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Barcelo Maya Caribe

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Our Opinion

An excellent 4-star hotel for great value. Clean and well-kept properties and amazing beach views. The buffet items are okay. However, the resort is noted for their a la carte restaurants. The beaches are well kept and the resort is staffed with very attentive and friendly guest services.


An exclusive section within the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort complex. Perfect for couples & families as a superior all-inclusive resort which spreads across acres of lush tropical gardens and provides access to the adjacent Barcelo Maya Beach section.

Location: On a white sandy beach on the Mayan Riviera, 20 minutes to the town of Playa del Carmen and a 50 minute drive from Cancun airport.

  • Beautiful beach
  • Lots of fun for the kids with a water park, mini golf course and dolphinarium 
  • Amenities for the whole family
  • Club Premium option features swim up rooms with direct swimming pool access 
  • Large U-Spa and fitness centre with hydrotherapy circuit, float room and kids' spa treatments 
  • Free access to other hotels in the Barcelo Maya complex
  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • alicegreenwood91 : Guadalest, Spain
7 Days in Paradise

My partner and I got back home just over a week ago from Barceló Caribe, we are both still on a high after having had the most wonderful experience in all aspects. The hotel itself, employees, food, people we met there, drinks, etc., etc..Only a couple of minor negatives that I would like to point out, but like I said, mostly unimportant things that do not alter my over all 5 * opinion of this resort.- Dolphins: sad to see two intelligent creatures trapped in such a small pool, bearing in mind that dolphins live in big families and swim hundreds and hundreds of km over their lifespan. We walked past the pool a few times, but couldn’t bare to look at them.- Slippery floors: we found that nearly all the types of surfaces around the hotel, and in the rooms, were slippery, footwear type didn’t seem to matter.- Pool tables in Strikers bar: on our third or fourth day we were hit by tropical storm, meaning all the pools, pool bars, beaches and buffets near the beaches were closed down from 3pm until the following day. Of course, we ended up in Strikers, near the mall, with not much else to do other than eat and drink. Thus, we decided to have game of pool, only to find out that they charge $8 and hour to use the table, which I thought was expensive. Now to the positive aspects, I’ll try to be brief, because I could go on forever.Firstly I would like to mention a few names of people that are a true asset to the Barceló chain and made our holiday all the more memorable:- Daniel Sánchez Vázquez: bartender in the swim-up bar in the Caribe pool. Really got on well with him, he was very friendly and we had some great laughs together, nevertheless his down-to-earth persona did not, in any way, get in the way of his professional manner. When the pool was especially busy he stepped up the pace to make sure that everyone was served quickly and efficiently. His cocktails were awesome too, please try his piña colada - amazing!- Theresa (can’t remember her last name): also a bartender in the swim-up bar in the Caribe pool. Very quiet and sweet lady, always smiling and working hard.- Dani (can’t remember his last name either): from the tennis and paddle courts. My boyfriend and I both like playing paddle ball, so it was a pleasure to have found Dani at the hut by the courts. He was eager to find other guests for us to play against and also keen to play himself, no matter how hot it was.- Jonathan Dominguez: entertainment staff. Great young, friendly guy, he remembered us right from our first day and always made an effort to come over, ask us how we were and make sure everything was going ok.These are the four people that made the biggest impact on our stay, but all in all, every single member of staff that we met were very friendly, smiley, helpful and professional. From front desk to the gardeners.The hotel and the grounds are spectacular, tastefully decorated, intricately landscaped and immaculately clean. Now this resort is massive, we spent our first morning walking throughout four of the sections, to get our bearings and see what was going on in other parts. To be honest, we found, that to our liking, the Caribe section was our favourite. More seemed to be going on around the pool and was the busiest during the day. We were staying in the Labna building, it seemed central to other sections and to the buffet, pool and beaches. Our room was lovely, comfy 2 metre bed, small lounge area, balcony overlooking the pristine gardens and nice big bath with shower. The room was spotlessly clean and the minibar was always packed full of soft drinks and cans of Corona. Regarding the Wifi, I honestly did’t mind paying $34 for a week, as the connection was really fast and worked well all over the hotel.To continue with the food and drinks, not one complaint. There was aways something nice at the buffet, wether it be the freshly made omelettes in the morning or the pasta station in the evening. The fruit was delicious, all dairy products and meat were super fresh and tasty, the Mexican specialties were also flavoursome and spicy. All the a la carte restaurants that we visited were lovely, great service and good food with great presentation. Over the week we went twice to the México Lindo (our favourite), to La Trattoria and Santa Fe. All the restaurants had a great feel to them, lots of waiters running around, noise and shouting from the kitchen. Very lively. Maybe ask for a table away from the kitchen if you’re not into that kind of thing. The buffets near the pools were nice too, less choice than the main buffet, but still great for a snack at lunchtime. Never had one bad drink, alcoholic or non. The beer - draught or in cans was always cold. Cocktails - from the main menu or off it, all the bartenders were very knowledgable.Guest entertainment during the day was fun, there as always something going on around the pool, wether that be waterpolo, bingo, aquaerobics, water basketball, silly games. There was a lot of fun to be had, kids and adult alike. The entertainment staff did a great job of getting everyone involved. We did’t see any of the nighttime shows, not our sort of thing, as we dined late most nights and went straight to the bar.To conclude with, I was a bit sceptical after having read some of the lesser positive reviews. Each to their own, but I can’t see any justifications in some of the comments. I suggest you take the bad reviews with pinch of salt. I have been to many resorts in the past (Paradisus in Cuba, Be Live Experience in Punta Cana, to name a few), first time to Barceló and I have to admit that it has surpassed all my expectations.

Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our stay. Thank you for having us and ¡Viva México!

  • iluvmarea : Oliver, Canada
Great Family Vacation

We recently returned from a 1 week vacation at Caribe with 2 sets of grandparents, son & daughter-in-law and our 2 year old grandson. Everything was great. This is the best resort we have seen for young kids. So much for them to do. Food and service were wonderful. The resort layout was good with no long walks. Grounds were well kept. Beach was nice and a small section had some good snorkeling. Didn't do any shows. All in all, a great trip!!! Looking forward to returning next year.

  • cdnmac : Calgary, Canada

Having visited several inclusive resorts in Mexico, its middle of the road. First of all its a beautiful place to visit, the grounds are beautiful, clean and well laid out. There is enough going on during the day to keep you busy and entertained.Pools are large, warm, clean, and although its busy around the swim up bars, there are still some quieter spots as well. Now if you could just get a decent drink at the swim up bar... our party of 4 all agreed they were some of the worst drinks we had ever had.Beach was clean, water was great, lots of beach chairs, just watch out for rocks in the water.Rooms were ok, we had some 2am partiers above us. We asked to be moved after 2 nights. We got plenty of excuses, and never did get moved. Air conditioning worked well, rooms were more or less clean. Bar was restocked daily. Food was disappointing. No we didn't starve, there was always fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh cheeses (all dairy in Mexico, wherever you go, is so good), the fresh omelettes, and pasta were good. But anything prepared was kind of awful. Although they had some Mexican food, no one was eating it, it was bad. So we ended up eating the same food we would at home. That's disappointing. Coconut ice cream was so good. Service was hit and miss, depending on where you are seated.Both Japanese restaurants have the same menu, prepared the same way. That was ok though, because we enjoyed it both times. Steakhouse was horrible, gristle and fat abound, and my potato, as far as I can tell, was boiled whole in buttery water. I still can't figure it out, lol. We were still waiting for our drinks when our entrées came. Really poor service. We were also not impressed with the water sports area. It seemed very disorganized and unfriendly. In an situation like this, where people have lots of questions, the language barrier can be a problem.In the evening there wasn't much to do except in the mall, where everything costs money. Bowling, shopping, casino..... its not hard to figure out what they are doing. There is nightly entertainment in the mall, but nowhere to sit and watch. You can hear it from the bar, but you can't see it. We checked out the nightly show, its not for everybody, but comparing it to others we've seen, its not very good. We found the evenings kind of boring. And you are not allowed down by the beach at all. Again, the want everyone at the mall. For us, who want to be outside, it didn't work. We did not like to see dolphins in a tiny pool, or monkeys, parrots and iguanas paraded around for pictures. Please don't encourage this!!!Last but not least, we did spend an afternoon at the spa. When you book a massage you get an hour of free hydrotherapy. The message was over priced and underwhelming. Its our splurge to go for 3 or 4 messages in a week while on holidays. We only went the once. The best part was the sauna, steam bath and hydrotherapy pool. I always get a kick out of people who get on these sites and try to school others on their reviews. We still had a good time, I'm just saying for us, for the same money, I have been to nicer resorts with better food, drinks, entertainment and accommodations. What works for one, may not work for another. That goes for tipping as well. Personally I don't think tipping at inclusives makes any difference, servers who care about their job, anywhere in the world, will always give great service. Having said that, I always have tips handy, and good service deserves a good tip. Poor service, well that's up to the individual.We came back from our trip having had a good time, it just wasn't fantastically great like other resorts we have been to.

  • xCCAROL : Toronto, Canada

We were a little reluctant to go to Mexico based on some scares from other friends who had gone but I'm glad we took this little leap of faith. The resort itself is so gorgeous and well kept. The week we went some on and off thunder showers and high waves so there were times where there was a lot of seaweed but it's unavoidable. By the next day the staff would clear out all the seaweed. The only thing I did not like is there was a pile of algae on one side of Caribe which kind of smelt like poo. Again easily avoidable. Room wise, not the best we've ever stayed at but does it's job and not dirty, no roaches, some ants but again unavoidable. The only thing I think could've used some revamp is the toilet area, just old but the toilet was clean but the floor had some permanent water stains which I thought was pee at first because it was around the toilet. The staff for the most part were so pleasant and kind! The waiters and waitresses were absolutely the sweetest, the men refilling the room beverages were so pleasant and kind, the cleaners were some of the sweetest people ever. Most of the front staff were very kind and as helpful as possible. The only thing in terms of staff, we frequently travel to Cuba and communicating has never been an issue. In Mexico it was rare to not have a language barrier. Very few staff spoke fluent English, but this does not affect my review as we travelled a Spanish speaking country. Just be mindful of this. So there were times we were trying to ask questions regarding programming or food and no one could understand us and vice versa.Now programming affects my review. They have apparently an amazing day and evening program and give you a schedule HOWEVER it does not say where on this huge resort the event is happening minus the evening programs. We asked staff at the fromt only for them to point at the schedule over and over. We just said okay and walked away. One of the days had bingo in the Maya Mall and then 2 days later we went there the same time as bingo was scheduled again and there was no bingo and no one seemed to know where it was. There were some obvious events like volleyball and stuff which was obviously by the water.The kids zone has a ballpit! My song loved it but it smelled like pee haha. I think a clean would be great.They had some discounts for travellers, like 10% on select merchandise at the Maya Mall gift shop. Went there and they sold out of all the discounted merchandise for all 8 days and 7 nights we were there. I was surprised by how expensive stuff was but I guess it's the price of tourist destinations. Also just wait to go to the airport for alcohol. The free tour we got for playa del Carmen was not worth alcohol purchases or anything really. The thing that is worth is when you get dropped off at playa del Carmen it's on 10th avenue or something and looks dingy but there's a store there that sells the same keychains and stuff for 18 pesos versus 50+ pesos.Exchange your money at the airport or playa del Carmen. The hotel rate is not good.Now the food. The first day we went it was amazing!! It went downhill after that. They had themes for the dinner buffet and my favorite was seafood. The other food is amazing and is be surprised if you couldn't find something you like minus the north American night which was not good but I saw a lot of other people enjoy it. I wish I saw more variety in rice dishes but I loved the hot sauce options! And maybe I'm boring and don't know real tortillas after eating old el Paso tortillas but I like the artificial old el Paso tortillas more then the thing they served lol.Now the a la carte. We went to sante fe (steakhouse), el fuerte (spanish) and the seafood. Seafood was okay, the lobster main was amazing. Now I'm a seafood lover and will eat any seafood and never hate it but do not get the octopus, it was tasteless. The Spanish restaurant looked nice and had a great smoked salmon appetizer but I didn't like any of the food. Now the steakhouse! Just book it for all 3 haha, that rib eye was out of this world!!! The last day we were there they did not open the lunch buffet and I don't know why..whoch sucked because it was our last day there and our son was sick the day before so we missed a lot so we thought we'd have one full day with food. We asked staff but no one had an answer and just suggested we eat at strikers so we just did that. The cocktails were not good. I tried so many. You're better off drinking straight liquor and their beer which was great.The dolphinarium was depressing. I hope they move them into bigger water space after hours. We didn't pay to do anything but walked by and saw it because anyone can see them. Overall very enjoyable! Would go there again. Felt very safe and have never seen a resort so taken care of!

  • Poopsie__44 : Calgary
We Are Coming Back!

We loved staying at the Barcelo Maya Caribe in May this year so much we are going back in November! This will be our 19th visit to an all-inclusive and I believe we have enough experience that you will appreciate this review. We are bringing 3 other couples with us too and we can’t wait to show them what the Barcelo has to offer!The Beach:How many beaches can you take your drink in the water, wear your hat and your sunglasses and not get knocked down by a huge wave! This one is the beach for you. Why do you go on vacation; for the sun, sand, beach, great food, great booze and a great place to sleep? This is the place. You can walk down the beach toward an empty area that they are preparing for another hotel yet to be built so it’s really cool to have the place to yourself even it if just for a little bit. You can sit under your own palm tree and listen to the ocean and know that someday it will be busy with tourists just like you but you were there first. The other direction has the 4 other hotels that you can enjoy (except the Palace). The beach is the best at the Caribe/Beach area. Apparently there are some resident turtles that frequent the water in front of the Palace, I’m going to have to go and see if I can find them.Food:Great! We enjoyed quite a few ala carts but we didn’t pay the extra $20 for the specialty ala cartes like the higher end Italian restaurant. We just stuck to the basics and enjoyed it all-inclusively. We didn’t have any trouble booking at all. However, we did get soaked by purchasing a bottle of wine at the ala carte just because we reciprocated when our “new” friends bought a bottle ($75 US). I found the house wine is just fine. We do appreciate great wine and the hotel wine (red/white) is fine. Not great but just fine. The buffet is fine for me. For breakfast, we ate outside on the patio area and Christina was our morning server. She was adorable and we looked forward to seeing her every morning. She brought us our hot cappuccino and mimosa’s often before we got to the table. Can’t wait to see her again!Gym:Spectacular! Skip the buffet breakfast a couple mornings and get your butt to the gym. It’s so worth it! They have tons of new equipment, great bikes, several treadmills, free weights, etc. and lots of staff to help get you going (hola to Miguel, Brenda and Arturo). I also did the Zumba class and it was terrific. The instructor (Javier) was great at cuing and very energetic and fun. The class was about 1:30 minutes and we had a blast. There were about 7 of us. This is one of the best gyms I’ve ever been at for an all-inclusive. Not the rinky-dinky small “hotel-style” gym but a full service facility well run and great staff. You can keep your fitness level up while on vacation here!Pools:We enjoyed the quiet pool (no children allowed) that was well equipped with our own bar. We spent a lot of time at this location and really appreciated the intimacy it provided. The main pool was a lot of fun too. Of course they have music playing and you can take part in the fun games, etc. or just watch people make absolute fools of themselves all in fun! You can also maintain your fitness if you swim lengths as they have a lane pool toward where you get your towels.Strikers Sports Bar:I think the highlight of the trip for my hubby was the nice, cool sports bar “Strikers”. It was our refuge from the heat at the end of the day. We would drop in and get our afternoon cocktail from a wonderful bartender. The place was teaming with excitement; lots of TV’s with several sports channels running concurrently; bowling alley, etc. They even broadcast a UFC fight one night and took tables out into the Mall area so we could all watch the event on large screen TV’s. This is a great place 24/7 where you can get really good bar food; fresh and abundant. I would go there early in the morning and get homemade cookies, fruit and a cappuccino of course with a shot of Bailys or Kaluha!Captain Morgan’s:I would say that this was disappointing at the best. They were really great at seating you and getting your first drink, etc. but they really dropped the ball after that for service. Skip Captain Morgan’s and find another lunch spot. They need to bump up the service follow-through here. Mall/Market Shopping:The mall area at the Maya Caribe is really nice; however, know your prices. Sometimes the market is cheaper and more worthwhile to barter with the vendors; if you think the mall shops prices are better then take some time and compare the prices. E.g. I collect Christmas ornaments and the market prices were cheaper than the mall shops. It pays to shop around for your souvenirs.Mayan Adventures:I did a half-day snorkel adventure that was so worth the $70 US that included a long river to ocean snorkel (at least 1+ hours); followed by an open cenote snorkel with a zip line to the water and a “jump of bravery” into the cool, fresh water of the cenote. Our guide was also the driver of the van and he was terrific (sorry forgot his name). Our final snorkel was in a cave. I was really nervous at first, but our guide was very reassuring and professional and helped calm my nerves. It was very cold in the water but it was clear and magnificent. I am so glad I went and overcame my apprehension thanks to our guide. They took some really great photos which I purchased a CD for $25 US but very worth it as I was alone and no one took photos for me. After swimming/snorkeling for 3 hours or more I was starved and they had a really great luncheon for us afterward; chicken, fish, tortilla’s, rice, salad, pico de gallo, guacamole, etc. juice, pop and whatever you wanted to drink. We were back at the hotel early afternoon so we didn’t lose an entire day. Rooms:We had a superior room and it was just fine. We did have a great view of the property and a good balcony with adequate space. I would only say they didn’t have enough “dresser” space as we typically unpack our suitcases and use their drawers but they didn’t quite have enough. Quick Note for Suggestions to Bring:Ladies with thick hair bring your own hair-dryermosquito repellant for night time ankle bitessmall air freshener for bathroomnight light so you can see in the nightbring a thermo cup for beach beverages$20 pesos to tip with; everyone loves tipsDon’t delay and book the Barcelo today!

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at a total of 16 restaurants
  • Snacks 
  • A la carte dinners with reservations
  • All drinks (domestic beers and cocktails, select international brands, house wine)
  • 24 hour room service
  • Kids club
  • Day & night tennis
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing
  • Scuba lesson in pool
  • 18 hole mini golf course (daytime)
  • Volleyball
  • Billiards
  • Table tennis
  • Fitness centre
  • Sauna
  • Daily activities
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Nightclub

Club Premium

  • Check in & check out in private lounge
  • Late check out (subject to availability)
  • Exclusive concierge service
  • Lounge service - Buffet breakfast, canapes & premium drinks (open from 7:00 to 23:00)
  • International press, books, board games, CD's, DVD, internet in lounge
  • Petit fours and sparkling wine bottle in room on arrival
  • 24 hours VIP room service
  • Turn down service
  • Bottle of tequila 100% Agave on arrival
  • Barcelo gift for adults and Barcy gift for children (under 12 years old) minimum 4 days stay
  • Pillow menu
  • Aromatherapy menu
  • Exclusive amenities and mini-bar
  • Beach towels in the room
  • Free Wi-Fi where available (will be provided with 2 Wi-Fi codes)
  • Express laundry service with regular charge
  • Domestic calls included
  • 20% discount in spa services and beauty salon (some restrictions may apply)
  • Restaurants a la carte: no charge (subject to availability, the hotel reserves the right to specify the restaurants you can enjoy)
  • Priority reservations for restaurants, golf, spa, and beach massages, private dinners, conference rooms & excursions
  • Access to the Hydrotherapy circuit (once a day, per stay) 
  • Guests staying in the Junior Suite Swim-up Club Premium has access to Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe and all its services and facilities
  • 414 rooms
  • 3 restaurants including buffet, a la carte and grill 
  • 3 bars 
  • 2 Swimming pools 
  • Jacuzzi
  • Fitness facilities
  • Tennis courts
  • Water sports centre (fee)
  • Waterpark and Dolphinarium in complex (fee)
  • SurfRide (fee)
  • Spa (fee)
  • Sauna
  • Beauty Salon
  • Shops
  • Barcelo Maya Mall (Free Wi-Fi, 1 hr per day)
  • Conference facilities (fee)
  • ATM
  • Bowling (fee)
  • 18 hole golf course nearby
  • Wi-Fi internet (fee)

Superior Room

  • Maximum Number of Adults 3
  • Maximum Number of Children 2
  • Maximum Occupancy 4
  • 1 King or 2 Double beds
  • Flat screen satellite TV
  • Mini-fridge (restocked daily)
  • Coffee maker
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Balcony or Terrace
  • Fully equipped bathroom
  • Hair dryer
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • Telephone with answering machine
  • Safety deposit box

Junior Suite Oceanfront Club Premium

  • Maximum Number of Adults 3
  • Maximum Number of Children 3
  • Maximum Occupancy 5
  • Please see All Inclusive section for the Club Premium inclusions
  • 1 King or 2 Double beds
  • Motion-sensor lighting system
  • iPod docking station
  • Alarm clock
  • Luxury toiletries 
  • Hydromassage bathtub
  • Air-conditioned
  • Flat screen satellite TV
  • Mini-fridge (restocked daily)
  • Coffee maker
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Balcony or Terrace
  • Fully equipped bathroom
  • Hair dryer
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • Telephone with answering machine

Junior Suite Swim-up Club Premium

  • Maximum Number of Adults 4
  • Maximum Occupancy 4
  • 1 King or 2 Double beds
  • Motion-sensor lighting system
  • iPod docking station
  • Alarm clock
  • Hydromassage bathtub
  • Luxury toiletries 
  • Pool located just in front of the terrace including a sun deck or solarium
  • Air-conditioned
  • Flat screen satellite TV
  • Mini-fridge (restocked daily)
  • Coffee maker
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Fully equipped bathroom
  • Hair dryer
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • Telephone with answering machine

Connecting Superior Room

  • Maximum Number of Adults 6
  • Maximum Number of Children 4
  • Maximum Occupancy 8
  • Minimum Adults 4 
  • Connecting Superior Room with a door that connects the 2 rooms. (1 room will be king bed+ 2nd room will be 2 double beds.)
  • Gardenview


Caribe Buffet Restaurant

  • Buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • International

La Fuente Restaurant

  • Specialty for dinner
  • Spanish
  • Reservations required; Formal dress code

Captain Morgan Restaurant

  • Snack Bar
  • Grill


  • Caribe Lobby Bar
  • Kukulcan Theatre Bar 1
  • Caribe Swim-up Bar 

Child Policy

Up to 2 children accepted when sharing a room with two parents in existing bedding.

For the Kids 

  • Kids Club (Ages 4-12)
  • Babysitting or child care service ($)
  • Playground
  • Teen Club (Ages 13-17) 
  • 2 Kids pools and Water park in complex

U-Spa Facilities

  • Saunas
  • Steam showers
  • Tropical and bi-thermal showers
  • Dynamic pool and immersion pools
  • Relaxation area
  • 26 treatment rooms
  • Float room
  • Hydrotherapy room
  • 3 Vichy showers
  • Swiss room
  • Fitness centre with advanced training equipment and resistance machines for cardio workouts, warming up, cooling down and stretching, cross trainers, exercise bikes, free weights and 2 modern rooms for spinning and yoga
  • Beauty salon

Stay at 1, Play at 4 - Guests of the Barcelo Maya Caribe will have access to the facilities and services across 4 hotels: Barcelo Maya Beach, Barcelo Maya Caribe, Barcelo Maya Colonial and Barcelo Maya Tropical, all belonging to Barcelo Maya Beach Resort. 

Honeymoon Bonus - Room upgrade (subject to availability), one breakfast in bed, bottle of domestic wine, fruit basket. Reserve at time of booking. Marriage certificate required upon check-in. Offer subject to change.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

Resort Location Map

  • Barcelo Maya Caribe
    Riviera Maya,Mexico

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  • Disclaimer
Barcelo Maya Caribe
Carretera Chetumal-Puerto Juarez Km. 266.3, Puerto Aventuras 77750 Mexico

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations required and dress code in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.

Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

Photo identification and/or credit card or cash deposit may be required at check-in for incidental charges.

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy. Rollaway beds and cribs (infant beds) may be available and should be requested at the time of booking; fees may apply.

Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in. Special requests cannot be guaranteed and may incur additional charges upon check-in to fulfil.

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