXN (~$7 USD) PER DAY AND PER DEVICE, this is ridiculous. This hotel is not for young people.

  • BethPren : Ithaca, New York
Loved, loved, loved this resort!

Everything was fantastic. All of the staff were outstandingly friendly, with great service. The room we had for two couples (members) was large with nice balconies. The shows were fun; the dancers very good. I particularly liked Charlie at the pool, who also did aqua aerobics, and Francie (?), a dancer who also did a yoga stretch class. As usual, the food was only OK - after all, it is hard to make such large buffet meals in quantity. Definitely would return.

  • Ghierhol T :
Great family resort but need to fix air quality in the rooms!

We stayed at the "Kids and Co" family room with my 5 month old and 2.5 year old or 12 days. We chose this resort specifically because of their mini kids club where you can drop of babies as young as 4months old I believe. The kids club did not dissappoint: they have 2 separate buildings beside each other that house the mini kids club (babies - 4 years and the kids club (5 years+). The mini kids club was well suited for little babies and toddlers with padded floors, mini toilets, a ball pit, rockers/bouncy chairs and a separate napping room where it was nice and dark. The staff where so good with my kiddos and listened well to my instructions - special mention to Karina, Lilly, Anna! Karina has been there for 15+ years working in the kdis club, which is kind of reassuring to know a company have employees with long tenures (usually means they treat their employees well, thus their customers) and in Karina's case, is very experienced with children - young and old. Lilly babysat in the evenings and she made sure the kids were asleep. She even changed the sheets of my 5 month old when he spat out while he slept and somehow didn't manage to wake him up (magic!). Anna was so great with my 2.5 year old and made my 5month old smile all the time. She was great with the older kiddos - my 5 year old nephew absolutely adored her (and maybe had a tiny crush on her too! lol). They made me feel comfortable leaving my kids throughout the day. We utilized in room babysitting for 2 nights during our stay. It was comforting to know the sitters were familiar faces - they are the worker from the kids club. Just be sure to book ahead of time (they require at least 24 hours before) and to follow up with the front desk/public relations if you don't hear from them when they say they'll get back to you. The rooms were decent - I liked out they had something special for the kids when we arrived: stuff animal, tshirt, hat, sun screen, lotion, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpastes! I believe you can even request jarred baby food (as I saw some in the housekeeping trolleys) but I didn't really want to start solids with my baby on our vacation. My only concern isbecause its an older resort, the air quality in the rooms are pretty bad - I believe my kids especially my 5 month old developed asthma like symptoms/allergies. They had really bad coughs in the morning and at night, which dissappeared almost completely when we arrived home. I'm not sure if it was a the hvac systems and/or mold issues as it smelled very musty when we arrived and things never really "dried" properly.

  • videodude_Fremont : Fremont, CA
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Before I begin, let me state that we are Melia Vacation Club members, and our experiences are slightly different than regular hotel guests. That said, I will concentrate most of my comments on areas of common interest.AppearanceThe physical property is lovely. Most of the view to the street is blocked by magnificent trees and tropical foliage. The lobby is open, very airy, tall, and inviting. Reception is to the right as you enter the lobby, we noticed an ample number of personnel available to check in guests. Never once did we see long lines, or peoplewith typical front desk issues. That seems to be a good sign. MVC members check in at a VIP area located at the back of the lobby, in a separate area. Check-in was fast and efficient. The entire lobby area is clean and appears to be well maintained. Near the center back of the lobby is a "grand staircase" that leads to the restaurants and back to the beach. There is also a lobby bar (only open 5pm to midnight) in the southwest corner. What's with the lousy bar hours?RoomsAs I was never in a regular hotel room, I won't make any assumptions. The room we reserved was a Studio, which had a king bed, a sofa bed, a small table (sitting area), a small kitchenette, and a bathroom. The MVC units also have small hot tubs on their balconies. The room appeared to have been recently "freshened" with paint, wall coverings, and fixtures, but still maintained some older built-in furniture. The bath was all granite, and included a tub/shower. We always had sufficient hot water and pressure. Our room was always kept clean by housekeeping, and the refrigerator was always stocked with water, soda, and beer. We always had plenty of towels and bath amenities.PoolThere is one very large pool. There is also a small children's pool, which we noticed that no one ever used. There is no whirlpool or hot tub. At the south end of the pool is a pool bar, which closes at 6pm. Drinks of any kind are NOT allowed in the pool. This rule is enforced. We never had a problem getting pool chairs, despite the resort being full. No diving is allowed, the pool isn't deep enough for that. There are two artificial "beaches", for easy access in case you don't want to use the steps.BeachThere is an artificial "beach" with sand, palm trees, palapas, and beach chairs that has been created on the pool deck level, which is nice for those who want a beach experience but don't want to go down to the real "beach". There is also 2 sets of stairs to the "real" beach, which is wide, and mostly gentle. A breakwater keeps the surf gentle and manageable most of the time, especially at low tide. Although there were a few beach vendors, it wasn't as obnoxious as many other resort beaches we have observed. There are palapas and lounge chairs on the beach as well.Food and BeverageThere is no beach bar. There is no bar service at the beach or at the pool after 6pm. I don't get it. Some of our best times have been spent sitting at a bar, late at night, on the beach. The view of Bandaras Bay from the "artificial beach" area, and a wide walking area just to the north of it, is spectacular. The hotel even uses this area for weddings and special events. Why do they not get it? We have stayed at several other resorts in PVR with the same problem, no beach bar. The view of the Bay at night is one of the best natural assets in the world, and it's free. Why do these properties NOT take advantage of it? And why is it that a margarita tastes different at each bar? Some are good, but some are crap. It's not that they use cheap liquor, it's the bar staff.Breakfast is always at the buffet, located on the ground floor of the main building. Although it's never bad, it's always the same. If it were not for Sylvia, who made my morning omelettes, the fare would have been dull and boring. One thing of note, this property has steam tables, so hot buffet food was always hot (this is a good thing). I was not impressed with the frijoles, however. I found them watery and flavorless. There was never any pico de gallo available during breakfast, and no bollio rolls. I don't understand this. these are Mexican breakfast staple items. There was, however, more varieties of fresh squeezed juice than I could shake a stick at. And all of the breakfast pastries appear to have been made "in-house", which accounted for their freshness and excellent taste.Lunch is either at the large palapa in the middle of the property, or at the beach snack bar. Sit down lunch is "meh" at best, although they made some attempts at getting it right. There is freshly made pizza, which is lacking something I can't quite identify. Maybe it's the sauce, maybe it's the crust, I couldn't tell but I didn't go back. There is a freshly made pasta station, which although the pasta is piping hot, the sauce selection is dull and always the same. I had a pesto and Parmesan pasta toss which was mostly tasteless. I didn't go back for more of that either. The beef stroganoff looked promising, served over rice. Looks aren't everything, the beef was tough and the sauce was "meh". The rice was OK. There is small salad bar, which is probably the best thing available for lunch.The snack bar has burgers, hot dogs, and chili. The burgers were large and cooked in small batches so they were always hot during the day, the same with the dogs which appeared to be beef, not pork. Ample condiments were provided. The chili seems to have been made from leftover burger and beans, with no seasoning added. This culinary attempt was a complete FAIL. This stuff was disgusting. The snack bar also had chips and cheese sauce, pretty hard to screw that up.Dinner was either at the buffet (different themes every night) or one of the 2 specialty restaurants, one Italian and one Mexican. All I'm going to say is that the menu for each of the specialty restaurants NEVER changed for the week we were there, that should tell you everything you need to know. Now, if the menus were extensive, that might be fine, but the offerings were very limited, and not main stream at all. For that reason alone, both of these restaurants get a FAIL from me. We never went back after the first time. The nightly buffet was marginally adequate, at least there was an attempt to change things up every night, but there was nothing exciting. Not memorable.I will be posting reviews of 3 nearby Marina restaurants later; all have been previously reviewed on Trip Advisor and are all excellent.EntertainmentThe activities staff has a very full schedule, with daily activities for kids as well as adults. Then, at night, these same personnel put on shows every evening that are pretty amazing. From magic to acrobatics, they do it all and do it quite well.StaffThere are two apparent kinds of staff: ones that care about their job, who are in the majority, and those who don't, who bring everyone else down. Mostly, the staff is friendly and efficient, and take pride in their work. Some of them are too focused on what they do to pay attention to the obvious and necessary. There was a room service tray (with food remains) on the ledge outside from our room door for over THREE DAYS before someone removed it. I find it hard to believe that not one staff person noticed this, or took any action. We noticed large amounts of trash in the pool bar area, with no one cleaning it up. At one point, there was even an employee who had been cleaning another area, who stopped by the bar to talk to a friend, and they took no action. This is deplorable.ConclusionIt probably sounds like I am trashing the Melia Puerto Vallarta, I'm not. I just see room for improvement. First off, we will come back. BUT, I will likely never do the "all-inclusive" option again. Since the property is right across the street from the Marina, there are so many outstanding food options available that eating "on-property" is doing yourself a disservice. It's one thing when the property is isolated and there are no other choices, but the proximity of the Marina entirely changes the ballgame. The Melia needs to step up it's food service game.Regarding staff, management needs to hold an "all-hands" meeting and let everyone know that they either need to step up, or ship out. There is NO excuse for not taking responsibility for doing what's right, even if it's "not your job". Bartenders should mix drinks the same way, and be reasonably consistent. Some of the bar staff need serious training. And management needs to be more visible on the property. It's obvious that management doesn't walk around the property and observe situations, nor do they eat the food that is served to the guests. If they did, things might change.

  • Genya123 : Baltimore, Maryland
Lovely grounds but lacking

My husband and I spent four nights at the Melia for some R&R. While the hotel could use a few updates I wouldn't change much, the hotel grounds are lush and lovely and not at all sterile like all the new or updated hotels in town. The food is good, you can always find something delicious to eat at the buffets. The servers and bar tenders are hard working good people and it's not their fault the drinks are watered down. Safest bet to get a good drink is to tell them exactly what and how much you want in your drink while they are making it. The beach is very rocky where you get in the water so it's quite painful to get in and out, but if you like pools theirs is clean and lovely. I have stayed at this hotel several times over the last 20 years and can say that some things have changed for the worse. Although the hotel is all inclusive they try to charge you for everything - ice cream, guacamole, not watered down drinks, better food options, etc. It's not a lot of money, but made us feel like we weren't at an all inclusive. Another thing they do is charge you different prices depending on if you're paying in pesos or in dollars. So be aware that if you pay for things in cash/pesos your price will be quite lower all throughout the hotel. We also received $400 US dollars in hotel credit when booking. Upon check in they never gave us this credit until I went and asked for it. The credit is not for a full $400 but $5 off here, $10 off there, etc. One of the things it included was $15 off late check out. When we asked about it at the front desk we were quoted $800 Pesos (approximately $40 USD) for late checkout. So we thought, great let's do it! But when we tried to use our $15 USD discount ($800 Pesos minus $15 US = approximately $25 USD) they told us since our discount paper was written in English we could only apply the discount to the $60 USD price and not the $800 Peso price. I find it very offensive to be charged $20 USD more for something just because of where I come from or what language my paper is in. Prices and discounts should be equal to matter what country you're from - remember that when you pay with a credit card they take it out in Pesos not Dollars so it shouldn't matter. We encountered this price change issue several times throughout our stay and it left a bad taste, as much as I like the hotel I'm not sure that I will go back again.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Snacks
  • 2 a la carte dinners per week w/reservations
  • Unlimited House Wine with lunch and dinner, Domestic beer and selected International brand drinks
  • Non-motorized water sports
  • Introductory scuba diving lessons in pool
  • Tennis
  • Aerobics
  • Archery
  • Gym
  • Game room
  • Theme nights
  • Spanish lessons
  • Dance lessons
  • Club 4 (ages 0-4)
  • Kids Club (ages 5-12)
  • Teens Club (ages 13-16)
  • Mini disco for kids
  • Daily activities
  • Nightly entertainment
  • 321 rooms in several buildings
  • 2 buffet restaurant
  • 3 a la carte restaurants: International cuisine, Grill and Traditional Mexican, dress code & reservations required (kids under 12 are not permitted in the a la carte restaurant)
  • Snack bar
  • 3 bars including Pool bar
  • Largest pool in Puerto Vallarta
  • 2 jacuzzis
  • 2 lit tennis courts
  • Water sports centre
  • Gym
  • Gift shop
  • Tobacco shop
  • Beauty salon
  • Massage services (fee)
  • Laundry services (fee)
  • Games room
  • Internet access (fee)
  • Car rental
  • 24 hour medical services (fee)
  • Golf within walking distance

Hotel Rooms include:

  • 1 king or 2 double beds
  • Air-conditioning
  • Satellite TV
  • In-room safe
  • Mini-fridge w/water
  • Full bathroom
  • Hairdryer
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Max occupancy 4 persons up to 2 adults

Family Rooms include:

  • Same as above but with 2 double beds
  • 1 bunk bed
  • Located on lower floors
  • Max occupancy 5 persons up to 3 adults

Kids Deals - 2 children 4 and under stay and eat free when sharing a room and existing bedding with 2 adults. Discounted rates available for 5-16 years.

For the Kids - Club 4 for ages 0-4 has certified nannies to look after children in an indoor play area, baby food, cribs, and educational activities. Kids Club for ages 5-12 can enjoy camping at the hotel, the Playground, climbing wall, arts & crafts, supervised games, and the Mini-disco. Teens Club for ages 13-16 has a batting cage, tennis clinics, video arcade, a Teen disco, pool table, and supervised activities. Plenty of fun for the whole family.

Honeymooners - Receive a room upgrade (subject to availability at check-in), a bottle of sparkling wine and fruit basket on arrival. Request at time of booking, proof of marriage required at check-in.

Anniversary Specials - Guests celebrating an anniversary receive a bottle of wine, a cake or fruit basket upon arrival. Request at time of booking.

Wedding Packages - Free wedding package available with minimum 5 rooms booked, please inquire for details.

Golf Specials - Guests receive a 20% discount on green fees at Marina Golf Course. Subject to change without notice.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel offers early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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  • Melia Puerto Vallarta
    Puerto Vallarta,Mexico

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Melia Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive
Paseo De La Marina Sur 7 Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta 48354 Mexico

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

Photo identification and/or credit card or cash deposit may be required at check-in for incidental charges.

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy. Rollaway beds and cribs (infant beds) may be available and should be requested at the time of booking; fees may apply.

Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in. Special requests cannot be guaranteed and may incur additional charges upon check-in to fulfil.

Hotels do not condone unruly behavior, parties in rooms, excessive noise or any other actions that violate the hotels terms of use. Guests may be removed from the property at their own expense in the event of any disturbance or complaint from other guests or hotel staff. cannot be held responsible for any guests who may be removed from the hotel due to a violation of rules. makes every effort to ensure that the information on this page is accurate, however, all information on this page is subject to change without notice. is not responsible for any changes, errors or omissions that may occur.