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Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

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The Grand Sirenis is one of our more popular 5 star resorts for travelers who are looking for a modern and contemporary setting. Perched on its own secluded crystal clear cove, the Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach is great for snorkelers and ocean lovers. The rooms are modern, the service is excellent, especially the pool side service. Definitely recommended for couples looking to relax on the white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya.


This elegant and contemporary yet minimalist-style resort is home to beautiful cenotes and a secluded cove, a true snorkeler's paradise. The Grand Sirenis features fabulous dining, superb accommodations, lush tropical surroundings and a luxurious 26,910 square-foot full-service spa make it the perfect vacation spot for anyone looking to achieve relaxation and escape the ordinary.

Location: In Akumal, 90 minutes from the airport, 120 minutes from downtown Cancun, in the heart of the Mayan Riviera. The popular shopping town of Playa del Carmen is 40 minutes away.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • Chris M :
Amazing 2 weeks in Mexico

I must admit after reading previous reviews before my visit I was bit wary of what to expect but take no notice of what you read! Myself 23 and my girlfriend 21 visited the resort from the 10th - 24th June and we was not disappointed. From the moment we checked in we was greeted by the manger of the resort Mario, who I must say is a top bloke! A fruity cocktail in hand we headed off to our room which was a superior room which had been newly renovated, they do offer you an upgrade at reception and I've got to say it is well worth the money the room is very big and modern and clean. The maids are great they always leave your room nice and clean with chocolates on your pillow and animals made from towels. Our concierge Angeles was amazing, such a friendly person with a big heart. Every day always smiling and asking how we are how are day has been. We booked the restaurants through her. We went to the Brazilian, steakhouse, Thai, Japanese, Italian and Mediterranean and I must say that Mediterranean was by far the best! I've got to give a big shout out to Angel the head waiter and Joel our waiter for the evening the two guys are just world class I've never seen two more hard working and friendly guys and not to forget the food in there was amazing. Good in general is good in the main restaurant with plenty of choice for everyone. We spent most of our time at the quiet pool which was great with the sea breeze but there are plenty of beds around all the pools also the lazy river is great if you just love to chill. The beach is a Little Rocky so swim shoes would be a good idea. But I would recommend buying them in England as they are a little expensive in the resort £6 from sports direct can't go wrong! The animation team are always up for a laugh and the shows they put on are good too especially the Micheal Jackson tribute act very well done there! The thomson reps are great too we did 4 excursions with them which were xplor (highly recommend) swimming with the dolphins, speedboat explorer and coco bongos. Do book coco bongos as soon as you get there tho as it does get fully booked very quickly we arrived on the 14th and it wasn't available until the 22nd so there you go but all in all and amazing week at the grand sirenis!!

  • Adster1972 : Oxford, United Kingdom
Not 5 Star

We visited the Grand Sirenis Hotel a few weeks ago and I wanted to give it a while before reflecting on the holiday and leaving my review. I hope therefore that this will come across as a measured and fair view of the place.We booked the holiday with Thomson and paid around £1100 per head for myself, my wife, and two children who are 6 and 9 years old. We arrived in the afternoon and only waited about 10 minutes in reception to be checked in, we were given a drink on arrival and the staff were very friendly and efficient. A porter took our bags and drove us to our room on one of the hotel golf buggies. All good so far.The room was great, we had upgraded to a superior suite so ours had been recently refurbished and as a bonus didn't have the baffling wide open hole between the bedroom and the bathroom that the non-refurbished rooms feature. Our first problem we encountered was with the sleeping arrangements. The room featured a huge Queen size bed for us grown ups, but our boys were clearly expected to both squeeze into (and share) a bed that was the size of a standard single bed. This couldn't be right so I called reception to complain and was transferred to housekeeping. The person in house keeping was very defensive and just kept telling me that the bed for the children was as it should be and is standard. I pointed out that my children could barely fit into the bed and we had paid full price for 4 people and it was not at all right that two of those people should have to share a cramped bed. They reluctantly agreed to provide another bed and a few hours later they set up a foldable camp bed which wasn't as comfortable as the the other bed but at least it meant the boys didn't have to share. If it is hotel policy to only provide one small bed between two children then this needs to be changed, or at least made clear when you book the holiday. On a selfish note the Queen sized bed was fantastic, needed a taxi to get to my wife on the other side and the mattress was very comfortable. The room had air con which did the job very well and the bathroom was clean and well equipped. There was mini bar which was stocked every day with water and soft drinks and we had free Wifi and use of the safe but only as we'd upgraded. Wifi can only be used on 2 devices but worked well.Our first night we ate at the buffet restaurant in the main reception building and as we walked in we saw a sign saying tonight was "Oriental Night", great I a bit of chinese food. Unfortunately it was pretty poor, at least 4 of the dishes I could only describe as a tray of cup-a-soup with some spaghetti thrown in, each tray labelled as "Chop Suey" it was all very bland, unrecognisable and disappointing. Still, the flies seemed to be enjoying it.We woke up quite early the next day and I decided to get the restaurants booked for the rest of our stay. Restaurants can only be booked by the concierge. Each block of apartments on the site has a concierge desk on the ground floor, strategically situated so you can't avoid them even if you wanted to. I suspect there are Ninjas that would struggle to get past them. Why is this a problem? It is a problem because although the concierge will of course help you to book ala carte restaurants, advise you on the best excursions to go on and show you a map of the hotel complex it is clear that their primary role is to hound you (and I mean HOUND you) into agreeing to give up a few hours of your hard earned holiday to be exposed to a full on sales pitch on the benefits of spending thousands of pounds to become a member of Grand Sirenis and its sister hotels. Membership means you still pay for your flights and your room at standard rates but you get a higher level of accomodation, service and food/drink during your stay. Now I don't have a problem with the concept of membership and I'm sure those who have paid for this find it worthwhile, however what I DO object to is being made to feel like I am contractually obliged to be sold something I don't want, or at least to be exposed to the sales pitch. I knew all about the concierges giving you the hard sell from the moment you meet them, I'd read all the warnings in the reviews of the hotel before coming out. As a result I had mentally prepared a firm but polite speech along the lines of "Thank you for your generous invitation to attend your meeting. I do not want to go to this meeting. I have no intention of becoming a member. This is our one and only trip to Mexico and we will not be returning, please do not continue to try to get me to go to this meeting as it is pointless". I sat down and asked the concierge (or "Sales-Bot 2000" as I eventually called him) if I can book the a-la carte restaurants. Within 30 seconds he started his sales pitch about the meeting. After about 2 minutes he paused to take a breath and I seized the opportunity to give him my prepared counter-speech which I gave in a slow, calm, polite almost Churchill like manner. I must have made quite an impact with my speech as Sales-Bot 2000 did at least briefly pause his routine to do his other job of booking us in to the a la Carte restaurants. Then he paused and said, "I tell you what, I can maybe see if I can get you one extra visit to a restaurant", "Great" I said, after enduring Tenko night the day before any offer to eat elsewhere was very welcome. He then got us an extra booking, we chose the Mediterranean restaurant and I was really happy with my freebie but.....Sales-Bot 2000 then changed tack. "Now I have done this for you can I get you to reconsider and accept our "special invitation" to the meeting tomorrow? laying on the guilt, and making me feel like I was a terrible human being for accepting an extra meal without giving something back. I firmly and politely said no and even said "I'd rather give you a good tip at the end for your service than be given extras in return for attending the meeting, I'm sorry but I really do not under any circumstances at all want to go to the meeting". This worked very well as there then followed a further 20 minutes where I was told all about the meeting and how it was nothing to worry about, it wasn't hard-sell and we would be given $100 dollars to spend at the hotel just for attending the meeting. It was all nothing to worry about and very enjoyable and all I had to do was to turn up and bring a credit card with me. (What? Why?!!) "It is for identification purposes sir, we swipe your card so we know who you are". I then spent a few minutes being bombarded again during which time I just shook my head and said "no" over and over again like some sort of incantation. By the time I finally got out of there my palms were raw and sweaty where my fists had been clenched. 40 minutes I was sat there, it took 5 minutes to book the restaurants and 30 minutes to be told that I really would benefit greatly from attending the meeting. I got back to our room exhausted and really very hacked off by the experience. An hour later I was still rocking backwards and forwards saying "no".Next day we went to the pool next to the Steak House as it was our nearest one. We had read the reviews about the odd missing tile causing some people to cut their feet so we came prepared with swimming shoes. To say there is the odd tile missing in that pool is rather an understatement, there were patches at least half a meter square of missing tiles absolutely everywhere, I'm pretty sure a good 10% of the original pool lining was missing. The problem appears to be that the hotel never shuts down, the Mexican climate means there is no real off season so they never have an opportunity to do anything other than a quick patch job. It is what it is but I would really recommend taking swimming shoes, they are not expensive and can save you from a nasty incident. We saw one man cut his foot quite badly, the hotel staff very quickly attended to him and we saw him limping around the pool for the next couple of days unable to get in and felt very bad for him. Apart from the missing tiles and the strong smell of drains coming from the toilet block next to it the pool was a fun area to be, we never had a problem finding a sun bed and the swim up bar was nice to have. Along with all the other bars at the hotel we never had to wait long to be served. Drinks quality was so-so, yes there was a range of cocktails and yes they contained alcohol of some description but the stuff they mixed in with the alcohol was very synthetic. The lager was ok, it was cold and refreshing but had the alcohol content of a table lamp. The house white was just about palatable but the sparkling wine can only be described as "upsetting". These issues need to be viewed under the context that if alcohol is unlimited then simple economics dictate that they have to be cheap.Quick word about the staff. Sales-Bot 2000 aside, the staff at this hotel are excellent. I am a rather cynical chap at heart but I got the impression that a lot of the staff genuinely love working there. Every one says hello as you walk around and everyone is smiling and just getting on with it. It meant that we felt like we wanted to tip the staff quite often but didn't ever feel that this was expected. The Sirenis team were a credit. Oh apart from a miserable guy at the sports centre, and the lady making pancakes in the buffet restaurant that looked like she wanted to punch every one. Think they missed the training day.Now, back to the buffet restaurant. After the Oriental night things got much better there. The breakfasts were excellent and varied, and most nights you could get a real selection of stuff from freshly cooked pasta, steaks, pizza even fresh mussels and crab which were lovely. The only thing I would say though is that they just don't seem to be equipped to be able to keep cold food at the right temperature. Salads are rather mushy and limp and there was a huge tray full of Sushi one night which was warm, there seemed to be no way of keeping it cold. A restaurant in the EU serving warm fish sushi wouldn't last long. I can only conclude that this may be what eventually leads to that smell by the pool.The Grand Sirenis has a huge variety of a la Carte restaurants which can be enjoyed by anyone who survived the sales talk long enough to actually book a table at them. There is a Japanese, Mediterranean, Thai, Steakhouse, Brazilian, Italian and Mexican to choose from, and frankly all the ones we tried were excellent, especially the Japanese and the Thai. People who become members can eat at these restaurants every night. So, the review is entitled "Not 5 Star". I've probably pointed out enough of the reasons why above, but does that make The Grand Sirenis bad? Well, in a word no. Ok so it's a bit tatty in areas, the food and drink quality is a bit hit and miss, and yes it did feel a bit Club 18-30 at times but for the price of 2 weeks half board in Cyprus we got great weather guaranteed in May, we got unlimited food and drinks, we got swimming pools, we met nice people, we relaxed, we got fat, nobody was hurt, robbed or shouted at. Just don't go there expecting it to be 5 star luxury as it isn't. If you're a member you probably get closer to 5 star treatment but still in 3 - 4 star facilities. In fact membership sounds quite good, they really ought to do something to encourage you to become a member.

  • Sophie M : Kent, United Kingdom
Wouldnt recommend to anyone

If you haven't booked or looking to book to come here DO NOT! I have just returned form Mexico. My boyfriend (19) and I (18) chose to visit the Grand Sirenis for 2 weeks as our first holiday together... ( mistakenly without looking at many reviews before we booked) well what an absolute disappointment. This being my first experience of All Inclusive has put me off for future. The food was horrible I am not a fussy person but nothing tasted nice my boyfriend has visited Mexico 4 times before this and he said this was the worst hotel he has been to for food, I had uncooked chicken from the beach BBQ ( it was bright pink). The steakhouse was awful I had seen lots of good reviews on this my boyfriend and I both ordered rib eye and most of the steak was fat (cheap meat). I can't really say anything good about this hotel to be honest maybe apart from the coconut ice cream! When we arrived in room 1825 we had a broken balcony door, we then had to wait for someone to come and fix it, this didn't just happen once! Our bathroom flooded from the jacuzzi whirlpool bath. I was horrified to then see a SCORPIAN in our room. We then complained to the front desk and they did offer a room change, our concierge then went to show us the new room to then find 1 minute later someone arriving at the door with the keys and a suitcase! The room had been taken already! We didn't move in the end but my boyfriend wanted some sort of compensation for all of our inconvenience, we got a hydrotherapy session in the Spa which was ok. I thought the entertainment was good. The daytime activity programme I found was rubbish, not much variety and slightly boring. There is also a lot of loud Americans around the pool bars so be aware. This isn't the hotel fault by any means but the weather was horrible, raining and cloudy most of our 2 weeks here, probably only had 6 good days of weather. Be very careful when going into the sea on the beach resort ( the hotel do not warn you about the sting rays that swim shallow) My boyfriend got stung by a stingray in the foot and he was in very shallow water. If you are booked to come to the Grand Sirenis and you do ever need to see the nurse onsite and you need to go to the hospital she will send you to a private hospital called Hospiten DO NOT GO HERE ( the nurse gets commission from sending you here) , they want to charge you $850 just to be seen when you arrive. After hours waiting for the insurance to get in contact with the Hospiten which didn't happen we walked out without my boyfriend being seen to. ( DO NOT BUY 'MORE THAN' TRAVEL INSURANCE AN ABSOLUTE WASTE) The following day after my boyfriends incident the Thompson rep Rob said to visit St Carlos Hospital in Playa Del Carmen. I couldn't recommend this hospital enough they were very caring and were not money grabbers, my boyfriend was seen within 20 minutes of arriving. In total it came to around $65 to be seen and for the cost of antibiotics. Apart from the hotel we did 4 excursions ( very expensive) Firstly we did the fatcat Catamaran, I have never been sea sick before but I was very badly sea sick. Although I did get to touch and swim very close to a turtle and came close to stingrays and saw many fish when snorkelling. Our second excursion was Xel-ha, this was one of my favourites I couldn't rate it enough. We got there about 8 in the morning and was getting picked up at 6, my boyfriend and I thought we were going to be very bored but we actually turned up to our coach late oops. We loved Xel-ha the cliff jumping was so much fun, the zip lines were amazing, the cenotes, the river, everything was amazing I loved the trip. Our third excursions was the platinum ( silver) Dolphin package advertised by Thompson $89, this was by far our favourite, I love Dolphins. This was my second time swimming with Dolphins but defiantly the best, you get a lot of time with the Dolphins and also get to do the foot push which was amazing. I bought a 12 photo package for $77 which I thought was pretty reasonable.Lastly we did Xplor, Unfortunately the rainy weather let the trip down for me, but the zip lines were really cool, and the ATV Vehicles were so much fun. The Cenotes were very pretty to see too. All in all the hotel is defiantly not a 5* more like a 3*. Would like to make a special mention to Gadi and Daniel in Block 18 concierge, never met such friendly and helpful people, when we saw them everyday they would ask if everything is ok and if we needed anything at all. Freddie who we saw in the buffet but also got told was a bartender too was super friendly with amazing service. Lastly 'Ever' the bell boy really helped us when my boyfriend got stung on the beach, was very patient and waited for us before moving around the hotel. Thank you to those 4 special mentions.

  • nicoleharr : Rogers, Arkansas
Family vacation spanning 4 generations

We had a wonderful time at Grand Sirenis. Everyone that worked with us was beyond kind and helpful. all 4 generations had a great time. Lots for everyone to do. The room was super clean and renovated.

  • becci_lee : Bishop Auckland, United Kingdom
Amazing Honeymoon!

We returned home a few weeks ago, and already want to go back! The hotel and staff were all amazing and super helpful. We were on honeymoon and were treated so special. We got free champagne, breakfast brought to our room, special honeymoon meal on the beach amongst other things. The only flaw for us was the WIFI was expensive, but everything else was perfect and we couldn't fault a thing. Thank you all so much for making our honeymoon so special.

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Buffet breakfast, lunch & dinner daily
  • Snacks
  • 3 A la carte dinners per week  
  • Domestic & select international drinks
  • Pools
  • Children's pool
  • Room service (11am-10pm)
  • Snorkeling  
  • Tennis
  • Gym
  • Scuba lesson
  • Kid's club
  • Games area
  • Daily activities
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Disco, drinks included
  • 700 rooms
  • Buffet restaurant
  • 7 a la carte restaurants includes: Steak-House, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean, Brazilian Rodizio grill and Japanese
  • Snack -bar
  • Bars
  • Swim-up bar
  • Free form swimming pool
  • Children's pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Beach volleyball
  • A range of watersports available
  • Meeting facilities (fee)
  • Internet access (fee)
  • Mini-market
  • Shops
  • Medical centre (fee)

Standard Room includes:

  • 1 king or 2 double beds
  • Telephone
  • Satellite TV
  • Tea/coffee maker
  • Full bathroom with Jacuzzi and hairdryer
  • In-room safety deposit box
  • Balcony
  • Garden view
  • Ocean view rooms also available

Kids Deal - First child 2-12 Stays and Eats Free, excluding Christmas & New Years. 

Stay at 1, Play at 2 - Stay at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya and receive full exchange privileges at the Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach next door.

Honeymoon and Anniversary Bonus - Room upgrade, fruit basket, bottle of sparkling wine & tequila, romantic dinner at an a la carte restaurant, in-room wedding breakfast on first day.

Wedding Package - Available, contact for more information.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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