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Riviera Maya, Mexico
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The Grand Sunset Princess is an excellent choice if looking for a high quality all inclusive resort. This 4.5 star resort is an amazing sight with its huge meandering pool and modern all suite rooms. The beach area is nice white sand and because the pool is so large you never have a problem finding a lounge chair. A great resort with excellent value! The Grand Sunset Princess' many dining options and friendly service along with an attractive price make this resort a popular choice. Great for couples, singles and families.

Grand Sunset Princess

Exclusive to Sunwing, this stunning, all Junior Suite hotel sprawls along a magnificent powdery white sand beach only 15 minutes from the charming town of Playa del Carmen. With 672 rooms, the Grand Sunset Princess offers a professional, efficient and prestigious range of services from where to choose, including the new Junior Suite, Junior Suite Deluxe and Junior Suite Deluxe Pool with direct access to the pool. It also offer other delightful possibilities including the inviting and spacious Villas or the elegant Platinum Suite.

A wide range of services abound at the Grand Sunset Princess, including the fascinating Metamorphosis Spa and the splendid Avenida Paseo de los Dioses. Culinary delights abound in the varied and international selection of top quality food. Seven restaurants specializing in food from a wide range of cultures (Asian, Mexican, Italian...) provide the perfect counterpoint when sharing moments of peace and calm with excellent meals in beautiful and inviting specially decorated surrounds, some of which are by the sea.

Location: Beachfront on the Riviera Maya coast, 60 minutes from Cancun International Airport and 15 minutes to Playa del Carmen.

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  • Grand Sunset Princess All Suites Resort & Spa
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    TripAdvisor® Traveler Reviews

    A Family Vacation- Summer 2013

    We stayed in the Platinum building and the hotel and accomodations was lovely. We had a quiet pool and snack bar with pool bar service. There were several large pools on the property as well. Didn't... Read Full Review

    2015-07-29 - Reviewed By : KathyJoeToronto - Toronto, Canada
    Great people at this resort

    This was our second visit to this resort. We really enjoyed our stay. The resort is good, although not as clean as we had originally experienced and the food was at time ok, especially the buffet. We... Read Full Review

    2015-07-29 - Reviewed By : Sue S - Quesnel, Canada
    Graduation/ Family Vacation 2015

    Great place!! Read some reviews prior to going about how the food was horrible, and service was bad.. Go for yourself before you judge. Stayed 5 nights/6 days with my husband, our two children ages... Read Full Review

    2015-07-29 - Reviewed By : soccermomwkids -
  • Grand Sunset Princess Hotel Reviews

    Star Rating Rating: 4.0 - 10 reviews

    Rating: Star Rating
    "Read this Review! Read all of it for a true honest opinion of the positive and negative aspects of this resort, the Cancun Airport AND last but certainly not least - we the guests! What makes and breaks a vacation! As a very recently divorced female travelling alone, I had some hesitations about doing so but am now so thankful that I did! Starting with booking on Escapes - a painless process! Online booking was easy and provided all of the necessary information that I needed in order to make my decision on where to go. The resort and room ended up being exactly what I paid for! I had emailed the resort prior to my arrival with only one request and a few questions - my room request to be on the top floor and close to the beach -which was exactly what I got! They even responded to my email to advise me that they would do their best and they answered all my questions. My documents were ready and all in order well in advance of my departure date - and I had booked with short notice - leaving in 2 weeks.

    The resort: The Grand Sunset Princess. Apr 14 - 28th, 2014
    Flight was painless other than my checking in and having to pay for an overweight bag - I was used to travelling with my family so was a little surprised by how much! Oh well, I was not leaving anything behind - after all I was going to be there 14 days & nights! Landing in Cancun was my first thoughts of " oh no , what have I done? ". The 1st check point where you must show your passport and travel documents - my luck - I got the oldest man of the bunch! All he would say was " So what did you bring for me?\" he would not ask me any other questions other than that! Finally after the 5th time I asked him " I don\'t know what you want from me? What are you asking me? I have chocolate in my bag, do you want chocolate?" "Si" he says! So he got a bag of skittles and it was only then that he finally stamped by passport and I was allowed to proceed! Off to find my luggage and go through security. My bags go through the X-ray, and security guy at the "red/green" push button - asked what have I brought with me - liquor tobacco etc. (I had I fact purchased 2 cartons of cigarettes at the duty free on the way down - figured I save money by doing so! This was a long trip and the last of my smoking hence the 2 cartons! ) He does not allow me to push the button and shuffles me off to the side where they proceeded to go through ALL of my luggage! Hope they enjoyed all the bathing suits, bras and panties! Really? Must they be so violating? I am then instructed to close it all back up and sent to the customs lady who advises me that because of the extra carton ( I did not know you were only allowed 1 for any duration of stay) I needed to pay them $100! Well there went my savings as now they actually cost $50 more than they should have! Really time to quit now! Takes her FOREVER to process it all making me the last one to arrive at the shuttle bus to the hotel!

    Sunwing reps awesome! Easy to find after a stressful arrival! Thank god for the beer on the shuttle! Anyone else heading down - don't pay the airport vendors $6 as they are $3 on the shuttle! Very friendly host for the trip to the hotel! We seemed to arrive in no time! We were the 3rd stop and final stop - I believe. The resort is magnificent! Lobby entrance grand! Check in very quick and easy! Front line staff all around, luggage tagged and taken to the room in no time! The grounds impeccably groomed day and night! The amenities all close in proximity to each other and away from the rooms - great layout as it meant for quiet grounds in the evenings! YES this resort is huge! Long walk from the lobby to the beach! But really people?? You are drinking and eating more than you do at home (or at least I hope so) so do the walk and enjoy it as you go! If you are not able to walk there is a shuttle but maybe you should reconsider going to resorts and go to hotels instead.

    Staff were always seen spot cleaning the path ways, trimming the lawns and greenery! As I did my morning walk to the lobby one morning I heard a lady complain " geez why are they out here now doing this?" Really?? I had been there a week already and into my 2nd and responded " they are out here 24 hrs a day cleaning up our messes but I guess you would complain if they weren't out here too!" Not sure why some people feel they can ignore posted signs! I know you could read them as they are in various languages. "Do not walk on the grass" "protected habitat" mean anything to anyone? Not to mention again how hard staff work to keep the grounds groomed! Why walk on it? Why sunbath on it next to the pool? There are chairs - you just need to get up and look for them! Then you leave your garbage everywhere! Shame on you! Message to the 3 guys that verbally insulted me : did I hurt your feelings by pointing out that you should not be on the grass when you were 2 feet from the sign!? You are part of a small percentage of men that instead of admitting that you were clearly wrong - you verbally insult the female! I am guessing you were single! Learn some respect for other people and especially women! Rude, inconsiderate, self entitled and disrespectful guests can and do ruin vacations! I refused to allow any of you that I had the pleasure of vacationing with only during my 2 nd week - ruin mine!

    Pools and beach - many pools to choose from! Clean most of the time as again staff in there with their masks and brushes cleaning late in the night and early in the morning. Pools are not the problem it is the GUESTS that are a problem! Swim up bar people: if youve had so much to drink that you can't be bothered to get out and go use a bathroom that is not that far away, maybe you should STOP drinking! The rest of us that enjoy coming to the pool after a day spent at the beach - really don't want to be swimming in your little area designated as your washroom! Not so nice watching a kid throw up his entire hotdog lunch after being choked and then dunked under water by his brother or friend. Then swimming away while laughing then sharing with their mother what had happened. She had just arrived with their towels and seemed amuzed by the story! Really lady??? I have 2 boys myself - I would have hauled their butts out of the pool so fast and made then go find a staff member to get it cleaned up!! Needless to say I did not use either of those pools again! Good thing there are 8! Again the pools themselves great - it is the guests that ruined them for me!

    The beach - great! Nice soft white sand! People that leave their empty glasses and garbage (cigarette butts too - people there were ashtrays everywhere - why not use them! ) Staff have to follow behind us to clean up our messes because we are too lazy to do so ourselves! I wonder what some of your houses look like! The huts on the beach - yes they block the view. They were empty the whole time I was there - not sure when they are used. My suggestion move them back towards the greenery - when I enquired about this I was told the front part of the beach is federal land which is why they can be there - back towards the greenery is private and belongs to the resort. I would suggest getting rid of them completely. Otherwise head to the adults only section to the left ( if facing the ocean). Plenty of chairs and the best view other than at the Chill Out Bar! ( to the far right if facing the ocean). Not part of the all inclusive but well worth the $13 bucks US for free internet all day and all your drinks brought to you! You would have a fresh one there before you were done the previous one! Padded chairs and Bali beds to enjoy as well! So others guests: please learn to clean up your own mess! The staff work for $5 a day! They work hard enough! Geez - I swear some people feel they are entitled to treat the staff as their own personal slaves! They are not - they are there to assist with making each and everyone of our stays comfortable and enjoyable!

    Ocean - wonderful! I have only ever liked one other place for the ocean and beach. This one was great too! Warm gorgeous water - and I never swim in the ocean but ended up spending everyday at the beach and was always going in to cool off from the incredible hot sunny weather! A bit of rain 1st week but then none! I don't like rocks and seaweed - I had no issues here!

    Many A la Carte restaurants to choose from! I never went to any of them as I did not feel like eating alone in a smaller more intimite venue and late in the evening. The only complaint I heard from other guests was that some of the reservations were too late even at 9 pm. Everyone said the food was great at each of them. Only one negative for the Mexican - they wished it had been more authentic Mexican food. The buffets: several to choose from! And dinner buffet open very late! I arrived late in the evening on the 14th and was starved - I hate airline food! I was happy to find the Rivieria buffet still open and lots of warm food still to be had! I have a lot of food allergies but never had any issues finding something to eat! Lots of pasta, salad and fresh watermelon, cantelope and dew melon for me! A good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of fish and fresh grilled meat. The Mexican theme nights were my favourite! Breakfast at The Sunset snack Bar THE BEST! Victor you are a wonderful person - stay as you are - it was a pleasure seeing you each morning at breakfast! Sunwing dinner -awesome!! Private dinner with live Cuban band! One of my best nights!

    Staff - each and everyone that I had the pleasure of meeting were warm and cheery! They ALL work SO hard day and night! If it were not for your smiling faces back at me as I would say "hola!" I would have had a very lonely trip! Thank you to my server at dinner time - who soon realized I was there on my own and would come running over after I was greeted at the door by the wonderful hostess! He would offer me his arm and take me to my " regular table" , pull out my chair for me to sit then would put the napkin on my lap!! I know very few men that still do that! I took this trip alone but never did I ever really feel alone! Thank you for making my trip a truly amazing experience! PhotoShop! You guys rock!! Lisandro - THANK YOU for an awesome day and photo shoot! YOU truly made my vacation! I miss seeing you! Glad I bought the wonderful pictures as they are my only vacation memories! Anyone wanting a truly gifted photographer -ask for Lisandro!

    My last and worst experience was landing in Vancouver after a long day of travel. Turns out, once again, the Cancun Airport did not fail to disappoint me! Guess they figured I might as well leave with the same feelings about them! Upon collecting my luggage I knew immediately that my luggage had been gone through! I discovered my camera stolen!! (It was not supposed to be in that particular bag but I had been rushed through in checking my bags!). It was stolen from my luggage AFTER being checked in for my flight by one of the baggage handlers in Cancun!! They left the case but took the camera! This was a once in a life trip for me! I am recently divorced after a 20 yr marriage/25 yr relationship - I took this trip alone to rediscover who I was after raising 2 children too! My 1st week and ALL of my solo shots ( my camera had a timer so I was able to take pictures when I was having my alone days) were on that camera! My message to the handler that STOLE it : sure hope you enjoy my camera and pictures as I WOULD have! You took away the incredible enjoyment I had felt from this journey! If you have any decency maybe you would consider at the very least returning my memory card with the pictures! You want the camera keep it!! ALL I REALLY want are my pictures! You and the other few - we know there are a few of you as we have ALL heard more stories like mine RUIN vacations! YOU make people decide to NEVER visit your country ever again! Shame on you!

    I spent 14 nights at the Grand Sunset Princess Apr 14 - 28th. It was an incredible journey! Even with my camera being stolen - and with what pictures I do have -I will be reminded of the wonderful experience I had! I will not let the thief take that away from me! As in life there were hiccups - things break and need to be fixed. And your approach to it dictates the response you get. Yelling and screaming at staff because your room has a broken phone or not enough towels is not going to really help you. I returned one night from the disco at 2am to find my room flooded by a leaky air conditioner. One phone call and they were there in 10 mins to fix it and clean it up! Nothing ruined so no harm done. I was truly amazed by the resort and wear and friendly staff! I met some incredible new friends! I learned that it is the guests that can make or break other peoples vacations! Remember: you are on vacation, relax and have a good time but NOT at the expense of other vacationers vacation! Not everyone needs to hear your loud drunk obnoxiousness! The resort is not your personal home - staff work very hard to make it enjoyable for all! Throwing the warning cones cautioning wet floors into the middle fountains on your drunken stooper back to your room is immature not to mention dangerous! Someone falls and gets hurt - they write a negative review at the expense of the resort when it was you that caused it! Fair ? - I think not! Let go off your prejudices while on vacation! We are all there for some down time from our every day hectic lives! Some of us spend a lot of money to come and share our vacations or weddings with family and friends! If you are prejudiced towards certain ethnic groups then maybe you should select your resorts more wisely! More and more! cultures are choosing destination weddings! We need to a all get along and respect each other! If you can afford to go to an all inclusive resort - you can afford to tip! Really what is a buck to you? but a whole lot to the staff! You are on vacation - sit back and relax! What is the rush? And hey put a smile on your face when you wake up in paradise and are being waited on hand and foot! Say "hola" to the staff as you pass them in the corridor or on the grounds! And even to other guests - you never know what nice people you might meet! I met a lot of wonderful people! My American and Calgary friends & my newly adopted East Indian family - miss you all! So glad to have met you all! I travelled there alone and only spent 3 days all by myself! I also met a lot of not so very nice people! I won't miss any of you! Escapes, Sunwing and Grand Sunset Princess I thank you for a most magnificent holiday! I will return - especially. if I can get there without landing in Cancun! Haha. :-). " [...]
    Reviewer: reviewer9105
    Date: Apr. 30, 2014

    Rating: Star Rating
    "Great place to stay and lots of pools and bars good food and excellent service. Down side, lots of walking to the beach but shuttle is available. Stairs up/down no elevators. No significant activities, you are on your own & all you do is swim, eat and drink. Beach has lots rocks & weeds in water and on sand." [...]
    Reviewer: reviewer8727
    Date: Dec. 02, 2013

    Rating: Star Rating
    "The Grand Sunset Princess is a very large property. Lots of walking from front to back of the resort, be prepared to walk. Pools are fantastic and there are lots of them! You can always find chairs. The grounds are impeccably kept, but you don't see the staff doing it. Food was pretty good, but standard buffet fare. Even the a la cartes were fair. The Japenese show restaurant was the best. Other travellers had mentioned about how slippery the floors could be when wet, but you can't be prepared for the full effect of this fact. One of our traveling companions wiped out as soon as we got there the very first day. A couple of days later the other person fell as well. The floors are dangerously slippery when the least bit wet. We tried the spa and it was fantastic. Only feedback for the spa was that they should have robes for the guests as we had to put wet bathing suits back on in order to go to the spot where we were gettting pedicures. All staff were super friendly and were always working hard. Advice to travellers would be to change over money to MXN and also to be very very careful when walking on any of the floors." [...]
    Reviewer: reviewer4541
    Date: Nov. 04, 2013

    Rating: Star Rating
    "Good: Very clean and modern hotel room. Marble tiles everywhere - luxurious Bad: Sports Bar (open24hr) can be too crowded when buffet closes. Don't bother waiting in line to book ala carte. they're the same food that you see in the buffet. If you insist, tepanyaki is only one that I recommend. Marble tiles everywhere - very slippery when wet better bring all your necessities (sun screen, shades, slippers, tyrenol, etc) because it's very expensive at the hotel store. otherwise you have to ride $20 each way cab to the nearby town or get in line at 8am for 45max free shuttle." [...]
    Reviewer: reviewer8954
    Date: Jun. 12, 2013

    Rating: Star Rating
    "I'm going on vacation to the Grand Sunset Princess resort this summer and I will like to know if Anyone has the customer service desk email?

    Thanks you

    Sonia" [...]
    Reviewer: reviewer9527
    Date: Apr. 03, 2013

    Rating: Star Rating
    "Grand Yucatan Princess Platinum Suites - We stayed in Yucatan for 8 days during April 30 to May7. We had a great time in this hotel. The hotel staffs are very friendly. Especially, I got skin allergy caused by suncream or insect spray. I went to medical centre at mid-night and got treatment right away. Thanks God, this didn't interrupt my day trip.

    The foods in hotel are all good, especaily the a la cartes restaurants such as Mama mia, Le Fleur and La Fondue. Le Fleur is the best of all. Some people love Miso restaurant; however, I don't really like it. For buffet restaurants, u had better avoid the cold dishes cuz those are not so fresh. I always have hot dishes in buffets and no problem in my food.

    The hotel beach is not very beautiful cuz stones and rocks under water. But I am fine with the beach cuz I don't swim in the sea. Sunwing agency service is good. We signed up day trips to Xcaret and Xelha and Tulum. I am only disppointed with the local small town named Playa Del Carmen. Don't go there. It is not fun cuz too hot and no big shopping mall. Although hotel offers for free shuttles to the town at 10 am, 12 at noon and pick u up at 5pm. We paid the hotel driver $4 us dollars per person cuz we wanna get back to hotel earlier, like 3pm. For 3 pm and 1:30pm pick-up time, it is not for free.

    For buffet restaurants, maybe some people don't like it. But we do like it ,cuz the main dishes are different everyday and they are so fresh. Also, I can order the fresh mangos there. I recommand Mexican mangos...they are so good. The only thing I am not satisfied with the hotel is they didn't ask me but just gave me a double beds room. We prefer a king-size bed.However, u can switch on the other day. The service of restaurants are excellent...I am allergic with alcohol. The servers are always nice and careful with my food and drinks. Although I still can not avoid skin allergy that is not caused by food. The price is high, cuz I booked my trip just five days ahead. we paid 1500 dollars each person. and it is close to Xcaret and Xelha too." [...]
    Reviewer: reviewer9375
    Date: May. 14, 2012

    Rating: Star Rating
    "This resort was beautiful. Loved our swim out suite. No problem getting reservations for restaurant's for same night up to 3 nights in advance. Best hamburger's ever had in Mexico in sports lounge. Very accommodating in tuning the big screen, in the sports lounge, to Winnipeg Jets Game's while we were there. Waitress "YARA" would bring our drinks around the pool without even asking and once she knew what we were drinking she would make us new drinks we had not heard of to try. Awesome, can not say enough about this resort. Sunwing was also great as we left early both going to Mexico and returning to Winnipeg." [...]
    Reviewer: reviewer7756
    Date: Apr. 12, 2012

    Rating: Star Rating
    "The hotel room was excellent. The resort was big enough that you could get peace and quiet if needed or join in to the partying. The food was a big dissapointment especially the Alla Carts. First off good luck getting a AllaCart before 9:00pm. The food at the Alla Cart was pretty bad. The food at the buffets was better. At the Mexican Alla Cart I could finish my dinner. Ity was that bad." [...]
    Reviewer: reviewer4503
    Date: Apr. 02, 2012

    Rating: Star Rating
    "This is not a 5 star. Our airport hotel in Calgary, Acclaim I think, was much more comfortable. Rooms -- Beds only doubles, not queens. Beds hard, sheet did not go to the bottom of the bed. Pillows terrible. One night had water leaking from a light fixture. Internet -- paid $70 for the week for internet. You were only allowed to connect one device and we could only get coverage in the bathroom.
    Pools- Lots of drunk people around all of the time. Lots of smokers. Lots of empty seats with towels. Not sure which was worse the coarse towels or coarse chairs. Booming music all day at main pool. "Crazy games" cater to the drunks, really sad to watch the young kids who tried to join but were turned away. Marble -- generally too much. I see a number of people have broken limbs slipping on wet marble. I could see this.
    Shuttle to Playa del Carmen -- runs twice a day and holds 21 people each time. You have to book the day before at 8:00 am. We went at 10: 00 am and it was full for the next day. It has 612 junior suites (say 1200 people) and its "shuttle" has capacity for 42 people per day or 296 people per week. We took a cab at a cost of $40 round trip.
    Restaurants -- had to line up at 2:00 to book your dinner. Took 40 minutes. Usually had a choice of 6 or 9:40. Food mediocre, although lunch unbearable by the end of the week. I felt sorry for those staying two weeks.
    Beach -- small and centre stage are massage tents and kiosks trying to sell you tours; hard to see the beach through the kiosks.
    Security/Teens -- My daughter and her two friends were at the beach at about midnight and one of them had to go to the bathroom. The three of them walked up to the bathroom mid way up the resort. Two waited outside while one went to the bathroom. They were quiet and well behaved. While waiting, security came along and accused them of underage drinking, and took them to the reception. Security spoke no English and did not use their radios to get someone English. My daughter tried to explain they were waiting for a friend, but they did not understand. The two kids were forced to go to reception and were separated from the third child who was then by themselves wandering the massive resort after midnight. Security took them to the lobby and held them for 45 minutes and would not let them call us. This was at 12:15 or 12:30. After 45 minutes they were allowed to go off by themselves. The "proof" they had that the kids were drinking was they "smelled" it. My daughter said they were never within 4 feet of her. We had heated discussions with them at 2:00 am as to why they held my children. They denied it. In the report they wrote up which they asked us to sign the next day, the story had changed, from "they smelled" it to they witnessed them drinking in the sports bar. They had not gone to the sports bar that night. And if they did, what was security doing while the resort bar tenders were serving drinks to underage kids. We were told is our kids were caught drinking again we would be asked to leave the resort. Please note, burden of proof does not exist. It was a scary walk home at 2:00 am with all of the drunk adults around.
    Alarm -- Alarm sounded at 3:30 am for 45 minutes. No evacuation, no explanation. With that gas explosion a few years back, you had to wonder weather it was a gas alarm. Lots of security saying "no problem". No problem for him, he is paid to be here, I had to pay -- problemo! Other than the reception staff, service was friendly." [...]
    Reviewer: reviewer6928
    Date: Mar. 27, 2012

    Rating: Star Rating
    "This resort was amazing!!!! It is basically connected to the sister resort the Grand Riviera. You have so many options in terms of a la Carte restaurants, bars, and swimming pools. The resort is spotless!!! There appear to be crews working 24 hrs to keep it that way - they are very hard workers. We were in the Platinum Yucatan (adults only) swim up rooms. Originally two were booked there and two booked in regular Platinum. The hotel reception employee thought he'd be nice and put us closer together. We had deliberately booked the other way so I wasn't sure, the hotel was more than willing to change our room if we weren't satisfied. Our concern was that it was far from the beach - NOT. There is a trolley to take you but we never used it. It was a 5-7 minute amble (and I stress amble) from our room to the beach. Needless to say we stayed in the Yucatan. We had a great patio with steps into a pool and built in lounge by the stairs and pillars for your drinks. There was a gorgeous whirlpool bath. We never used it but there was even a coffee maker and coffee in the room. I would absolutely recommend Platinum. We had so many benefits that were more than worth the extra $150.00 - $200.00/week (we asked others what they had paid that weren't with Platinum). We had free room service (24 hrs/day), free use of mini- bar, free internet in the lounge and Wi-Fi in the room, separate conceirge, free lounges (2) with hors d'oueveres, free international newspapers, free premium alcohols, all the a la carte dinners we wanted and on and on... We have certainly enlightened others who say they will now travel Platinum. There was always somewhere to go or something to do. The Sports Bar is open 24 hrs and so you can always find a bite to eat. Had read reviews on line that staff was always asking for tips. We did NOT experience that at all. If you tip they are very grateful (we tipped most of the time - occasionally at the beach didn't have cash on us but service was just as friendly and fast). The only weird tip item was that there was a tip jar in the store. No I didn't tip in there. Again no difference in the service. There were plenty of activities (free) for all ages on the resort. Everything from daily bingo in the pool, water polo, scuba lessons, dance lessons (both in the pool and in the gym), archery, shooting etc. etc. Two of our party got the massage on the beach (for couples). It was only $30.00 (US) each and went for 1.5 hrs. They didn't stop talking about how wonderful it was. Two of the pools had swim up bars. Barbeque on the beach if you didn't want to go back to the buffet (food amazing). Sunwing reps were amazing. From guiding you to your ground transportation outside the airport to the orientation and booking excursions they were great!!! The orientation was a total comedy show, the rep hilarious and a wealth of information. Highly recommend taking the time to find out safety tips as well as what is available in the resort and the excursions. There was always someone there to answer questions. We had a separate rep in the Yucatan so very little waiting. Went on a couple excursions (Tulum, Xa Ha) enjoyed both, well organized, and worth it. Took a cab into Playa del Carmen one evening for authentic Mexican food and shopping. Again the Sunwing reps were amazing at telling us where to go etc. This was my first trip booking through Escapes and flying with Sunwing. From the first contact with Eric at Escapes I was impressed. He answered all questions and when he didn't have the answers he quickly got the answers through emailing directly to the resort. If I left him a message or sent an email with questions they were promptly answered. He was amazing!!! I usually don't go back to the same resort as I try to travel to different countries and resorts but 2 of our party are planning to return. I will certainly book through Escapes again, the customer service and sense of trust was very reassuring. I was very leery about going to Mexico with everything in the news but this area was very safe (I live in Toronto). You need to be aware and behave responsibly but it is similar to traveling around Toronto. I have nothing but positive things to say about Sunwing as well. Champagne on the way down (complimentary). Free hot meals with wine. Free earphones and movies. I could go on and on but won't. BOOK YOUR TRIP!!!!! Talk to Eric at Escapes!!!" [...]
    Reviewer: reviewer2391
    Date: Mar. 16, 2012

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Deals to Grand Sunset Princess

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Andy L. - ext 524
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Hotel Amenities


  • 612 junior suites
  • 2 Buffet restaurants
  • 7 a la carte restaurants 
  • 2 Snack bars 
  • 11 Bars 
  • Ice cream parlor 
  • Sports bar 
  • Disco
  • 3 pools (including 1 kids' pool) 
  • Fitness facilities 
  • Spa (fee) 
  • Tennis courts 
  • Internet centre (fee) 
  • Meeting facilities 
  • Shops (fee) 
  • Golf (fee) 
  • Baby sitting (fee)


Junior Suite with:
  • 1 King or 2 double beds
  • A/C
  • Satellite plasma TV 
  • Safety deposit box (fee) 
  • Ceiling fan 
  • Hair dryer
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Coffee / tea maker 
  • Mini-bar 
  • Bathroom with shower only
  • Balcony or terrace 
  • Max occupants 4, up to 3 adults
Deluxe Junior Suite, same amenities as above with:
  • Living Area
  • Jacuzzi in Bathroom
Platinum Suites, same amenities as above with:
  • DVD player 
  • CD stereo 
  • Premium Bar with: Tequila, Gin, Vodka, and Whisky
  • Concierge service in Platinum Club Lounge 
  • Jacuzzi on Balcony/Terrace
  • Private Pool & Butler Service (drinks only)
  • Pillow service 
  • Bathroom with Jacuzzi
  • Bathrobes & slippers (plus extra features)
More room classes are available. Please inquire.

All Inclusive Features

  • 3 Meals plus snacks
  • All drinks (domestic beer & cocktails, house wine with meals)
  • Daily activities 
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Non-motorized water sports
  • Volleyball
  • Introductory SCUBA lesson in pool
  • Archery
  • Bicycles

Kids Deals

Kids Deal - Kids 2-12 pay a special price. Inquire for more details.

For the Kids - Kids club for ages 4-12 yrs.


Bonus Features - Upgrade to Platinum Suite and receive: Platinum bracelet and use of exclusive Platinum Club Lounge and private pool, Private check-in, Cold towel upon arrival, Select international brand drinks, Reserved beach area with butler service, 30 minute massage (per week), 24 hr room service, Free internet access in room (laptop not included) and Free beach bag.

Wedding and Honeymoon - Packages are available. Please inquire for details.

Early Booking Bonus - This hotel may offer early booking bonuses at certain times of the year. If early booking bonuses apply to your vacation, prices shown online have already been adjusted accordingly. Please inquire for complete details.

Extra Info

Some restaurants may be open for certain meals only and limited visits may apply. Reservations and dress code may be in effect for a la carte restaurants. Time restrictions may apply for water sports.
Child pricing may only be available with select tour operators and valid for select dates and durations. Child pricing rules are subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our vacation specialists if you require assistance with child pricing.

Note: makes every effort to ensure that information on this page is current, however, all information on this page is subject to change without notice.

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