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Our Opinion

The Grand Sirenis is one of our more popular 5 star resorts for travelers who are looking for a modern and contemporary setting. Perched on its own secluded crystal clear cove, the Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach is great for snorkelers and ocean lovers. The rooms are modern, the service is excellent, especially the pool side service. Definitely recommended for couples looking to relax on the white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya.


This elegant and contemporary yet minimalist-style resort is home to beautiful cenotes and a secluded cove, a true snorkeler's paradise. The Grand Sirenis features fabulous dining, superb accommodations, lush tropical surroundings and a luxurious 26,910 square-foot full-service spa make it the perfect vacation spot for anyone looking to achieve relaxation and escape the ordinary.

Location: In Akumal, 90 minutes from the airport, 120 minutes from downtown Cancun, in the heart of the Mayan Riviera. The popular shopping town of Playa del Carmen is 40 minutes away.

tripadvisor Traveler Reviews
  • pilarskifamily :
Great kids club, lazy river, pools and beach

We went there over March Break with our 7-year old daughter. She is quite shy and were were not traveling with other children, but the Kids Club did a fantastic job of helping her play with the other kids. She loved it. They did crafts, had their own swimming pool, visited dolphins, and made sand castles. The beaches and swimming pools were great, although it could be quite difficult to find somewhere to sit. One of the unique things about the beach is that it has its own reef for some casual snorkelling, and has another beach safe for young children to swim. The lazy river was a hit with kids and adults alike. We ended up going every day as a way to relax with a cold beverage.The rooms were fine. We upgraded to an ocean view which wasn't really worth it because it was mainly obstructed by trees. We had an absolutely giant bathtub in it. We have mixed reviews on the food. My daughter liked it, as did my husband. But I'm not a seafood eater, so I didn't really care for it. I found the food quite bland, even in the a la carte restaurants. The wine was almost undrinkable, so you end up needing to buy some or drink the margaritas (which were just fine!). There were lots of kids' drinks too. There are people there constantly trying to sell you time-shares and they are extremely persistent and annoying. Overall, a great resort with kids.

  • Amanda T : West Midlands, United Kingdom
Excellent Family Holiday

Great family holiday!We have just returned from Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya and had a great holiday – 2 adults and 2 children, 6 and 8. It was our first visit to Mexico and our first long haul flight with children and we loved this resort for its natural beauty and the wildlife. It is a large resort, but nowhere near as large as we were expecting based on previous reviews – everywhere was within a 10 minute walk and the area is so beautiful it was lovely to walk around. The size of it is what we liked the most, we didn’t leave the resort for the 2 weeks as there was plenty to keep us entertained but also if we had wanted to, there were lots of trips on offer locally.We stayed in a refurbished room in the Mayan side and it was lovely – my only criticism is the lack of storage for 4 people in the room! This side of the hotel is definitely best placed for facilities so i would request this if you can.My children went to kids club a couple of times and loved it – they kept them entertained doing crafts, lazy river, dolphin show. Kids club was available from 10am till 5pm everyday – I personally didn’t want my kids going there all the time as i wanted to spend time with them but they enjoyed it for the couple of hours they did go and they often made things which were used for the evening shows. I also thought the kids entertainment at 8.30pm was great too. It is in the Theatre which does get hot!The beach was lovely with a great breeze, very picturesque. My husband was a little disappointed with the beach as it is rough coral sand and when we were there the sea was not clear so no good for snorkelling which we were really looking forward to. It’s definitely not the long white stretch of beach you will get in other resorts, but it has lots of places to explore and is very safe for children which is often not the case on other beaches.We had great weather for the majority of the time – we were there when storm Franklin hit last week but it was over after a day so didn’t affect our holiday.I do agree the hotel is not a true 5*, but we were more than happy with it and it had a lovely relaxed feel around the hotel that was suitable for families. We were not necessarily looking for a 5* hotel but I can understand if you are used to this level of service, you may be a little disappointed.We found the all inclusive food good – very typical of most all inclusive, however the real selling point is the speciality restaurants which we found to be excellent – we visited the Japanese, Thai, Brazilian, Mexican and Steak. Japanese was our favourite but all were great. Definitely book as soon as you get there as they book up. The air conditioning in these restaurants was better too so we found dining a much better experience in these restaurants than the main restaurant which was far too hot!The drinks were great, not watered down at all like others have said. They have branded drinks, you just need to ask – Jack Daniels, Gordons Gin etc. I worked my way through the cocktails which were lovely!Overall we had a great holiday and yes there are faults with the hotel if you are looking for them– as there are with all, but a holiday is what you make it!Main criticisms are:• Air conditioning in the restaurants seems poor so it was difficult to enjoy meal times due to the humidity• There are many missing tiles in the pools – but like others said they are working on this. I also seen kids pulling them off and stacking them so they are fighting a battle with this.Overall a great holiday and we would recommend and return!

  • muirp : London, United Kingdom
The full lowdown :)

I don't get much time to write reviews these but I have a rare morning to myself today, sorry it's a bit long but I have covered as much as possible to help you get a good grasp of this hotel and it's location and how to save time, money and enjoy it more. Take Pesos with you as you get a better deal than with dollars. Trump should build a toll free bridge from the US to the Yukatan peninsula as it is fantastic, just an idea Donald. Bring cash to get out of the country! £50 each!! ( yes your first hostage experience) Yes even my 4 year old £50 ( it was £10 last time I came) the airport is second to none as a consequence with Wolfgang Puck restaurant, TGI Fridays, Johnny Rockets among a few. If you dont like airline food relax and fill up before you go. Don't get stuck downstairs as all the same places are upstairs and bigger. Mosquito bands at the hotel were 60 pesos (£2.50) they sell them on the bus for much more so you choose. I don't know if anyone knows if they work, I used them and jungle spray max strength and restricted my bites but still got bitten as did my whole family. Deet 50% and up is meant to be the best but it stinks. Watch out jungle spray is oily so it makes the tiles very slippy, my daughter nearly broke her arm following her fathers bright idea to spray it on himself just outside the door, sorry:) Trips: Tolum close by 500 pesos taxi either way, driver will wait 4 hours for you for 50 pesos more, it costs 70 pesos to get in and kids are free, it's very hot take water!! Yes this is a total of £48 for a family of 4, try comparing that with other quotes ( bus from across the busy highway is around 160 pesos for the family but crossing the road is a bit scary) . Exel Ha must be around 300pesos in a cab and Xcaret around 400 so you can work out that plus your entry might save you lots! They are both close by and cabs are good and safe. Hotel: Great family hotel , pretty much a standard 4* with amazing grounds well spread out, lazy river, 3 main pools all good size, Dolphin swim on site, turtles on site, constant food and drink if you like that, excellent entertainment team round the pool (Diego and team brilliant, pay them more) all the bar men excellent especially in pool ones. Shows at night good, some better than others, Mayan night the best, they start at 9.30 but my kids were V tired most nights by then. Please tip the excellent staff at the start as they will look after you more, I never and they were still great service wise.Rooms. It can feel that you are very far away from everywhere at first but don't worry you get used to it and all the short cuts so don't complain too early as it makes sense in the end. We stayed in the Garden rooms, unfortunately we stayed on the back end with not much view but most of the timein the room you have your black out blinds pulled to stop the sunlight so you don't miss much. These rooms are very nice , smart and up to date decor wise with a whirlpool bath, great shower etc. The downside is there is no separation from your kids as there is no partition so your not going to get much time with your partner without the kids being in the same room. Even the bathroom has a sliding wall opening it up to the bedroom so again not much privacy. We had two beds and a big sofa beds, the two beds are large singles so don't let anyone tell you different, our kids nabbed them so we were stuck on a pretty flat and uncomfortable sofa bed with the odd swaps for comfort throughout the holiday. Better off with a king and a sofa bed. The cleaner was fantastic but they clean the rooms with the doors open so the Mosquitos get in, yes I was the neighbour who was flicking them with a wet towel late at night! You need to do this otherwise you get woken up and bitten to pieces. Hotel very nice stylistically but too big for us 950 rooms, no restaurant great all just so so don't listen to other fluff they are all just ok, they are catering for huge numbers and huge variety so they miss flavour and detail on everything even the Mexican food. Best dishes Paella (especially the beach bar) and the fresh cooked steak in the main restaurants are the only two dishes that were consistently good and the steak was impossibly tender. All desserts are poor and fake tasting, they like lots of gelatine (fresh fruit and the little round shortbread were very good)Restaurants: you are allowed 6 visits to the themed restaurants but not two the same in the same week! VIP book these as soon as you get there as they can book out fast leaving you no choice. Book Japanese twice for the show.Brazilian: very poor, you do a buffet style on starters took 45 minutes to get a bread roll from a skewer then after complaining they came round with over cooked dry meat which fills you or bores you in 10 minutes. Took 50 minutes for my 4 year olds burger ( after complaining) Italian: Chose starters, mains and desserts and a buffet style buffet all ok but nothing special.Japanese: the most popular as its theatre and great for the kids. Choose starters, mains cooked in front of you and desserts. Japanese kebab was two deep fried mozzarella sticks and a poor dip?? Sashimi was good, they forgot my 4 year olds meal entirely, Beef teriyaki was poor with no flavour or glaze pretty much plain fried beef , fried rice was good, prawn main again very bland and boring. The chef was messy and they bounce rice from their implements to your mouth but all the rice that is missed or stains your new top is just left lying in the walkways and not cleaned up throughout the entire meal. Deep fried ice cream was interesting but did not work on any level.French restaurant: never visited as you pay extra for it.Steak restaurant. Buffet starters then steak with a few veg, two out of three steaks cooked way off and sent back. In the end fillet was good but ribeye too thin to cook correctly ( both times) Thai: choose starters, mains and dessert, red curry pork good but spicy, the rest were poor and bland and the pad Thai was very poor with all the pasta stuck together and no taste. Mediteranean was a bit better as they had loads of prawn on the buffet to stuff yourself with but the rest was much the same as the rest. The good thing is the kids menu is available in all the restaurants but not good if you are trying to get your 4 year old to try more different foodsSwim with dolphins good with the first encounter negotiated to 58 dollars and under 5 free. There are a few other deals you can do where the dolphins push you out the water etc. Go and watch it first then decide, always haggle. You are not allowed cameras or phones when you go in with them but you can do everything from the viewing are, bring the zoom if you do not want to pay for the photos they do 120 dollars for a photo and a disk with a few others on it!!!! They have to make money for the dolphins:)By the pool throughout your holiday the photographer comes with a guy with a monkey, macaw, parrots, lizard every couple of days. I bought a photo first time 20 dollars or so for 1 photo and the same one on disk, a few days later I did it again with my other kid then again a few days later when I saw that you can get a package of 3 photos 5 on disk for 65 dollars. I explained this to Diego that I had just found this out and I was willing to pay an extra 5 dollars to make my total up to 65 if he could put an extra 2 photos on the disk. NO CHANCE, no understanding at all, spent ages with him trying to get him to understand not interested. If you want photos just get a package at the end of your holiday as they will let you spend more then just delete your photos. Tip get a few of you and just take photos with your phones, you are not meant to do it but what can they do if there are a few of you, they are not as professional ones though. Wildlife: loads of lizards ( big ones too), Coatees, Racoons, never saw the spider monkeys, fish ( feed them bread or bananas, good fun but bad diet) snakes and big spiders in the trees on the other side of the road whilst walking to the dolphin pool, buggies all full!! Turtles laying eggs on the beach and the conservationists digging up and helping them hatch, just go along at 5 to 6am latest towards the disco and they are there on the left, costs nothing and my wife was blown away in the morning of her birthday just seeing these giants. Don't tell everyone this just the nice ones, the conservationists do not have funds to protect them enough so I'm sure they accept financial aid gratefully. If it's too far there are turtles laying on the left hand beach next to the fence and cranes building the new beach club. All hatching up to mid September so far.Pool 1: (great pool for kids and family) kids collected the loose tiles, seriously need more serious attention, guys were working at night but not enough and not quick enough. Quite a few people and kids with cut feet. Pool party here was fantastic fun with foam and slides, loud music and dancers.Lazy river is excellent and great fun with the kids, first step on the ladder out was broken and my wife cut her foot.Buggies scooting about everywhere but not enough guys stop and offer a lift to families. There are Platinum ones and VIP ones empty all the time and they jus ignore you. As a keen fisherman I was saddened to see that no one and not even the hotel offered shared boats so you need to make friends to get a group together otherwise you pay something silly like 250 dollars for a four hour trip on your own and this goes on increasing money wise up to 8 hours. Surely this is something the hotel should help organise as it costs them nothing and increases boats going out?? I fly fished and went spinning a few times, there is a bay north of the Wedding chapel, wear trainers as rocks are razor sharp which is great. I never had time to persist but it must have some fantastic spots in this area. I also went out to the are beyond the new beach club works. You are offered 100 Serenis dollars to go to the meeting where they show you the VIP and basically time share areas but this takes 90 minutes, at the beginning of your holiday and in the middle of the day with two small kids, no chance. I would have liked to see the other side of it but to be honest those areas were pretty empty day and night. If I loved everything else I would have been booking it in at the end of the holiday but it was too big for us. Overall we loved our time, it just missed the finer details of a smaller more intimate hotel. They could improve food quite easily by concentrating on quality and flavour rather than volume which would help greatly.

  • Lilian V :
Family Vacation

This all inclusive was recommended by a family member. It was wonderful. The room was modern, clean and spacious. 3 adults and 1 child were comfortable. The grounds are beautiful, the staff was friendly and very helpful. The spa was wonderful and relaxing. My grandson thoroughly enjoyed the kids club and asked to go everyday. We were all very happy with our stay there.

  • Sibs8888 : Woking, United Kingdom
Adequate - apart from the deplorable treatment of animals

First things first, having travelled all over the world I wonder how this hotel can claim to be a 5 star, in fact it is a 3 at best. That said this is only my 2nd ever all inclusive, so maybe AI hotels have a different measure. At a 5 star hotel I would expect impeccable service, wonderful rooms, top quality food and drink and proper standards enforced, it dismayed me to see people wearing baseball caps in the dining rooms, certainly something that you would not see at a true 5 star hotel. Breakdown as follows:Check in - this was quick and easy, had upgraded to Superior Junior Suite and were not hassled about any other upgrades. Ourselves and baggage taken to room quickly. Good experience.Concierge service - again very helpful, sorted out a couple of questions we had and got our meals requests sorted. Asked us once (on about day 4) about the timeshare presentation, we politely declined and that was that. Never mentioned again. Pretty good.Room - this was perfectly adequate, a decent size but lacking in storage. Hanging space OK but a distinct lack of drawers, would have been easy to add a few large ones under the telly area. Everything worked as it should. Balcony was too small for a family of 4 though. Sofa bed large, but not the most comfortable place to sleep for a fortnight. Was a refurbished room so no issue with furniture, plus it had the proper divide between the bathroom and bedroom.Buffet food - adequate. Plenty of choice but pretty bland. Thought there would be more flavour and spices to the Mexican dishes in particular. Breakfast was pretty good, again varied choice. Could not believe the dining habits of some people. Plates piled high, leave half of it and then go back for something else! Waiters did a good job of keeping drinks topped up. Nothing outstanding, but nothing to complain about. Theme nights were OK, Pirate (seafood) probably the pick, Mexican night was a real disappointment as dishes lacked flavour, having eaten out and also done a Mexican cookery school in Tulum we know what true Mexican food should taste like, to this end we cancelled our booking in the Mexican a la carte.A la cartes - Japanese was the pick of the bunch, entertaining chef. Food pretty tasty and some good selections. We also ate in the Thai and the steak house. Steak house OK. Thai not good. The salads at the Thai were quite tasty, but the waiters insisted on taking plates away before you had a chance to go back for anything else. I do not want to put 6 different dishes on my plate at one time, I want to be able to take some, try it, then go back to sample another (lots of small helpings). Also, what is with taking my plate away when others on my table are still eating? Wait until the whole table has finished please (happened at all a la cartes). Waiter looked at me as if I was an alien when I asked him to wait. Main courses at the Thai really were not worth the hassle of booking an a la carte. Bland, thick noodles, full of sugar. Not good at all.Drinks - 5 star hotel, and their idea of Premium brands is Beefeater/Gordons gin, Smirnoff vodka etc. These are not premium, they are low end drinks that should be the basics of an AI, not the drinks that you get when you ask for premium brand. The normal spirits were awful Most cocktails terrible. People have raved about the Miami Vice so we gave it a try, might as well have ordered a slush puppy. Why the fuss? The children enjoyed the alcohol free cocktails so that was good. Beer was OK. Swimming pools - Avoided the activity pools like the plague. Music blaring out, loud entertainment teams (if that is what passes for entertainment). Used the quiet pool. This was very pleasant, plenty of sun beds (so long as you got down to the pool at 06:30 to stick your towels down!!!). Even heard a lady say to her husband, "this looks a nice area, lets put towels down tomorrow morning and come down in the afternoon after the beach"!! The pool opens at 08:00 and you are not allowed to reserve beds, so why let people do so? The quiet pool is huge which is great as you can spread out in the pool and enjoy yourself. Only had to take issue with other guests once, a group of kids took the activity pool attitude to the quite pool and were constantly shouting out "marco polo", no idea what this is all about or why they felt the need to shout it, but we had a polite word and they kept the noise down after that.Lazy river – relaxing way to spend 20 minutes, so long as people respect your quiet and don’t start bashing into your ring, swimming under you etc. Enjoyed it, and as others have said you queue to get a ring in busy times but they come round pretty quickly. Not sure why some people decided to take the rings into the pools though which meant less to go around.Beach - had read the reviews so knew what to expect. Took water shoes which helped with the access to the water, although it was OK without. Knew there would be seaweed but the staff did a great job trying to keep it clear. Snorkelling was lovely but not as good as Red Sea, however it was more than sufficient to keep us happy. And the way the staff worked to repair the beach after Tropical Storm Franklin had passed through was exceptional.Beach BBQ - our choice for lunchtime. Plenty of choice and pretty tasty. Just needed to be re-arranged a little bit to keep the flow moving, but a small gripe.Staff - all worked tirelessly, most were very polite and friendly. The ladies working the pool serving drinks were fantastic. Spoke Spanish on the main with them which seemed to go down well.Grounds - amazing. Really well kept. Although the grounds are extensive, walking around was no problem. Not sure how people can complain. If you really did not fancy the walk then the shuttles were pretty regular and easy to flag down. Found plenty of interesting paths to walk and admire the wildlife.Wildlife - plenty of animals running around in the wild which were fun to see. Disappointing to see guests feeding the wildlife though.However, the hotel should not have captive dolphins on site, this is cruel, especially in a tiny swimming pool. But even worse is allowing people to walk round the hotel with a monkey on a chain and charge guests to have a photo taken with it. For a start this is completely inhumane, but more to the point there are wild monkeys at the hotel that are easy to find and photograph. Not sure what sick pleasure the guests get from standing there with a monkey on a chain! The hotel should ban this immediately. For the record I am not an animal lover but find the whole idea of these animals being held captive to be repulsive. As I said there are wild monkeys in the grounds, there are all sorts of creatures out at sea that you can swim with and take photographs of, so why do this? This took my rating of the hotel down from 3 to 2.Thomson reps - great at selling. Not so great when you need help (but this is not a hotel issue).Trips – did 1 with Thomson, and 2 with Trafic, have to say that the lady from Trafic (Magali) was fantastic, truly helpful and friendly.Summary - everything about the hotel was adequate. There was nothing really wrong with it, but nothing that made it stand out, certainly not as a 5 star! If you enjoy a holiday drinking cheap alcohol, eating bland food and spending the day shouting to be heard over the music or the guests then this is the place for you. Mexico itself, and it's people, is lovely. We would return in a flash, but I don't think I will bother with All Inclusive again, certainly not at Grand Sirenis!

Vacations packages include round-trip flights, accommodations, round-trip transfers (unless outlined below) to and from the hotel, and tourist cards (if required, unless outlined below).

If selecting an all-inclusive resort option, the package will also include the all-inclusive features as outlined by each resort.

Items not included:

  • Travel insurance (mandatory if traveling to Cuba)
  • Tourist cards ($10USD)if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing Airlines
  • Departure taxes ($20USD) if traveling to Dominican Republic with Sunwing or Signarture Vacations
  • Hotel transfers for packages with WestJet to USA (with exception to Honolulu)
  • Hotel transfers for packages to Europe
  • Items of a personal nature

  • Buffet breakfast, lunch & dinner daily
  • Snacks
  • 3 A la carte dinners per week  
  • Domestic & select international drinks
  • Pools
  • Children's pool
  • Room service (11am-10pm)
  • Snorkeling  
  • Tennis
  • Gym
  • Scuba lesson
  • Kid's club
  • Games area
  • Daily activities
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Disco, drinks included
  • 700 rooms
  • Buffet restaurant
  • 7 a la carte restaurants includes: Steak-House, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Mediterranean, Brazilian Rodizio grill and Japanese
  • Snack -bar
  • Bars
  • Swim-up bar
  • Free form swimming pool
  • Children's pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Beach volleyball
  • A range of watersports available
  • Meeting facilities (fee)
  • Internet access (fee)
  • Mini-market
  • Shops
  • Medical centre (fee)

Standard Room includes:

  • 1 king or 2 double beds
  • Telephone
  • Satellite TV
  • Tea/coffee maker
  • Full bathroom with Jacuzzi and hairdryer
  • In-room safety deposit box
  • Balcony
  • Garden view
  • Ocean view rooms also available

Kids Deal - First child 2-12 Stays and Eats Free, excluding Christmas & New Years. 

Stay at 1, Play at 2 - Stay at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya and receive full exchange privileges at the Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach next door.

Honeymoon and Anniversary Bonus - Room upgrade, fruit basket, bottle of sparkling wine & tequila, romantic dinner at an a la carte restaurant, in-room wedding breakfast on first day.

Wedding Package - Available, contact for more information.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

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Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

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